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26 March

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Dear Parents

It is hard to believe that Term 1 is nearly at an end. It has been very busy with swimming and athletics, and I wish to thank all parents who have been able to assist in some way this term. Please have a safe and happy holiday and we look forward to seeing you all in Term 2.
As part of our Holy Week preparation, please assist your child to take part in our Lenten Offering.
Well done to all the children who took part in the Southland Athletics last Saturday and ‘good luck’ to Eric Cahill & Sam Thornbury who are taking part in the Southland Swimming Champs this weekend.

To Sarah Phillipson and Ethan McIntyre who joined the children in Room 2 this week. We hope they enjoy their time with us.

School Easter Liturgy
Parents and families are welcome to join us as we tell the Easter story next Thursday afternoon beginning at 1.30pm in the hall.
We look forward to sharing the story with you.

Thank you for your support of our Lenten fund raising effort. The children have suggested some of the following ideas: Mow the lawns for aunty and uncle, have a car wash at home, do jobs around the house, do the washing instead of my sister doing it, sweep up leaves, do jobs at home like folding the washing, sell stuff you’ve grown out of, a garage sale, do the cobwebs, clean outside of house with hose, do the gardening, clean the windows, hang out the washing, help my aunty at work….. There were many other ideas!
Some money has already started to come in, so well done and thank you! Wednesday next week is the final day to bring the Lenten Offerings in. We should be able to let everyone know how much we have raise for the “Holy Childhood Association” at the Easter Liturgy.

Reconciliation Rite 2
This will be celebrated in Sacred Heart Church on Tuesday 30th March at 7 pm.

These will be held on Tuesday 27th & Wednesday 28th April. School will close on Tuesday at 12.30pm.
This year we are trialling a new system for interviews/reports, especially in Rooms 1 – 6. The children from these rooms will have received a note requesting a 15 or 30 minute interview. This is so we can have the usual 3-way interview to discuss children’s goals and an additional parent/teacher session to discuss progress and achievement. Forms will be in the junior corridor on Tuesday for you to book a time that suits you best.

Activity Fee
Thank you to the parents who have already paid the Activity Fee and compulsory books. We are able to write ‘donation’ on the receipt, for parents wanting to settle this before the 31st March for tax purposes.

Fun Athletics afternoon for Rooms 5, 6, 7
Rooms 5, 6 & 7 are planning to have a fun athletics afternoon on Tuesday, March 30 at 1:30pm. We require some parent help please.
If you are able to help please contact either Mrs Winders, Rutledge or Stanley on Monday. Postponement day is Wednesday, March 31.
Children are to wear their sports uniform please.

Upcoming Events
Swimming Champs – 28th March
Reconciliation Rite 2 – 30th March
Easter Liturgy/ End of Term – 1st April
Interviews – 27/28 April

Lost Property
This will be on display in the school foyer next week.

Congratulations To:
Georgea Newell who competed in the Waverly Swimming Club Championships for 8 year old girls. She was placed: 1st backstroke, 1st breaststroke, 2nd Freestyle and 2nd backstroke.
And to Eli Winders who was placed 2nd in the 8 year olds 800m at the Southland Athletics last Saturday.

We need more Hockey players for all levels. This is played on a Wednesday pm and is $15 each player. Please see Miss T.

Sport Southland is once again holding the ILT Holiday Sports Programme at Stadium Southland during the April holidays. The programme runs for 5 days, involves 17 different sporting options and caters for children aged 5-12.
Enrolment forms available from Christine.

Bluff Tryathlon
Saturday 27th March 10.20 am. Registrations 9.30 am on the day.
Swim 100m, bike 3 km and run 1 km. All entrants receive a medal and t-shirt, events can be done individually, team of 2 or team of 3. Cost is $10. All proceeds going to the Bluff Save the Pool Committee.
For more info contact 0276424333 or

Touch Southland Junior Girls Rep Trials
A reminder these trials are on tomorrow at Turnbull Thomson Park from 10 am. Queries to Sue 0276732670.

Real Art Road Show
Southland Museum & Art Gallery 9 – 13 April 10 – 4 pm. Free entry.

The oyster raffle will be drawn this Monday after school.

