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20 November

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Dear Parents

It’s hard to believe there are only 3½ weeks of the school year left. The years certainly do seem to get faster and faster.
We wish the children who will receive the Sacrament of the Eucharist all the best for their Mass on Sunday at 2 pm.
Teachers are busy assessing children and writing their end of year reports. As in previous years, 2010 class placements and stationery lists will accompany your child’s report. Next year’s classes will hopefully be as follows:
Room 1 – Yr 1 Room 2 – Yr 1 Room 3 – Yr 1/2 Room 5 – Yr 2
Room 6 – Yr 3 Room 7 – Yr 4 Room 8 – Yr 5 Room 9 – Yr 5/6

Our intention in 2010 is to have year levels where possible in one class. In recent years we have had to have split level classes to cater for pupil numbers. Some of the pros & cons of single level classes are as follows:
➢ Having same age is positive for peer interaction.
➢ A wide range of abilities may cause organisation issues in literacy & numeracy.
➢ With same aged children it is possible to identify potential leaders.

We look forward to getting teacher, parent & student feedback on this as 2010 unfolds.


ALTAR SERVERS ~ Sat 21st 7pm = T Harrington & J Humm Sun 22nd 10.30 am G & C Mackie

Fireballs 1st game lost 0 – 38 2nd game bye
Celtics 1st game bye 2nd game won 14 – 7
Spurs 1st game won 28 – 2 2nd game won 18 – 10
Slamdunkers 1st game won 17 – 16 no 2nd game
Small Blacks 1st game lost 1 – 20 2nd game lost 2 – 24

SCHOLASTIC BOOKCLUB ~ closes Wednesday 25th November.

LOST JERSEYS ~ Belonging to Macy Richardson & Nicholas Walsh (both well named).
Please check your child has the correct jersey at home.

Love Music? Want to Learn? Or perhaps improve your skills? Music tuition available for all ages (parents welcome too) in Piano, Music Theory and Voice. Lessons available over the Christmas Break also.
Contact: Kelly (MusB. Hons) 21 88 413 or 0211 33 97 99

O.S.C.A.R has vacancies for children in two holiday programmes. One programme at Windsor North School and another at Newfield Primary School, starting on the 16th December until 22nd December from 8 a.m. until 5:45 p.m. and reopening again on the 11th January until 29th January. A fun filled programme is offered to children from 5 yrs to 13 yrs. Bookings accepted at a minimum of 4 hours per day. Phone 218-9520 for bookings or enquiries.

NumberWorks’nWords – Specialists in Maths and English tuition
Bookings are now being taken for 2010. We provide a free professional evaluation of your child’s English and/or Maths level and then your child can have an introductory lesson. Ph: Raewyn 2186804 or email

Sunhats ~ The PTA have subsidized sun hats for sale. These are available at the office @ $10 each.
It is compulsory for all children to wear sunhats during Terms four and one.

Luncheon ~ All school parents and staff (no children please) are invited to lunch at the Lignite Pit Café (passed Tisbury) Saturday Dec 5th 12.45pm. Finger food lunch $14 each. BYO alcohol. Garden to view and giftware to buy.
Get a carload together and come for lunch, leaving from the school car park at 12.00, RSVP Nicki, 214-0112. 0210583084, e-mail

Mission Fair
So much work so little time!!!!
The Year 5’s in Room 9 are working on organising a Mission Fair to buy sports equipment and school books for the children in Samoa to use for their school. We are doing this because their school and equipment was destroyed in the Tsunami.
We have proceeded quite well as we have completed most of our posters for the stalls. We have also written letters asking places to donate some things for raffles and prizes. We have posted our letters and are waiting for responses.
We have a range of activities like a cool ‘Games Room’ where you can play awesome computer and play station games. We also have some interesting things you can buy in our white elephant. We hope to have boat rides (mind you don’t fall off) and a slurpy surprise in our yummy Deep South ice-cream van.
We also have soccer goal where you get to have a go at shooting targets with a soccer ball, shooting hoops at our basket ball station, cool card selling, water balloon volleyball (one word of advice, wear old clothes!!!) and a spooky surprise in our hall. Hope to see you at the fair!!!
Any donations for the White Elephant or for prizes would be appreciated. Just deliver anything to Room 9.

