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28 May

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Dear Parents

Thank you to all the parents who have returned the Tie Surveys. For obvious reasons I will not be putting it in the newsletter again. Can all replies be in by next Friday – 4th June. Thank you.

Thank you to Miss O’Neill, Fr Vince and all the children who made last Sunday’s School Mass such a success. It was disappointing that more children did not attend, we only have a couple of school masses a year and they are an integral part of our school life.

A big thanks to the parents and friends of the school who are assisting with the coaching of school sports teams. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Room 7 welcomes Rohan Mackenzie back to their class.

Congratulations to Ella Richardson who was placed 3rd in the 8yr old girls cross country last week.

Our website link to newsletters is:

Upcoming Events
Zone Cross Country 2/6
Southland Cross Country 11/6
Sacred Heart Day Mass 11/6

Altar Servers
29th May = Isabella & Mackenzie Wild
30th May = Sam T & Caitlin Russell

Heart Jam Day
Thank you to the children for their donations today, $238 was raised for Heart Children NZ.

Cross Country
Well done and good luck to the following children who will be attending the Zone Cross Country at St. Patrick’s next Wednesday afternoon: Keegan Fiebig, Tom Harrington, Jack Nally, Callum Aicken, Campbell Hosie, Georgia Mackie, Chanae Flowers, Mackenzie Wild, Meg O’Connell, Emily Bower, Eli Winders, Sam Thornbury, Harry McLean, Sam Hogan, Damian Mitchell, Abby Humm, Charlotte Chesters, Bree Chilton, Ashleigh Baker and Molly Stevens.

Lost Jerseys ~ Liam & Matthew Francis have both misplaced their jerseys. Both of these are named.

Southland Social Studies Fair
Come and visit the Southland Social Studies Fair
at the Southland Museum and Art Gallery –
Wednesday 9th June – Friday 11th June.
Enjoy a wonderful display of student work.

Family Works Southland are taking enrolments now for the following programmes in Term 3:
TEMPER TAMERS PROGRAMME (For children aged 7-10 years): An eight week programme, for children and their parents, to support children who are having difficulties expressing their feelings, particularly anger (29 July – 16 September 2010).
PARENTING PROGRAMME (For parents/caregivers of children of all ages): A ten week programme to assist parents/caregivers to develop their understanding of their child’s development and care and to help form positive relationships and communication with their child (21 July – 22 September 2010).

We are also taking referrals for our Grief Group Bereavement Programme “In the Same Boat” ,for children 7 -12 years, who have experienced loss and change in their lives following separation or divorce ( 27 July – 7 September).

All these programmes are free of charge!

PTA ~ Free Car Trial Sunday 27th June
The PTA will be running a Family Car Trial on Sunday 27th June leaving from the school hall @ 2.30pm. Lots of fun to be had, with prizes to give away. To finish off the day, pick up your Fish & Chips and join the other families in the hall for tea. More info later.

Room 7 Class Happenings

Hey in Room 7 we have been talking about Pentecost and how Jesus kept his promise that he will be with us until the end of time by being present in the Church, the Word of God and in the Sacraments. We have also been reading stories about what he did on earth so that we can follow his way of living in our own lives. We are God’s children. Georgea
Culture Inquiry Unit ~ We have been learning about cultural activities, which means a group of people’s way of life, ideas and traditions. We are making cloaks to put all of our personal cultural activities and our ancestry onto. Isabella
Physical Education/Basketball ~ When you bounce a basketball you hold it with a spider grip and you also have to bounce the ball close to your body, dodge, keep your eyes on the ball so that you keep control of the ball and not lose it to the other team. Mitchell
Cross Country ~ Off we go zooming off around the corner and off to the big field jogging until we get to the end. I was in second mostly the whole time. I finished second and I was so puffed. At the end I got some house points for running well. Harry
We were off like rockets zooming through space. Flynn
My Greatest Feat! ~ This week we got special pedometers. They are for the FIFA World Cup in South Africa..We are helping the All Whites. We try to walk 1600 km which is the length of New Zealand in a map of South Africa. As Room 7 travels around it will give the All Whites a lot of support. Kayla
Gymnastics ~ This term we have been doing Gymnastics, its cool and good exercise for your body. I like the balancing beam because it helps my skills in balancing when I ride my KTM. motorcross bike. Logan T
We have been practising for Heart Jam on Friday to help raise money for children with heart problems. Caelan
Writing ~ We have been writing reports. You first need to locate information out of books or the Internet. I wrote about cheetahs because they are my favourite animal. I even have a book about them, which explains their habitat and loads of facts about them. My favourite fact is that cheetahs can run up to 100 kilometres an hour. Rylee
Maths ~ We have been learning about measurement using millimetres, centimetres, metres and kilometres. I used the Great Wall of China as an example of measuring something using kilometres. Jake
I have been learning to add tens to a number by counting on in tens. It is fun.
Texture Painting ~ We used scrunched up tissue paper, cottonwool and pva glue to make texture in our sunflower paintings. Caelan, Finley, Lucy and Kayson’s paintings are being exhibited in the Art gallery in Don Street until the end of next week. Briana

