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19 February

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Dear Parents
A big thank you to all the parents who were able to help at the beach days yesterday and today. We really appreciate your willingness to take part in activities such as this, as without you the children would not be able to participate.

Please support the PTA AGM on Monday night. It is an extremely important organisation in terms of community engagement and I encourage all parents’ especially new families to get involved.

Thank you to the parents who have replied in regards a consultation group looking at our reporting systems. Please contact me at if you wish to join this group.

There will be no assembly on Monday afternoon owing to the hall being used for a funeral.

Board Elections
Could anyone who is interested in becoming a Board member please contact John Horn, or any other Board member for information.

Bakugan Toys/Skateboards
Unfortunately we will have to ban Bakugan toys from school after a number of disputes.
This will also have to apply to skateboards. We propose to set up a specific area for the children, where helmets & pads will be compulsory. This is after a number of accidents at school.
I will advise when this will happen.

Helen Campbell – RTLit
We are fortunate to have Helen Campbell working at our school for the next two terms. Helen’s area of expertise is in providing children with techniques to assist and enhance their reading and comprehension skills. We have asked Helen to test a large number of children. Parents will be sent a note advising them if their child has been chosen. If you receive a note and have any concerns please contact me.

PAT Tests
Next week children in Years 3-6 will be sitting a number of PAT tests. These will be in the mornings so I ask that all children are on time. These results will be used to confirm class grouping in literacy and numeracy from 2009 data.

Upcoming Events
PTA AGM 22nd February
Year 3-6 PAT tests 22-26th February
Swimming 1-12th March
Zone Athletics 8th March

AMP Tryathlon
Entries for this Tryathlon to be held at Splash Palace/Rugby Park on Sunday 21st February, will be taken at Stadium Southland until 7.00 p.m. Friday 19th February.

Job Opportunity
At MES OSCAR we are looking for staff to work at our after school programmes. We are looking for people who are interested in working with children. For further info please phone Michel on 21-89520 between 9 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. Mon – Fri.

Music Classes
Enrollments are being taken for MAD (music and drama class) for eight to twelve year olds.
Emphasis on fun and creativity.
For more information call Anna on 2131191 or visit

Sacred Heart PTA Annual General Meeting this Monday 22nd Feb 7.30 pm.
Come along to the Community Trust of Southland rooms ( Don St ) for our PTA AGM.
A lovely supper will be provided after a quick meeting and Estelle Cooper will bring the “Caffeine Machine “ so we can buy nice coffee + hot chocolate. New PTA members most welcome.

Room 3 Class Happenings
Room 3 were lucky enough to have some visitors in our class for the day. We spent lots of time around the tank looking at them.
Below are some of the stories we wrote.

Today I brought some tadpoles and a frog to school. Frogs are fun to look at. A frog can jump. Tadpoles are fun to look at because they can change colours ~ Brooklyn M

Brooklyn brought a frog and tadpoles to school one day. I caught a fly and Miss Swney put it into the tank ~ Oliver

Today Brooklyn brought some tadpoles. One tadpole had turned into a frog. I like frogs. They are cool. The frog can change colour. Brooklyn got them from East Road Pets. People like frogs ~ Séamus

Today Brooklyn M brought some tadpoles and a frog to school. Tadpoles eat bloodworms and the frog eats flies. They need water because they need wet skin ~ Breyah

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12 February

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Dear Parents
It has been a very busy week with our House Colours day on Monday, the Sharks on Tuesday and classes beginning an athletics module.
Our prayers are with Mrs Stupples and her family at this time.
A reminder about sunhats, we do expect them to be worn and children without them next week may not be allowed outside on sunny days.

Parent Info / Meet the Teacher Night
Thank you to the parents who were able to attend on Tuesday night.
If you were unable to attend please make sure you get a class newsletter settong out the routines.
Also some classes will have blog sites where you can view childrens work. I will publish these next week and update them on our web site.

Ash Wednesday Mass
We will attend mass on Wednesday 17th at 9.30 am

Reports Consultation Group
As a follow on from the parent meeting I wish to convene a group of parents to consult on our present reporting system. If you wish to assist please contact me at

Numeracy Parent Help
Due to the success of parents working with small groups of children to improve basic facts and number knowledge last year, we are looking to continue this in 2010. If you would be interested in helping us, please let Miss Swney know.

