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12 June

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Dear Parents

Production practice is in full swing as we count down the days. Many thanks to those parents who have been able to assist with costumes and prop making. A reminder that tickets can be purchased at ICC Book Office.
Cost: Adults $12 Child $8 Family Concession $32 (2 adults & children)
Yesterday we farewelled Mrs Stupples to her new position at the ILT funded Gifted & Talented Centre . We thank her for her commitment to the children at Sacred Heart and wish her all the best in her new adventure.
Welcome to Caleb Winter who joined the children in Room 1 on Monday. We hope Caleb and his family enjoy their time at Sacred Heart School.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Stevens family this week.

SACRED HEART FEAST DAY ~ The school will be attending the 9.30am Mass on Friday June 19th to celebrate Sacred Heart Feast day. The PTA will kindly provide a free sausage sizzle at lunchtime to celebrate our schools important day.

COMPULSORY WORK BOOKS FOR EACH CLASS ~ Please calculate your child’s books along with their Activity Fee costs ($70 for 1, $100 for 2 & $125 for 3). We welcome parents to pay the total amount at the office please.

Room 1 RE Book, Life Education Van $14
Room 2 RE Book, Scrapbook, Life Education Van $16
Room 3 RE Book, Scrapbook, Spelling Book, Home Reading Book, Life Education Van $28.50
Rooms 5, 7 & 8 RE Book, Scrapbooks, Spelling Book, Home Reading Book, Life Education Van $30.50
Room 9 RE Book, Scrapbooks, Spelling Book, Home Reading Book, Life Education Van, Science Show $36.50

CROSS COUNTRY ~ Congratulations to Keegan, Lee, Olivia, Sophie, Michael, Joshua who will represent the zone at the Southland Cross Country next Friday in Dipton.

ALTAR SERVERS ~ Sat 13th June: Michael & Meg Kelly Sun 14th June: Clarke & Ryan Le Breton

ED ALIVE OFFER ~ Our school is participating in the Community Software Plan which your child should have brought home on Tuesday. Please have orders into school by Fri 19th June. Cheques are to be made out to Ed Alive.

CAR PARK ~ Attention all parents/caregivers who use the car park and North Road when dropping off or collecting children. As you will all be aware these are very busy areas at the start and end of the day and we would like to ask you all to help in making this a safer place for our children. Below are areas of concern which have been raised and we would appreciate your help with these.
Parking – Please consider the numbers of cars looking to park each day in the car park and ensure when parking that you use the space wisely. Unfortunately large gaps between cars mean less cars can park and thus an even busier car park as cars have to keep moving!
Drop Off/Pick Up Area – Hopefully everyone is aware that the area cordoned off next to the hedge and entry to the school grounds is only a Drop Off/Pick Up point. We would appreciate if cars do not stop and park in this area as the traffic needs to keep moving through here to allow all vehicles to leave the car park. If you need to help your children then please park your car in the parking area rather than hold up traffic.
North Road Access for Entry and Exit – Please do not park directly either side of the North Road entry/exit – this is firstly illegal and secondly very dangerous for cars attempting to come and go from the car park during this very busy time.
Parking and collecting children – Please don’t let your children walk across/through car park to get to your car without you. Teaching staff are there at the end of the day to prevent this happening, however we would appreciate parents if you are not using the drop off/pick up point to come over to collect your children personally.
Your help in with this will make the car park a safer place for our children.

SITUATION VACANT: The parish would like to employ a paid officer worker for 4 hrs per week (Thursdays & Fridays, time to suit applicant). Duties would be: type & copy the bulletin, pay accounts and file copies & statements, prepare power point presentation for mass, record music used for copyright license, answer phone and general office work as required. For further info see Fr. Vince.

“Fantastic All Blacks Fun Nite” to be held in the Grannies bar (Northern Tavern) on Sat June 20th @ 7.00pm.
We have a big screen to watch the All Blacks vs France rugby game. Dress up as an All Black supporter (optional). Tickets are $5 each. Please bring a plate for supper. There will be prizes ….Oh and kick off is 7.30pm.

The Big Bang Theory

The big bang theory is how scientists’ think the world was created. They think that the world was made by supernova explosions and then humans evolved later.
However the world began, at Sacred Heart School, we believe God was responsible for the beginning of creation.
In our production we are readapting the Big Bang Theory into a story. There are four main characters in our story the sun (Startull) supernova explosions (Big Blue) star (Elder Yellow Star/Elder Red Star).
The first stars were created when the light photons and botons were split into two in the process sometimes photons or botons went missing leaving singulars. Singular botons and photons then paired up with each other creating the first hydrogen atoms, which soon after would create the first stars.
By Caitlin and Shelley.