Whew, what a big agenda when all of our class happenings are jotted down. Thanks parents for all of your support on the homework front.
A reminder to ensure spelling notebooks are returned to school on Fridays along with Home Reading Diaries.
It would also be great to have RE homework completed, and returned on the next school day. Thank you ~ Nicola Winders

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21 May

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Dear Parents

Our prayers are with the Blue family and Glenda Rankin an ex-staff member this week.

Well done to all the children in Rooms 7, 8 & 9 who took part in our school cross country yesterday. What was pleasing was seeing and hearing the support for each as the races progressed.
The Zone cross country will be at Elizabeth Park on Wednesday 2nd June.

A reminder about the school mass on Sunday 23rd May.
All children are to be at school in their uniforms at 10.15 for mass at 10.30.

Lester Flockton – National Standards Meeting
Invercargill Working Men’s Club – Wednesday 26th May @ 7.30pm.
While National Standards may have disappeared from the newspapers, there is still a lot of confusion about how and what is expected to be taught and reported. Lester Flockton is a professor at Otago University who has worked as a consultant for the Ministry in the development of the new Curriculum. He has presented throughout the country and would be well worth hearing if you have an interest in the future direction of your child’s education.

Uniform Survey
On the attachment please complete the survey regarding ties and return to school. Thank you.

Please send a note if your child needs to stay inside at intervals. Also ensure they have coats as we encourage all children to be outside unless it is raining.

Congratulations to:
Emma Harrington who represented Southland in the Under 11 yr Basketball team.
Eli Winders who had a 1st, two 2nd’s & a 3rd’, plus won a trophy for personality in the under 10 years Tap Dance competition last weekend.
Aimee Brookland got three 2nd’s & a Highly Commended, in the same competition.
Also to Patrice Brookland who competed in the Invercargill Gymnastics Club inter house competition & got 3rd overall in Level 3 Woman’s Artistic Gymnastics.

Upcoming Events
Pentecost Sunday – 23/5
Heart Jam – 28/5
Sacred Heart Day Mass – 11/6

Altar Servers
22nd May = Shaun Swain
23rd May = Georgia & Cassidy Mackie

Bookclub – Issue 4 closes Friday 28th May.

Wonkey Donkey
The Rooms 1, 2 & 3 children MUST bring a COAT or JACKET on Monday for our walk down to the Christian School to meet the author of the “Wonkey Donkey” story. Fingers crossed for reasonable weather!!
Thank you to those parents who are able to join us. Any others who wish to join us are also welcome. We plan to leave at 11.15am.

Lost Glasses
An expensive pair of child’s glasses have been lost somewhere on the school field. We ask children to keep an eye open for them.

Lost Jersey
Luke Barlow from Room 2 has lost his jersey. It is named so could parents please check their child has the correct one.

For Sale ~ Dry firewood old man pine $60 sq metre. Also cones $5 per bag. Contact 213-0636.

House to Rent ~ Kilmarnock Ave
4 bedrooms, very warm house, multi fuel burner, dishwasher, security system, garage & carport. $230 per week. Enquiries to Tina 215-8234 or 0277594590

Room 6 Class Happenings

Room 6 are working on ‘show, don’t tell’ in writing this week. Our learning intention has been to describe something well enough that the reader could guess who or what it is and have a picture in their mind.

Who am I?
This is an animal. It sometimes goes on ice. This animal is cold-blooded.
It lives in the sea. It looks like it has got two tails stuck together. It has eyelashes. It is a little bit scaly. It is wet after it comes out of the sea. It has black eyes. It is brown. It goes ‘oor, oor.” This animal has long whiskers. Some people go to sea and look at this amazing animal.
By Charlotte Sherriff

I am an animal. I am very quiet. I swim under water. When I walk, I walk wobbly. I live on ice. I am black and white with orangy-yellow feet. I have a beak and I have wings that can’t help me fly. I have webbed feet and my feet are short.
Who am I? By Jacob Sullivan

I live in the ice. I eat fish. I move around slowly. I have flaps instead of fins. I have tusks and a tail. I sleep on the ice all day long. I am gray. My tusks grow out of my mouth. Can you guess what I am?