Room 7 Class Happenings

We thought we might share some poetry we wrote based on a poem we shared in class about a laugh. You can view more examples on Room 7’s blogspot alongside our wonderful i-movies we created at Enrich last week http//

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13 November

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Dear Parents

A huge thanks to the PTA and all the parents who were able to help with the truffle making. The fundraising generated by the PTA is much appreciated by the Board of Trustees and staff.
We have been fortunate this year to have the PTA fund the lease of the laptop pod and data projectors, sports equipment bins, classroom resources and the resource cupboards in the corridors, to name a few. The PTA have also approved some funding for repairs to the monorail and for barkchips for both playgrounds over the Christmas break.
Thank you to Mrs Lieshout and the Year 6 children for making their camp at Bannockburn so successful. I was lucky enough to be able to join them on the Thursday & Friday and was very impressed with the camp, the organisation and the attitude and behaviour of our children. The parents who attended also mentioned this and I wish to thank them for their support.
A reminder about some up coming events:
20 Nov Science Road Show (Rm 9)
22 Nov Sacrament of Eucharist
1 Dec Reconciliation Rooms 7 8 9
2 Dec New Entrant Day
10 Dec Mission Day

Mark 13:24-37
The gospel for this Sunday is an invitation for us to live with a sense of readiness; that we are ready to meet God face to face, tomorrow.

The children being prepared for FIRST HOLY COMMUNION will have their next session in the church on FRIDAY 20 NOVEMBER 3 – 3.45 pm. They will have the opportunity to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation next week on Tuesday during school time.

On Thursday 12th of November Room 7 went to Enrich. We learnt to use cameras and make movies. We had a few choices of scenarios like a missing person, or stealing library books. Erik, Sam R, Ben S and I did a new invention. We had to invent a big machine that knocked people out for five hours with an electro magnet 3000 with zap ray. We also learnt sounds and music and edited it and also delete bits. At playtime and lunch time we played with Lego. They had heaps of it. We also saw Mrs Stupples there. I felt tired after the big day out. I want to go again one day….soon!. By Mike.

Our congratulations to Allanah Cunningham who was named co-dux at Verdon College on Wednesday. Also to the following ex pupils who received various academic and sporting awards: Cody Shuttleworth, Matthew De bono, Michael Chamberlain, Iain Faithful, Chas Monoghan, Olivia Gorton and Rebecca Smith. I may have omitted some, but will add them next week when we receive the Verdon newsletter.
To Caitlin & Sam Russell who attained ‘Distinction’ in the Australian Maths tests, Michael Walker and Nicole Chalmers who both received a ‘Credit’ in the Maths test.
To Keiren Perkins who received the Sacrament of Baptism yesterday.
And to Sam Hogan who was 4th overall in the Show jumping Champs.

SCHOOL PHOTOS ~ All orders should have been handed in by now.

ALTAR SERVERS ~ Saturday 14th 7pm = Tomas Adams Sun 15th 10.30 am Reuben Brown & Ben Nind

SUMMER SWIM PROGRAMME ~ Splash Palace is running this Christmas programme again in January 2010 @ $40 each (includes pool entry and a cap). Book before 27th November to enter the prize draw. Phone: 217-7506.

Fireballs (Yr 3 & 4 Boys) v – Won 30 – 0
Celtics v (Yr 3 & 4 Mixed) – Won 8 – 3
Spurs (Yr 5 & 6 Boys) v – Won 27 – 5
Slamdunkers (Yr 5 & 6 Girls A) v – Won 25 – 12
Small Blacks (Yr 5 & 6 Mixed) v – Lost 5 – 25

Sunhats ~ The PTA have subsidized sun hats for sale and are available at the office for $10 each. It is compulsory for all children to wear sunhats during Terms four and one.

