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21 November 2008

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Dear Parents

As some of you will have noted our new basketball poles will be ready soon. We will paint them to ensure visibility and avoid contact with cars!!! Thanks to the PTA for these.
Last week the Thinknet ICT-PD had a celebration day after school for all the teacher. A big thanks to Mrs Lieshout who exhibited outlining a lot of the work happening in our classes.
We have welcomed Miss Forbes to Rooms 1 & 2 this week and look forward to her being here till the end of the year. It has made a big difference already.
Prayers are with the Belesky family with their recent loss.

To Emma Matiu-Watson who joined the children in Room 2 on Monday. We hope she enjoys her time here.

We plan to hold an information night for parents to explain the report format and some of the curriculum changes made. This will be held on Monday 8th December at 7.00 p.m. in the school hall.

On December 10 & 11 we will be visited by the local kindergartens and pre-schools. If you know of children likely to attend Sacred Heart from outside the Grasmere/Waikiwi area, please contact Christine so we can send out an invite. The children who have birthdays during the Christmas holidays will attend another visit on Tuesday 2nd December from 8.55am – 1.00pm

We have accumulated a large amount of lost property again. Please take the time to come and check if something belongs to your family. Several items are named.
Excess clothing will once again be taken to St Vincent De Paul at the end of the term.

We ask that all money owed, be settled at the office before Friday 5th December please.

BOOKCLUB ~ The last order for the year closes Tuesday 25th November.

Some children in Rooms 1 and 2 have been learning about budgies. Does anyone have a budgie at home that they don’t mind bringing in for a day, so that the children can share their knowledge about the bird with other children? Mrs Stupples

Basketball: Spurs won 14 – 12, Speedsters lost 2 – 19, Shooters won 24 – 4, Dunkers won by default.

Anyone wanting to order these buckets are asked to have orders/money into office before next Wed 26th.

SBA PRIMARY SCHOOL BASKETBALL CAMP ~ 22nd & 23rd December 9am – 3pm.
During this camp all children will learn basic basketball skills as well as fun games like activities to encourage their participation in sport in the future. Richard Dickel will lead all sessions. 1st in 1st served. Register via email or sending letter including name, age, school, t-shirt size, phone & email address to: Southland Basketball Assn, PO Box 224, Invercargill 9840 or
Cost is $50 if registered & paid before 18 Dec, otherwise $60 (includes price of t-shirt).

Recreational or Competitive Aerobic Classes 2009
St Josephs Gymsport Centre is taking enrolments for both recreational and competitive aerobics classes – starting Feb 2009. We also hold recreational gymnastic classes in which there is still space available.
Register your interest! By contacting Toni Canny (03) 2172220 after 7pm / email
Each family has been given 5 tickets to sell for the Xmas Hampers that were on sale at the School Fair. The hampers are in the office, if you would like to see them. Could you please sell these tickets and have them and the money at school by Friday 28 November and they will be drawn that day. The winners will be in next week’s newsletter.

Also for those of you who didn’t get a chance to get a ticket in the Firewood raffle (winner gets a load of firewood) or the “Guess the pieces of wood on Pee Wee” (winner gets a $100.00 voucher for goods from Parklands) you still have a chance. Tickets can be bought from the office until next Friday 28. These will also be drawn on that day as well. Thank you very much and good luck!

The fair committee would like to thank John Sievwright and Sievwright Auto for sponsoring the school fair chocolate wheel.
Also thank you to Leone Mason and her business La De Da for generously allowing the use of an Eft Pos account for the school fair.

Bromley Wear Uniforms – Nicki Brookland is placing an order on Monday for anyone wanting to order a pinafore for next year. If you are interested in purchasing one, please contact her on 214-0112.

