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24 September

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Dear Parents

A big thank you to all parents who have assisted in our class programmes, sports teams, cultural and spiritual events this term.
I hope the weather improves and look forward to seeing you all on Monday 11th October.
As you can see at school, we have no drains in our fields and the back of the school is now a duck pond. If the water had continued to rise on Tuesday and got into the foyer, I would have been forced to close the school. Luckily this did not eventuate. One of the items of work to be completed this year as part of our 10 year property plan is to install suitable drains.
This week has certainly been very interesting with the predicted storm wreaking havoc through the city and rest of the province. Aside from the damage to buildings, our thoughts are with the farming community as this storm continues unabated.

Convent Cup
With the destruction of the stadium last weekend the Convent Cup was cancelled and will be unlikely to be rescheduled this year.

Year 4, 5 & 6 Reports
At present the teachers in Rooms 7, 8 & 9 are compiling their assessment results. These will be completed over the holidays and the numeracy and reading graphs will be sent home at the beginning of next term. If you haven’t already done so, please send your e-mail address to the office and your child’s teachers.

Sisters of Mercy Mass
Thank you to the children who were prepared to sing at mass on Sunday. Unfortunately the weather put paid to this. At a future school mass we will invite the remaining sisters of Mercy, and hopefully will be able to celebrate their 60 yrs involvement in our parish with them. The sisters were thankful for the efforts put in by the children on their behalf.

We have been informed by Southland Basketball, Mini-Ball will be run as planned next term.
Also the school holidays camps are still on and registration forms are on the notice boards.

Yee Haw Boutique pony parties, western themed indoor arena and party room, Beautiful 12.2hh palomino pony, ph Kris in Otatara, 2130157 or 0278585515, secure your Childs special day today.

Room 2 Class Happenings

We have done some fabulous writing in Room 2 this week. Our stories are getting much longer and we are beginning to remember to make them more interesting by saying how we feel in our story.

Yesterday we had ‘opposite day’, where everything was back to front! We did our normal timetable backwards, we said ‘No’ when we meant ‘Yes’, and we even called each other the opposite name (sibling names). I was Mrs Russell for the day! The teacher also was the one who sat on the mat, and the children sat on their chairs.
It was a very backwards day.

CARITAS sent us this certificate in appreciation of our efforts earlier this year for the Pakistan flood appeal.

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17 September

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Dear Parents

I have just had the pleasure of being able to watch our children take part in the “Sing Out” at the Civic Theatre. They put on a great show, accompanied by Lipstick, which has Toni Biddle, one of our parents in it.
It has been a great experience for all the children and a big thank you to Mrs Ashton and everyone else who has contributed to its success.

You will have noticed preparations are underway for the building of our new library.
An exact date can’t be given yet as the building is coming from Christchurch and we are still awaiting council consent. A number of ICC officers are in Christchurch helping out. We look forward to its arrival.

Term 3 finishes on Friday 24th September and re-opens for Term 4 on Monday 11th October.

Our prayers are with the Fortune and Dodd’s families this week.

We wish the Sisters well as they celebrate their 60 years at Sacred Heart.

The children will be singing before Mass so will need to be LINED UP IN THE SCHOOL FOYER at 10.00am please. We will be seated upstairs in the choir loft and will start singing at 10.15am. We will also be singing during the Mass. The children are to wear their winter school uniforms please.
The Mass will probably end at approximately 11.40am.
Thank you for your support ~ Miss O’Neill

Room 7 & 8 Class Mass
Parents and grandparents are invited to join Room 7 & 8 next Thursday 23 September at 11.30 am for their joint class mass.
A picnic lunch will follow in the hall.

ICT Bus Tour
On Tuesday afternoon we hosted 28 teachers from the ILT Bus Tour. I received a lot of very positive feedback from them regarding our classroom programmes and in particular the ability of our children to be able to explain what they are doing and why.