PTA Luncheon ~ All school parents and staff (no children please) are invited to lunch at the Lignite Pit Café (passed Tisbury) Saturday Dec 5th 12.45pm. Finger food lunch $14 each. BYO alcohol. Garden to view and giftware to buy.
Get a carload together and come for lunch, leaving from the school car park at 12.00, RSVP Nicki, 214-0112. 0210583084, e-mail

Truffles ~ Again a huge thanks to everyone involved in the highly successful Truffle making fundraiser. The total raised is still being finalised but we can advise that at this stage it is just over $9,000 – what a fantastic effort by everyone.
The PTA will use these funds for various things which include, but are not necessarily limited to:
➢ replacing the mono-rail in the playground,
➢ topping up the bark-chips to maintain the safety surface under the playground,
➢ paying part of the costs for the cupboards now in and being used in the corridors, and
➢ covering some of our commitment to the school of around $8,000 annually, to meet additional technology requirements.
➢ Additional funds will also aid in a 2010 project to provide a sandpit, play, sit shaded area.

Room 6 Class Happenings

In Maths, we have learned about Reflection, Rotation, Tessellation and Symmetry.
The photo shows some of the class with a tessellating pattern we put down on the floor.
With the Inquiry Unit, we have made butter and popcorn. We also did the Dancing Raisins
experiment and the explosive Coke and Mentos experiment.
Everything has been a lot of fun!

MAKING POPCORN—BY CAELAN AND LUCY ~ In Room 6 we were making popcorn. When Mrs. Fortune told us, we got very excited and started talking about it. First Mrs. Fortune put the corn into the popcorn maker. We were in a circle and we saw the popcorn flying around. Soon it started to fly out and we started to scream. At the end we all got to eat the delicious, fluffy white popcorn, which had icing sugar on it. It tasted yummy!!

MAKING POPCORN-BY KAYLA ~ In Room 6 we have been making popcorn and we have been very excited! I love popcorn especially with butter and icing sugar! I cannot believe it changed so quickly. It was very light popcorn. We watched it go- POP-POP-POPPING!! The popcorn maker was BOILING! The crunchy popcorn flew out of the maker and some landed on the ground. It was delicious!

Here are Aimee, Rohan
& Ella making butter.

Caelan, Shaula & Logan
watching the popcorn maker.

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6 November

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Dear Parents
By all accounts Room 9 are having a great camp. The sun has been shining and they are enjoying their activities.
We are sure to hear about what fun they had over the next few weeks.

We welcome Troy Sutherland and his family to Sacred Heart School this week.
We hope they enjoy their time with us.

Gospel reading Sunday 8 NOVEMBER

Mark 12:38-44
The Bible says that one day, Jesus went to the temple and sat down near the place where the offerings were placed. He sat and watched the people as they came by and put in their offerings. Many rich people, dressed in fine robes, came by and put in a lot of money. Then, a poor widow came by and put in two small copper coins that weren’t even worth a penny.

Jesus called his disciples to him and said, “This woman has given more than anyone. The others gave out of their wealth, but this woman gave all that she had.” You see, Jesus is more interested in what is in the heart of the giver than he is in the size of their gift.

SCHOOL PHOTOS ~ All orders should now be handed in.

ALTAR SERVERS ~ Saturday 7th 7pm = Mitchell Smith Sun 8th 10.30 am Erica Forde & Patrice Brookland

If you require some assistance, please contact 215-8292.

This is an excellent opportunity for young people with similar sporting abilities to meet and compete.
Supported by CCS Disability Action. Enquiries to Trish Mitchell 215-8292.

CRICKET ~ Many thanks to Samuel Downing for helping last week with the coaching of the cricket team.
You did an excellent job and this was much appreciated.

