20th September 2018

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20 September 2018

Dear Parents

Congratulations to the Taula family on the arrival of a lovely wee boy who arrived last night. 6lb 7oz, no name yet.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Winter & Wilson families this week.

Mercy Day – This Monday 24th September 2018
This year for Mercy Day we are going to bus to St Mary’s in Gore. St Thomas’, Winton and St Peters, Gore will also be attending. The programme for the day is to attend a Mass, have lunch and join together for some games. There will be a sausage sizzle supplied but all children will still need to bring some lunch.

  • There will be no heat ups.
  • The bus will be leaving at 9am sharp, you must make sure your child is at school by 8:45am
  • All children are to wear sports uniform and bring a jacket
  • Your child will need to bring a packed lunch and a water bottle

If you would like to join us for the day please let your child’s teacher know ASAP (limited space on the bus).

My Study leave
Last year I won a Konica Minolta award that provides me with time off work and some funding for travel. I will be away  from 25/9 to 12/11. Mrs Buxton will be acting principal while I am away.

Faith Facts
Week 7 – 3rd September
3rd St Gregory the Great
8th The Nativity of Mary

This week we can say happy birthday to Mary and Celebrate her birth. Through Mary and her parents, we were sent a saviour in Jesus. Happy Birthday Mary.

In New Zealand we can take time to think of all those affected by disaster. The 4th of September is the anniversary of three disasters in New Zealand that affected those in the air, on the sea and on land. The ship wreck of the Delaware (1863) the first Earthquake in Christchurch (2010) and the tragic loss of nine lives in a plane crash at Fox Glazier (2010). We pray for all those in today’s world who suffer loss and grieve after a natural disaster and tragedy. May Mary be with the suffering and may God guide them to peace.

Week 8 10th September (Social Justice week)
13th St John of Chrysostom
14th The Exhortation of the Holy Cross
15th Our Lady of Sorrows

Social Justice week theme. Enabling Communities: Everyone has a part to play.

15th Our Lady of Sorrows feast is dedicated to the sorrows of Mary and her compassion with the sufferings of her Jesus. As Mary stood at the foot of the Cross on which Jesus hung, the sword of sorrow Simeon had foretold pierced her soul. These are often depicted as daggers in her heart. The seven sorrows of Mary:

    • The prophecy of Simeon (Luke 2:25-35)
    • The flight into Egypt (Matthew 2:13-15)
    • Loss of the Child Jesus for three days (Luke 2:41-50) 
    • Mary meets Jesus on his way to Calvary (Luke 23:27-31; John 19:17)
    • Crucifixion and Death of Jesus (John 19:25-30)
    • The body of Jesus being taken from the Cross (Psalm 130; Luke 23:50-54; John 19:31-37)
    • The burial of Jesus (Isaiah 53:8; Luke 23:50-56; John 19:38-42; Mark 15:40-47)

Week 9 17th September
Sts Andrew Kim Tae-gon and Paul Chong Ha-sang and companions
21st St Matthew

18th September 1937 the very first State house was opened. This week let’s think of all those people who do not have homes in New Zealand. For those forced to live rough and those who struggle to find a home.

God of compassion, Your love for humanity was revealed in Jesus, whose earthly life began in the poverty of a stable. We pray for those who are homeless and cold especially in the cold weather. We pray for all those suffering and sleeping on the streets, especially for children, who maybe weak and vulnerable. Make a way for them and draw them near, comfort them in spirit and bless those who work to provide them with shelter, food and friendship.

Week 10
24th September
27th St Vincent de Paul

We thank you Lord, for this term. For the challenges, the successes, and the mistakes from which we have learnt. Be with us as we spend our time with family and friends. Give us strength and courage to do what is right: to be witnesses of our faith. Help us to be a practical Christian these holidays, to appreciate what others do for us, to give time and effort to help others. Keep us safe in our activities; give us good rest and good fun. Bring us back refreshed and ready for a new term. We thank you for our classmates, teachers, parents and a community that cares for us. Amen

Charism Awards and Certificates

Week 6

Week 7

Week 8


Week 9



Ski Trip
This picture says it all!!! Mitchell Armishaw, Liam Sommerfeldt and Jackson Hutton relaxing, enjoying the amazing views up The Remarkables! Another successful Ski Trip enjoyed by all who went.