Beach Education Days
Rooms 1, 2, 3, 5 & 6 will be heading to the beach next Thursday leaving school at 9.30 am and returning at 2.00 p.m.
Rooms 7, 8 & 9 will be going Friday leaving school at 8.50 am and returning at 2.00 p.m.
15 parent helpers are required for both days; unfortunately pre-schoolers are unable to attend this trip.

If your child has completed swimming classes over the holidays, please bring the certificate in to Miss T, so she can organise our groups for school swimming.

House Colour Day Results
Tug of War Junior – Marist, Donovan, Mercy
Tug of War Senior – Mercy, Harrington, Pompallier
Most Colourful – Marist, Donovan, Pompallier
Best Chant – Harrington, Kavanagh, Mercy

Room 2 Class Happenings
We all enjoyed the house colour day on Monday. The children loved dressing up and belonging to different House Teams. I did have a chuckle though, as after the teachers had won the tug of war against Mercy, one of the children said to me
“We nearly won, but Mr Forde was too heavy!” (It must have been Mr Forde’s brain that held all the weight!)

Here are Room 2’s stories about house colour day. We have been learning to write “I am” all by ourselves.

I am pulling the rope. I am orange. I am Aiden.
By Aiden

I am red and I am pulling the rope. I am in Mercy. I like tug of war. I am Sam. I like house colour day.
By Sam

I am in the tug of war. I am orange.
By Tyler

I am in the sack race.
By Hunter

I am in the tug of war. I am red.
By Luke

I am 5. I am blue. I am in the sack race.
By Mackenzie

I am pulling the rope on house colour day. I am in yellow Kavanagh.
By Jasmine

I am pulling the rope. I am Harrington.
By Azriel

I am in the sack race. I am pink. I am Ella. I am 5.
By Ella

BNZ Children’s Banking
The BNZ staff are organising another day to come to our school and open accounts for the children. Please let Christine know if you are interested in school banking for your child.

Board of Trustees Meeting
The Board will meet on Monday 15th Feb @ 7pm. All welcome

St Patrick’s College Wellington – 125th Jubilee 2010
The College will be celebrating this significant Jubilee Queen’s Birthday weekend 4-6th June 2010 and all Old Boys and families are warmly invited. Please visit the Jubilee website for Registrations and information or contact the Development Manager at P O Box 14022, Wellington 6022,, ph 04 939 5416.

We have been informed a registered sex offender has been released to live in the Waikiwi / Grasmere area. While Police and corrections have a plan in place to monitor the situation, this would be a good time to reinforce Stranger Danger with your children.
While I have no specific details other than that above please see me if you have any concerns.

Family Works Southland are taking referrals now for the following programmes in Term 2:
TEMPER TAMERS PROGRAMME (For children aged 7-10 years): An eight week programme, for children and their parents, to support children who are having difficulties expressing their feelings, particularly anger (29 April-17 June 2010).
PARENTING PROGRAMME (For parents/caregivers of children of all ages): A ten week programme to assist parents/caregivers to develop their understanding of their child’s development and care and to help form positive relationships and communication with their child (21 April- 23 June 2010).

We are also taking referrals for our Grief Group Bereavement Programme “In the Same Boat” ,for children 7 -12 years, who have experienced loss and change in their lives following the death of a person important in their lives.

All these programmes are free of charge!

Sacred Heart PTA Annual General Meeting
Monday 22nd Feb 7.30 pm
Come along to the Community Trust of Southland rooms for our PTA AGM, a lovely supper will be provided after a quick meeting and Estelle Cooper will bring the “Caffeine Machine”
so we can buy nice coffee + hot chocolate.
New PTA members most welcome.

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5 February

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Dear Parents

Welcome back to Sacred Heart School for 2010. We have had an excellent start to the year with fine weather and enthusiastic teachers and children.

A special welcome to the new children and their families who have started at school this week: Phoebe Roskilley, Reilly McLean & Joshua Newell (Rm 1) George Nally (Rm 3) Amy Ingham, Kate Johnstone (Rm 5) Zane Johnstone, Tom Nally (Rm 6) Antony Hogue, Jake Maxwell, Monique Nolan, Logan Maxwell (Rm 7) and Jack Nally (Rm 9).
We hope you all enjoy your time at our school.