Zoe Grace Williams

Fireballs (Yr 3 & 4 Boys) v – Lost 0 – 14
Celtics v (Yr 3 & 4 Mixed) – Won 12 – 10
Spurs (Yr 5 & 6 Boys) v – Won 18 – 8
Slamdunkers (Yr 5 & 6 Girls A) v – Won – not sure of the score
(Probably a huge margin!)
Small Blacks (Yr 5 & 6 Mixed) v – Lost 1 – 24
PTA Update

Thanks so much to everyone who helped with our extremely successful major fundraiser and helped in the making of 2400 dozen Truffles last weekend.

We had parents, senior children, ex pupils, staff including our very own Principal Mr Forde, board members, grandparents, friends and other family – a very special thank you to you all for making the whole process so successful and fun to be involved in. To those who very generously came to help both Friday night and Saturday morning – a very special thank you. To the hard working members of the PTA who have worked tirelessly in the background in the time before, during and after last weekend – again a very special thank you to you all as well.
To everyone thank you for an absolutely fantastic effort.

A huge thank you must also go to the following parents and their companies for all your help in relation to making this fundraiser so successful.
• Paul Wallace and Countdown for your help with supplying a good deal of the ingredients at cost.
• Ray Oosterbroek and BIDVest for the use of the freezer truck and supplying and donating some of the biscuit crumbs.
• Estelle and Aaron Cooper for the great coffee and hot chocolates on Friday evening.

The invoices are coming in and we are selling the last of the extra truffles so should be in a position to confirm the amount made in next weeks newsletter.

Congratulations to Room 6 who was the class to sell the most truffles and will have enjoyed a special treat this afternoon – well done Room 6, you sold a total of 742 dozen!!!!

We have some trays, a pair of scissors and some towels left in the office – if you are missing any of these please call into the office. We are also missing a measuring jug – if anyone has taken an extra one please also return to the office.

Wednesday 11th November at 2pm in school staff room – Parents’ afternoon tea.
Please come and join PTA parents for afternoon tea and a chance to meet other parents from the school community – all parents welcome and a special invitation to all new parents.

Monday 9th November, 7.30pm at school – PTA meeting everyone welcome.

Room 5 Class Happenings
In Inquiry we are looking at temporary and permanent change and how materials can change when heated and cooled.
Our class made lava lamps using butter and hot water. We had to predict what we thought was going to happen to the butter when hot water was poured onto it. This is called a hypotheses.
These are some of our Hypotheses:

It will go all milky ~ Shaun W & Bridie
I think it will fizz up ~ Macy & Henry
It will make cheese ~ William
It will melt and go runny ~ Joshua, Nathan, Jacob & Shaun C

We drew and labeled what we observed. We all had lots of questions about why the butter went to the top of the water. Now we are going further and trying to answer some of our questions.

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30 October

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Dear Parents
The big news this week is TRUFFLES. A big thanks to all the families for the huge number of orders. The more people who are able to help, the faster the orders will be filled.
I wrote last week about the Southland Stags historical win of the Ranfurly shield, and it has certainly been an interesting week in Invercargill. I spoke to Mark Sainsbury last Friday night who said this was the ‘only’ news story in NZ last week – he said it was the spirit and ‘back to basics’ values evident in the team and wider community that made it so different to a larger city, plus more newsworthy. It was also good the weather stayed fine for the parade on Tuesday.

PRAYERS ~ Our thoughts and prayers are with the Bower, Paraki & Thomson families this week.

ALL SOULS MASS ~ All children will be attending All Souls Mass on Monday 2nd November at 9.30 am.
Parents are most welcome to join us.