The next PTA meeting is on this Monday (24). If you are interested in coming along, please do so, you are most welcome. The meeting will be held in the school staffroom at 7.30pm ~ Your PTA

1, 2, 3 said…
On Monday the 16th of November 2008, Mrs Marley came to cover for Mr Gander. Mrs Marley had a whole different timetable. In the morning we had a game of 21’s. Paris won the first game on the first day. Braedon won the second game on the second day and William C won the third game on the third day. After we did 21’s it was basic facts and problem solving time. After play we did normal stuff with Mrs Marley. After lunch we had to pack up, have a quick game of Farmer, Farmer and we had an assembly.
The next day in the afternoon we went to the hall to play some games. We played Bump, which was fun. After Bump we played Rats and Rabbits. The boys were rabbits and the girls were rats. YAY!!! Everyone yelled because we got to play Bump again. We also played Keep the bucket full.
Michael and Braedon’s favourite parts were Farmer, Farmer and 21s.
By Michael and Braedon

Only one more hour to go!
One sunny Sunday on the 9th of November, Sacred Heart had a school fair!
“Oh no! Where should I go first? To….. THE CANDY FLOSS!!!!” said Briar.
“No I want to go to the cake walk,” said Maria. “Hmm, I think I might go to the cake walk and chocolate wheel, and guess what I won on them both!” said Shelley. “ Whoo hoo!! Way to go Shelley!!!” said Briar and Maria.
Briar and Maria went on the boat ride 3 times and Shelley went once.
We bought these cute as, mini muffins, they were too cute to eat!
We had a hot dog for lunch!
The fair was a great success. Thank you so much for all of the help and support!
By Maria , Shelley and the one and only Briar J !!

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19 November 2008

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Dear Parents

A huge thanks from the Board of Trustees and all the children, to the Fair Committee/PTA for the excellent event last Sunday. As usual the weather was kind and it was a brilliant day. Thanks also to all the helpers – adults & children who worked at all the stalls and our sponsors for contributing to the success of the day. With some of the funds raised, we intend to: provide additional classroom resources, IT equipment, and assist with the playground maintenance (including a new sandpit area). Following the success of the HEHA water fountain we may also look to apply for extra funding for more shade areas.
To all those mothers who see an eftpos transaction for La De Da; I’m sorry to say its money for the fair, not an early xmas present.
The End of Year Mass will be held Monday 15th December with school finishing on Tuesday 16th December at 2.45 p.m.

This week we have accepted Mr Gander’s resignation as he moves to a job at Sacred Heart School in Timaru for 2009. Their gain is our loss and we wish him all the best.
Also from Monday Miss Forbes will be working in Room 1 & 2 with the children during numeracy & literacy time. We look forward to her joining our staff for the rest of the year.
2009 Yr 1 – Rm 1 – Miss O’Neill
Yr 1 – Rm 2 – Mrs Stupples
Yr 1/2 – Rm 3 – Miss Swney
Yr 2/3 – Rm 5 – Miss Kirkwood
Yr 3/4 – Rm 7 – TBA
Yr 4/5 – Rm 9 – Miss Tagomoa
Yr 5/6 – Rm 8 – Mrs Lieshout

To Sionelle Cahill and Lucy Nind who joined the junior children this week.
We hope they enjoy their time with us at Sacred Heart School.

We have accumulated a large amount of lost property again. Please take the time to come and check if something belongs to your family. Several items are named.
Excess clothing will once again be taken to St Vincent De Paul at the end of the term.

Just a reminder basketball fees are now OVERDUE. Please pay your $30 to the office as soon as possible as we need to pay the Basketball Association.

Basketball: Spurs lost 9 – 16, Speedsters lost 2 – 30, Shooters won 12 – 10, Dunkers lost 7 – 16
Touch: Starters lost 4 – 8, Stars won 7 – 2, Storm won 5 – 1, Heat lost 1 – 3, Sharks won 4 – 0.

PTA ~ The school fair last weekend was a huge success!! We have raised over $10,500 (final tally yet to be confirmed). We would like to thank Liza Adams, Lynley Stevens and their fair committee for all the hard work they put into organising the day. Without them the fair would not have happened. A big thank you to everyone involved, including parents & families who helped in some way, we couldn’t have done it without you. It was great to see all the teachers/staff involved and also Mrs Forbes (who did lots towards the fair as well). The raffles that were sold on the day will be drawn when all the tickets are sold. The children will be bringing some of these home to sell and this will add to the overall tally.
Remember to get your calendar orders in before 26 November.
Bromley Wear Uniforms – for a new pinafore at an affordable price, Nicki Brookland is now taking orders for next year. If you are interested contact her on 214-0112.

To Rory Horn who came 3rd in level 0, MAG gymnastics, Patrick Horn, 2nd in level 3 MAG, Patrice Brookland, 3rd in level 2 WAG and Olivia Thornbury, 2nd in level 5 WAG. They all competed last Sunday in the Invercargill Gymnastics Club Competition.