A walrus By Shaun Wilkes

Cross Country
Yesterday we ran our school Cross Country. The children participated
well and it was great to have such great parent support. A big thank you to Mr Baker for setting up the course.

Below are the results:

Placing Boys
11 Girls
11 Boys
10 Girls
10 Boys
9 Girls
9 Boys
8 Girls
1st Keegan Georgia
Abby Alex A
Alex W

2nd Tom H
Sam T
Harry O

3rd Jack N Mackenzie
Ben H

4th Callum
Meg Sam H
Ashleigh Mike

5th Campbell

Uniform Survey
I wish to get parent feedback regards making the wearing of ties optional.
The reasons for this include
• Safety issues during play.
• Cost – the elastic breaks easily and can’t be repaired easily.
• Hygiene – a number of children spend a lot of the day sucking them
• Equity – at present girls have the option to wear a skivvy
• Parent resistance – a number of families do not follow the uniform guidelines in regards ties.
• A lot of children especially boys do not suit ties and far from looking good (which has always been the argument for retaining them) would look better without them.
• Relevance – we are not an elitist private school and ties in the workforce are on the way out. I would prefer if the only person to suffer wearing a tie here was me.

Please complete the slip and return to school. A clear majority is needed to change our uniform policy.

Thank you
Peter Forde

Uniform Survey

I agree / disagree that ties should be an optional part of the

Sacred Heart School Uniform.

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14 May

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Dear Parents

Thank you to the parents and teacher who are coaching and managing our winter sports teams.
Also to the parents who were able to take children from Room 6 – 9 to the museum for art classes this week. I know the children really enjoyed their morning.
Please remember to keep next Sunday 23rd May, Pentecost Sunday free for our school Mass. All children are expected to attend.
Thank you to those parents who have volunteered to join the fair committee. However we still need at least another six parents to ensure it can go ahead. Please contact me or your child’s teacher.
PTA Fundraising Book – Thank you to those families who were able to support the school by purchasing the ‘Entertainment Book’.

This morning I was fortunate to be able to listen to Patrick Collins (an ex-pupil – now at Verdon College). He delivered a speech as part of our RSA Competition about his great grandfather’s experiences in WWI. He was runner up in the local competition and will attend the regionals in Dunedin. Good luck to him.

Welcome to Scarlett Fogarty who joined the children in Room 1 this week.

Our prayers are with the Taylor and Belesky families this week.
And also still with Mrs Campbell and her family.

Congratulations to the following children who made Southland Representative Basketball teams:
Zyntarah MacDonald Under 11 yrs
Abby Humm Under 11 yrs
Bree Chilton Under 11 yrs
Georgia Mackie Under 13 yrs
Meg O’Connell Under 13 yrs
Keegan Fiebig Under 13 yrs
Braedon Timu Under 13 yrs

Upcoming Events
Catholic School Day – 19/5
Cross Country – 20/5
Pentecost Sunday – 23/5
Heart Jam – 28/5
Sacred Heart Day Mass – 11/6

Altar Servers
15th May = Sam Sherriff & Tomas Adams
16th May = A & T O’Connell

BOT Meeting
The next BOT meeting will take place this Monday 17th May at 7 pm.

School Cross Country
Our school Cross Country will be on Thursday 20th May, starting at 1.30 p.m. for Rooms 7, 8 & 9.
Rooms 1, 2 and 3 have been invited to the Christian School, to meet Craig Smith the author of the book “Wonkey Donkey” on Monday 24th May at 11.45am. We plan to walk to the school, leaving here at 11.15am (it will be a sunny day). We expect to be there for approx 30 minutes. If any parents are available to join us (without preschoolers please) to provide extra adults for our walk, please reply on the form at the end of the newsletter.
Thank you

Lost Glasses
An expensive pair of child’s glasses have been lost somewhere on the school field. We ask children to keep an eye open for them.

Piano to give away – contact me if interested.

For Sale ~ Dry firewood old man pine $60 sq metre. Also cones $5 per bag. Contact 213-0636.

Room 5 Class Happenings

Room 5 have been writing poems this week.
Here are two of the Mother’s Day senses poems the children wrote.