There was once a little puppy that noticed that whenever he was happy, his tail wagged, so he thought he had found the secret to happiness. One day he shared the secret of happiness with an older dog. He said, “I have learned that the best thing for a dog is happiness, and that happiness is in my tail. So I am going to chase my tail; and when I catch it, I shall have happiness!” The old dog replied, “I too, believe that happiness is a marvelous thing for a dog, and that happiness is in my tail. But I have noticed that when I chase it, my tail keeps running away from me; but when I go about my business, it follows me wherever I go.”
The Bible has a lot to say about being happy. It doesn’t say, “Happy are they who have a lot of money” or “Happy are they who live in big houses and drive fancy cars.” It doesn’t even say, “Happy are they who only have good things happen to them.” What the Bible does say is, “Happy are the merciful, happy are the peacemakers, and happy are the pure in heart.” The Bible also says, Happy is he who trusts in the Lord. Many of us are like that little puppy chasing his tail — trying to find true happiness that is always just out of our reach. What we need to do is learn that if we will just go about our business and trust in the Lord, and happiness will follow us wherever we go.
Dear Lord, help us to place our trust in you so that we may experience the happiness that only you can bring. Amen.

CONGRATULATIONS ~ To Mrs Williams on the arrival of Zoe, born Friday 23rd Oct @ 7lb 4oz.
Also to Eli Winders who won 1st place in the Southland ‘Wish upon a Star’ Poster Competition. Eli’s entry is now going on to Nationals.

YEAR 6 CAMP ~ Next Wednesday the Yr 6 children will be at camp at Bannockburn from Wednesday to Friday. We hope they have a great time and the weather is kind to them. Fees are to be paid before departure and have been set at $150 per child & $120 per adult.

SCHOOL PHOTOS ~ Please have all orders back to school by Friday 6th November.

Fireballs (Yr 3 & 4 Boys) v Myross Bush Magic – Won by default
Celtics v (Yr 3 & 4 Mixed) Waihopai Green – Won 8 – 2
Spurs (Yr 5 & 6 Boys) v Salford Saints – Won 27 – 4
Slamdunkers (Yr 5 & 6 Girls A) v Salford Stars – Won 18 – 4
Small Blacks (Yr 5 & 6 Mixed) v Otatara Boomers – Lost 2 – 16

TOUR OF SOUTHLAND ~ The Tour of Southland goes past our school next Wednesday at approx 9.15 am.
We look forward to cheering them on.

Kiwisport is a new initiative from the Government to increase school aged students’ involvement in organised sport. As part of Kiwisport, the Regional Partnership Fund is to be distributed by Sport Southland. Sport Southland is asking the Southland community: “How should this fund be spent?” What is working well now in organised sport for students? What are the barriers for students to be involved in organised sport? What can be done to improve participation in organised sport? Sport Southland welcomes thoughts and ideas from parents, caregivers, students and members of the public.
Responses to Jim Watson, Sport Southland, phone (03) 211 2150, Box 224, Invercargill

Kid’s Drawing Class at Art Supplies Southland 130 Dee Street Ph: 2181222
We would like to offer a limited number of places for a 6 week drawing course.
Children 8 to 12 years old who would like to learn and develop drawing skills are welcome.
These will commence Tuesday 10th Nov @ $80 each and all material is supplied.
Please call in or phone the number above for bookings.

Truffle Making
Important! Important! Important!
Thanks to the parents of the children who have sold so many truffles, we are going to make oodles of money for the school! But now we need people to come and help make them, please come yourself, bring anybody able to roll truffles. Dads, grandma’s, good friends, neighbours etc, it will be fun and we need to get them done!
Either Today Friday 30th from 6pm and or Saturday tomorrow morning at the Myross Bush Hall, 10 am ~ Many thanks, your school PTA

Room 3 Class Happenings

No explanations needed as these stories say it all. Mr Forde might even be out of a job.
If I were Boss of the School

If I were boss of the school we could go to McDonalds whenever we wanted. If I were boss of the school I would make Mr Forde go on rubbish duty. We would not have to do any school work and it would be fun ~ By Will

If I were boss of the school I would turn the whole school into chocolate and then the children could eat the buildings. After we had eaten the buildings I would make a swimming pool where the big hole was ~ By Ethan

If I were boss of the school I would make the builders go and get one of their cranes to pick up Splash Palace and put it on the back field. Then everyone could go to the swimming pool. At Splash Palace I would call the Oompa Loompas and I would make them turn Splash Palace into chocolate so that my friend and I could eat it ~ By Billy