Tour Of Southland

On Friday the 30th of October two people from Sport Southland came to our school. They told us about the Tour of Southland and how to keep safe on bikes. They told us about some safety rules especially, about helmets. When you are wearing your helmet you should only be able to fit one finger at the bottom of your helmet strap.
My favourite bit was when Roman told us about the Tour of Southland and showed us the shirts that they wear. Yellow shirt is the leader jersey. There is one for the King of the Mountain. Roman was in the Share the Road Team.
We also went out to watch the Tour of Southland. That day Thursday the 5th of November everybody woke up and looked out there window and saw the snow on the ground. At school when we went out to watch the Tour of Southland, it was very cold and it began to snow and hail again. But we still stayed out to cheer on Roman. The people with the speakers on top of their cars and trucks said thank you to Mr Forde and to Sacred Heart School for coming out because normally nobody would come out when it was hailing and snowing and raining. Most people don’t come out in that horrible weather.
By Rylee and Ben Henderson

Cloak making

On Thursday and Friday Room 9 made Maori cloaks. In Room 9 we made cloaks and went to the Marae but the Marae is another story. We made cloaks because we were learning about Maori things. Room 9 likes art and learning new things. First we spread paper all along our tables. After that we got a piece of paper and folded it into the shape of a cloak. We got some crayons and we coloured it in. Later we painted it black over the crayon. When the paint was dry we scratched the paint off and made koru patterns. You do the same on the other side. An exciting part was when we put some feathers and sparkles on the cloaks. Finally we put our photo inside our cloaks. They showed how each of us is different and a treasure.
By Khyla and Rory.

School Fair

At the School Fair Alex and I went on the boat. Alex paid for himself.¬ Mr. Gander lifted Alex on and I walked up. It went slowly and I got a big seat. Alex got to hold on to a handle, near my handle. The boat was wobbly it nearly tipped. It was like we were going to fall of!!!!!!!!! The boat went around the school two times. It wasn’t bad but it was worth only two dollars. Alex gave me 1 dollar back.
Next we went on the police car it felt like it banged into the hedge. It was funny. We were going to go on it again but we didn’t have enough money. Next time we might get some more money from his mum. She gave him 5 dollars and his grandad and Jeremy gave him 2 dollars.
We didn’t know that we could on the fire truck. If we knew that we would have gone on it.
It was fun at the school fair because there were lots of things to do.
By Mike & Alex.

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7 November 2008

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School Fair
This Sunday 9th after the 10.30 am Mass.
Please bring to the hall Saturday 10 am, White elephant stuff, baking, veggies etc.Sunday morning – Cakes for the cake walk to Room 7.
Any other donations to the hall before Mass please, if possible.
The children have created calendars; these are $10.00 and can be viewed and ordered at the fair. Another order form will also go home next week for people who are not at the fair or for extra orders.
Eftpos is available on the day.
The children are not required to wear their school uniform.
Only 2 sleeps to go! Look out for the funny clowns!

Many thanks to the Sisters of Mercy who kindly donated baking!!!!

Dear Parents

The big day is finally here – we are all looking forward to the School Mass and Fair on Sunday. As always happens the weather is horrible for the Tour of Southland, but will be lovely and sunny on Sunday for us.
It has been an interesting week in world and local politics with the lead in to the election here and the USA. It will be interesting to see the impact Barack Obama will have on world affairs. In this weeks media the USA election certainly took precedence over our own general election tomorrow.

To Ben Oosterbroek and Alex Harrington who joined the junior children this week.
We hope they enjoy their time with us at Sacred Heart School.

A big thanks to David Brookland who applied on our behalf for a HEHA Nutrition Fund grant. We received funding which has enabled us to install a new drinking fountain for the children. It has a filter and water bottle filler and tastes brilliant.

All children are to be lined up in the foyer at 10.15 am for Mass to start at 10.30 am.
Children are not required to wear their school uniform this day.

Parking will be a problem so where possible please park away from school and walk. It will be possible to drop off goods tomorrow morning, but we will be ensuring the drive is kept clear on Sunday morning.

This month’s board meeting is on Monday 10th November 7 pm. All welcome.

