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16th May 2019

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16 May 2019

Dear Parents 
Winter has finally arrived with a vengeance. The teachers have started in class clubs during the lunch breaks 3 days a week and we have lots of wet weather activities like games for the children when they can’t go outside. As some of you saw this morning flooding blocked access to the hall and there was a very narrow access strip into the school. I would encourage all parents to download onto their phones an app called School Stream. This enables us to send quick messages out to parents when they are sudden changes of events or to share information about the flooding this morning. Not all parents have email on their phones or use Facebook.

The link is as follows:

Teachers Strike
As you may be aware there is a joint NZEI / PPTA teachers strike on Wednesday 29th May. As was the case last year we will not be able to provide any teaching cover so will probably have to close the school. This is regrettable but nothing has changed since the first offer was rejected last year. Once the Board has met on Monday I will update you with what has been decided.

Board of Trustees Election
Nominations close for the Board of trustees next Friday 24th may. We need a minimum of 3 but preferably 4 or 5 parent representatives to help govern the school. If you are interested please contact me for more information. It is a very worthwhile and rewarding role where you can look at how a school runs and contribute to our local curriculum.

Faith Facts
WEEK 3   13th – 17th May – 14th St Matthias, apostle
On this week in History Death of Frances Hodgkin’s 13 May 1947. Our Dunedin born artist was one of New Zealand’s most celebrated artists of her time.

Pope Francis
“The arts give expression to the beauty of the faith and proclaim the Gospel message of the grandeur of God’s creation.
When we admire a work of art or a marvel of nature, we discover how everything speaks to us of Him and of His love:
That artists of our time, though their creativity, may help us discover the beauty of creation.”

WEEK 4   20th – 24th May
Since the Middle-Ages, the Church has devoted the month of May to Mary. Many Christians undertake pilgrimages during this month to shrines associated with the Blessed Virgin. In May, there are also three Marian feasts that are celebrated which help us to understand what Mary can teach us about being disciples.
The Feast of Our Lady, Help of Christians, which is celebrated on May 24, dates to the sixteenth century, which was not a peaceful time in Europe. In 1571, Catholics throughout the continent joined in praying the rosary in hope for peace.

Chess Tournament
Good luck to the children going to the chess tournament next Tuesday at Otatara School. We still do not have enough rides or adults able to help supervise. Pleas contact me ASAP if you can help.

Room 2 Basketball
Thanks to Annemarie Wezenbeek the children from Room 2 have won tickets to the Southland Sharks  on Sunday night. The Hits Radio visited us today and each child has a flier with information about what time to meet. We have 5 adults (includes 3 teacher) who will be supervising the children  on the night. It will be an exciting experience for the children. Please let me know if your child will not be going to the game.

Entertainment Books – Thank you to the people who purchased their entertainment book and also to the people who have returned unwanted books. Please continue to do either of these options before the end of this month.

PTA / BoT 
Our next PTA meeting will be held on Monday 20th May 6pm in the staffroom. Parents/caregivers are most welcome to attend. This will be followed by the Board of Trustees meeting at 7pm.

Raffle Results – Many thanks to everyone who supported this fundraiser, $1931 was raised. Below is a list of the lucky winners.

Congratulations to Week 2 & 3 Charism Winners Rhea Mohenoa and Morgan Blight-Cranston and to all the children who received certificates. 



Room 3 Class Happenings
In Room 3 we have been experimenting with ideas we have an opinion about and how we can convince someone to see our point of view.  This is Persuasive Writing.  We have developed some ideas and would like to share some opinions we have.

Did you know that dancing is healthy for you?  Did you know that dancing is fun?  Can you please come and try dancing?  Fhara, I think you should try dancing because I think you will enjoy it.  I think you should try it because it’s fun.  I think you should try it for a change.  These reasons show that dancing is fun.
Nadia Hutton

Did you know that playtime is fun?  Can we have ten more minutes?  Can we have ten more minutes because I get to play with my friends and its healthy. You get more exercise as you can run around a lot so you get fitter.  Please can you think about letting us have ten more minutes each day for playtime?
Sean Hartstonge

Did you know if you go to bed later you get more reading time?  Can I go to bed later?  Can I have five more minutes please?  Did you know that going to bed later is fun because my brothers do it and it is fun.  I also get more reading time.  These reasons show that later bedtime is fun.  Please can I go to bed five minutes later?
Charlotte Rippingale