Year 6 Netball Tournament held at Stadium Southland last Wednesday. Our girls played their hearts out and got 11th overall out of 35 teams – what a great effort!!!


This is my carving that I designed at Enrich. It is made out Oamaru stone. This carving took me about one term and a bit to complete. The hardest part was drawing the design. I had some amazing help from Oti Murray.  By Rohan Murray

Lost Hoodie – James Hillman’s hoodie is still missing. Please check your child has the correct one.

Southland U13 Development Basketball Team
Ruby and her team – Southland Development Under 13 Basketball are heading to Nelson on the 9th of October for the Southland Island Regional Tournament.  They are doing a team fundraiser – Jingo at Glengarry Pub on Thursday 4th of October – starting at 7:30pm.  $20 per card for 4 rounds.
Any support would be greatly appreciated…….

Out of School Art Classes (Yr 1 – 8)
Enrolments are now being taken for Term 4. For more information and enrolments, please contact Helen, 2177482.

Saturday Tennis Inter-Club Competition
This competition is a six week competition from Saturday 3rd November – Saturday 8th December at Waihopai Tennis Courts. Games will start at 9.30am – 12.00pm.
This competition is for beginners to experience players from 16 years and under. Teams consist of four/five players (boys and girls mixed – placed in playing order according to ability and experience). Each player will play a single and double match and results will be entered for Configure Rankings. A Manager is required for each team.
If you are interested in entering this competition then please contact Julie on waihopaischoolsports@gmail.com or 021 449 758

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6th September 2018

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6th September

Dear Parents
Our thoughts and prayers are with the Buxton family this week. We also bid farewell to Mrs Manukitau as she starts her maternity leave. Thanks very much Keisha, we have really enjoyed having you here this year.

My apologies for the lack of photos in this weeks newsletter. We will have to make up for it next time.

Ski Trip
We had another very successful ski trip yesterday, the weather was great and everybody enjoyed themselves.

A big thanks to Miss Smith, Mrs Manukitau, Matua Marcus and all the staff and parents who made the polyfest performance such a success. The children looked great and I was very proud of their performance.

Mercy Day
On Monday 24th September we will all be travelling to Gore to join St Mary’s, St Peters and St Thomas’ celebrate Mercy Day.

Sing Out
Our Sing Out performance is on Tuesday 18th September. A note will come home soon with information around timing and uniform. Ticket info is at www.eventfinda.co.nz or the City Council Booking Office.

Netball Tournament
Good luck to our team next week, as soon as we have a draw we will send it out.

Lost Hoodie – Could you please keep an eye out for a lost hoodie, the name ‘Hillman’ is on the back.

My Study leave
Last year I won a Konica Minolta award that provides me with time off work and some funding for travel. I will be away  from 25/9 to 12/11. Mrs Buxton will be acting principal while I am away.

Piano – Is there anyone out there who has a Piano they are not using. We have a family new to Southland very interested is obtaining one. Please email Christine with any enquiries: office@shsinv.school.nz

Invercargill Tennis Champs
This will be held at the Waihopai Tennis Club on Thursday 18th October (Postponement date – Friday 19th October). Schools can enter up to 4 boys and 4 girls per grade. This is a qualification event for the Southland Primary School Championships two weeks later (Wednesday 31st October). For info please see Mrs Forbes

 Phoenix Synchro National Display – Splash Palace 23rd Sept. $2 entry

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PTA Fathers Day Gift Exchange

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PTA Fathers Day Gift Exchange – Fathers Day is this Sunday. We asked each child to bring along a gift, valued at no more than $5, to pop in the container outside the office. Tomorrow morning we have planned for the children to pick a gift for their father. Unfornately to date, we only have 51 gifts but have 109 pupils. This is less than half our roll, therefore we will only be asking the children who have bought a gift to school, to take part in this exchange.