On Friday the 15th of May Room 9 auditioned for parts for our production.
The person who was auditioning needed to do these things:
1. Use a clear voice so the people could hear them
2. Vary their voice so the audience didn’t get bored.
3. Stand without fidgeting or wriggling.
4. Look at the audience when they spoke.
5. Speak so they could be heard.(volume)
6. Speak not too fast or too slow. (Pace)
7. Speak with feeling(tone)
8. Know what to do if the audience looked bored, laughed or
We each had a piece of the script to read with Mrs Lieshout for the audition.
We felt nervous about the audition. By Chanae & Jennifer


Bang, bang, smash!!!
In Room 9 we have been thinking of new lyrics for the song we wanted to use this for our part of the Production.
After we read the script we wrote some lyrics. They went like this: every body watch out, every body look out, watch out, look out, there’s going to be a Big blow up, blow.
Then we got a big surprise. Mrs Lieshout told us there was going to be a special guest, and the special guest was our old teacher Mr Gander. Mr Gander came over to help with our song.
Mr Gander helped us with our song while we where working. It took Mr Gander most of literacy to finish fixing up the lyrics of the song. He said we had made a great job of them. After he finished fixing the lyrics we all listened to the song and we all were very impressed. After we heard it we made some changes and sang it with the music. I thought the song was really cool. And we all really enjoyed Mr Gander coming and helping with the song.
At school we are almost finished creating a dance to the music of “We will Rock You.”
The production is on its way and we are all very excited about it. By Brittany, Mackenzie & Molly.

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26 June

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Dear Parents

Thank you to every parent, grandparent, family member and friend who supported us by attending and acknowledging our ‘Creation Production’ on Wednesday night. The look of joy and achievement on each child’s face as they came off the stage made all the preparation worthwhile. A big thanks to all the school staff and parents who assisted with costumes, props and anything else. We look forward to looking at our performance when the DVD is produced.
Well done to both the teams who took part in the Aerobics & Hip Hop Festival last Sunday. All your hard work paid off with very polished performances. Thanks to Mrs Williams and Bella Forde for your coaching of the teams.
We look forward to school getting back to our normal routine after the last few weeks of production rehearsals and Term 2 wind down.
I apologise for the latest newsletter not being posted on our website. I hope to fix this problem as soon as possible.

FIRST RECONCILIATION ~ The children’s next session is on Wednesday 1 July at 3.15 till 4.00pm in the church. The night of First Reconciliation is next Thursday 2 July at 6.30pm in the church. Mary O’Neill

NATIONAL STANDARDS ~ With the excitement generated by the Big Wednesday Lotteries and our Production, the issue of the New National Standards has taken a back seat. The government has developed digital sets of expected standards for Writing, Reading and Numeracy for children at the end of Year 1, 4, 6 & 8. Information can be found on line at
There have been teacher consultation meetings and selected school parent meetings. While no-one can disagree with the importance of raising child achievement, the presenters were unable to tell us what form (or test) would be used to assess achievement. Experience in Britain, USA & some Australian states, has shown that national tests and publications of results have done nothing to increase achievement and in some cases have had negative results. We have been told that the Ministry has learnt from previous mistakes so we look forward to their implementation.

NEWSLETTER ADVERTISING RENEWAL ~ It’s coming up to that time again when we will be renewing advertising on our newsletter cover. If you are interested in purchasing a space on our newsletter, please contact Christine in the office. Existing businesses will be contacted by Dave @ Print and Copy, to gauge their intentions for the next 12 months.

SKILLS BASED PROGRAMME ~ Today was our last day for the above programme. We thank Mrs Brookland for her continued support.

LOST PROPERTY ~ Lost property will be on display in the school foyer for parents to view until Thursday 2nd July.

ALTAR SERVERS ~ Sat 27th June: Liam Hogan Sun 28th June: Patrice Brookland & Erica Forde

NumberWorks’nWords ~ Now taking bookings for after school Maths tuition (to Year 11) and English tuition.
Call Raewyn to secure your child’s place for Term 3. Phone 2186804


Room two dressed in their green costumes to act
and dance in the production. We were very excited
about performing at the Civic Theatre on Wednesday.

Well done to both aerobic teams that performed on Sunday the 21st June.