In next weeks newsletter I will be able to outline the class structure for 2009.

I will be having a parent information evening soon to explain some of the new curriculum changes and how our school reports will differ from last years. More about this later.

Spurs won 9 – 6 Speedsters lost 2 – 30 Shooters won 34 – 14 Dunkers lost 8 – 20

NumberWorks’nWords (Maths to Year 11 and English tuition) invites enquiries for 2009. For a free evaluation and introductory lesson phone Raewyn 2186804.

SUMMER SWIM SCHOOL AT SPLASH PALACE ~ Brochure available at the office.

Room 1 – We have here an example of a picture plan record of some parts of our Marae trip and some examples of writing.

We walked down the corridor to the bus. Then we arrived at the Marae. I really liked the beautiful carving at the Marae. Then we went to the kai room and then we got to eat. After that we went back to school.
I like the very cool carvings and the food ~ Dominic

I walked down the corridor to the bus. We saw the Bluff sign. We had to take our shoes off. We had a hongi. We got to eat some food. We saw the mountains. We saw the sun. We went home on the bus.
I liked the Marae. Do you know why I liked it? It is because it had cool things ~ Ellie

We went down the corridor. We hopped in the bus and went to the Marae. We saw the Bluff sign. When we arrived at the Marae we had to take our shoes off. We did the hongi. We had something to eat. I saw some mountains. I saw the moon. On the way home I feel asleep on the bus.
I liked the Marae because it was fun ~ Charlotte

We walked down the corridor to the bus. Then we went passed the Bluff sign “Where the High way begins!”. We took our shoes off. Then we stood up and sang good songs. Then we ate food ~ Piper

You can advertise your business on our new website for a very reasonable cost, and you will be helping our school raise funds for your children. Any advertising is acceptable, from Situations Vacant, houses to let, to selling goods – or even babysitting services! For more info go to

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31 October 2008

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Dear Parents

Welcome to Xanthe Belesky and Paris Johnson who both joined the children in Room 1 this week. We hope they enjoy their time with us.
Only one week to go!!! Of course I am talking about our school fair on Sunday 9th November not the general election on the 8th.
We have had a busy week with our school trip to the Bluff Marae on Wednesday. Thanks to all the teachers and parents for making this day so successful. Also a special thanks to Gary Davis and Richard Turnball for representing us at our welcome onto the Marae.
As I am writing this, we are looking forward to hearing Storm Uru this afternoon and watching the Tour of Southland next week. I hope they have better weather than last year.
As part of our Thinknet ICT – PD Cluster wind-down, all the teachers will be meeting to review what we have achieved over the three years. I have watched a podcast Mrs Lieshout has prepared and it is really good to hear the children talking about their learning at our school. The link to the podcast is:

OUTSTANDING ACCOUNTS ~ Reminders were sent out this week. If you have monies owing to the school, we would appreciate immediate attention with this matter. Thank you.

Kid’s Art Classes at Art Supplies Southland – 130 Dee Street Invercargill Phone 2181222

Yr 5 / 6 Boys won 36 – 6 Yr 3 / 4 Boys won 12 – 6
Yr 5 / 6 Girls drew 6 – 6 Yr 3 / 4 Girls lost 7 – 10

It sooooo !!!!!!! Exciting only 9 sleeps to go until the Fair, Sunday 9th November after Mass 11.30am
Remember WE NEED to the office from each family ASAP; A bottle for the bottle auction and a Christmas item for the hamper.
We also will have a cake stall we need baking for.
If you can bake scones the recipe is available from the office, (or email just freeze and bring on the day.
Please phone 215-9995 if you can bake a nice cake for our cake walk auction. (We will wrap them).
Keep your second hand goods for the White Elephant Stall, for pick ups ph Trish 215-8292 or deliver to the hall 10am -12 Saturday 8th. It’s going to be such fun and such a great memory for the kids ~ see you there!


On Wednesday we were lucky enough to consolidate our learning from our inquiry unit and
visit the Bluff Marae.
This is us waiting at the gate to be called in. We stopped and remembered the people who
have passed away.

When we had finished the formal greeting we got to have morning tea. We were told lots of stories about what each wall represented in the meeting house. We got to see the wall Kyle and Abby’s family come from.

This is some of the amazing artwork that is inside the Bluff Marae

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