Many thanks PTA committee

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23rd August 2018

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Dear Parents
Welcome to Natally Ribas Daun who joined the children in Room 1.

We hope she and her family enjoy their time at Sacred Heart. We are also pleased to announce that Mr. Alama Taula will replace Mrs. Manukitau when she goes on maternity leave. A lot of practice is going into preparation for our performance at the Polyfest next week, we are looking forward to it.

Chinese Students
We have been given the opportunity to host a small group of Chinese students and their teachers during the last week of term – 23-28th September. Thank you to the families who have already offered places, we still need 3-4 more families. If you can help with this please contact me @ 0274918694.

Faith Facts – Week 5 20th August
21st St Bernard
22nd St Pius
22nd Queenship of Mary
24th St Bartholomew

Who was St Bernard? And what has it got to do with dogs?

Saint Bernard (1090-1153) was a clever and Holy man who guided many princes, popes and holy people and helped them in their faith. He founded an order of monks that grew to have many monasteries. These were known as Cistercian monasteries.

There was monastery was high up in the Swiss mountains on the St Bernard’s Pass, it was called the monastery of St Bernard. It was a hospice for the sick and injured. At that monastery they had dogs that turned out to be very good at rescuing people in the snow and ice. They became name St Bernard.  But guess what this monastery was named after a different St Bernard! St Bernard of Menthon (923 – 1008). He started this monastery for travellers.

Week 6 27th August
27th St Monica
28th St Augustine
29th The Passion of John the Baptist

2nd September Father Day

Father’s Day is a celebration honouring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society. In Catholic Europe, it has been celebrated on March 19 (St. Joseph’s Day) since the Middle Ages. St Joseph being the foster father of Jesus.

PTA Fathers Day Gift Exchange
Due to the huge success of the Mothers Day Gift exchange the PTA have decided that we will do a Fathers Day Gift exchange. 
Fathers Day this year is next Sunday 2nd September, so we ask that every child bring along a gift each, valued at no more than $5. There will be a container outside the office as of tomorrow for your child to place their gift in.
Many thanks PTA committee

Congratulations to our Week 4 and 5 Mercy charism winners – Mason Allison and Jordis Murray, and all the children who received certificates.




SAVE THE DATE:  Sunday 25 November 2018, 11.30 – 2.30
Items for the White Elephant Stall.
All items are to be in a saleable/working condition toys, clothes, books, household goods, etc
We would also appreciate any spare trestle tables on the day.
Come on, have that clean out and help us raise funds for the school.
Drop off in the school hall every Friday morning until the fair.
Any queries, please contact: Jacinta 0272887841 or Delwynne 0275684366

Marist Colts Rugby Team
We were fortunate to host the Marist U23 Rugby team this week. They are on a tour of the lower South Island and donated 30 sports ball to our school. I was very proud of out children’s response to their haka with our own waiata and haka. Daniel Hogan an ex-pupil was a member of the team. The staff also enjoyed learning some line out drills.

Scholastic Bookclub – Issue 6 closes Friday 31st August 2018.

Room 8 Class Happenings
In Room 8 we have been writing instructions for a game that we will teach to the class in PE time.  At the moment we are testing out our games and then we will go back to edit and improve based on our classmate’s feedback.  Here are some of our games, have a go at home!

How to play long ball:

Long balls a game to play with your friends at school or at home.

                    What you need:

  •  A whistle for the referee.

  • A soft ball.

  • Some cones to mark it out.

  •  At least ten people

  • A large space

  • A score person

                        How to play:

  1. Pick 10 people to play and split them into 5.

  2. Mark  a large space out with cones for out of bounds.

  3. Choose One team to go in the middle for fielders and the other team line up at the start of the field you have marked out for them and that team is called runners.

