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27 June 2008

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Dear Parents
We welcome Tania McKenzie back to school today. We are pleased to hear about Flynn’s positive progress.
I am looking forward to the PTA movie night tomorrow. See you there!
From Wednesday next week I will be at the NZ Principal’s Conference in Christchurch.
I wish to thank the staff, BOT, PTA and all parents and children for your input this term. I hope the children have a relaxing holiday and we look forward to another very busy Term 3.

Please take the time to read our ERO Report on the opposite page.

Many thanks for your support with our recycling plan. Already we have noticed a big decrease in classroom rubbish. Thanks to The Bavarian Motel for sponsoring the collection of this by Southland Enterprises. Hopefully we can decrease our waste to enable us to be able to do away with the skip. Our rationale for sending home lunch left overs is as follows: a lot of ‘uneaten food’ is found in the rubbish bins daily. Mostly this is because the children have eaten enough and are full – not because they don’t like it. All children stay in class eating and we monitor what is eaten. The majority of our children have lunches providing healthy choices with a variety of food types. We will continue to encourage children to have extra food after school rather than wasting it.

To Clarke LeBreton, William Mason and Lee Boniface who won the 2008 Term 2 Primary School Table Tennis competition on Tuesday night. Well Done – a great effort.
To Cassidy Mackie 4th and Daniel Hogan 7th at the Southland Cross Country last Friday in Mossburn.
And to the Humm family on the arrival of Pippa. We look forward to seeing her around the school.

Please fill in the form at the end of the newsletter, if you wish your child to begin the programme of preparation to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation. This will involve children who have been Baptised and are in Year 3 or above. If you have any questions concerning the programme, please see Miss O’Neill. Please return the form by Tuesday next week.

The following children have been awarded Integrity certificates this term: Bridie Kinney, Renee Cooper, Sophie Reitsma-Smith, Ben Sievwright, Shaun Clapperton, Justin McLean and Michael Walker.

All junior reading books are to be returned to school please. We need to check numbers of books as at present many copies are missing. Any books found over the weekend or during the week will be gratefully accepted!!!!

A big thank you to children and families, for the effort and generosity in supporting our fundraising activities for the orphaned children of Romania. We have raised $395.00 through our pyjama days, hobby days, toy days, Acts of Random kindness, best dressed teddy, and Mufti. It has been great to hear the children talk about why we have had these days and how our efforts will benefit the children of Romania. Sue van Schreven from Orphans Aid, will on her return from Romania, report back to us on how the funds were used.

Specialist tuition in Maths and English. Have your child assessed at the Free Evaluation and Introductory Lesson.
Bookings now being taken for limited spaces available Term 3. Phone Raewyn 2186804


FAMILY FUN NIGHT ~ Tomorrow night in the school hall from 6.00 p.m. Door sales available.

BROMLEYS PINAFORES ~ If you are wanting to order a new pinafore, the PTA will be forwarding an order by the 20th of next month.
Enquiries are welcome to Nikki Brookland 214-0112 or Trish Sherriff 215/6811.

Stars (Millynn) v St. Pat’s Green court 2 @ 5.30 pm.
Steel (Russell) v New River Razzlers court 8 @ 4.30 pm
Sting (Brown) vs St. Pat’s White court 2 @ 5pm


I wish my child________________________________ to begin preparation to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

SIGNED _________________________________________

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20 June 2008

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Dear Parents

Another busy week is nearly over. It has been good to see some of the classes beginning their Orphan’s Aid activities.
We have had Warwick Pascoe discussing The Miracle of Life, a visiting author John Parker with Rooms 5 & 7, the Southland Cross Country and the Ronald McDonald Road Safety Show today.
We also want to thank the PTA for the Jump Jam Fitness Programme.
Starting next week all lunch leftovers and rubbish will be sent home with your children. As well, we will begin recycling school paper and cardboard. Thanks for your support with this.

This week our prayers are with the Gaines/Fiebig family.

A reminder about the school Mass this Sunday 22nd June. This is a compulsory mass and we expect all children to attend.
Children are to line up in the school foyer by 10.15 am in their school uniform.

All junior reading books are to be returned to school please. We need to check numbers of books as at present many copies are missing. Any books found over the weekend or during the week will be gratefully accepted!!!!

Many thanks to Ian Sutherland from Stresscrete Southland for the donation of $250 towards musical or sports equipment.