Did you know that pets can get fit while you are playing with them?  Can I please have a tiny dog because my friends have more pets than me?  I get angry and bored.  I like pets because you also get more exercise and because kids get more pets.  I will do my homework.  I will share my dog.
Lucy Williams

Do you know that if I had a pet dog, I could do my chores faster?  Can I please have a pet dog? Did you know that having a pet dog is fun because my friend has a pet dog?  I also get more playtime.  These reasons show that more playtime with a pet dog is fun so can I have a pet dog?
Rhea Mohenoa

Did you know that pets are fun to play with?  Can I please have a tiny kitten?  I want to get a pet because I want to take care of it.
Megan Sommerfeldt

Did you know that Barbie is fun to play with?  Can I please play with my Barbie?  Did you know playing with Barbie is fun?  My sisters do that and it is fun.  I also have more playtime with my Barbie.  These reasons show that playing with Barbie is fun. Can you please play with my Barbie?
Marisis Sulalahi

We have been looking at what we need to do if people are bothering us.  We would like to share ‘WITS WAY’ with you.  You might like to have a look at this link on Youtube:



To take advantage of this special fundraising offer for your school, simply go to and enter your schools promocode Sacred in the promocode box.  $5 from every ticket sold using your school promo code goes to the school. Your Ascot Park Hotel Southern Steel is taking on the Northern Stars in their final game before heading into the ANZ Premiership finals! Make sure you’re courtside May 22 and feel it LIVE! Grab your tickets today!

Kids with learning and behaviour struggles. Curious to know if diet choices make a difference? There is a link! I am a family nutrition coach specialising in diet for children’s learning and behaviour. Help them succeed and reduce your stress!!! Consultations from $15. Next ‘Fuelling Our Fireflies’ online group starting 20 May. Contact Rachael: – 0274330640



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2nd May 2019

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Dear Parents

We welcome our new entrants this week: Lara Hamilton, Luke Burgess and Samuel May. We hope they enjoy their time with us at Sacred Heart.

Faith Facts

WEEK 1   29th April – 3rd May
29th Saint Catherine of Siena
2nd St Athanasius
3rd Saints Philip & James, Apostles

Welcome back to Term Two

Lord God,
At the beginning of this new term teach us to be your hands and feet.
At the beginning of this new term teach us to love as you love us.
At the beginning of this new term teach us to pray for those in need.
So that we may show our faith in action and deed.

WEEK 2   6th – 10th May
Pope Francis Prayer for May
For the Church in Africa, through the commitment of its members, may be the seed of unity among her peoples and a sign of hope for this continent.

The 2019/2020 Entertainment Books have arrived and will be distributed to each family next week. A digital option is also available. With hundreds of dollars in discounts throughout Invercargill, Queenstown and Dunedin, these books are great for presents/gifts e.g. Mothers Day and are only $60 each. If you don’t want a book sent home, please email Christine at:

PTA Mothers Day Gift Exchange
Hi everyone, we hope you all had a great holiday with your families over the past two weeks.
Due to the huge success of our ‘Mothers Day Gift Exchange’ in previous years, the PTA have decided to continue with this tradition.
Mothers Day this year is Sunday 12th May.  We ask that every child bring along a gift each, valued at no more than $5, which the children will exchange for something, that takes their eye, to give to their mother on Mothers Day.
There will be a container outside the office as of this Friday, 3rd May for your child to place their gift in.  Please do so by Wednesday 8th May.
Many thanks – your PTA Committee          

Year 6 Camp at Stewart Island – We trust everyone is having a great time and we look forward to hearing all the stories next week.


Pita Pit 
A big shout out to Luca and Taya’s mum who won the ‘Pita Pit’ lunch shout yesterday for Room 9. With the year 6 children off to camp, the year 5 had a great feast!!!

Lost Jersey –  Please check at home your child is wearing the correct jersey. We are specifically looking for one belonging to Liam Sommerfeldt. This is the 2nd jersey of Liam’s to go missing, so we would appreciate you acting on this request.

Scholastic Bookclub Issue 3 – will close on Friday 10th May.

