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11 April 2008

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Dear Parents
The staff will be working with ‘Kath Murdoch’ to develop further assessment strategies for our Inquiry Unit.

ERO VISIT & REPORT ~ The BOT received the oral report from Julie Batsone and Jeanette Ruri, the ERO reviewers in our school this week. As with any internal review there is a degree of apprehension as to how others perceive what we know is happening. In this instance I wish we could have taped the comments. The report was very complimentary towards our school community, the teaching and learning, the staff and BOT, and in particular the children. They commented on their positive relationships with others, their knowledge of how they learn and what the next steps in their learning are.
The reviewers now prepare a written report for the Board to discuss before the final report is made public. This process will take a couple of months to complete. All in all a very positive snapshot of what we are doing at Sacred Heart School.

CAR PARK ~ A reminder to parents not to park in the drive-through area. It is a pick-up and drop-off zone only, not a 5 mm park. At peak times it is an inconvenience to those waiting behind you.

COMMUNITY DAY ~ Old newspapers are required for this day. If you have spares, please send to the office.

SWIMMING CHAMPIONSHIPS ~ Good luck to Tammy Honotapu, Abby Pont, Olivia Thornbury and Mitchell Smith at the Swimming Champs at Splash Palace this weekend.

SOUTHLAND ATHLETICS ~ Congratulations to all the children who represented the zone and school at the Southland Athletics last Saturday. A special mention to Cassidy Mackie who was 3rd in 1500m and 6th in 800m, Daniel Hogan who was 10th in 1500m, Sophie Reitsma-Smith who was 9th in the Long Jump and Abby Humm who was 5th in the 60m.

TOUCH TRIALS ~ Good luck to Ben Henderson, Ben Millynn, Sam Downing, Keegan Fiebig, Cassidy & Georgia Mackie who will be taking part in the trials this week.

PTA ~ 2nd HAND UNIFORM SHOP: Will be open next Thursday 17th April from 2.30 – 3.30 pm in the school hall. If you have any clothing items you would like sold, on your behalf, or wish to donate to the school for sale, please drop off a bag to the office by Wednesday 16th April, or contact Trish 2156811 or Nikki 2140112 if you have any questions.

WANTED ~ If anyone has a desk fan not in use, our sensory awareness room would be most grateful for the use of it.

CHILDCARE REQUIRED FRIDAY MORNINGS for 8 year old boy ~ 6.45 – 8.45 a.m.
Will need breakfast and ride to school. Please contact Kim 235-8646 if interested.

WANTED TO BUY ~ Double buggy for twins. Contact the office.

NumberWorks’nWords at 80 Kelvin Street are the specialists in Maths (to Year 11 Level 1 NCEA) and English after school tuition. Bookings now being taken for Term 2. Ph Raewyn 2186804

Freaky Fish at the Aquarium!!! 19 April – 4 May 2008 – Check out the notice board in the junior foyer.


Chicken Burger 3.00 Chocolate Muffin 1.00
Pizza 2.50 Cookie Time (large) 1.20
Bacon & Egg Muffin Split 2.50 Cookie Time (small) .70
Chicken Nuggets 2.50 Fruit & Marshmallow Stick 1.00
Cheese Rolls .80 Fruit & Cheese Stick 1.00
Chicken Wrap 3.00 Just Juice Splash (2 flavours) 2.20
Bacon Sandwich 2.50 Flavoured Water (2 flavours) 1.90
Plain Water 1.50

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4 April 2008

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Dear Parents

ERO ~ Next week we will be visited by Julie Batstone and Lois Christmas, 2 reviewers from the Education Review Office. They will be in the school until Wednesday and will be visiting all classes. Some children and parents may be approached for their views on our school over the course of their visit.

TEACHER ONLY DAY MONDAY 14TH APRIL ~ All the schools in our ICT-PD Cluster will be taking part in this day. Kath Murdoch whose Inquiry Model we are following will be facilitating the day. Our topic is on how to assess components of the Inquiry process, including how to show progress over time and how to report this to the BOT and parents.

PARENT INTERVIEWS TERM 2 ~ We plan to have 3 – way interviews early next term. More info later.

COMMUNITY DAY ~ A reminder about our Community Day at Stadium Southland on Thursday 17th April from 9.30 – 11.30 a.m. Please put your name on the list in the corridor by Friday 11th.

SOUTHLAND ATHLETICS ~ Good luck to the children representing the school at the Southland Athletics. Mr Hansen from St. Theresa’s is Zone manager and will have the zone t-shirts in the stand.

The junior children will be leaving on the bus at 9.10 am. They are to wear their sports uniform and bring named playlunch/drink bottle. (separate from lunchbox). The four schools will take part in tabloid games and races.
Parents are encouraged to come along and watch.

PTA ~ Next meeting 7.30 pm in the staffroom this Monday night. All welcome.

Oyster Raffle Results:

Card = Harrington
Kylie Kennard
Card = Soper
Anna Soper
Card = Rylee Hewitt
B. Miller
Card = Reitsma-Smith
Vicky Cole
Card = Rylee Hewitt
Helen Strang
Card = Keenan
Ben Keenan
Card = Richardson
Tim Richardson

The oysters will be here 2.45 p.m. on Monday, weather permitting (or next fine day).
Room 8 pupils will receive a treat next Friday for selling the most cards ~ WELL DONE!!!

Southland Cricket is putting on an indoor cricket competition for the first week of the school holidays for year 5 & 6 students. Depending on how many teams enter each team should get approximately 4 games at a cost of $5 per game. They will supply gear to those who don’t have any. Please let the office know by Friday the 11th April if you are interested.

CHILDCARE REQUIRED FRIDAY MORNINGS for 8 year old boy ~ 6.45 – 8.45 a.m.
Will need breakfast and ride to school. Please contact Kim 235-8646 if interested.

KEEA is the national organisation for families with wetting and soiling problems. KEEA stands for Kiwi Enuresis and Encopresis Association. Enuresis is the medical name for wetting and encopresis for soiling.
Despite being very common, wetting and soiling problems in children are still very taboo subjects and cause huge anxiety for both children and their parents. Pupils may stay away from school, not go on school camps or endure teasing from other children.
These problems are not deliberate nor due to laziness. KEEA has a free quarterly newsletter and a web site . This has all our previous newsletters on it. There is a help line 0800 KEEA (533 269) and our email address is: Please contact us if you need any help or support for your child. Information can also be obtained from Public Health nurses.

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