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18 June

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Dear Parents

With 2 weeks left of Term 2, we look towards planning for Term 3, which often includes a lot of joint school events we take part in.
I have outlined some of these below.
Thanks to David Brookland and SKM for the donation of a replacement phone system for the school. We were in the process of updating our current system and SKM were moving offices and had a surplus system.
Brilliant timing! Many thanks.

BOT – The BOT welcomes Ann McCloy as a new Bishop’s representative.
The June meeting will be held this Monday, 21st @ 7 p.m.

Prayers – Our thoughts and prayers are with the Read/Nolan family this week.

Altar Servers
19th June = Caitlin & Samuel Russell
20th June = Keegan Fiebig & Keiren Perkins

Staff Changes Term 3 – Next term Mrs Williams returns to Room 5 from maternity leave and Mrs Buxton returns to Room 6 after teaching in Dubai. We look forward to their return.
Unfortunately this means Mrs Stanley and Mrs Rutledge will be leaving us.
Mrs Stanley to St. Patrick’s School and Mrs Rutledge to Waihopai School.
We wish them all the best in the future and thank them for their commitment to the children at our school.

Term 3 Events – At any one given time, we have groups of children involved in a wide range of sporting or cultural events. While a lot of these happen in school time and are part of our normal programme, there are an increasing number of events that require external help or after school practises.
We are looking at ways of communicating more efficiently with parents in regards the commitment required – often in terms of time and cost. One of these will be an update to the website with an events calendar and displaying the information on the school notice boards.
I hope to have this in place by the end of the term.

Netball Tuesdays & Thursdays
Hockey Wednesdays
Polyfest 5/8
School Science Fair 6/8
Invercargill Science Fair 17/8
Choir Practices – 24/6, 5/8, 2/9, 15/9 & Concert 16/9
Speech Competition – Cluster 9/8, Ingill 14/9, Southland 23/9
Zone Netball Tournament 11/8
Life Education Van 10, 11, 12/8
Gym Festival 28/8
Drama Festival 6, 7, 8/9
Convent Cup 20/9
Disco Possibly in September

Table Tennis – Good luck to Harry McLean, Damian Mitchell and Reuben Brown who will take part in the Southland School team champs on Wednesday.

Cross Country – Well done to all the children who took part in the Southland Cross Country last Friday. Placings were:
Eli Winders 8th
Sam Thornbury 12th
Keegan Fiebig 16th

Aerobics – Well done to our Aerobics teams who competed in the festival last weekend. A special thanks to Julia Van Eden, Miss Tagomoa, Miss Gaines and all others who assisted.

Website – I am currently in the process of updating our school website.
My apologies for any inconvenience.

Enrich – Congratulations to Sam Russell who was in an Enrich Chess team that was placed 3rd in the Otago Chess Champs last weekend.

50th Jubilee for Fr. Brian – There will be a pot luck lunch after mass on Sunday 18th July, 12.00 pm in the hall to celebrate Fr. Brian’s 50th Jubilee.

Thank you once again to Paul Wallace and Countdown Supermarket (Tay St) for the generous contribution of free bread for the PTA Sausage Sizzle on Sacred Heart day.

Fair Committee
We will be holding our first fair committee meeting on Monday 28th June 7.30 in the school staffroom. Please bring any ideas of activities that may be popular and also suggestions of where we can obtain donations of prizes.
All welcome.

Free Car Trial Sunday 27th June
The PTA will be running a Family Car Trial on Sunday 27th June leaving from the school hall @ 2.30pm. Lots of fun to be had, with prizes to give away. To finish off the day, pick up your Fish & Chips and join the other families in the hall for tea. No need to register just turn up on the day with a digital camera or camera phone, some pens, a clipboard or something to write on and warm clothes.

