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15 August 2008

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Dear Parents

We have been visited this week by Harold the Giraffe and the Life Education Van. Teresa Wallace has been working with all classes. I’m sure you too have been treated to lots of interesting facts from your children after their visit to the van.
Haven’t the Olympics been exciting? I have been enjoying watching top athletes compete in sports that are never shown on chanel 1, 2 or 3 and only rarely on Sky. I noted the senior children today playing hardball at playtime – the power of TV is evident.
The other really good thing about the Olympics is being able to control the TV remote with “The Olympics are on” winning out over all reality and cartoon shows.
The Southland and All Blacks rugby game may be a test of this tomorrow night.
Thanks to Fr. Vince, Miss O’Neill and all children staff and parents who were able to join with us in celebrating The Assumption Mass today.

BOT MEETING ~ The next meeting is on Monday 7.00 pm. All welcome.

Congratulations to the following students who have been chosen to represent Sacred Heart School at the Southland Science Fair to be held at Ascot Park Hotel next week.
Why Not Waste Water? – Ryan Le Breton, Which Fuel Heats the Quickest? – Michael Walker, Daily Bread – Clarke Le Breton, Which Pen Lasts the Longest? – Patrick Horn and Thomas Hawkes, Ice Cubes – Cassidy Mackie and Kelsey Waddell.

Well done to the Zone teams who took part in the Southland Netball Tournament this week. A big thanks to Miss Kirkwood, Mrs Honotapu and Mrs Russell and all the other parents who assisted on the day.

Stars lost 11 – 16. Player of the Day was Jessica-Lee Kyle.
Steel lost 8 – 11. Player of the Day was Madison Hibbs-Fearn.
Sting lost 1 – 2. Players of the Day were Mackenzie Wild and Georgia Mackie.

Draw for next week
Stars play St Theresa’s Green on court 7 at 5.00 pm
Steel play St Patrick’s Green on court 3 at 4.30 pm
Sting play St Theresa’s Yellow on court 4 at 3.30 pm.

The next meeting will be held on Monday 25th august at Lynley Steven’s place: 17 Northwood Avenue 7.30 p.m. All welcome.

Sunny warm house on easycare section in Waikiwi. Open plan living with 3 double bedrooms & office or 4th bedroom. Modern décor with new kitchen, bathroom & carpets. Available 29th August @ $250 per week. Enquiries to 2157643.

Kids’ nightwear – “Low fire danger” doesn’t mean there’s no fire danger
Last year, three children were seriously injured and one sadly died when their pyjamas caught on fire. This winter the Ministry of Consumer Affairs is running an awareness campaign concentrating on two key messages to prevent this happening again:
Ø Keep children a metre from the heater; and
Ø Dress children in snug-fitting pyjamas to reduce fire risk.

We’re also reminding parents that children’s nightwear which is labelled as ‘Low Fire Danger’ doesn’t mean that there’s no fire danger. All fabrics will eventually burn. Changes to the labels on children’s nightwear (which will be seen in shops next year) will give clearer messages to consumers, so they can make safer choices when they buy children’s nightwear.

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8 August 2008

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Dear Parents

I am sure like a lot of you this weekend, we will be attempting to watch as much of the Olympics as possible. The lead in to Beijing this year has been fraught with controversy such as the human right issues, and more recently the pollution covering the city. It is also one time when our sports focus is not so much on rugby – Graham Henry will be relieved about this. It will also be the most watched with U-Tube broadcasting to countries previously unable to receive coverage. Different NZ athletes will also be posting regular blogs and other on-line environments which we will be able to access.
I was lucky enough to Skype with Room 9 yesterday as they explained a new class undertaking. Our teachers are to be congratulated for their encouragement of new relevant ICT for our children. We may find them an unwanted add-on at times but they are often an integral part of our children’s present and future lives. Good luck to the Olympic team and I hope the only hakas are for medal winners.
Our prayers are with the Tagomoa-Kaa family this week.

