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27 August

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Dear Parents

It is hard to believe that it will be September next week. Long may the fine weather last.
The senior classes were fortunate to have Lloyd Esler working with them yesterday as part of their Ecosystems study.

We also have the following children taking part in the Southland Gymnastics Festival this weekend:
Ashleigh Baker, Samantha Ward, Patrice Brookland, Charlotte Chesters, Keegan Fiebie, Eli Winders, Rory Horn and Jeremy Bower.
We wish them all the best.

Thank you to all the children who donated a gold coin today to raise money for the people in Pakistan who have been affected by the floods. $388 was collected to send to Caritas.
A tremendous effort!

We wish the 20 competitors taking part in the ‘Fight 4 Life’ tomorrow night, all the best in their efforts towards a worthy cause.

Next Tuesday and Wednesday there will be relievers throughout the school, as our teachers take part in RE Cluster meetings.

Welcome to Megan Sullivan who joins the children in the junior classes. We hope she enjoys her time with us.

Our prayers are with the Hosie family for the next couple of months.

Upcoming School Events

2 Sept Choir Practice
3/ 8 Sept Reconciliation Practice
9 Sept First Reconciliation @ 6.30 pm
10 Sept Senior Ecosystem Field Trip
13/14 Sept School First Aid Course
14 Sept ILT Bus Tour
15 Sept Mini Olympics
15 Sept Choir Practice
16 Sept Choral Festival @ 6 pm
20 Sept Convent Cup
22 Sept Disco (to be confirmed)
24 Sept End of Term 3
11 Oct Start of Term 4

Newsletter Cover
Please note the new newsletter cover. We thank the new and existing sponsors for their continued support. We ask parents to please support these businesses.

Collegiate School Relay Carnival ~ Saturday 11th September 6.30 pm
As to date there has been no interest in this carnival. There is still time to enter a team, so if your child is interested, please see me.

To Abby Humm who has been named in the New Zealand Under 12 Basketball Development team, that travels to Australia in November. A fantastic effort Abby! I’m sure the staff and parents at Sacred Heart will be happy to support any fundraising ventures you have in the pipeline.

Dipton School Fundraising Auction with the Hilarious Hypnotist – Dave Upfold Friday 29th October 2010 – 7.00pm Dipton Hall, Tickets $45.00. Includes Complimentary Drink/Finger Food, Bar Available. Tickets Available: Dipton School – Email: Ph: 03 248 5208

Nigel Latta Central Southland College Hall – Thurs 28th October 7.15 pm
The Limehills Home & School have been fortunate in securing Nigel Latta to speak in Winton on parenting to the teenage years focusing on 10 years and beyond. Cost is $15 per person. Enquiries to Limehills School (03) 236-0772
Check out the flyer on the notice board in the junior corridor.

Room 7 Class Happenings

Inquiry –Why are Ecosystems important?
We have found out that Ecosystems are communities of creatures, plants, and their environment. As part of our unit we have been talking about these scientific words: -producers, consumers, prey, predators, decomposers, omnivores, carnivores, herbivores, and scavengers and food chains. Please quiz us to see how many we can remember.
Here are a few examples of reports we have written.

Tree Wetas ~ The weta is an insect.
Wetas live in New Zealand bush. The weta lives in a rotten tree. They make a nest in the rotten tree. They join jaws together while fighting. The weta see whose jaws are the biggest. Which ever one is biggest the other one backs off. They protect the female weta by doing that. The weta lay their eggs in the ground. They lay brown eggs in flat dirt. They hatch into baby wetas.
Male wetas fight so hard to protect the female wetas. By Harry

Our observational pencil drawings of Tree Wetas

Takahe have purple, green, blue feathers , red legs and and orange beak. It looks like a pukeko.
There scientific name is porphyrio. An easier way to say the takahe’s scientific name is poor-fie-re-oh. Takahe eat snow tussock shoots in the summer. In winter they eat fern rhizomes, stems that grow underground. If a takahe pair is separated they will run to each othter with their wings outstretched.
Maori hunted the takahae which made a good sized meal.
People should look after the takahe in New Zealand because they are precious to us. By Briana

Tuatara ~ Tuataras are the only living dinosaur in New Zealand.
They are green it has scaly skin. Some are brown and they have spines starting from their head. Tuataras live in islands around New Zealand
They eat wetas, lizards, moths, and, beetles. It stands still lots and they hide, eat and sleep. When they are born they have three eyes. They can live up to 100 years old. It is not a lizard. Tuatara adults are between 30 and 75 centimetres long. I think everyone should like tuataras because it is the only New Zealand reptile. By Elsie

To view more of what is happening in Room 7, remember to visit our blog.