Convent Cup – Catholic Schools Sports Day
Children in Rooms 8 & 9 will be taking part in the Convent Cup at Stadium Southland on Monday 20 Sept from 10 – 2 pm. All children have a note regarding what they need.
Parents are most welcome to come along and support us.

Room 1 Class Happenings

In Room 1 we “think about our thinking”. When we use “green light” thinking we say “I can…”. If we say “I can’t…” we call that “red light” thinking. Green light thinking helps us to learn and to try new things. Our HABITS OF MIND are reminders of good learning habits. We can use HABITS OF MIND and GREEN LIGHT THINKING wherever we are.

We have made some houses with cards. We used our HABITS OF MIND because we needed to persist (keep on trying) and work with others to be successful. We are proud of the houses we have made.

School Uniform
Now that Spring is here it is a good time for us to be thinking about next term and the change to summer uniform.
In particular, we would like to draw your attention to shoes and hair ties.
All students should keep their hair tidy and tied up if it is long. This is for safety reasons as well as tidiness. Jewellery is not part of our uniform and therefore should not be worn at school.
If students are wearing sports uniform they are able to wear sports shoes. However, these should not be worn with our basic school uniform.
As always, if there is a reason why your child cannot wear correct school uniform, please send a note to the class teacher. If you are unsure, please contact the school office for a copy of our school uniform policy.
We look forward to seeing all our children in correct school uniform at all times.

Mini Olympics
On Wednesday the children were fortunate to be able to take part in a Mini Olympics organised by SIT students.

Congratulations to Harry McLean & Damian Mitchell, winners of the Primary School Table Tennis Competitions. Harry & Damian won an impressive final 3 – 2 against Middle Green.
Both boys represented Sacred Heart admirably and worked together as a team to come out for a much deserved win.

Southland BMX ~ Open Day. Elizabeth Park Lime Street ~ Sunday 19th September 1.30 pm. Come and have a go!!!

Enrolments are now open for the ILT Holiday Sports Programme
Sports include: Aerobics, Archery, Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Canoeing, Cricket, Cycling, Dodgeball, Flippa Ball, Football, Fun skills, Golf, Gymnastics, Hip Hop, Netball, Orienteering, Rock Climbing, Rugby, Softball, Squash, Surf Lifesaving, Table Tennis, Tee Ball, Tennis, Touch, Underwater Hockey, Volleyball, Wheelchair Basketball. The programme is in its sixth cycle, and some exciting new initiatives have been introduced, including:
– 1 day trial day for 13-15 year olds
– 4x 1 day sport specific camps
– 2x afternoons at Splash Palace
For more information, please contact Tracy or Peter at Sport Southland:
Ph: 03 2112150

Summer Football (Soccer) Turnbull Thompson Park Monday afternoons $25 each
Soccer commences next term for ages 5 – 10 yrs. Full details are available on the junior notice board. If your child would like to play, please fill in the slip and return to the office, with payment of $25 (per player) no later than Wednesday 22nd September. No late entries will be accepted, as teams need to be entered by the end of next week. Thank you.



Name: …………………………………………………………………. Age………. DOB …………..

Signed: ……………………………………………………………….

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10 September

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Dear Parents

I am sure your thoughts this week have been with the people in Christchurch affected by the recent earthquake and aftershocks.
There will be few people in Southland who haven’t got a connection to Christchurch and I know of several staff members and parents who have relatives with damaged properties.

We will be busy next week with choir practices for mass and the choral festival on Thursday night, the Mini Olympics, First Aid course and hosting visitors on the ILT Bus Tour.

Welcome to Jesse Richardson who joined the children in Room 1 today.
We hope he and his family enjoy their time here with us at Sacred Heart.
Our thoughts and prayers are with Fr. Vince and his family at this time.
Thank you for your patience in regards to the car park after school, while the windows are being replaced in the hall.

Congratulations to the children who received the Sacrament of Reconciliation for the first time last night. Please keep them in your prayers.
A big thank you to Miss O’Neill, Fr. Jacob and parents for preparing the children. It was a very special ceremony and the children enjoyed it.