  4. The first person in the line  of the team runners have to throw the ball in the middle of the field and try not to get out of bounds after they have thrown it you have to run to the other side of the cones

  5. While you are running to the other side of the cones the fielders are spread out  try to tag you with the ball and they are also trying to catch it before it bounces if they caught it before it bounces you are out and has  to watch

  6. After the next person in the line has thrown the ball  and you have made it to the other side of the cones you have to try to run back so the fielders have to tag you and the person who has thrown the ball

  7. If you have made it from the end and then back to the start you get a point for your team you should also have a score person to add it all up at the end when you have gone through the whole line you can swop teams so if you were in the runners now your in fielders

  8. At the end the scorer has to say how much points they got against the other team

    The people with the most points wins!

I hope you have enjoyed learning and playing this game and you would be able to play this anywhere.

Thank You for playing.

By Molly Duffy

Frisbee Golf

What you need

  • A frisbee (A circle disc you throw)

  • Two people (At least)

  • 7 cones(at least)

  • A reasonably big space(grass preferably)


  1. Take the frisbee and hold it like this

Image result for person holding frisbee

1.  Set up cones

2.  Next throw the frisbees to each cone

3.  The person Who throw the closest to the cone winning

4.  From where your frisbee landed stand there and throw it to the next cone

5.  The person to get there frisbee closest to the last cone wins.

By Liam Sommerfeldt

In Maths we spent a week learning about transformations. A transformation happens when a shape is reflected (flipped), rotated (turned) or translated (slid). We found lots of examples around the school and made some transformation art. Here is our display:

“Music South: individual and group tuition in vocals, bass, drums, guitar, theory, cello, violin, piano, banjo, songwriting and more. New class:  Ukulele for Kids, $10.  Professional, qualified, experienced and friendly tutors.  Exams available.  Performance opportunities.  Please call or text 02108331708, or email invercargillmusic@gmail.com  ALL AGES, ALL STAGES.”

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9th August 2018

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9th August 2018

Dear Parents
This week we welcome Jeanet, Duma and Marisi Silalahi, Eric Thorne and Mac van Duivenvoorde. We hope they and their families enjoy their time at Sacred Heart School.
Our prayers are with the Affleck family at this sad time.




A reminder the school will be closed next Wednesday 15th August due to the NZEI teachers strike.

Congratulations to our Mercy charism winners – Isla Baron & Eli Taula.

Faith Facts
Week 3 – 6th August
th The Transfiguration
8th St Mary of the Cross
th St Lawrence
th St Claire

Saint Claire was a great friend and follower of St Francis of Assisi who our Pope Francis is named after. St. Clare and her sisters live a very simple life and kept silent most of the time. Their lives consisted of manual labour and prayer. Yet, they were very happy, because Our Lord was close to them all the time.
Today many people talk of living a minimalist life. This is not new. Look to our saints for inspiration.


Week 4  – 13th August
th St Maximilian Kolbe
th The assumption of Mary – New Zealand’s Patron Saint (Holy Day of Obligation)

What is a Holy Day of obligation?
The obligation to participate in the Mass. The obligation to refrain from engaging in work or activities that hinder the worship owed to God.
In New Zealand, we now have only two of these additional holy days of obligation apart from Sunday. They are Christmas Day and the feast of the Assumption, August 15. Mary’s assumption into heaven is also the patronal feast of the Catholic people in New Zealand. Having now only two of these additional holy days of obligation might be added reason to celebrate them well. Consequently, from now on they are holy days of obligation whenever they fall, including Saturdays and Mondays.

Chinese Students
We have been given the opportunity to host a small group of Chinese students and their teachers during the last week of term – 23-28th September. There are 7 students and 2 teachers who are part of a larger group visiting Invercargill. The children will take part in a number of activities around Invercargill and be a part of Room 8&9 during their time here.
This is an excellent chance for our children to engage with and experience another culture at first hand. I have seen the benefits of this with my eldest daughter hosting children over the years and still keeping in touch with some of them to this day.
We need host families to take at least 2 children (we are told this is easier) for the week – picking up on Sunday afternoon and dropping off at school on Friday morning.
If you are interested please contact me for more information.