As you know the school fair is to be held on the 7th November, please mark the calendar now.
The fair committee has made great progress with planning for this; it will however require the help from all families to bring it to fruition. Each class has a stall to operate and all families will be contacted to make a time that suits adults can help on the stall that your child’s class is operating.
This will be approx 3/4 hr and will be well supported by the fair committee and PTA.

Please let the school office know or email if you can suggest any of the following:
Does anybody have clown outfits some older children can use for the fair?
Are there any families in hairdressing who may be able to donate hair products for the funky hair stall?
Does anybody have balloon animals making skills ?
Businesses who may donate prizes for the chocolate wheel?
Do you know of any businesses who may be interested in sponsoring a stall at the fair?

Keep stashing those items for the white elephant stall ,if you can.
Please store until the day before the fair when the hall will be open for deliveries. But if you have anything big you can’t store, phone Trish Mitchell 215-8292 for collection or you can drop items to Tina Paraki 215-8234 – 40 Vogel St or Kerri-Ann Foleni 215-7273 – 96 Edinburgh Cresent.

Basketball starts in Term 4. It will be on Tuesday nights at the Stadium from 4 – 7.30pm. It is for Year 3 – 6 children. The season is from 12 October to the 14th of December. Each team will play 10 games. If your child would like to play, please fill out the slip and return to the office. These must be returned by Friday 3rd of the September AT THE LATEST. The cost will be $35 each, which includes entry to the Stadium. Payment must accompany the child’s slip to secure a place in the team.

I give permission for__________________ to play basketball in Term 4

Year ___________________ Signed____________________

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20 August

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Dear Parents

This week saw the resignation of Heather Roy as deputy leader of the ACT Party and from her government portfolios. While this wouldn’t normally rate a mention, in this case it is of some significance as she was Associate Minister of Education. She had a responsibility for Special Education and was part of the team reviewing the current systems and procedures. It will be interesting to see what happens now.

Sometimes I consider I have the best job in the world. We have excellent teachers at Sacred Heart who provide varied programmes for our children.
As I wander around the school I am privileged to often see examples of this and one is portrayed below with three boys from Room 6 using their initiative after a science lesson to create their own boat. Well done boys.

We welcome Joshua Henderson who joined the children in Room 1 on Monday. We hope he enjoys his time at Sacred Heart.
Room 1 enjoyed the birthday cake he won from More FM


E-mail trees
To enhance our home/school communication lines can you please send an e-mail to the office and your child’s teacher.

Dylan Elise Motivational Drumming Show
The children will be taking part in this on Monday @ 9.15 a.m.

Some Interesting Websites Are:
The Symmetry Game (UK site) helps students learn basic info on geometric shapes. As well there is other maths activities

Nrich is a site with investigations catering for all levels

Next Friday 27 AUGUST we ask for a gold coin for a mufti day to raise funds for the flood victims in Pakistan. We plan to send the money raised to CARISTA which is a Catholic agency involved in aid, development and social justice throughout the world.

Altar Servers Saturday 21st @ 7 pm = Hannah Brown
Sunday 22nd @ 10.30am = Erica Forde & Emma Harrington
Children’s Liturgy = Pauline Harrington
Overhead = Sam Russell

Congratulations to:
Sam Downing & Braedon Timu who won a prize at the Southland Science Fair.
Ashleigh Baker who has been selected to go to the South Island Gymnastics Championships.
Tom Harrington & Sam Downing who were named ‘most improved players’ for the Under 11 & 10 Marist Primary Rugby Teams.

Scholastic Bookclub Issue 6 ~ closes next Friday 27th August.

Collegiate School Relay Carnival ~ Saturday 11th September 6.30 pm
Children who are competent swimmers and interested in participating in this annual event can see me.

Need a Babysitter?? ~ Our Babysitting Club is currently looking for new families to join. No money involved. Please phone Trish Sherriff on 2156811 if you would like some more information.

Acapella Singers ~ Sunday 5th Sept in First Church at 2.30pm.
Door sales ($15 adults, $12 students) and children are free!
The Acapella Singers are joining with the Central Otago Regional Choir to provide some top rate entertainment!

Room 6 Class Happenings

The Life Education Van
Last Thursday, Room 6 got to see Harold. It was fun. We watched “Billy’s Story”. It was Billy’s first day at school. He was nervous too but then he was happy because a boy called Sam let Billy join in his game. We looked at a doll called Tam. It was a body. The brain helps you think. The lungs help you breath. It will go to another school. Cory Foleni

Yesterday and today we went on the Life Education bus. The teacher was Teresa and she is nice. Harold sang us a song. It was called “I believe I can fly”. That was cool. We watched this movie. The main person was Billy and the nicest person was Sam. Billy had some other friends but I don’t know what their names are. We saw Tam with the body parts. They were called brain and I don’t know how to spell all the others. We learned about feelings. There were ashamed, loved, helpless, nervous and I can’t remember the others. It was really fun!!! There was a box to put your shoes in. You don’t have to put your shoes in the box. Henry Mason