Sisters of Mercy Mass – 19th September
Thank you for the response we have had for the children to represent the school at this very important celebration for the Sisters of Mercy on the 19th. The sisters were instrumental in the setting up and running of Sacred Heart. We are pleased to be able to honour them in this way. There will be practises next week for this. Thank you.

School Disco
The school disco is now on Thursday 21st October.

First Aid Course
On Monday & Tuesday each class will be having a first aid session with a St. John’s trainer.

ICT Bus Tour ~ 14th September
On Tuesday afternoon we will be hosting 30 teachers on an ILT tour looking at best teaching practice in some Invercargill schools.
We are looking forward to being able to share some of our ideas with others in our profession with less and less quality professional development on offer, visiting other teachers and observing what they do is becoming the most effective way of updating our own classroom practices.

Room 6 Class Blog
Room 6 will be working on their class blog over the next little while. We will let you know when it is ready for viewing. As there will be children’s work and photos on this blog, please let me know by email ( if you do not wish your child to be represented on the blog.

Choir Festival
The children in Rooms 6 and 7 will be attending the dress rehearsal for the choral festival, next Thursday morning, at the Civic Theatre. Please ensure you child is in correct school uniform.

Mini Olympics
Children in Rooms 5-8 will take part in this next Wednesday morning courtesy of SIT students. It will run from 10.30 – 12.30.

Congratulations: To Joshua Newell who received a trophy from the Waikiwi Football Club for the most improved player 2010. He gets to keep it for the rest of his life!

Scholastic Bookclub – The sale page which was distributed yesterday, will close Thur 16th.

Room 9 Class Happenings

In Room 9 we have been doing an Inquiry unit about ecosystems. Below are some pieces of writing about what we have discovered.

Types of Relationships in an Ecosystem
Mr Esler taught us about the different types of relationships in an ecosystem.

The first type of relationship involves parasites. Parasites are animals that feed on other things without killing them or without killing them straight away.
Examples are: Bird lice, bristle flies, mistletoes vines and Chilean Creeper

The next type of Relationship is Symbiosis-Mutualism. This is when both living things benefits from the relationship. An example of this is between bees and trees. Bees collect nectar from the flowering trees. Bees help the trees pollination process when they collect the pollen.

Finally there is Commensalism. This is when two things live together. One of them benefits and it has no effect on the other one. An example of this is between epiphytes and trees ~ By Abby Humm
Human Ecosystem
Mr. Esler came in and taught us about ecosystems. He told us that the human body is an ecosystem
Things that live on and in your body

Your body is an ecosystem. There are parasites everywhere. Some examples of parasites that live on you are: Mites, Worms, Bacteria, Fungi and viruses.

Worms live in and sometimes on your body. Some examples of these are: Tapeworms, Pinworms, Roundworms, Hookworms and Red worms.

There are also some creatures that aren’t all bad. For example the Dust Mite: In some cases the Dust Mites do cause allergies, but they are harmless creatures per say. These are the cleaner parasites who clean up the skin and the scalp by eating dead cells ~ By Sam Russell
Pot Plant Ecosystem

Wow look at that humongous beetle. Oh and look at the little white jumpy things that are hopping away. I nearly got that one!!

In room9 we have been learning about ecosystems and what sorts of places have an ecosystem inside them.

For instance, a fallen tree is an ecosystem because it has living things inside it and they eat away all the nutritional minerals and vitamins found inside the bark and the wood.

Mrs Lieshout brought a pot plant to school and that afternoon we entered a world we didn’t even know existed. It was a world right under the soil of that plant. We looked at all the different beetles and bugs. We caught the bugs and looked at them through a microscope and then let them go.