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19th June

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Dear Parents

I hope to see some of you at the PTA Rugby night at the Northern tomorrow night. I was fortunate to be in Dunedin last week and enjoyed the game (not the results) and look forward to the next test.
The countdown in on …… only 5 sleeps until our school production on Wednesday night. A lot of work has gone into the class items and we are thankful for all the parents who have helped the children and teachers prepare for the big night.
There has been much in the news about the HINI Influenza (Swine Flu) and the school has received regular updates about it from the Ministry of Health. Initially only returning travellers were affected but now it is spreading through the population through normal contact.
Many are wondering why is there such a fuss – as it isn’t any more serious than the ordinary flu. The reason is infection rate – normal influenza rates are 1 in 20 people. The swine flu can infect up to 1 in 3 people.
Having that high an infection rate has serious economic consequences if large numbers of children (more susceptible) have to be looked after at home in terms of parents leave provisions and potential loss of income.
In our schools case, with the lack of relieving teachers, we could be forced to close if teaching staff were infected. This is why we are continually reinforcing the importance of personal hygiene at school – washing hands, not sharing food and drink and covering mouth when sneezing and coughing.

BOT ~ The next meeting will be held in the staffroom this Monday 7.00 p.m. All parents are welcome to attend.

Please make arrangements for your child to be picked up from school on this day as we have been notified again from McDermott’s that the bus will be leaving early. Because we have a dress rehearsal in the morning, we won’t be returning back to school till approx 12.30 pm. If you want your child to get on this bus at 1 pm, please ring Christine and leave a message. Thank you.

HOCKEY TURF ~ Could parents please be aware that you should not park closer than one metre from any driveway entrances around the Hockey Turf. Residents have contacted the police and tickets have been issued.

Good luck to our 2 teams – Briar Kilsby, Erica Forde & Shelley Mitchell plus Mackenzie Wild, Maria Sutherland, Georgia Mackie, Meg O’Connell and Abby Humm, and Mrs Williams and Bella Forde their coaches.

Please calculate your child’s books along with their Activity Fee costs ($70 for 1, $100 for 2 & $125 for 3).
Room 1 = $14 Room 2 = $16 Room 3 = $28.50 Rooms 5, 7 & 8 = $30.50 Room 9 = $36.50
We welcome parents to pay the total amount at the office please. Thank you

Caitlin Russell, Olivia Thornbury, Sarayha MacDonald and Briar Kilsby, who attended the All Saints Netball Trials yesterday. We are thrilled to announce that Olivia, Caitlin and Sarayha have secured a place in this team.
ALSO TO Keegan, Tylee & Devan Fiebig who all received The Sacrament of Baptism last week. Congratulations!

Anyone interested in entering a team of 3 players ($12 per team) for this can obtain info from the office on Monday. Entries close Friday 26th June.

ALTAR SERVERS ~ Sat 20th June: Tomas Adams Sun 21st June: Caitlin Russell & Bronte Adams

SACRED HEART FEAST DAY ~ The PTA kindly provided a free sausage sizzle at lunchtime to celebrate our Sacred Heart Feast Day. A big thank you to Paul Wallace and Countdown Supermarket for generously supplying all of the food free.

CAR PARK ~ Remember:
Parking – Please use the space wisely, large gaps between cars mean fewer cars.
Drop Off/Pick Up Area – is only a Drop Off/Pick Up point!
North Road Access – Please do not park directly either side of the North Road driveway.
Parking and collecting children – Please don’t let your children walk across/through the car park without an adult.
Your help with this is making the car park a safer place for our children.
“Fantastic All Blacks Fun Nite” to be in the Grannies bar (Northern Tavern) TOMORROW NIGHT Sat June 20th @ 7.00pm. Come and join in the school community.
We have a big screen to watch the All Blacks vs France rugby game. Dress up as an All Black supporter (optional). Tickets are $5 each AT THE DOOR Please bring a plate for supper. There will be prizes ..oh and kick off is 7.30pm.

School assembly is Monday at 2pm. Families are welcome to attend

Sacred Heart PTA and
Fundraising opportunity for parents and the Sacred Heart Community. It requires donations for good quality second hand clothing. A new clothing trading internet business has been set up where clothes that are donated and meet a good standard are placed online at Here the clothes are auctioned in a similar fashion to Trademe and then 50% of the profit is donated to the Sacred Heart PTA.
Clothes can be placed anytime into the box beside the School office to allow students and parents to drop off their clothes with ease. So if you have quality clothes that you wish to donate you can do so until the end of this term. Clothes will be collected for the rest of the year, however it is the goal that they are collected at the end of each term (this is flexible however and clothes can be dropped off when it suits).
Also there is a separate opportunity for whose who wish to sell clothes for themselves via a meeting with Patrice Spencer-Humm who is a registered trader. She will sort through your clothes and then place them online for you. (The profits will be divided between the trader and individual).
So donating your clothes and buying online at is an excellent way to support the PTA.
Please contact Patrice Spencer-Humm at 2157973 or if you have any questions or wish to have your clothes listed on an individual basis.