Room 6 Class Happenings
On Friday Room 6 went to Enrich. First we had a look around. Then we made partners and my partner was Henry. We got a camera then took photos outside. Next we downloaded the photos onto the computer and made a slideshow. Then we went onto comic life and made a page of a comic book. My title was ‘close ups’ and my partners title was ‘colours.’ We got to choose the colour of the background. We had morning tea and lunch there. It was really fun ~ By Jake

On Friday Room 6 went to Enrich. First we looked around. Then we got partners – my partner was Mckenzie. Next we took photos of our partner and after that we went outside to take photos with our partner. Afterwards we went on iphoto to download our photos. After that we went on comic life to make a comic about our photos. I did close up photos for my comic ~ By Jacob D

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19 March

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Dear Parents

We have had a very exiting week with the Ranfurly Shield at school on Wednesday and Room 6 at Enrich today.
Congratulations and good luck to all the children who are representing the school at the Southland Athletics tomorrow at Surrey Park. I am sure you will all have a great time.
I look forward to seeing you all at Mass on Sunday and the PTA picnic afterwards.

Welcome ~ To Kade Phillips who joined the children in Room 1 on Monday. We hope he enjoys his time with us.

Prayers ~ Our thoughts and prayers are with Mrs Buxton and Mrs Stanley at this time.

As stated in the last three school newsletters, our school will be joining in the parish Mass this Sunday, followed by the school picnic. All Sacred Heart children are expected to attend. Once a term we come together to share in a Sunday Mass. This is an opportunity for the children to see that they are part of both the school and also the wider school/parish community. The children are to line up in mufti (due to the picnic afterwards) in the school foyer by 10.15am. Thank you for your support in this.

For the final two weeks of Lent leading up to Easter, we would, with your support, like to encourage the children to take part in some fund raising activities to raise money to send to the “Holy Childhood Association”. This Association is a “Pontifical Mission” under the auspices of the Pope. The Holy Childhood Association uses funds to help missionaries to spread the Gospel of Jesus and to provide food, clean water, clothes, books, medicine and schools for those in need, due to either poverty or disaster. Their motto is “Children Helping Children”.
Between now and Easter, we are suggesting that the children make an effort to do something to earn some money which they would then donate to the Holy Childhood Association. There may be some jobs at home or for Nana/Grandad/ Aunty/Uncle/neighbour…Some suggestions are:
Clean the family car, vacuuming, clean windows, do the dishes, dusting, stacking wood, tidying the yard, weeding, donating part of their pocket money or money they may currently get for doing their regular chores….

We would like the children to think about some jobs they could do and on Monday at assembly, they can share some of their ideas.
The note at the end of the newsletter could be used to show any person the children may offer their services to.

School Blog
As most classes have or will have blogs running to show students work, can you please let me know if you do not want your child’s photo published.

All Bus Children ~ On Tuesday 23rd March the buses will leave school at 12.30 pm, due to the PPTA High School Union stop work meeting. Parents will need to organise alternative transport for their children on this day. Please phone the school if you would like your child put on the bus at 12.30 pm.

Activity Fee
Compulsory book amounts for 2010 are as follows:
Rooms 1 & 2 = $14
Room 3 = $28
Rooms 5, 6, 7 & 8 = $30
Room 9 = $36
Please add these amounts to the Activity Fee below and pay at the office at your earliest convenience.
1 child – $70 2 children – $100 3 children – $125

Upcoming Events
Southland Athletics 20th March
Swimming Champs – 28th March
Easter Liturgy/ End of Term – 1st April

Room 9 Car Park Survey.
We would like to say a big thank you to the 27 people who have answered the survey. However we would love more people to answer. The web address is very long so we have put a link off our class blog.
If you go to:
There is a link on the right-hand side called car park survey. Click on it. This might be easier! You can also get to the survey at

Fruit Order
Next week’s order form has been placed on the junior notice board.
Please have money to Christine by Tuesday morning (23rd March).

Sport Southland ILT Holiday Sports Programme
This programme runs for 5 days at Stadium Southland during the April holidays, involves 17 different sporting options and caters for children aged 5-12. Further detail can be obtained by phoning Sport Southland on 211 2150 or by going onto their website

Eastern Hawkes Boys/Girls Rugby Registration Day
This will be held on Sat 20th March, Lithgow St Clubrooms from 12pm till 3.30pm. $30 for 1 player or $40 for a family.
Pay your subs on the day and go into the draw to win a bike.