Today we went on the Life Education truck. We saw stars lighting up when Harold sang “I want to fly”. We watched a movie about Billy going to a new school. We learnt about Tam with body parts. We also learnt about bullies. It doesn’t matter what you look like, you could be a bully. The teacher was Teresa. We looked at lungs and a heart. The heart pumps the blood around your body. We learnt about feelings. We saw some faces on the wall. We talked about being alone because some people like being alone and some people don’t. We learnt about the brain. Charlotte Sherriff

Yesterday and today we went in the Life Education truck. First we discovered that they had a new door. There were puppets, TV, Harold and all sorts of other stuff. We had to put our shoes in one of the shoe baskets. Then we sat down on the mat. After that we met Harold. When we said “Hi Harold” he got scared. His room was a mess because he was looking for a movie we were going to watch. While he was looking we got a card with a feeling on it. My one said friendly. There were some people on the wall and we had to put our card underneath the person who looks like that or feels like that. Then Harold came out. He found the movie in his undies drawer! The movie was called Billy’s first day at school. Jake Meikle.

We hope you enjoyed reading some of our recounts about our visit to the Life Education truck. When Ms T took our photo we were saying “Hi Harold”. Don’t we look a bit funny with our mouths open?

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13 August

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Dear Parents

A big thank you to Ian Harrington and the group of parents for digging out and laying a path to the garage and the lodge. It has been very much appreciated, especially with some of our recent weather.
Unfortunately the minor flu epidemic we are experiencing is growing with increasing numbers of children catching it. Please reinforce blowing noses and covering mouths when coughing, to reduce the spread.
Thank you to those parents who were able to attend Mrs Campbell’s meeting last night. It was very informative and I know the children have enjoyed their time with her.

We welcome Jules Barclay to Sacred Heart School.
We hope he and his family enjoy their time with us.

The 2nd children’s session is next Friday 20 August 3.15 pm¬ – 4.00pm
in Room 1.

BOT ~ The next meeting is Monday 16th August @ 7pm.

Science Fair
Well done to all the children whose exhibits have been accepted for the Southland Science Fair next Tuesday 17th August.

Altar Servers
14th August 7pm = Oliver & Harry McLean
15th August 10.30 am = Elsie Wallace & Bronte Adams

Children’s Liturgy = Susanne Brown

Fair Committee Meeting Tuesday 24th August, 7.30pm in Room 8.

Mark on your calendars Thursday 23rd September 2010 – SCHOOL DISCO.
At the end of the term the PTA is organising a Disco for the children of Sacred Heart School. Times and further details will be advised closer to the date.

Winter Series Results for Motocross in Cromwell. Jake Meikle won his class 7-11 years 65cc and in the 6-8 years 50cc Josh Cooper achieved second and Mitchell Thompson got fourth.

Room 5 Class Happenings

Wow what a busy start to term 3!
This week as a class we are working on developing our independent skills. We are all trying to unpack our own school bags and emptying our home folders. Please encourage your child to show you how independent they can be.

In our reading programme, we are developing our comprehension skills by looking deeper into a text. This will help us develop our understanding, as we are now reading to learn. So please remember to ask lots of questions. Below are some photos of us busy during our reading rotations.

For out letter writing unit we are busy writing letters to Sharmila who is our World Vision child that the school sponsors. We have learnt that in a letter it is important to tell the person whom we are writing to something and ask them a question so they have a reason to write back.

For our inquiry unit we have been focusing on our big question ‘How is science part of our everyday lives?’ When doing an experiment we have been predicting, observing and making conclusions. We have been looking at floating and sinking. We know that salt makes the water heavy so when adding things to the water it will float – just like the dead sea!

In our PE unit we are concentrating on our movement skills. We have learnt different ways to move and land safely. A new game that we have been playing is called ‘Timber Tag’ – It’s lots of FUN!

This week we have also been to the Life Education Van. We went through a programme that was called ‘All Together.’ We learnt that we need to keep safe in the playground and be good friends with one another.

The module this year will run on Wednesday afternoons from 4pm – 6pm at the Turnbull Thomson Grounds (off Islington St ) with grades available as follows:
Year 1 & 2 (includes Year 0) Year 3 & 4 Year 5 & 6

The season will commence with the first round of the Primary competition on Wednesday 20th October 2010. The last round will be played on Wednesday 8th December.

The cost for this is $17 per child; this is to be paid before the competition begins.

To make Touch a successful sport, we require parents to help coach the teams. If you are able to assist with this please fill in the form below.