Invercargill’s Junior Repertory Show – Invercargill Galactica is on at the Invercargill Repertory Rooms, this Thursday (24th) @ 6.30pm, and Saturday (26th) @ 1.00pm.
Cost is Adults $8, Child $5 or Family $20 (2 Adults, 2 Children).
Come and support Meg O’Connell, Isabella Wild, Reuben Brown and Logan Thompson who are all in this show.

House For Rent ~ Phone 2157643
Tidy 3 bedroom, open plan living, yunca heating. $250 per week.

Firewood for Sale ~ Old Man Pine dry $60 sq metre.
Also pine cones $5 per bag Phone: 2130636.
Year of the Priest Art & Writing Competition – For more details of this, look on the notice board in the junior corridor.

Cure Kids Weekend
Eight-year old Mckenzie Devlin was diagnosed with Hypophosphotasia – a rare bone disease – after breaking his leg in 2008. He has the only known case of this disease in New Zealand. Until a cure is found, Mckenzie will continue to be treated with anti-inflammatories which help reduce inflammation of his bone marrow caused by the disease.
Recently Mckenzie was selected to attend a weekend of fun with Cure Kids and this is his recount of the weekend.

When I went to Queenstown we went on the luge and the gondallas. Then we had a welcome party. We stayed at a motel. Next day we went to Michael Hill’s golf course and we went on the golf carts around the golf course. The best part was the golf carts. The funniest part was when Dad had to wear funny glasses at the night time activity.
I can’t wait to go again! Mckenzie Devlin

Room 1 Class Happenings

This week we have been learning about the skills we need when we read aloud.
We now know that we need to:
*use the right volume (not too loud, not too quiet – “Just Right”)
*stand still and hold the book between our tummy buttons and chin.
*make eye-contact with the people listening (lots of fun to watch this skill develop!)
*make our reading sound interesting (make the bold words sound important, notice the question marks, exclamation marks and speech marks so that our reading sounds like talking.)
In our lessons we have talked about the purpose of developing these skills eg when we read to entertain or inform some one else, for reading aloud at assembly or if we read a prayer at Mass.
We think we are pretty good at reading aloud now!

One of the activities we do in numeracy is to put the numbers from 1 to 20 order. See if YOU can find the path from number 1 to 20. (There is more than one way!)

1 2 18 10 4 15 1
3 3 4 0 11 3 6
17 4 5 6 7 8 4
9 6 7 2 8 5 0
10 8 11 10 9 6 3
3 11 12 2 16 17 7
0 5 13 14 15 18 1
4 14 15 16 17 19 20

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4 June

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Dear Parents

We were discussing this week the success and high participation rates of our children at zone athletics and cross country events. I believe that high levels of physical activity introduced throughout a school day, enhances a child’s ability to learn and retain knowledge. We are fortunate to have as much space as we do and resources to enable this. We are also lucky to have enthusiastic staff and parent groups, willing to encourage this.
This was evident on Tuesday when we had the Southland Sharks taking groups of children, parents taking hockey and netball practices, and staff taking aerobic’s in the hall.

Some of you may have noticed that the trees on the north and east boundary have been removed. While they had no impact on the school, it is amazing how much more ‘light’ and spacious the fields appear.

Our prayers are with the Shuttleworth family this week.

Tie Survey
This has closed and I will inform you of the result next week after they have been presented to the Board and PTA.

Sacred Heart Feast Day
Families are welcome to join us next Friday at 9.30am for our school Mass to celebrate Sacred Heart Feast Day.

Cross Country
Congratulations to all the children who took part in the Zone Cross Country this week. Special mention to the following children who were placed and will be representing the Zone at the Southland Cross Country at Dipton next Friday 11th June:
10 yr Boys 1st Eli Winders
2nd Sam Thornbury
3rd Sam Hogan
4th Harry McLean
5th Damian Mitchell
10 yr Girls 2nd Abby Humm
3rd Bree Chilton
11 yr Boys 1st Keegan Fiebig
6th Jack Nally
11 yr Girls 4th Georgia Mackie

National Standards – Lester Flockton website
A number of parents unable to attend last week’s meeting have asked for copies of his presentation. His website is:

Helen Campbell – Resource Teacher of Reading
Helen will be returning to work with the children next week.
We welcome her back.