House for Sale
4 bedroom and office in Craig Street. Enquiries to 215-6671.
See the junior notice board for photos.

In Room 8 we have been doing art. We have drawn gardens. They are all going perfectly well, except for the red dye spilling on the ground…Woops!!!
By Bree

In Room 8 Mr Herrick, the policeman, came in. He taught us about road safety and what the kerb Drill was. By Bree and Jessica

Here is what the Kerb Drill is…..

• at a good place to cross
• one step back from the kerb
• and stand up straight
• all ways (traffic can come from)
• for traffic
• as we are looking
• for traffic that is hidden
• to cross – without hesitation – cross straight, not diagonal – take two careful looks as we cross
• to wait – if you decide to wait you will need to start the Kerb Drill Again.

On Wednesday Alex Ryan and Matt Saunders came to school to show the Ranfurly Shield. Alex and Matt are from the Southland Stags. At the end all of the classes had a photo taken with the shield, here is ours. By Renee C

PTA Family Picnic ~ After school Mass this Sunday, families are invited to bring a picnic lunch and join in with the Sacred Heart community for some fun. If wet we will meet in the hall.
The PTA will provide hot drinks. See you there!

PTA Oyster Raffle ~ All tickets should be in by now, but according to our records we still have 18 families who haven’t returned them. We are waiting to draw this raffle, so could those families please hand the cards, sold or unsold, in to the office first thing Monday morning. Thank you.

At SACRED HEART SCHOOL we are trying to earn some money to send to the Holy Childhood Association. This is a worldwide association which uses funds to help missionaries to spread the Gospel of Jesus and to provide food, clean water, clothes, books, medicine and schools for those in need, due to either poverty or disaster.
We would appreciate the chance to earn some money doing some jobs. All money earned would go to this fundraising effort. Thank you.

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12 March

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Dear Parents

Welcome to Lucy Baynes who joined the children in Room 2 recently. We hope she enjoys her time with us.

We have been lucky with the weather this week in being able to hold the Zone Athletics on Monday and having reasonably fine weather while we have been at swimming. Another big thanks to all the parents who have been able to help at swimming, your assistance has been appreciated.

Also well done to all Room 7, 8 & 9 children who took part in the Zone Athletics. While we had a lot of excellent results, it was pleasing to see how hard all children tried in their events. We have had a lot of very positive comments regarding your efforts and behaviour. Well done.
The Southland Athletics are next Saturday – 20th March. As yet we do not have a list of place getters and entrants. We will send out information as soon as it arrives.

Well done to past pupils Kadin Boyle, Connor Chamberlain, Jack Kelly & William Gorton who received NCEA achievement awards recently at Verdon College.

Car Park Survey
Please help Room 9 by going to and filling in the on-line survey.

Ranfurly Shield Photo Opportunity
Next Wednesday we are fortunate to have the Ranfurly Shield at school from 9.45 – 10.15. All are welcome to come along for photo opportunities.

Activity Fee
Compulsory book amounts for 2010 are as follows:
Rooms 1 & 2 = $14
Room 3 = $28
Rooms 5, 6, 7 & 8 = $30
Room 9 = $36

Please add these amounts to the Activity Fee below and pay at the office at your earliest convenience.
1 child – $70 2 children – $100 3 children – $125

Upcoming Events:
Southland Athletics – 20th March
Sunday Mass – 21st March
Swimming Champs – 28th March
Easter Liturgy/ End of Term – 1st April

Environment Southland Wai Tri, Sunday 28th March
This will be held in two divisions – Year 5 & 6 and year 7 & 8 with separate categories for individual girls and boys, girls’ teams, boys’ teams and mixed teams (two members only). Younger students can enter the Year 5 & 6 event.
If you would like an entry form please see Miss T.