Room 2 Class Happenings 
Here are some of the holiday highlights from Room 2

In the holidays I went to my cousin’s house and I had so much fun.  I saw a sea lion on the TV.  The sea lion was on snow.  It had two hands and one tail.  It was beautiful. – By Jeanet

In the holidays I had my birthday.  I got lots of presents.  When I got home I opened some more presents and I ate cake.  I got into my sleep tent and I slept. – By Eli

In the holidays it was my Pops birthday and we went to a restaurant.  When I was waiting a lady came to give me a piece of paper and crayons.  In the holidays I went to Joy’s home with my Mum.  I was playing with Joy’s kids on the trampoline.  We went to another restaurant and there was a playground. – By Rose

In the holidays it was my cousin’s birthday and I smelt cake.  I took a photo with my cousin.  I got to keep the picture.  I ate the cake, I had ice cream.  The party was great.  I also played at the party. I went to Te Anau and I saw Mrs Williams at the café.  I ate a waffle, it was so yummy that I had some of Dad’s waffle  – By Emme

In the holidays my Dad came to my house and so did my brother.  We did lots of cool adventures together.  We went to Monkey Island and it was fun going there, we climbed on the rocks.  Oh wait, another thing we did was we went to Clip and climb.  My Dad, Mum, Mitcham and I went climbing too.  Then just Mum and I went to the Harlem Globe trotters, then…. they scored! – By Mitchell

In the holidays my top tooth came out of gum and I liked my tooth coming out.  My sister Anna kicked my tooth out. My friend Rose came to my house to play.  She really likes me. – By Nina

In the holidays my friend had a sleepover at my house.  We had fun.  We played with the shark it was fun.  My little brother laughed because Levi and I tripped over on the shark – By Noah

In the holidays I woke up after Friday and I saw Mum, Dad and Reuben.  I watch Fernando and I saw Charlie and Auntie Tia.  I love the holidays because you don’t have to go to school. Another thing I did was I tasted a big Easter bunny, they were delicious.  I love Easter because you get to spend time with family and I love my family – By Jordis

In the holidays I watched TV most of the time.  It was boring.  I went to a Chinese restaurant, then I went home.  I watched TV again, I asked if I could play on the Nintendo Switch. I went to my Grandma house because my Dad, he had to cut down two hedges – By Dean

     .    .  

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11th April 2019

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11 April 2019

Dear Parents
A big thank you for all your support this term. It has been very exciting to finally have Stage 1 of our rebuild underway but also it has been hard for the teachers and children with the work so close to Rooms 8&9.

It was excellent to have the Dance programme running and even better to have lots of parents able to join us for our celebration. From there we have started music appreciation sessions which will lead to instrument lessons next term. More information on this early next term.

We finish this term with our Easter Liturgy and I wish everyone a relaxing and joyful Easter break next week.

BOARD OF TRUSTEE ELECTIONS – Parent Election Roll – Now Open for Inspection In the School Office.

PTA News 
Oyster Raffle – Unfortunately the raffle will not be drawn today, as we have 33 cards which haven’t been returned to school. The raffle will now be extended to Monday 29th April. Can we have ALL raffle cards, full or empty, back on this day please, so we can at least draw it that week.
We would like to thank Southern Seafood Products Ltd for their generous donation of Salmon to be added to the list of prizes. Please support this business.
School Assembly is now being held Wednesdays at 9.30am. Parents/caregivers are also welcome at this.
Winter Uniform – the children change to winter uniform next term.

Faith Facts
WEEK 11 8th – 12th April
5th Week of Lent

School Holidays – This year both Easter and ANZAC Day fall in the School Holidays.

The 7th of April is the feast day of  St John Baptist De la Salle.    He was born in Rheims, France in 1651 and was ordained as a priest in his 20’s.  He devoted his life to educating children, especially the poor.  He died in Rouen, France in 1719.  The religious order he founded, the “De La Salle Brothers” came to New Zealand and founded De La Salle College in Auckland, Francis Douglas Memorial College in New Plymouth and John Paul College in Rotorua.  John Baptist De La Salle was declared patron saint “of all who teach young people in the Catholic Church” by Pope Pius XII in 1950.