Then after that we did some activities that included going on a flipchart and watching little clips about ecosystems and what is in an ecosystem. We have extended our learning quite a bit about ecosystems and one day I hope you will too ~ By Chanae

Term 4 Sports – Cricket & Badminton
Enrolment day for Year 5 & 6 cricket players is at Queens Park Pavilion, 16th September @ 3.30-5pm.
Any children wishing to play badminton please see Miss Tagomoa.

Grasmere Brownies have spaces available for girls aged 7-10. A great way to meet new friends and try new things. For more information please contact Lean on 03-224 6485.

School Uniform
Now that Spring is here it is a good time for us to be thinking about next term and the change to summer uniform. Included in the newsletter this week is the list of uniform items.
In particular, we would like to draw your attention to the shoes and hair ties.
Also, all students should keep their hair tidy and tied up if it is long. This is for safety reasons as well as tidiness.
Jewellery is not part of our uniform and therefore should not be worn at school.
If students are wearing sports uniform they are able to wear sports shoes. However, these should not be worn with our basic school uniform.
As always, if there is a reason why your child cannot wear correct school uniform, please send a note to the class teacher.
We look forward to seeing all our children in correct school uniform at all times.
Many thanks for your support with this.


There will be a Fair Meeting this Tuesday 14th @ 7.30pm in Rm 9.

Please let the school office know if you can help with the following:
We still need clown outfits some older children can use for the fair?
Contact with anyone who may be able to donate hair products for the funky hair stall? If you have unwanted hair gel or hairspray please sends to the office.
Keep stashing those items for the white elephant stall.
Please store until the day before the fair when the hall will be open for deliveries. If you have anything big you can’t store, phone Trish Mitchell 215-8292 for collection or you can drop items to Tina Paraki 215-8234 – 40 Vogel St or Kerrie Ann Foleni 2157278 – 96 Edinburgh Crescent.

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3 September

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Dear Parents

You will have noticed work has begun on replacing the hall windows. This may cause some issues regarding parking space, so please be aware of this.
While we haven’t yet had any official confirmation about our new library, I have been told they are waiting for consent from the council and it is hoped to be in place during the next school break.
Well done to Miss Tagomoa, Ranan and Mrs Brookland for preparing the teams for the Gym Festival last weekend. These events have a very high time commitment but are very worthwhile, so thanks to all concerned. Of special note this year was the boy’s team. Eli and Keegan both got ‘Elite’ which is in the top 2 and got to perform two of their rotations again. Well done!!!

Welcome to Summer Smith who started in Room 2 on Monday.

The next session for the children is on Wednesday 8 September 3.15 to 4.00pm in the church for a practice. The children will line up in the school foyer and walk over together.

RECONCILIATION NIGHT – THURSDAY 9 SEPT – 6.30PM IN THE CHURCH. The children will wear tidy home clothes or their uniform.

Good luck to Patrice Brookland and Ashleigh Baker who are off to compete in the South Island Gymnastics Champs in Timaru this weekend.

Congratulations to Lucy Baynes who passed her primary ballet exam with Merit.

Holiday Basketball Camps
Check out the notices in the junior corridor regarding the Basketball Camps in the September holidays: 5 – 8 yrs ~ Wed 29th Sept $20 each
9 – 14 yrs ~ Mon 27th & Tues 28th Sept $45 each

ILT Sing Out
We are getting closer to the ILT Sing Out which is on the 16th September. Tickets can be purchased from the ICC booking office.

Room 8 Class Happenings

Room 8 has been learning about Eco-Systems. Last week we had Mr. Esler come and visit. He showed us that we had lots of different types of grass on our field.

This term we have started persuasive writing. We have to persuade someone into thinking the same way we do, here is an example of some of the writing.