Room 7 Class Happenings
I am learning how to swim with my Aunty. I can make my arms turn in big circles and kick using a board. I am learning to do freestyle. I am enjoying swimming because I am getting better and better. Antony

I have learned how to make paint darker by putting in a little black or purple to make a shade. We learned to make tints by adding a little white. We painted green apples using shading and tinting. It was fun. They look
great on our wall. Finley

Clap! People’s arms were pumping. People were running so fast that you could hardly see them. I was running as fast as my legs could go. With the finishing line coming up it felt like I was a train that had travelled a thousand miles. Kayne

Bean Seeds ( Inquiry)
We are growing bean seeds. They have sprouted leaves, stems and roots. The tallest plant is 21cm and that’s Caelan’s. We grew them in cotton wool and watered them. They have grown with the water and food from inside the seed. Now the leaves are collecting sunshine to make food to grow. My seed is now growing in the ground outside Room 7. I hope that it grows and we can eat the beans next spring. Kayla

Marist Rugby Club Weigh In/Registration Day
Sunday 14th March 11 am – 12 noon.
Tuesday 16th March 4 – 5 pm

PTA Oyster Raffle: Please remember to keep selling this raffle. This is our major fundraiser for this term and this raffle should appeal to lots of people. Please make an effort; it’s for all our Sacred Heart Children. Please return tickets and money into the school office by Monday 15th March.

Reminder: Self Defence Course for Girls: Sunday 14th March in the Sacred Heart Hall 10am – 4pm. Cost is $20.00 each.
Please bring your lunch. Registration with Liza Adams 215-9995.

Second-hand Uniform Sale: 17th March 2.30 in the school foyer.Very affordable winter and summer uniforms starting at just $1. If you have anything you would like to donate or for us to sell on your behalf, please phone Amanda 215-7663 or Nicky 214-0112.

House for Sale
4 bedroom and office in Craig Street. Enquiries to 215-6671. See the notice board for photos.

Starterz Soccer
This Soccer competition starts next term at Stadium Southland and is played every Monday between 4 – 6pm for 4 – 6 yr olds. If your child is interested, please put their name forward at the office.

Hockey will start in week 2 next term. Teams need to be in by the end of next week. Please fill out the form below and hand it back to Miss T by Wednesday 24th March. No late entries will be taken. Fees will be sent out at a later date.

I give my permission for ________________________Room_______ to play Hockey.

Year 1 & 2 Year 3 & 4 Year 5 & 6

Signed: ……………………………………………………

I am able to help coach a team __________________________

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5 March

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Dear Parents
A big thanks to all the parents who have been able to help with swimming this week. It is a very busy time and your help is much appreciated.
On Monday the senior children will be at the Zone Athletics (weather Permitting). If the athletics go ahead, there will be no swimming for any of the children. In case the sports are postponed, all children are still to come with their swimming clothes.

Athletic Sports
These will be held on Monday 8th March. All children have been given a note regarding what they need to bring. Please make sure all children are at school before 8.50 a.m., as we hope to leave at 9.00 a.m.

Upcoming Events:
Zone Athletics – 8th March
Sunday Mass – 21st March
Swimming Champs – 28th March

Activity Fee
These will remain the same as 2009. 1 child – $70, 2 children – $100 and 3 children – $125.
Compulsory books will be added to these amounts.

Scholastic Bookclub
Number 2 Bookclub will close on Wednesday 10th March.

Southland School Swimming Champs
As to date we have no children interested in these champs. Entries close Wed 17th March, so if your child wishes to enter, please see Mr Forde next week.

Marist Rugby Club ~ Schoolboy Weigh in
Sun 14th March 11am – 12 noon
Tue 16th March 4 – 5 pm

Plunket are offering you the opportunity for a FREE child’s car seat check. South City United Video Car Park Mon 15th March 10am – 2 pm.
Check out the junior notice board for more info.

Fruit from Peirce’s Orchard ~ Millers Flat
Again we have the opportunity to get fruit delivered from the above orchard. An order form has been placed on the junior notice board for parents wanting to order boxes of mixed fruit, apples or pumpkins. These orders will be faxed through to the supplier on Tuesday 9th March, so please have your money to Christine on Tuesday morning. Delivery date is Thursday 11th March.

House Cleaner
Available $40 for 2 hours. Kylie Wednesday or Thursday Only.
Phone 2158193 or 0273884376

Corbyn Shuttleworth got 3rd in the 2010 Twilight Series held last weekend at Macaulay Ford Kart raceway. This was also his first race meeting ever. He is racing again this Saturday, 11am Pitt Road Otatara, free admission.

