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23 June

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Dear Parents

First Reconciliation

Please pray for these children who will be receiving the Sacrament of Reconciliation for the first time tonight in the church at 6.30 pm. Shaun Clapperton, Bridie Kinney, Claire Kinney, George Nally, Greta Wallace, Caleb Wolf, Jennifer Thomson and Lucy Nind.

A big thank you to Miss O’Neill, Fr Jacob and the PTA members for there contribution to a very successful day.

Mass/Picnic Lunch

Thank you for your support at last Sundays Mass and at the PTA shared lunch in the hall afterwards. It was a great turnout.


During the War, a US marine was separated from his unit. The fighting had been intense, and in the smoke and the crossfire he had lost touch with his comrades.

Alone in the hills, he could hear enemy soldiers coming in his direction. Scrambling for cover, he found his way up a high ridge to several small caves in the rock. Quickly he crawled inside one of the caves. Although safe for the moment, he realized that once the enemy soldiers looking for him swept up the ridge, they would quickly search all the caves and he would be killed.

As he waited, he prayed, “Lord, if it be your will, please protect me. Whatever your will though, I love you and trust you. Amen.”

After praying, he lay quietly listening to the enemy begin to draw close. He thought, “Well, I guess the Lord isn’t going to help me out of this one..” Then he saw a spider begin to build a web over the front of his cave.

As he watched, listening to the enemy searching for him, all the while, the spider layered strand after strand of web across the opening of the cave.

Ha, he thought. “What I need is a brick wall and what the Lord has sent me is a spider web.

God does have a sense of humour.”

As the enemy drew closer he watched from the darkness of his hideout and could see them searching one cave after another. As they came to his, he got ready to make his last stand. To his amazement, however, after glancing in the direction of his cave, they moved on. Suddenly, he realized that with the spider web over the entrance, his cave looked as if no one had entered for quite a while. “Lord, forgive me,” prayed the young man. “I had forgotten that in you a spider’s web is stronger than a brick wall.”

We all face times of great trouble. When we do, it is so easy to forget the victories that God would work in our lives, sometimes in the most surprising ways. As the great leader, Nehemiah, reminded the people of Israel when they faced the task of rebuilding Jerusalem,

“In God we will have success!” [Nehemiah 2:20]

Remember: Whatever is happening in your life, with God, a mere spider’s web can become a brick wall of protection. Believe He is with you always. Just speak His name through Jesus His son, and you will see His great power and love in your life.


Thanks to those who have expressed interest in reviewing our school charter. I still need a couple more volunteers, especially in the Year 1 – 3 area of the school. Please contact me on 0274918694 or


We are fortunate to have Anne Lamond working with some of our children in Numeracy for the remainder of the term.

Anne is one of the facilitators of a Numeracy Initiative being run in all Invercargill primary schools.


Tickets are available from Christine during normal office hours (8.30 am – 2.30 pm).

Practices are now underway. Thank you for your assistance in the providing of props, costumes and the like.

We require adult help on both nights for either recording the show on video or being an usher. If you can help, please let Mrs Stupples know asap. Thank you.

Starship Phones For Rewards Campaign

Our School is taking part in the Starship Hospital Phones for Rewards Campaign.

By collecting your old mobile phones, we can earn some exciting rewards for our school. The rewards on offer range from digital cameras, laptop computers, even a promethean interactive whiteboard. Obviously the more phones we collect, the better our rewards will be. So have a hunt around at home, ask around at work, and drop off your old mobile phones to the box in the school office. We don’t need chargers, and we ask that you take out your batteries. These can be placed in the box as well.

This is a great campaign. Not only will we earn exciting rewards for our school, we are helping Starship fundraise for their Air Ambulance Service.

Tap Dancing Results

Anika Winders: 1st Song and Tap under 6

Eli Winders: 1st Song and Tap 10 years and over

Social Studies Fair –Merit

Aimee Brookland: Cup for Most Personality Under 10.

Kayla Boniface: 1st Tap Solo Novice / Restricted 8 & 9 years.