Lost Jersey
Ben Dawson from Room 2 has misplaced his jersey. This is named.
Upcoming Events
Queen’s Birthday 7/6
Southland Cross Country 11/6
Sacred Heart Day Mass 11/6

Altar Servers
5th June = Oliver & Harry McLean
6th June = Eli Winders & Reuben Brown

PTA ~ Free Car Trial Sunday 27th June
The PTA will be running a Family Car Trial on Sunday 27th June leaving from the school hall @ 2.30pm. Lots of fun to be had, with prizes to give away. To finish off the day, pick up your Fish & Chips and join the other families in the hall for tea. More info later.

Room 6 Inquiry
Room 6 are doing an inquiry where they are writing letters to the public via the newspaper etc to find out answers they want to know about the streets in Waikiwi. They genuinely want a reply, so any feedback is welcome to:

My name is Cory from Room 6, Sacred Heart School. I am 7 years old. I am from Invercargill. We are studying how streets in Waikiwi got their names, like Macauley St. Why are some names Maori? Why has Edinburgh Crescent have Œburgh¹ in it? And, why does North Road have Œnorth¹ in it?

Thank you for your help.

Yours Sincerely

Cory Foleni

My name is Tanesha Tagamoa-Kaa. I am at Room 6, Sacred Heart School. We are studying how the streets in Waikiwi got their names!
These are my questions: Why is it called Cargill St? This is my last question,¬ Who named Cargill St?

Thank you for helping me

My name is Natalya Hawkes. We are learning how the streets in Waikiwi got their names.

Why is Kakapo St named after a bird? How long is Kakapo St? When was Kakapo St made?
If you have the answer please send it to Sacred Heart School.

Hopefully the newspaper will also publish some!

Room 8 Class Happenings

In our classroom we have been reading stories about different cultures. We have learned how to make a Fale in Samoa, a Waka, and lots of different traditional pieces of art. This week we all made Rangoli and a cross where we explored textured. Here are some pictures of our cool art !!!

In the Cheetahs reading group we read a story about Rangoli, this is a Hindu/Indian art made out of coconut so we decided to make this. Bree

You can also use rice to make the Rangoli but you can use sand and
other textured objects. It is lots of fun but messy. Renee B

In Room 8 we have been reading about different cultures. We read
an article about Rangoli, a Hindu art. You can use sawdust, sand, coconut, and chalk powder to make these. They are put at the entrance of homes to welcome guests. We used coconut and coloured it with dye. It was very messy but really fun !!! Patrice


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11 June

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Dear Parents

Today is Sacred Heart Feast Day and we have celebrated with a school mass.
Thank you to those parents who were able to join us.
And also to the PTA for the sausage sizzle.

Congratulations to Xanthe Belesky’s grandfather, Ian Beker who was awarded a QSM in the Queen’s Birthdays honour list. Ian is manager of Southland Enterprises and a representative of the Vietnam Veteran groups.

We wish our Aerobic’s teams all the best at the festival on Sunday. Good luck to Jessica Hawkes, Zyntarah MacDonald, Meg O’Connell, Georgia Mackie, Molly Stevens, Brenna Smith, MacKenzie Wild, Bree Chilton, Renee Cooper, Patrice Brookland and Keegan Fiebig.

It was with a degree of sadness that we heard of Fr. Brian O’Neill’s death this week. I was fortunate to work at St. Theresa’s when Fr ‘Baldy’ O’Neill was parish priest and I will always remember when he would accompany us on our Form 2 Camp to Deep Cove. Every child would always catch a fish, even if it was the same one. He will be greatly missed.

The result of the tie survey was an overwhelming vote for ties becoming an option part of our school uniform. Thank you to all those who participated in the survey.