Room 9 Class Happenings

The Sharks
Today’s the day, the day they come!
Today the Sharks are coming to teach us some skills about basketball. The Sharks are the new Southland Basketball Team that is competing in the NBL. Today we meet one guy, his name is James and he comes from the North Island.
When the Sharks came, we were ready to go until Richard started picking on Keegan and Georgia. You’re probably wondering who Richard is. He is the coach of the Sharks and is the Southland Development Officer. When we had to dribble back and forwards he said silly stuff like goat or boy.
When we were shooting we had to imagine that there was a transformer or fairy on top of the hoop. James is really tall. He is as tall as the hoop at our school.
There is a game where you have to be on the painted lines and you aren’t allowed to go on the concrete. We had to go back and forwards and we were not allowed to walk or run [it was really hard for Keegan and Georgia]. By Keegan, Tom and Jack N

Zoooooooom!!!! Where did Keegan come from?

Everyday Room 9 does a run around the school, we call this a fitness run. We do a run everyday to get fit for the Saints Zones Athletics Sport. Keegan is the fittest in the school, he’s good at running long distance and he wins most of the time.
At the end of the run Mrs Lieshout tells us our times. When we get back to our class we write our times in our maths books and graph it (Keegan’s time is under 4 minutes for 2 rounds). We use line graphs to record our times from our fitness run.

We have to train for relays, long distance runs and sprints at All Saints Day. When we run we try to beat our personal times, if we beat our time we must be getting quicker by seconds. By Braedon, Sam H and Ronan

PTA oyster raffle, please remember to keep selling this raffle. This is our major fundraiser for this term and this raffle should appeal to lots of people.
Some ideas on where they could be sold: dad’s /granddad’s/ nana’s / mum’s work, sports practice / sidelines at rugby/ touch etc.
Get the kids together and knock on the neighbour’s doors. It’s a great way to meet people in the community around us. Please make an effort to sell these tickets, we don’t often have raffles and it’s for all our Sacred Heart Children.

Self Defence Course for Girls yr 7, 8 &9 by registered instructor Sarah Anderson.
Sunday 14th March, Sacred Heart Hall, 10am – 4pm. $20.00
For more information and enrolment please call Liza Adams on 2159995 0274599954 or e mail .
Places are limited; participants need to be willing and enthusiastic. (Some spaces for Mums also available).


In Inquiry we have been learning about rules, what are they and why we have them?
We are trying to make the car park a safer and problem free place. We will need to take photos and videos of what is happening in the car park between 8:15 and 8:55 in the morning and between 2:45 and 3:15. We have made a survey on Survey to see what people think about the car park.
We need proof that there is a problem so we can report on what the problem or problems are.

We have made videos of the car park to see what we need to act on and improve on in our car park to make it a safer place for kids and parents.

If we have proof that there is a problem, we will need a solution to try to fix some of the problems in the car park. Then it will be a better place for years and years to come.

By Emily, Meg and Ashleigh

Please help us gather information about the car park by doing this online survey at the following web address.
If you don’t have the internet we have some hard copies of the survey in Room 9, or you can come in and use a classroom computer.

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26 February

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Dear Parents
Our prayers are with the Horrell Family this week.
Congratulations to the PTA on another very successful year celebrated at their AGM this week.
Swimming is nearly upon us and with the increased number of water related deaths nationally, water awareness and basic skills are an important part of our school programme.
Thank you to those parents who have volunteered to consult on our reporting systems. There is space for another 2 or 3. Please contact me on

Upcoming Events:
Swimming – 1st March
Zone Athletics – 8th March
Sunday Mass – 21st March
Swimming Champs – 28th March

A reminder all children will be going swimming at Splash Palace this Monday, and every day until 12th March. The buses will be leaving school at 9.35 and returning at 11.20 a.m.
N.B. All items of clothing must be named please. Children are to wear their sports uniform. NO FOOD is to be taken to the pool.
As normal procedure, we will be requiring parent helpers for the changing rooms. We would appreciate as many helpers as possible to ensure the programme runs successfully. Thank you.