The children who opened bank accounts with the BNZ this week are asked to place their bank book in their class box every Wednesday.
These will be collected each week by a BNZ staff member.

Good luck to Cassidy Mackie, Daniel Hogan and Michael Walker who are representing the Zone at the Southland Cross Country today in Mossburn.

FAMILY FUN NIGHT ~ Next Saturday 28th June, the PTA are holding a Family Fun Night. We will be having a movie which is suitable for all family members and is guaranteed to be enjoyed by everyone! We will be selling yummy treats and will have a sausage sizzle from 6.00 p.m. Make sure you bring a cushion to sit on and be ready to have lots of fun!!!
Tickets are $5 each (pre-schoolers free) and are available from the office daily till 2.00 p.m.

PEIRCE ORCHARD DELIVERY ~ we have one more order which will be delivered to school next Thursday 26th June. Please fill in the order form on the notice board in the junior corridor before Tuesday 24th (& money to the office) if you are wanting apples, pumpkins or honey.


Registrations from 10.30am Swim at 11am sharp. Entry: A gold coin donation to Hospice.
Win a 26inch Panasonic widescreen LCD TV.

Well done to all the children who took part in the Aerobics Festival on Sunday. They all did very well.
Many thanks to Miss Swney, Miss Kirkwood, Mrs Sutherland and Isabella Forde.

Sting (Mrs Brown’s Team) Tuesday 17th June won 8 – 4. Player of the Day was Emily Bower
Steel (Mrs Russell’s Team) Tuesday 17th June won 10 – 3. Player of the Day was Sarayha MacDonald
Stars (Mrs Millynn’s Team) Tuesday 17th June lost 4 – 11. Players of the Day was Kelsey Waddell

N.B. No games Tuesday 24th June. Practices will still be held at school on Monday.

Class Happenings
Cross Country
On the 6th of June, 08 Mitchell Smith, Braydon Shuttleworth, Imelda Wilkes, Brooke O’Connor, Tatiana Conway, Cassidy Mackie, Daniel Hogan, Patrick Horn, Jessica-Lee Kyle and Caitlin Russell went to Elizabeth Park for the All Saints Zone Cross Country. They did this to find out who would go to the Southland Cross Country. It was very wet with big puddles and a creek. It was a tough run because we had to go up and down hills, around tight corners, through gaps in some posts, jump over a chain and we were running on rough ground. Daniel, Cassidy and Tatiana were chosen to go to Mossburn for the Southland Cross Country.
By Daniel and Mitchell.

John Parker
John Parker is an author from Auckland. His first book was “I Love Spiders”.John Parker gave us some tips. One tip was always go back to your draft. He read us one chapter of one of his books. “Dragonspell” is about a dragon called Fire Snorter and a prince called Timothy. John Parker has written 127 books. We feel very lucky that he was able to come and speak to us about his writing.
By Carlos and Ryan

Making a Masterpiece
Mr Pascoe came to talk to Sacred Heart School about babies and how they are a masterpiece. He also showed us pictures and small video clips of us forming. It was really interesting when he showed us how big we were from 1day old to 9 months old. We hope that he comes back again another day
By Kelsey, Thomas and Chelsie.

South Spell Competition
On Wednesday 18 of June Imelda, Tatiana, Tammy and Jamee went to the South Spell Competition. They came 18th out of 35 teams. It was a James Hargest Senior Campus. They went to represent Sacred Heart School. It was nerve wracking sitting at the table in the gym, waiting for the competition to start. It was fun because we thought it would be scary and really hard but it was easier than we thought it would be. We got top marks in the Antonyms, Maori and one of the Spelling rounds. Our total score was 87 and the winning team scored 103. There were 11 rounds altogether. At the end we were given a cookie and a nice pen.
By Imelda and Tatiana

Miss Black
Miss Black is a student teacher who comes from the teachers’ college and is helping her dream of being a teacher. She has been with us for 3 weeks now teaching us but she has also been every Monday to have a wee look at what Mrs Buxton is doing with us.
By Madi, Braydon and Calais

Orphans’ Aid
On Wednesday 4 June, Mrs Sue Van Schreven came to Room 5 at Sacred Heart School to talk to us about orphan’s aid. The children in Romania all live in hospital and they try and get as many children into homes.
By Brooke and Chantel