I see my mother’s beautiful blue eyes.
I hear my mum say I love you.
I smell my mum’s black hair, it smells like strawberries.
I taste my mum’s tasty chocolate and caramel cake.
I feel my mum hugging me.
I love my Mum! By Tessa Wright

I see my mum’s beautiful black hair.
I hear my mum say I love you.
I smell her yummy cooking.
I taste my mum’s tea that she has cooked for me.
I feel my mum hugging me.
I love Mum! By Ben Oosterbroek

Canteen Prices ~ Friday’s Only

Chicken Burgers $3 American Hotdog $2.50
Nachos $3 Chicken Nuggets $2.50
Chicken Wraps $3 Bacon Sandwich $2.50
Cheese Rolls .80c Pizza $1.50
Chocolate Muffin $1 Cookie sm = 70c lge $1.20
Fruit & Marshmellow stick $1 Cheese stick $1
Popcorn .60c Just Juice $2.20
Plain Water $1.50


Over 90 online stores and all shopping raises money for Sacred Heart School (Waikiwi)
• Food from Dominos Pizza and Woolworths Online
• Books from online bookstores, The Nile and Fishpond.
• FREE DVD rental offer from Fatso.
• iPods, iPhones and laptops from Apple.
• Toys from IQ Toys and Mighty Ape.
• Gifts, prizes and lots, lots more
Just go to and select Sacred Heart School (Waikiwi) for great discounts and online offers.

Invercargill Tap Dancing Competitions ~ Sat 15 May 8.30am ~ 6pm
Invercargill Repertory Society, Cnr Jed & Esk St $5 Entry Fee.

Westpac were most grateful for the $260 donated last Friday
for their ‘Chopper Appeal’. Thank you to all the children.


I am available to walk with the children to and from the Christian School on Monday 24 May.

NAME: _________________________________________________

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7 May

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Dear Parents

A happy Mother’s Day for Sunday. I am sure all the children will be busy this weekend preparing Sunday breakfast!!
I saw the Verdon production ‘Seussical’ last night and was pleased to see a number of ex-Sacred Heart pupils involved. Well done to all involved.

The children in the senior classes are training at school for the School Zone Cross Country on May 20th.

Welcome to Corey Linton who joined the children in Room 6 this week.
We hope he enjoys his time with us at Sacred Heart.
We also welcome three students from the college who are in Rooms 2 & 8 for two weeks.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Helen Campbell and her family this week, and also Hayden Ganders family (Timaru).
We also pray for the family of Fr. Ives who passed away this week.
2010 School Fair ~ I am asking for parents from each classroom to volunteer to be on a ‘Fair Committee” to help organise and run the fair in November.
Every 2nd year the PTA/School hold a school fair to raise funds for equipment/resources for your children. The last school fair raised over $10,000, the majority of which was spent on the sports equipment trolleys and the resource cupboards in the corridors.
To help with the organisation, we plan to have different classrooms responsible for different areas of the fair.
Many hands make light work of the task, so please consider this. If unsure, volunteer yourself and a friend. Unfortunately if we do not get a committee together, the fair will not go ahead as planned, and parents will be asked for increased donations.
If you are interested, please contact me on 215-7317 or
Helen Campbell’s Reading Group
Due to family circumstances Helen Campbell will be absent indefinitely. In the interim Mrs Ingham and Miss Gaines will continue the programme until further notice. Any queries please contact me.

Upcoming Events
Catholic School Day – 19/5
Pentecost Sunday – 23/5
Heart Jam – 28/5
Sacred Heart Day Mass – 11/6

Altar Servers
8th May = George Lodge
9th May = Cameron Roulston & Patrice Brookland
PTA ~ Entertainment Book
The final day to purchase the Entertainment Book was today 7th May. If you are one of the 40 families who have not done this, please return either the book or the money to school, in the envelope provided on Monday morning. Thank you.

Westpac Chopper Whacky Hair Day
Here are the children from Rooms 1 & 2 displaying some of the whacky hair doo’s today. Prizes were given out for the most outrageous styles.
Thank you ~ $252 was raised from their efforts.

Room 3 Class Happenings

Today was our first day at the Stadium. We had lots of fun learning how to throw a ball underarm. We also got to practise jumping over small hurdles and climbing through a plastic tunnel. Even Miss Swney had a go and she nearly got stuck in the tunnel. We can’t wait until next Friday to see what new things we can learn.

Canteen Prices ~ Friday’s Only

Chicken Burgers $3 American Hotdog $2.50
Nachos $3 Chicken Nuggets $2.50
Chicken Wraps $3 Bacon Sandwich $2.50
Cheese Rolls .80c Pizza $1.50
Chocolate Muffin $1 Cookie sm = 70c lge $1.20
Fruit & Marshmellow stick $1 Cheese stick $1
Popcorn .60c Just Juice $2.20
Plain Water $1.50

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