Please let Christine in the office know between 8.30am – 2.00pm if your child will not be going home by bus/OSCAR if they normally do. Christine amends our bus list so it saves the after school duty teacher chasing children who have often already left. Thank you for this consideration.

Southland Reading Association
This organisation is running a morning for parents of pre-schoolers “How to give your child the best start for school” at Club Southland, 115 Leet Street, In’gill on Saturday 19th June 10am – 12pm. See flyer on notice board.

Altar Servers
12th June = Patrick & Rory Horn
13th June = Erica Forde & Clark Le Breton

PTA meeting this Monday 7.30pm in the staffroom at School all welcome.

Congratulations to Hannah Dawson who competed in the Southern Dance Competitions recently. She was the winner of the 8 yr old aggregate after being placed 1st – Ballet, 1st – Barefoot and 1st Dem – character.

Basketball Holiday Camp (9 – 14 yrs) $45 each
Monday 5th & Tuesday 6th July 9.15 am – 3.30 pm. Bring your own lunch.
Registration forms are available in the school office.

Tap Dance Competitions
19th June (8.30am – 6pm) & 20th June (9am – 1pm) at Centrestage $5 entry.

Scholastic Bookclub Sale – closes Friday 18th June.

ILT Holiday Sports Programme
The ILT, Stadium Southland, Sport Southland and 18 regional sporting organisations have worked collectively to provide sport specific, fun filled days during the school holidays for groupings of children aged 5-6, 7-9 & 10-12. The sports available are: Badminton, Basketball, Cycling, Football, Fun Skills, Gymnastics, Hip Hop, Karate, Netball, Rock Climbing, Rugby, Squash, Table Tennis, Tennis, Touch, Volleyball, Wheelchair Basketball. Sessions cost $5 and run for 75 minutes between 9-3.15pm daily. For more info call us on 2112150, enquiries should be directed to Peter or Tracy. Enrolment forms are available at Sport Southland and Stadium Southland.

Splash Out for Hospice Southland – $2 Registration Donation
Mid Winter Swim Sunday 20th June 11.00am.

Heart Health Awareness – This disease is still NZ’s biggest killer accounting for 40% of all deaths each year. Heart Warrant of Fitness is free of charge at your doctors in Southland in 2010, if you fit any of the following criteria: Male 45 yrs or older, female 55 yrs or older or if you have a family history, are Maori, Pacific Islander or from the Indian sub-continent or Fiji. Check out the notice board for more details.

Room 9 Class Happenings


Our Inquiry this term has been about Culture. We decided to find out where our ancestors came from to understand our New Zealand culture. We were surprised that in our class alone our ancestors came from so many different cultures.
We had ancestors who were: Maori, Dutch, Welsh, English, German, Scottish, American, French, Polish, Italian, Irish and Australian. We decided to find out more about each of these cultures. So we split into groups to find out about the art, food, language, important places and celebrations in these countries. Below is some of what we have discovered and have displayed as Travel pamphlets in our room.
The United States of America
You’ve got to be there!
Foods you might like to try when you come to the USA are: doughnuts, hotdogs, pumpkin pie and burgers. Come visit: The White House and The Statue of Liberty. Celebrations you might like to celebrate while you are in the USA are Thanksgiving Day and Independence Day!
When you are in the USA you might be lucky enough to see Barack H. Obama who is the 44th President of the United States.
You have got to be there!!!!!!!! The Capital City of Wales is Cardiff. Wales is the best place to go if you want to learn about the history. The red dragon became the symbol of the Welsh when adopted by the Tudor ancestors of King Henry VII. Cymru is how you say Wales in Welsh. Helo is how you say hello in Wales. St David’s Day is a Welsh holiday. On the first of March they remember the death of St David who died in 589. It was made a public holiday in 2000. Eisteddfod is the Welsh festival of literature, music and performance. It is a tradition of Welsh artists that began back at the 12th century.
☻cześć/hello Poland is the place to be to see all of these amazing images! If you come to Poland you can try these…. Cuisine, Bigos Hunter’s stew, Savoury sausage and Sauerkraut, Potatao and Cheese Pierogi. You can visit the Royal Castle, Ulica Florianska and the Lazienki Park in Poland.
Do not go anywhere else! Hurry, your time is running out…⌛↓
You should come to my country because you can see all of the amazing museums. Poland rox! Visit us NOW!!!!Have fun! Hope you like Poland.. France is a great place to come and visit and take
photos of some famous buildings.