Mr Pascoe Visit
“Mr Gander why are we going to Room 5?”
On Monday the 16th of June 2008 rooms 8, 7 and 5 went into Room 5 for a guest speaker called Mr Pascoe. Mr Pascoe came to tell us how babies were made. First he showed us where he went to travel for work. He also told us that “a person is a person no matter how small they are”. Next he had a time line from when we were the very first day until we were born. Thirdly Mr Pascoe showed us how 1 cell was made. I thought it took a long time to make 1 cell. He also told us about a little baby who was tiny when she was born and her name was Kenya King. Another baby called Samuel Armas had an operation when he was about 15 weeks old and survived.
Mr Pascoe told us that we were born the very first day and our heart was made first then our brain. At the start I thought we looked like a bubble and around us there was other little bubbles which were our food. My most favourite part was watching the slide show about making cells. By Briar Kilsby

On Monday 16th of June a guy called Mr Pascoe came and visited us. He told us that he’s been to lots of places like Antarctica, Namibia, Australia, Solomon Islands and Africa. He told us about how we’re formed and what we looked like when we were weeks, days and months old. He told us about a girl called Kenya King who was born months early, and how a boy called Samuel Armas had an operation when he was still in his mother’s tummy. It’s amazing how doctors do operations. He said that it’s important for your heart and brain to grow first. He said that babies are made in a type of factory that makes cells. I was amazed about how small babies were at a couple of weeks old; I thought we would be bigger. By Erica Forde

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13 June 2008

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Dear Parents


As part of our Sustainability Unit we have been looking at how much rubbish we produce at school.  Increased transport costs now mean emptying the skip is a substantial expense out of our operational budget.  Classes and staff are investigating the possibility of children taking home all their lunch rubbish and recycling a lot of the daily classroom waste material such as paper and cardboard.

Since June 1 schools now have an obligation to ensure children have healthy choices as part of their diet at school. 

As part of this we will be reviewing our school policies in this area.  This may involve surveys developed by individual classes. 

We ask for your support with this.



A reminder about the school Mass on Sunday 22nd June.  This is a compulsory mass and we expect all children to attend.



On Thursday this week, Sue van Schreven from ORPHANS’ AID INTERNATIONAL, came to school and spoke to the children about the help her group is providing for children in Romania.  As a result of this, Sacred Heart pupils have become aware of the needs of these children, many of whom are orphans and we have begun to discuss ways to help. Over the next couple of weeks the children will be involved in some form of fund raising.  Room 1 children will be having a  “Bring a Toy Day”.  They will be able to play with their toys at school if they bring some money to contribute to our fund raising effort.  They have discussed things they could do at home in order to earn money.   Through class notices or the newsletter, families will be informed of the efforts each class will be making.



The next meeting of the Board of Trustees is on Monday at 7.00 p.m.  All welcome.



The children were given these yesterday.  If you have not received yours, please contact the office.



Thanks to Mrs Stupples for re-publishing our school website.  This has made it a lot easier to update and ammend.



Congratulations to Tatiana Conway, Cassidy Mackie, Daniel Hogan and Michael Walker who have been selected to represent the Zone at the Southland Cross Country next Friday at Mossburn. 

Because of numbers we will not be taking a bus.  Could parents contact me if they will be taking a car, so we can car pool if needed.



Good luck to the Aerobics teams taking part in the festival at the Stadium on Sunday:  Cassidy Mackie, Imelda Wilkes, Jamee Millynn, Abbey Pont, Paige Hansen, Tammy Honotapu, Mackenzie Wild, Maria Sutherland, Molly Stevens, Georgia Mackie, Briar Kilsby, Erica Forde, Bronte Adams and Shelley Mitchell.  A big thanks to Miss Kirkwood, Miss Swney, Mrs Sutherland and Isabella Forde for your input to the coaching and organising of the teams.  We hope you all enjoy the day.



Thanks to Craig Morton at Rugby Southland for the donation of a set of rugby posts.



Due to an increase in development levies, unfortunately the Netball fees have been increased to $20 per child.

These are now due at the office.



We are aware we are missing a large number of school reading books.  Could you please check at home and return these.




Mrs Downing and her staff will be in the school library Wednesday 18th June at 2.45 p.m. to open bank accounts for pupils.


To open an account, please bring the following with you:
Child’s Birth Certificate or passport and 2 forms of identification (including 1 with Photo) for parent / caregiver who will have signing authority on account.  (if already a Bank of New Zealand customer this is not required)



Sting (Mrs Brown’s Team)                  Tuesday 10th June won 10 – 0.  Player of the Day was Samuel Russell

                                                                        Tuesday 3rd June lost.  Player of the Day was Reuben Brown.