Congratulations to the children who received the sacrament of Reconciliation last night. Thanks to Mrs Russell and Fr Tony for their preparation. Well done to Sean Hartstonge, Jacob Humm, Charlotte Pickett, Albert Cameron, Brooke Casey, Jamie Russell, Lucy Williams, Daisy Duffy, Rhea Mohenoa & Molly Duffy. Jesse Van Beek will receive the Sacrament next term.

Congratulations to Week 10 and 11 Charism Winners, Mitchell Johnston and Liam Sommerfeldt and all the children who received certificates.

Room 1 Class Happenings
Two weeks ago we had our athletics sports. Room 1 have written about their favourite part.
“I liked the high jump and I jumped.  I won with my big jump.”  Said Eric
“I can jump onto the mat.  I liked the long jump the best.”  Said DJ
“At athletics I jumped on to the big jumping mat.  I liked the running races.”  Said Nathan
“I went to the running race and I liked it.”  Said Erik
“I went to athletics.  I liked the running races.  I enjoyed it.”  Said Kellen
“I am at athletics, I did jumping.  I liked the running races, I got third.”  Said Coby
“I went to the running race and I ran and ran, I won.  I went to the big mat and I liked the high jump.”  Said Javier
“I can see the high jump and I had to jump high.”  Said Lleyton
“I am at athletics day.  I was running.  I liked the long jump the best.” Said Jack
“I can see the high jump.  It was really fun.”  Said Felix
“We did the running races.  I did a big jump at long jump.”  Said Madison
“I can see the running races.  I like the high jump the most.  I had to land on 2 feet.”  Said Lotte

Come in and check out the new 2019/2020 Entertainment book!!! These will be in stock next term.

.         .     .


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28th March 2019

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Dear Parents

Faith Facts 

WEEK 9 25th – 29th March, 3rd Week of Lent
25th The Annunciation of Jesus
The feast of the Annunciation of the Lord celebrates the angel Gabriel’s appearance to the Virgin Mary (Luke 1:26-38), his announcement that the Blessed Virgin had been chosen to be the Mother of Our Lord, and Mary’s fiat or her willingness to accept God’s plan.

WEEK 10 1st – 5th April, 4th Week of Lent
For doctors and their humanitarian collaborators in war zones, who risk their lives to save the lives of others.
ANZAC day will be here soon so it is a good time to think and pray for all those in the past and present who work in the world war zones.
Loving God bless those whom you have called to work in the most dangerous parts of the world. Help them to bring healing, and to the prevention of disease, pain and violence. Strengthen them by your life-giving Spirit, that by their work the health and care of the community may be promoted, and your creation glorified; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

BOARD OF TRUSTEE ELECTIONS – Parents – Check that the office has your current contact details.

Congratulations to our Week 8 & 9 Charism winners –  Molly Duffy and Liam Sommerfeldt.  And to all the children who got certificates.


Class Happenings – Room 9
In STEM we have been looking at designing and building our models with limited materials. Our first objective was to design and build something that could hold a Maths Textbook 20cm off the ground, then see how many Textbooks our model could hold at once. Many of our models were different and able to hold at least 10 books. The winning group had a whopping 53 books stacked on top of their model!! Which would have been easily over 15kgs. Easy to do, packed with a lot of fun!

2x A3 pieces of card paper
Strips of Cello tape
Glue stick


In Writing we have been learning about descriptive language and adding detail by using adjectives, similes and metaphors. Here are some of our ‘What am I’ (Food) writing which gives clues about what we are trying to describe.

What am I …

I am as sweet as a lemon
I am as orange as an orange
I am as soft as a pillow
I have a big nut inside me
I stay in the fridge
People sell me for money
They are part of the rose family
They have been around for over 4000 years
What am I?  By Molly Duffy

What am I?
I am red and juicy on the inside
I have little seeds inside of me
I have green skin
I come in a big oval shape
Lots of people Like me
What am I?  By Kate Oosterbroek

Southland Athletics
Good luck to Lucas Allison, Leo Aitken, Leo Ganaha, Kyan Thomas and Pippa & Jacob Humm who will represent the school at the Southland Athletics on Saturday.
Lockdown Procedures
We have had a number of queries about our Lockdown procedures in light of events in Christchurch. We discussed this at the last Board meeting and while we have procedures in place are awaiting up to date templates to review it. We will be practising this before the end of term. If you have children stressing over the Christchurch attack, please let me know as I have contact resources that can help.
Uniform Sale
Are you looking for winter uniform items or have clothing your family is finished with? On Friday, 5 April 2019, we will have a second hand uniform sale. If you have any uniform items you would like to donate, please drop off at the office before this date. We will accept donation of uniforms up till Friday morning.  The sale of uniforms will take place from 2 pm in the afternoon. 
Listed is the winter uniform the children will change to next term.