2010 promises to be an interesting year in education with the current media focus on the implementation of the national standards and what will or won’t happen. The Prime Minister announced this week that there will be a leaflet drop to all households in an attempt to win favour with the public. Please make sure you read this, there will be opportunities to answer questions you may have.

In regards to Sacred Heart, I have no issues with continuing to report on our children’s achievement and to have very high expectations of all our children. Our focus for the year will be to continue implementing the revised curriculum; particularly in literacy and numeracy, and consultation with our parent community on how to fine tune our reporting system.

Parent Info / Meet the Teacher Night
On Tuesday 9th February you will have the opportunity to meet with your child’s teacher. There will be 2 meeting times: 6.30pm & 6.45pm. This will be followed by a general information session in the hall.

House Captains
Congratulations to our new house captains & vice-captains.
Donovan – Captain: Campbell Hosie
V/C: Jack Sievwright
Kavanagh – Captain: Chanae Flowers
V/C: Callum Aicken & Reuben Brown
Pompellier – Captain: Molly Stevens
V/C: Tom Harrington, Georgia Mackie, Keiren Perkins
Marist – Captain: Emily Bower
V/C: Jack Nally, Brock McLean
Harrington – Captain: Keegan Fiebig
V/C: Sam Hogan, Ronan Harvey, Braedon Timu, Mackenzie Wild
Mercy – Captain: Meg O’Connell
V/C: /Troy Sutherland, Zyntarah MacDonald, William Clapperton

A list of reminders for all families
Office Hours
Mrs Forbes is here from 8.30 – 2pm daily. Stationery can be purchased before school daily and I ask that any phone messages arrive before 2pm.

Assembly times
The school assembly is usually held on Monday at 2.15pm. Parents are welcome to attend. Each class rotates in preparing prayers and we encourage classes to present work or to acknowledge individual or group achievements.

The newsletter is sent home every Friday and is given to the eldest child in each family. Any articles are to be to Mrs Forbes by Thursday morning. The newsletter is also on–line and can be accessed from
If you want a copy e-mailed please e-mail

Please ring or e-mail the Office to report all absences
Ph: 2157317 or

Please let us know what days your child will be travelling home by bus or to OSCAR, especially if it’s only on certain days.

We expect the correct uniform to be worn at all times. Please send a note if there is a reason for non-compliance.

We encourage parents to join their classes for morning prayers. Please say all good-byes before school starts to avoid possible disruptions.

School Events
Some of the events this term include:
Info Night 9th February
Ash Wednesday 17th February
Beach Days 18&19th February
Swimming 1-12th March
Zone Athletics 8th March
Sthld Athletics 20th March
Good Friday 2nd April
BOT Meeting 15th February
PTA AGM 22nd February

Sports Notices
Touch / Flipper ball
A reminder to return the forms by Monday for Touch and let Miss T know if you wish to play flipper ball.

We have been lucky enough to be offered some coaching sessions by the Shark players. This will occur on Tuesdays at lunchtime with groups of 20 students. It is for those players intending to play basketball in Term 4 this year. The first session is with the Year 5 & 6 children on the 9th of March.
Any questions about this see Mrs Lieshout.

Starterz Football (soccer) first games on Monday 8th February, then 15th, 22nd and March 1st & 8th. The draw is in Saturday’s paper & also on the notice board outside the office.

AMP Kids Tryathlon will be held on Sun 21st Feb. Entries close Monday 15th February. See Miss T for entry forms.

Southland Junior Netball Academy – Want to freshen up your netball skills before the season starts?
Then join the Junior Netball Academy! Suitable for players from 8 –15 years. Mondays starting 8 February Stadium Southland. Please register with Wendy Frew (nee Telfer)– 03 217 1303

House Colour Day 1.30 p.m.
This will be held on Monday afternoon replacing our assembly time. Children are to dress up in their house colours for the day.
Parents are most welcome to attend.
Donovan – Orange
Kavanagh – Yellow
Pompellier – Light Blue
Marist – Black
Harrington – Green
Mercy – Red

Sacred Heart PTA Annual General Meeting
Monday 22nd Feb 7.30 pm
Come along to the Community Trust of Southland rooms for our PTA AGM, a lovely supper will be provided after a quick meeting and Estelle Cooper will bring the “Caffeine Machine”
so we can buy nice coffee + hot chocolate.
New PTA members most welcome.

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