As part of the daizy chain promotion a colouring competition is being held for all students at Sacred Heart. Children are to design a picture (the winning entry will have their picture laminated and placed on the collection bins that will collect clothes. Also there will be prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd with vouchers from Warehouse Stationery.
Entries close on the 25th of June and are to be handed into your teacher or the office. Prizes will be presented at assembly on the 29th of June, the judge will be a member of the Sacred Heart PTA. Therefore get designing and get ideas for your children by logging on at, remember it is a z in daizy not an s!

YMCA HOLIDAY PROGRAMMES ARE ON THEIR WAY. Get in quick these school holidays for all new and exciting programmes. Kayaking, flipper ball, ice skating, animals, mountain biking, crafts, pj parties, lazer strike, fire station, police station, cycle park and so much more. Drop into the YMCA on Tay St for more information.

ROOM 1 children have been busy practising for our school production. We have taken a picture of our class wearing some parts of our costume clothes.
When you come to see our school production you will meet “Unkulunkulu”, the first man. He will in turn introduce you to the wonders of the African world. You will see an African man and woman, the sun, the moon, mountains and land, rain and animals from the mighty African plains. You will see that the Land of Africa is filled with amazing people and animals and that the air is filled with the music of life.

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5 June

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Dear Parents

We have been very fortunate this week to have had 5 Interactive White Boards installed thanks to the Invercargill Licensing Trust. This means all our rooms and children now have access to this new technology. I have been busy getting them set up for use. One of the best parts of the ILT donation to schools has been the training that goes along with the installation of the boards, which a number of our staff will be undertaking over the next few months.

I am also pleased to welcome back Isabel Stanley to our school staff. Isabel will be replacing Vanessa Stupples in Room 2 from the 15th June. Isabel started her teaching career at Sacred Heart School and has taught at Windsor North & Myross Bush schools.

This week we welcome Jasmine Ridd to the junior school. We hope she and her family enjoy their time with us at Sacred Heart.

The school will be attending the 9.30am Mass on Friday June the 19th to celebrate Sacred Heart Feast day.

We have had a number of notices from the Ministry about this. Relevant points for all families are:
➢ Most cases world wide have involved children
➢ The spread in Japan & Australia has been linked to schools
➢ Community spread (transmission between people who haven’t traveled) is confirmed in Australia, USA, Canada, Mexico & Japan
➢ Australia has 634 confirmed cases; 521 in Victoria; 12 schools have been closed

All communications re-inforce the importance of hand washing and keeping children home if sick.
All schools are asked to ensure their home-school contact details are up to date which is why we are asking all families to provide this information:
Please supply all e-mail, phone and cellphone numbers. Please indicate e-mail (preferably) or
cell phone number, where you can be contacted if we receive information we need to send to all families in an emergency.

The 2nd evening for this, based on Year 4 – 6 children will be held at Donovan Primary School Hall, 11 June 7:00pm.

ALTAR SERVERS ~ Sat 6th June: Shaun Swain Sun 7th June: Hannah Brown & Mathew Nind

Have you visited Smiley’s, the new children’s party and costume hire, 124 Don Street, 218-7510.

Bring the whole family along for a fun filled day: Rock Climbing, Group Exercise, Fun Games, Face Painting, Bertie Budgie, Family Passport Challenge & Much More !!! FREE ENTRY.

Have you got your tickets from the office yet for the Staff & parents “Fantastic All Blacks Fun Nite” to be held in the Grannies bar (Northern Tavern) on Sat June 20th @ 7.00pm. We have a big screen to watch the All Blacks vs France rugby game. Dress up as an All Black supporter (optional). Tickets are $5 each.
Please bring a plate for supper. There will be prizes ….Oh and kick off is 7.30pm.


This week we have had our new interactive whiteboard installed and are slowly getting to know our way around the workings of it. We have also had some children working on our new class blog, so please do check it out and comment on some of the awesome stories the children have been writing.
We had a very successful ‘Blue Day’ last Friday and Friday and some Room 8 children used the money to create a heart, we raised $220

We are very fortunate to be
able to send children to a
variety of different
workshops at the museum.
Some children in the
senior syndicate have been
given the opportunity
to participate, information
about this will have already
been given to your child.
Sometime next month
each child who took part
in one of these workshops
will have their piece of art
displayed in an exhibition
in the Museum. This will be displayed for four weeks. So do take some time to have a look at the awesome work the children will have done.

NAME: …………………………………………………………………………………….………

EMAIL: ………………………………………………………………………………………………

PHONE: ……………………………………..(hm) …………………………………..(wk)

CELL: ………………………………………………………………………………………………

 Yes I would like my newsletter sent electronically
Please tick

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