Kindling Fundraiser
We have been offered the opportunity to sell kindling as a fundraiser. The bag pictured is $15 and there is a smaller one for $10.
If you are interested please email or txt me with your order: principal@shsinv.school.nz or 0274918694.

Out of School Music
We are running a 6 week Music Awareness class for 5-6yr olds. This is a great intro to music, beat & rhythm. Saturday mornings, beginning 18th August from 9.30 – 10.15 am at Southland Girl’s High, $25. Contact Deborah 216-5137 (answerphone) or email admin@osmc.co.nz to register.

Songwriting Course: Does your child love music, do they want to write their own songs? Then this 6 week class is for them. Suitable for students in Yr 5/6 upwards. This class is also on Saturday Mornings, beginning 18th August 8.30 – 9.30 am at Girl”s High. Cost: FREE. Please contact Deborah 216-5137 or email admin@osmc.co.nz

Speech Competitions
Congratulation to Fiah Adams and Rohan Murray who will represent the school at the Zone Speech Competitions at Waihopai School next week

Chess Tournament
Congratulations to Fabian O’Donnell, Quin Brown, Liam Rippingale, Liam Sommerfeldt and Harry Rippingale who took part in the chess tournament at Otatara School on Tuesday. All the boys enjoyed themselves. Many thanks to Nicky Rippingale for supervising the children.

Also to Caleb Wolf, who was part of a Verdon team who gained 1st place at the recent Southland Secondary Schools Archery Championships. Caleb Wolf was awarded Best Recurve Archer.

Ski Trip
Thanks to all the children who have put their name down for the Ski Trip. The bus is now full.

U13 Girls Basketball
All the best to Briarlee Devery and Ruby Duffy who are playing in the Under 13 Southland Girls Basketball Tournament this weekend in Gore.

Learning Through Play
The children are really enjoying the loose parts that are available to them.  Thank you to those families who have donated items for this to happen.  It is really appreciated.
If you have any of the things on the list, please let Anna or Rose know and we can have them picked up.
Plastic containers
Plumbing pipes, spouting
Wooden planks and small pieces of wood.
Work bench
Tools: screw drivers, saws, nails and screws
Mini tramp
Material (fabric) – large pieces
Cable rolls
Large cardboard boxes
Large cardboard tubes – from furnishing fabric
Old key boards and telephones
Plastic trays, crates, bins, buckets

Room 3 Class Happenings
Room 3 have started learning about Natural Disasters. We have looked into how they are caused and what effects they cause. We have also started working on some exciting Art projects.

This week we have been visiting the life Education bus- We have been learning about Teamwork.

PTA Oyster Raffle Results
1st     Ellen – Dempster Family Card
2nd    Nicola Moss – Allison Family Card
3rd    Rochelle – VanBeek Family Card
4th    Dave – Umu Sinel Family Card
5th    Lisa Mohenoa – Mohenoa Family Card
6th    Robertson Family – Robertson Family Card
7th    Graham K – Oosterbroek Family Card
8th    Wendy King – Veint Family Card
9th    Robyn – Adams Family Card
10th  Mata Tarare – Veint Family Card

The Family that sold the most was Bella-Rose Horrell and the House that sold the most was Kavanagh.
We made $2314.90 which will go towards updating technology and class resources.


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Ski Trip

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Dear Parents
Due to the unavailability of a bus, we have had to reschedule our Ski Trip to Thursday 6th September. If this date does not suit you now, and you need your name taken off the list, you will need to let Mrs Forbes know asap. At present we have 8 seats available, so get your name in so we can fill the bus! This trip is only open to Yr 5/6 pupils and Yr 4 accompanied by a parent.

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Ski Trip – 7th September

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Dear Parents

We only have 12 children who have indicated an interest in this trip. We need 30 more to fill the bus, so are now offering this to the Yr 4 children, who can be accompanied by a parent. If we have more parents than children attending, the price may change. Please email Mrs Forbes at: office@shsinv.school.nz by Monday 6th August, if you are interested.

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