The Château is a famous building that lots of people visit and take photos of.
Food. The foods that we like to use in our cooking in France are chillies, peppers, garlic, sea food like anchovies, capers, chorizo, cheese, goat, lamb, bread sticks and croissants. Paris is the capital of France. Dance – The Can Can is a famous dance in France. You should try to learn it. It would be a fun thing to do in France. You should come to France because it would be a great experience and also you might be surprised by the fantastic food there.
Come visit us in South Africa and see the beauty of this country! The capital of South Africa is Pretoria. Where is Pretoria? Pretoria is found in the northern part of the province, called Gauteng.
Food – Bobotie – Taken from Malay influence, this is a meatloaf with raisins and baked egg served
with yellow rice and chutney.
Chutney – A fruit sauce with a sweet taste added to meat dishes.
Koeksisters – Very very sweet deep fried pastries.
Milk tart – Milk based tart.
Potjiekos – African stew made in a cast-iron pot over hot coals.
Mashonzha – Mompane worms, for the more adventurous.
Ostrich – Ostrich meat stewed, filleted or grilled.
Places to Visit
Why Don’t you go to Table Mountain? It’s so cool!
Why not the Garden Route it’s so pretty?
What about Roben Island it is so amazing.?
It’s all there but you! Come see our eye boggling castles!
Come on one of our mind blowing holidays!
You must try some of our foods like haggis or oatcakes!
You must hear our ear wowing bagpipes!
Don’t forget the greatest
National Anthem in the world!
Don’t forget to go to a Burns night party!
You must try some Scottish Whiskey!
This is Edinburgh Castle.
This is only one castle out of some of the amazing ones!
Scotland has a very amazing history behind it.
Also you have to see our Highland Fling and our Sword Dance, they are all very amazing dances!
The home of the Queen. You’ve got to be here. If you want to greet someone in England say hello.
These are some cool places to go when you are in England: Windsor Castle, Beaches, London Eye, Big Ben, London bridge, Lego land, Ice houses
If you go to England you might see the Queen or her Guards. English people like to eat: cheese, cottage or pork pies, bangers ( sausages) and mash (potato), dumplings,
and don’t forget bacon butties
The Capital of England is London.
As part of our Going further Research this is what we discovered. Come to Germany, you will like it! The capital of Germany is Berlin. You have to come here and pick up a flag!!
SAUSAGES are a very big favourite of the German people.
In fact they are famous for their sausages.
Fun Facts
There are more than 150 castles in Germany. Wow can you believe that? I bet you want to come and see that. There are over 82 million people living in Germany! If you like bread you would come to Germany because there are over 300 different kinds of breads in Germany!
If you go to Germany you need to know how to speak German. Here are the easy words in German. hello gutan-tag, right away-sogleick, splendid-prachtig.

The Netherlands.
Why you have to go to the Netherlands.
In the Winter they have ice skating races on the canal and everybody can compete in them.
The capital city of Netherlands is!!! Amsterdam.
A famous Dutch artist is Vincent Van Gogh.
Some of the foods you will enjoy in the Netherlands are cheese like Komijne Kaas and chocolate or aniseed sprinkles on bread.
The best destination by far is the art museum!
Soccer is a familiar sport and is a favourite in Holland. Others: Dutch people like basketball, cycling or ice skating.

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