                                                                        Tuesday 17th June vs Bluff Green court 2 @ 3.30 p.m.

Steel (Mrs Russells Team)                  Tuesday 10th June won 7 – 2.  Player of the Day was Bronte Adams

                                                                        Tuesday 3rd June won 10 – 4.  Player of the Day was Caitlin Russell

                                                                        Tuesday 17th June vs Ascot Angels court 4 @ 3.30 p.m.

Stars (Mrs Millynns Team)                  Tuesday 10th June won 13 – 6.  Players of the Day were Tammy & Chelsea.

                                                                        Tuesday 3rd June drew 8 – 8.  Player of the Day was Jessica-Lee Kyle.

                                                                        Tuesday 17th June vs St. John’s Blue court 7 @ 4.30 p.m.



This seems to be an ongoing problem at the moment.  We insist parents check their child’s hair and treat if necessary.


Invercargill Budget Advisory Service (Inc) is a free, confidential service offering personal and household budgeting for all ages.  We are available to talk to groups, organisations and schools about budgeting, savings, debt etc.  Contact Karen Ralston (Coordinator) on 218 7001 for further information.



FUNRAISER  ~  The meat from Woodlands Butchery will be at school on Tuesday 17th June from 2 pm.  Please make sure you are there on the day to collect it as we have no freezer storage available.  You are responsible for delivering the meat you sold. 

Thank you for your support.


FAMILY NIGHT OUT  ~  Mystery Movie Night 28th June.  Suitable for all ages $5 per person.  All children must be accompanied by an adult.  Sausage sizzle and other treat food will be available !!!!!



Class Happenings


Room 3

Three weeks ago, our class, along with Rooms 8 and 9 went to the Transfer Station, the Garage and the Recycling Centre.  We would like to thank you all for the offers of help that we received for our trip and to those that came with us.  Here is a selection of our stories about that trip.


Room 3 went to the Transfer Station.  We learned about plastic bottles.  They go to Japan and when they come back to New Zealand, they are turned into Cotton Soft toilet paper.  We went to the Recycling Centre. 

We had to wear special jackets so the people working could see us.                                                 By Emma


At school on Friday, we went the Transfer Station and Donna showed us the bushes in a pile, in a very big pile too.  We saw the wheelie bins trucks too.  We put vests on at the Recycling Centre so the people on the big machines wouldn’t run us over.                                                                                                                                                                           By Rohan


Rooms 3, 8 and 9 went to the Transfer Station and there were big machines.  We went on the bus and we had to wear vests at the Recycling Centre.                                                                                                             By Mitchell


Room 8

On Friday the 23rd Room 8 went on a Waste wise tour.  First we went to the transfer station and Donna, who told us all about the transfer station, was waiting for us.  Donna showed us the green waste section.  At the green waste section there was a machine that got filled up with all our green waste and transformed it into bark chips.  Next we went to the Recycling centre where Chris was waiting for us.  Chris gave us each a safety jacket.

The adults got the orange jackets and the children got the yellow jackets.  Chris took us over to the paper bales.  He told us 72 bales of paper (the bales were quite big) get made into 1 magazine.  In the Recycling centre there were lots of conveyer belts.

Next we went to the garage which had lots of things to sell.  Bev had been waiting for us.  We went into the workshop where there were two men checking out washing machines people had dropped in.  We went into the shop where there were lots of cool things like basketballs, mirrors and cutlery.  Recycling is fun.                                                                        By Molly


Room 9’s

Our Timeline about: How long things take to decompose?

Room 9 have been working on recycling. We made a timeline. We discovered that a paper bag takes 2.5 months to decompose. We discovered that a milk cartoon takes 5 years to decompose. A tin can takes 100 years to decompose. An aluminium can takes 20 – 500 years to decompose. However meat trays and polystyrene never decomposes.

We thought about how long it takes for things to decompose.

We worked out that if one baby used 4 disposal nappies a day that would be 28 nappies a week. There are 52 weeks in a year. On a calculator we worked out one baby would use 1456 nappies in a year. Renee wondered what happens to all those nappies and what happens to the land.

We found out that they go to the landfill and get squashed into the ground. Yuck!

 But one day it will turn into compost and trees will grow there.

Rory did some research at home. He found out that disposal nappies were invented in 1951. He was amazed because nappies take 75years to decompose.











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