AMP Tryathlon ~ more photos at:

Dictionaries ~ All Year 4 children were presented with free dictionaries from Invercargill North Rotary Club. We thank them for this and know the children will benefit from their gift.

Southland School Swimming Champs
These will be held on Sunday 28th March. Children are able to enter the 4 individual and relay events. There are championship and non-championships events. Please see me if your child wishes to take part in this. A parent will also need to act as team manager.
To all parents of 5 and 6 year old girls.
Looking for an after school activity for your daughter?
Guides Southland has an active Pippin unit meeting
in the St Stephens Hall, Waikiwi, on Friday 4:30 – 5:30
There is an opportunity now for your daughter to be a part of this worthwhile organisation. Pippins meet weekly for approximately an hour. Their programme includes a wide variety of fun activities
both indoor and out. Pippins wear a uniform and work towards goals.
For more details phone Donnah 21-58856 or Sharon 215-7414.

Touch Southland Junior Representative Open Trials for Non Existing Reps Saturday 27th/ Sunday 28th February 2010
Saturday 10am Under 10 Girls Under 16 Girls
11am Under 11 Girls Under 15 Girls
12pm Under 9 Girls Under 13 Girls Under 17 Girls
1pm Under 12 Girls Under 14 Girls
Sunday 10am Under 10 Boys Under 16 Boys
11am Under 11 Boys Under 15 Boys 12pm Under 9 Boys Under 13 Boys Under 17 Boys
1pm Under 12 Boys Under 14 Boys
Players must be Under the age as at 31st December 2010.
All players must register by either phoning Touch Southland 03 211 2255 or email
Players must sign in at Clubrooms before trial on the day. Please report 1 hour before trial starts. Players selected from these trials will trial with Existing Reps on the weekend of 13/ 14 March. Times for these trials will be released at a later date.

Soccer has started again this term. The children who put their name down last term, are still in the team this term.

Waikiwi Rugby Football Club ~ Schoolboy Registrations
Tuesday, 16 and Thursday, 18 March, 4.00 pm – 6.00 pm and Sunday, 28 March, 2.00 pm – 4.00 pm (final registration day). Subs – $30.00/player or $40.00/family. Team photos can also be paid for at a cost of $15.00 Any enquiries to Jayne McWilliam 215-7079.

The Big Day Inv
One Day Music Festival tomorrow 12 midday, Gala St reserve – free entry.

Anna Cannon Music Studio Invites You to Attend OPEN DAY – SAT March 6,161 Grant Road, Otatara 10 am – 4-7 Years – MUSIC 4 ME Class, 11 am – 8-12 Years – MAD (Music and Drama Class)
Activities include: Drama, Games and Music Face Painting and Masks
12 – 12.30 – Anna is available to parents. Enquiries to: 213-1191.

PTA Oyster raffle, please find a raffle ticket for our Sacred Heart Easter Oyster raffle with today’s newsletter. If all families return their tickets sold, $3500 is the total potential funds which could be raised. This will to go towards the apple computer lease which all Sacred Heart Children use and the PTA pays for annually.

Please return tickets and money to the school office by Monday 15th March. There will be prizes for the family and class who sell the most. Extra tickets can be picked up at the office or sent home with your child if you phone the office.

PTA elections were held at the AGM on Monday22nd
Chairman: Susanne Brown, Dept Chair: Liza Adams, Treasurer: Trish Sherriff and Secretary: Denise Sullivan were all re-appointed.
Please contact Susanne 215-8883 or Liza 215-9995 for any PTA queries or information for new members.

Room 5 Class Happenings

As a class we have been learning how to write recounts.
This week we have been writing about times we hurt ourselves.

When I was seven I was helping mum and Brent with the wood.
When we had finished I got wood stuck in my eye. I felt sad because I couldn’t open my eye and I started to cry. I had to go to the hospital to get the wood out of my eye. ~ By: Claire

When I went to Nana and Pop Pops we went to the river. When I was at the river I slipped. I hurt my knee on some rocks. I didn’t cry but I got a bruise on my knee. ~ By: Ethan

When I was 4 years old I fell off my bike. I got stone stuck under my knee. I was screaming because it hurt so much. I had to get a cold ice pack on my knee. It was not fun. I was bleeding, it was running down my knee. Mum got the stones out of my knee. ~ By: Jakobe

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