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23 October

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Dear Parents
I often write parts of this newsletter on Thursday night as there is often no taxiing of children around and not much on TV. Last night was the exception as I was glued to the TV watching the Southland Stags historic win over Canterbury to bring the Ranfurly Shield south for the first time in 50 years. I mentioned to one of the children at school this morning, that the last time Southland had it, I wasn’t born – as you would expect, after a moments hesitation, the answer came back that yes it was a long long time ago.
Thank you to parents and children for ensuring correct uniform is being worn. Please send a note to your child’s teacher if there are any issues.
I hope the weather stays fine for everyone over Labour Weekend.

Our first children’s session is today 3.00 to 3.45pm in Room One. The next session is next Friday 30 October 3.00 to 3.45pm in Room One. The children received a notice yesterday with details related to First Holy Communion day. Please see Father Vince or myself if you have any questions.

John Keys introduces these today, as an election promise with the misguided conception that what has failed everywhere else in the world, will work here. Unfortunately it is the curse of NZ Educational Policy that if something is broken in one area, then the rest of the country has to suffer their consequences. By all means target additional funding to areas of most need, but leave everyone else. At Sacred Heart our focus has always been on literacy and numeracy, but we also believe all other curricular areas are important in developing children’s sense of personal identity. As we have yet to see the standards or receive any information about their implementation, it will be interesting to see what happens.

My apologies to anyone who has been checking the school website for information. There is a problem with updating it at present, which our hosting service is in the process of fixing.

CONSTRUCTION ~ Could you please bring to Room 1 & 2 any empty tissue boxes, ‘gladwrap’ type rolls and ‘Pringles’ chip containers.

CONGRATULATIONS: To past pupils Bella Forde and Hannah Brown who received “Distinction” in the Australian Writing Tests recently.

This is an opportunity for young people of the Southland region to meet and talk to Bishop Colin. Information is on the school notice board or contact Vaughan Hook 03 4741999 ext 728, 0211855639 or

The cyclists will be passing Sacred Heart School on Wednesday 4th November @ 9.18 a.m.

PTA Notice

Truffle fundraiser
Important! Important! Important!
Please sell as many truffles this weekend as possible; this is our only fundraiser for this term. Orders to the office with money this Tuesday 27th please! Also please indicate on your form what time you are available to make truffles, Friday & or Saturday.


We have begun to look at the ‘science of change’ in Room 2. On Wednesday and Thursday we did some experiments with popcorn and sunflower seeds. First we asked our ‘before’ questions:

What size are the kernels? Little
What shape are the kernels? Like a half circle (Nick and Alex)
What colour are the kernels? White, yellow and a yellowy orange.
What do they feel like? Hard, like concrete, rocks or stones. (Seamus, Max, Alex, Emma)
What do they smell like? They don’t really have a smell
What do they taste like? Salt – or my nail! (Tyler)
How could we change the kernels? Cook them (Jasmine). Heat them up (Nick)

After we melted the butter and put the popcorn kernels in the pan, we waited for a few minutes. Then we watched them pop – it was exciting! Then, we asked the same questions for the popped corn. These were our answers:

They’re bigger in size; shaped like a flower with petals; white in colour, soft and squishy; they smell like popcorn!! They taste yummy.

Could we change the popcorn back into a kernel? No!
What else could we test? Maybe sunflower kernels?

On Thursday we followed the same steps and tested sunflower kernels. While they didn’t pop, we did notice they changed. Instead of being grey they became brown, and they tasted like peanuts!

Here is our shared story we wrote on Thursday about our popcorn experiment:

Yesterday we made popcorn in a frying pan. We cooked the kernels until they popped. They tasted delicious like salty chips.


We have parents interested in entering a mixed Year 5 & 6 team for this tournament. The entry fee is $10.00 per player.
If your child is interested, please complete the form below and send with $10 to school, before Wed October 28.
Please note we must have the minimum of ten players to enter.


Name_______________________________________ Room________

I give my child permission to play in the touch tournament December 12.


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