I think homework should be banned because children find it frustrating and they are stressing about no fresh air, every child needs fresh air or else their brains will get fuzzy inside and they won’t be able to think properly.
Another reason is that children also have after school activities, for example, I have swimming lessons on Tuesday and this is when most of my RE work comes along.
The children also need a day off to relax and take their mind of some things, because when they get older they won’t be able to calm down, being far too busy worrying about work more than their family.
That’s why I think homework should be banned!! By Bree Chilton

Bann Homework!!
Homework is the most boring thing in history!! We should Bann it NOW because we spend way too much time, hours and hours go past, when we could be outside being active.
Do you think you should be sitting on your big butt wasting your own life when we could be outside on the trampoline or doing whatever else you like to do?
Bann homework because terrible teachers try and keep you in doing work every single day! If you don’t, you get into trouble.
Do you know that teachers are a different type of Witch? So tell your teacher homework should be banned!! By Eli Winders

I think we should not Bann homework because ‘double learning makes you double smart’. I would absolutely hate it if they banned homework! If they did Bann it, I would still do my own homework.
Kids just say they don’t want to because they are lazy. However you are actually putting more and more information into your brain. It’s called learning! Because if you do all of your homework you will be rewarded at the end of the week.
Thirdly if you do it every week your teacher will know you are a good learning child. Listen to the teacher when the teacher says to do homework. Cool!! By Renee Boniface

Basketball – If your child would like to play, please fill out the slip and return to the office. These must be returned by Wed 8th September. The cost will be $35 each, which includes entry to the Stadium. Payment must accompany the child’s slip to secure a place in the team.

I give permission for__________________ to play basketball in Term 4

Year ___________________ Signed____________________

Catholic Sports Tournament

Where: Stadium Southland/ Velodrome
When: Monday 20th September 10am -2pm
Sports: Rippa Rugby, Soccer, Netball, Hockey

The Room 8 & 9 students have been divided up into sports teams to compete in the Catholic Sports Tournament. We will be travelling to the Stadium by bus between 9-9.15am and returning around 2pm. Children are to come dressed in their sports uniform. They will need warm clothes, morning tea, lunch and plenty to drink.
We will need coaches/supervisors for each of our teams. Please fill out the slip below if you are available to help with this. Parents/caregivers are more than welcome to come and support our teams. If you would like your child to come straight home from the Stadium you need to advise their classroom teachers ~ Kath Lieshout and Selina Tagomoa.

Convent Cup

I am available to help supervise/ coach. Contact number/ e-mail ____________

Name: ___________________ Sport: _______________

The Senior Syndicate is going on a Field Trip to Thompson’s Bush as part of our inquiry unit on ecosystems. We need at least 6 parent helpers per class. Each class trip will be for approximately two hours. We will be walking there and back. We are hoping to go on Friday the 10th of September and the postponement date is Monday the 13th of September. We would appreciate your help in this matter as if we don’t have enough parent helpers we can’t go.

At this stage:
Room 9 will be on the trip from 8.45 – 11.00 (In bush 9.30 -10.30)
Room 7 will be on the trip from 9.45 – 12.00 (In bush 10.30 -11.30)
Room 8 will be on the trip from 10.45 – 1.00 (In bush 11.30 -12.30)
Thompson’s Bush
I can/ cannot help on Friday the 10th of September
I can/ cannot help on Monday the 13th of September
Name ______________________________

On Sunday 19 September, the Sisters of Mercy will celebrate their 60 years presence in the Sacred Heart Parish.
The Sisters will commemorate this occasion at the 10.30am Mass on Sunday 19 September. We wish to contribute to their Mass of celebration by having a choir of children singing before and during the Mass.
We are looking for year 3 and above children to be part of this choir. Please fill in the form below to indicate that your child will take part.
The Sisters of Mercy were the first teachers at Sacred Heart School when our school was established in 1962 and this would be way to show our appreciation of their contribution to our school.
Your child would be involved on SUNDAY 19 SEPTEMBER, 10.00AM TILL APPROX 11.45AM
The Mass will be followed by a cuppa and finger food in the parish hall which all are welcome to attend. If you would like to contribute towards the finger food, a small plate would be appreciated.


______________________________________ will take part in the Mass to celebrate 60 years of the Sisters of Mercy in Sacred Heart Parish.

SIGNED ________________________________

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