The school will be joining in the parish Mass next Friday 15 August at 9.30am to celebrate the FEAST OF THE ASSUMPTION OF MARY. All families are welcome to join us.

Next Wednesday is Science Fair Day. (This date has been changed owing to Professional Development for staff next week.) All investigations will be completed by 2.45 on Wednesday. Judging will take place on Wednesday evening. We are grateful to the Science Department at Verdon for their assistance with this. The exhibits will be on display for you to come and view until 2.30 on Friday. All exhibits will need to be taken home on Friday after school. Those investigations chosen to represent Sacred Heart at the Southland Science Fair will need to be taken to the Ascot Hotel on Tuesday at 2.15.

A big thanks to everybody for making our ‘Olympic Day’ so successful. Also to Rose French and Jim Watson for assisting us with the organization. I was especially proud of our senior children for their leadership skills and assistance with each of their teams. Well done!

Next week the staff will be taking part in Professional Development run by the Thinknet Cluster. Some of this will involve feedback from Mrs Lieshout and Mrs Stupples about their visit to Christchurch last week.

Good luck to Tammy Honotapu, Caitlin Russell and Sarayha MacDonald who are taking part in the Southland Netball Tournament next week.

When children are sent home in school items of clothing, could we please have them returned to school clean, as soon as possible. Thank you.

Congratulations to Olivia Thornbury who came 2nd in women’s level 4 gymnastics & Patrice Brookland who came 2nd in women’s level 1 gymnastics. Both girls competed in the Gymnastics Southland Championship held 26th July. Olivia & Patrice have also been selected to compete in the South Island Championship, held in Timaru in September. Further to this, Olivia has also been selected to compete in the Nationals Championship held in Hamilton late September.
Also to Alex Wright and his family on the arrival of Macaela. We look forward to her enrolling at Sacred Heart.

Stars won 7 – 2. Players of the Day were Tammy Honotapu and Imelda Wilkes.
Steel lost 1 – 23. Player of the Day was Meg Kelly.
Sting lost 3 – 12. Player of the Day was Meg O’Connell.

Draw for next week
Stars play St John’s blue court 3 @ 5.30 p.m.
Steel play St Joseph court 2 @ 3.30 p.m.
Sting play Te Marama court 4 @ 4 p.m.

Sunny warm house on easycare section in Waikiwi. Open plan living with 3 double bedrooms & office or 4th bedroom. Modern décor with new kitchen, bathroom & carpets. Available 29th August @ $250 per week. Enquiries to 2157643.

This is going to be an awesome show with a lot of very talented people. There will be one show on Friday the 15th August at 6.00pm and two shows on Saturday the 16th August, One at 2pm and the other at 6pm. Tickets prices are $8.00 an adult , $5.00 a child and $20.00 for a family of two adults and two children. Please show your support for our local young talent.

In Room 2 we have been learning about the ceremonies at the Olympics. We have learned that there is a special ceremony at the beginning and the end of the Olympics and there is also a medal ceremony. We went to Stadium Southland with the rest of the school on Tuesday and had a fun time participating in all the activities. That afternoon in class, we learned that you get a gold medal if you come first, a silver medal if you come second and a bronze medal if you come third. Some people can get more than one medal, and lots of people don’t get any medal. That doesn’t matter though, as long as you try your very best. Here are some of our Olympic stories.

We had a school mini Olympics. We played with the Frisbee and we had to throw it far.

I went to the stadium for mini Olympics and I played with the parachute.We had morning tea there. I got a gold medal.

Yesterday we had the mini Olympics. I liked playing cricket the best.

At the stadium there were lots of games to play. There was cricket. I got a bronze medal. The stags were at the stadium too.

On the 5th of August Sacred Heart School went on the bus to the stadium, some children missed the bus. We had the mini Olympics and we played with our friends.

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