_____________________ would like to play Touch for Term 4 in the following grade.

Year 1-2 Year 3-4 Year 5-6

I am able/unable to coach a team

Signed: ………………………………………………………

Family Works Southland are taking enrolments now for the following programmes in Term 4:
Parenting Programme (For parents/caregivers of children of all ages): A ten week programme to assist parents/caregivers to develop understanding of their child and to help form positive relationships and communication with their child (11 October – 17 December 2010 – evenings from 7:30-9:30)

Grief Group Bereavement Programme “In the Same Boat” ,for children 7 -12 years, (and their parent/s / caregivers) who have experienced loss and change in their lives following bereavement.
(19 October – 7 December – Tuesday mornings 9:30-11:30).

All these programmes are free of charge!

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6 August

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Dear Parents

We welcome Hunter Thompson and Tyler Pool to our junior classrooms this week. We hope they enjoy their time with us at Sacred Heart.

What a busy week this has been. The children who represented the school at Polyfest once again put on an excellent display. Thank you to Miss Tagomoa.
Practises are also underway for the Choral & Gym Festivals.
This week Meg O’Connell and Mackenzie Wild represented the school at our Cluster Speech Competitions. Well done Meg on placing 3rd.
Good luck to Abby Humm & Georgia Mackie who are representing our zone in the Southland Netball Tournament on Wednesday.
Today the school Science Fair exhibits go on display in the hall. A lot of work has gone into these and I am looking forward to seeing them. We would like to be able to leave them up longer, but this is not possible.
Next week the Life Education Van will be here from Tuesday to Thursday.
Raewyn Green will also be here on Tuesday to work with the teachers in Rooms 7, 8 & 9.

Helen Campbell – Parent Meeting 3.15 pm Thursday 12th August
Next Thursday Helen Campbell will be holding a parent meeting outlining techniques for reading with your child at home. While this is a feedback for the children and parents whom she worked with, she has let us open it up to all interested parents. She will cover:
Reading to your child
How to use magnetic letters for spelling
How to use syllables
as well as other useful strategies. The meeting will run for approx 1 hour.

Flu Epidemic
You may have noticed in the news reports of yet another occurrence of the H1N1 Swine virus. While it is not back in the south, we have had a minor virus spreading through the school in the past two weeks.
Please help us contain this by ensuring your child knows how to blow their nose and reinforce the hand/arm over mouth when coughing.

Thank you to those who have rung the office. Please let us know if your postcode is different from 9810, so we can update our files. Thank you.

Windmill Holiday Programme
This programme provides a variety of activities for people of different ages who are on the Autistic Spectrum, or have intellectual or physical disabilities.
The programme is operated within a safe and appropriately stimulating environment. The individual needs of each participant are assessed, and a management plan is created. Parent input is encouraged.
The programme will be running from Monday to Friday 9 am – 5 pm during the school holidays. If you have any questions, please contact Angela Olsen (specialised care co-ordinator) 03 4550714 or

Entertainment Book
For the people who purchased the Entertainment Book from the PTA fundraiser, this organisation would like to inform you that ‘1st on Windsor’ and ‘Jagz on Village Green’ will both now honour the voucher in this book.

Altar Servers
7th August 7pm = Isabella & Mackenzie Wild
8th August 10.30 am = Georgea Newell & Patrice Brookland

Children’s Liturgy = Nicki Brookland

Congratulations To:
Patrice Brookland who was placed 2nd overall in level 3 at the Southland Championship competitions for Women’s Artistic Gymnastics & also to Ashleigh Baker who was placed 3rd overall in Level 1. The girls had an Olympic judge judging them who was very impressed with the Invercargill girls.

Table Tennis Results
Reuben Brown & Ronan Harvey lost to Windsor North.
Damian Mitchell & Harry McLean won against Otatara.

Dodgers Softball Club – Tay Street
Opens Days: Sunday 8th August 1 pm & Sunday 22nd August 1 pm


Room 3 Class Happenings

As part of our Inquiry unit for Term 3 we are learning about floating and sinking. We have been carrying out experiments to test our predictions. A prediction is when we say what we think is going to happen. Below are a few samples of what we have done and our findings.

Floating Egg Experiment

My prediction: The egg will float because it is soft inside the egg.
Result: The egg sank in the water. Then we put some salt in the water. The egg went a wee bit up. Then we put some more salt in. Then the egg went up an up to the surface. God made that magic ~ Nick

My prediction: I think that the egg will sink because of the shell.
Result: The egg sank at first in the water. But when we put the salt in the water, it floated. We put in ¼ of a cup of salt ~ Brooklyn F

My prediction: I think that the egg will sink because it has a hard shell on it.
Result: We put the egg in the water and it sank. Then we put some salt in the water. The egg sank. We put some more salt into the water. Then the egg floated. We left it over night and the egg still floated. It was fun~Emma

On Friday last week we were able to bring a soft toy to school as part of a maths unit on mass.

We had lots of fun weighing our special friends using a range of measuring tools.

Remember to check out our blog at to see what we have been doing in class.

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