Winter Girls            (Terms 2 & 3)
White long sleeved button to neck blouse
Blue V neck jersey
Navy blue or white socks
Navy blue tights
White skivvy
Tan, brown, navy or black shoes

Winter Boys             (Terms 2 & 3)
Winter weight grey shorts
Long sleeved button to neck grey shirt
Blue V neck jersey
Grey knee high socks
Tan, brown, navy or black shoes

Sports Uniform   
Sacred Heart Maroon polo shirt
Sacred Heart Hoodie
Plain Navy blue shorts
Plain Navy trackpants
Sports shoes and socks

Southland Sled Dog Association Annual Have a Go Day. When: 10am to 2pm Saturday 30th March. Where: Gala Street Reserve. Our Have a Go Day is an opportunity for people and families to try out their dog in harness, view demonstrations of a variety of sled dog sport and see what our club is all about. There will be plenty of dogs to meet and club members to chat to about all things Sled Dog Sport!

Junior Athletics
Thanks to the parents who were able to join us yesterday for the junior athletics. We were pleased to host Waikiwi Kindy and its good to see the parents races were hotly contested.

 .   .    

Wanaka Trail Ride – 30th March 2019
The Wanaka Trail Ride is now in its fifth year, and is a fundraising event for Wanaka Primary School, Montessori Children’s House Wanaka, Tarras Primary and the local RSA. It is a great day out, and has all-abilities tracks set amongst the stunning scenery of Deep Gully, Long Gully and Lindis Peak stations, including a pee-wee track for the little ones. This year’s ride has the brand-new trails, the same entry prices as last year, AND a back-up day (Sunday 31st March). If you pre-register you get the added bonus of a cheaper entry fee, plus you can pick up your pack the day before, so no queues on the day! The trail ride is on Saturday 30th March and you can find registration details on their website

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14th March 2019

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14th March 2019

Dear Parents
Welcome to Hamish, Reuben and Nina McIntyre, Natasha and Charlotte Pickett and Lotte Cowan who joined the children at Sacred Heart School in the last fortnight. We hope they all enjoy their time with us.

Faith Facts – WEEK 7  11th – 15th March  1st Week of Lent

40 Days of Lent – Significance of 40 In Bible! Number 40 is mentioned around 146 times in the Holy Bible, it usually is a time of testing, trials, and repentance. We also fast for 40 days during Lent.
40 days and 40 nights of Great Flood
Moses is Prince of Egypt for 40 years
Israelites wander in forest for 40years
Jonah warns people of Nineveh to Repent or be destroyed in 40 Days
Jesus fasts for 40 days

WEEK 8   18th – 22nd March and 2nd Week of Lent
18th St Patrick’s Day
19th St Joseph
St. Patrick of Ireland is one of the world’s most popular saints. Patrick preached and converted all of Ireland for 40 years. He worked many miracles, and, in his writing, he wrote of his love of God. After years of living in poverty, traveling and enduring much suffering he died March 17, 461. He died at Saul, where he had built the first church
Why a shamrock? Patrick used the shamrock to explain the Trinity and has been associated with him and the Irish since that time.

St Joseph. Everything we know about the husband of Mary and the foster father of Jesus comes from Scripture. Despite his humble work and means, Josephcame from a royal lineage. Indeed the angel who first tells Joseph about Jesus greets him as “son of David,” a royal title used also for Jesus. We celebrate two feast days for Joseph: March 19 for Joseph the Husband of Mary and May 1 for Joseph the Worker.

Congratulations to our Week 6 & 7 charism winners – Jacob Humm and Jesse Van Beek! And also to all the children who got certificates.



BOT Elections  – 7th June
Please contact me if you are interested in standing for the Board of Trustees.

PTA AGM – 18/3 @ 6pm
This will be held in the school staffroom at 6pm on Monday 18th March prior to the Board meeting. All welcome, apologies to

School Fair
Now that the financials have been completed, we are pleased to let you know that we made just over $11,000 at our fair last year.  These funds will contribute to the upgrade of our school playground once the building work is complete.  Again we thank everybody who helped in so many ways.  Your support is what made it such a great community success. 

Zone Athletics – 22/3
These will be held for 8-10 year old children next Friday ay Surrey park. There will be a notice coming home next week.
On Monday we host the zone schools for the 1500m and 7 year old 60 & 100 m finals. Parents of the 7 year olds will be emailed tomorrow.

Junior Sports Day – Thursday 28th March
Junior Sports Day will be held on Thursday 28th March, commencing at 1.15pm on the back field. Children will need to be in their sports uniform.                                                  There will be a parents running race at the end of the day so bring your running shoes!

Uniform Sale
Are you looking for winter uniform items or have clothing your family is finished with?  Friday, 5 April 2019, we will have a second hand uniform sale. If you have any uniform (to be in re-saleable/good second hand condition), you would like to donate, please drop off at the office before this date. We will give more information closer to the time, regarding the time of sale.             
Listed is the winter uniform the children will change to next term.

Winter Girls            (Terms 2 & 3)
White long sleeved button to neck blouse
Blue V neck jersey
Navy blue or white socks
Navy blue tights
White skivvy
Tan, brown, navy or black shoes

Winter Boys             (Terms 2 & 3)
Winter weight grey shorts
Long sleeved button to neck grey shirt
Blue V neck jersey
Grey knee high socks
Tan, brown, navy or black shoes

Sports Uniform   
Sacred Heart Maroon polo shirt
Sacred Heart Hoodie
Plain Navy blue shorts
Plain Navy trackpants
Sports shoes and socks

For Sale:  New Boys Winter Shorts – Size 4, 6, 8 $20 each. Lovely winter weight pull up boys shorts. No zip or buckle. Available at the office.

Personal Grooming:
Wrist watches and ear studs are the only jewellery permitted.  (One small stud in each ear).  Student’s hair is to be kept tidy and tied back if long.  Red, navy, blue or black hair accessories only. All articles of clothing are to be named. Temporary permission may be granted for uniform variance by sending a note to the class teacher.
Information regarding the purchasing of uniforms (including sports uniforms) is available at the school office.

Roald Dahl Books  “McDonald’s is now handing out Roald Dahl’s entire collection with its Happy Meals.  The fast food chain will be dishing out 800,000 copies of the books with every kids meal purchased in New Zealand to encourage its young diners to read more.“The Happy Meal Readers programme is all about helping parents to get their children to enjoy reading,”  said the director of marketing at McDonald’s New Zealand, Jo Mitchell. Kiwis will be able to collect some of the author’s most popular titles one cheeseburger – or wrap – at a time.”

If you do not need these books we would love to collect them at school for novel sets. 

Scholastic Bookclub – Issue 2 will close on Friday 22nd March. A reminder parents can purchase online at:

The 2019/2020 Entertainment Book will be available next term. Get in early and pre-order your book @ 

Room 8 Class Happenings
In Art we have been working on self-portraits which we then went over in vivid and dyed.  We thought about the things we saw on our holiday and recorded these events on over-sized glasses.  Don’t we look great! Pop in and see the rest if you’d like to.

In Writing we have been thinking about colours and writing descriptive poems about them.

Green is like a big green apple.
The green grass is swishing in the wind.
Green is like a cool green car.
I like the green Fruit Burst, they are yummy.
Green is like a yummy lolly.
The green race car zooms past.
By Maddie and Jacob

The cool black
My bird is black and some are not.
A black motorbike is zooming on the road.
My truck is a pretty black.
The black dress is getting washed in a black washer.
My room is black.
A bird is black.

The pink monster
Pink is a nice yummy marshmallow.
Pink flowers moving in the wind.
Pink clothes getting washed in the pink washing machine.
Pink is a friend.
Pink marshmallows hopping in the fire.
Pink is my favourite colour
pink is a nice boat.
By Ella, Morgan, Catlin and Lucy.

Marist Rugby Club – Any new or intending rugby players in 2019 are invited to a weigh-in/registration at our Miller Street clubrooms on: Sunday 24 March 10:30 am-noon and Tuesday 26 March 4.30-5.30 pm. Subs $40 player/ $60 family.


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