Kayla and Emma Harrington came 3rd for their Duo Novice / Restricted Any Age and Kayla won the Championship Trophy for Restricted 9 years and over.

Southland Dancing Results

Breyah Takitimu: 1st, two 2nds and a 3rd and was also awarded the trophy for Most Promising Modern Dancer of the Competitions.

Paris Johnson: 1st Ballet Novice, VHC Demi Dance, Commended Ballet Dance.

Fruit Order – Delivery Thursday 30th June

Please fill in the order form in the junior corridor by Tuesday 28th am if you want apples, pears, pumpkins or walnuts. This is the last delivery for the year.

Altar Servers

Saturday 25th June – 7.00pm – Clarke Le Breton

Sunday 26th June – 10.30am – Bree Chilton & Eli Winders

Children’s Liturgy – Aletta Reid

Netball Results

Stars drew 6 – 6 against Newfield Comets. Aimee Brookland was POD .

Ferns won by default against New River Stars

Shooters won 17 – 0 against St St Theresa’s Silver. POD was Bree Chilton for outstanding shooting.

Room 2 Class Happenings

We have been very busy getting ready for our production in two weeks. Room 2 will be dressed up as toys and we are going to do a dance to our music. We have been practising our dance every day. Here is a word find about our costumes. Can you find us all?

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1 June

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Dear Parents

A big thanks to Mrs Adams, Mrs Brown and the PTA for organising the new gardens outside the junior block.

We also thank the PTA for providing funding for the lease of some i-pads and new games for the classrooms.

We are in the process of remarking the netball and basketball courts. We have moved them across as there has been some damage to the concrete during the construction of the new veranda.

We hope the children enjoyed the cross country today and we look forward to some of them representing the zone at the Southland Cross Country next Friday in Otautau. The 9yr olds who also qualified to compete are: Emma Harrington, Hannah Dawson, Isabella Wild, Georgea Newell, Shaula Greig, Rylee Hewitt, Rohan Mackenzie, Erik Cahill, Harry Oosterbroek, Ben Henderson, Alex Armstrong, Ben Sievwright, Kayson Timu and Callum O’Connor.

Welcome to Alex McLeod who joined the children in Room 2 today.

We hope he enjoys his time with us.

School Mass – Sunday 19th June – please mark your calendar

Annual Report

A copy of the school’s annual report is available at the office for anyone to view.

A Reminder Wheelie Day is Friday’s Only

Ripsticks, scooters, bikes etc are in designated areas and must have safety gear on.

School Survey

We would appreciate the parents taking part in the school survey, to return these tomorrow please. Many thanks for your co-operation with this.


Well done to Claire Kinney who received the ‘Player of the Day’ team trophy last week at soccer.

Altar Servers

Saturday 4 Jun 7pm Reuben Brown

Sunday 5 Jun 10.30am Sam Sherriff & Ben Henderson

Children’s Liturgy Trish Sherriff

Nit-Enz for Head Lice is NOW available from Ascot 4 Square on Tay Street or for further details visit Use as a normal shampoo twice a week, normal conditioner afterwards, and you won’t have to worry about head lice again!

Searching for Gold

Look beneath the freckles?

Look beneath the grin?

Look for that which sparkles?

Buried deep within.

Look beyond the whining?

Look beyond the tears?

Look beyond the runny nose?

The frowns, the mess, the fears.

Search for that which glitters?

Treasures to unfold?

Search beneath the surface?

Search and find the gold!

by Jean Warren


Next meeting Monday 13th June 2011, 7.30pm in school staff room – everyone welcome.

Oyster Raffle

Thanks so much to all the families who have returned their oyster raffles. We have had a great response from families to date. Unfortunately we still have a number of cards outstanding and have to delay drawing the raffle until these have all been returned. If you still have your raffle to return, please get this to school by this Friday 3rd June, so we can make arrangements to draw the raffle and have the oysters delivered next week.

Sunday 19th June School Mass

PICNIC LUNCH (Inside the hall) KIDS LOLLY SCRAMBLE BBQ Sausage’s – Camp fundraiser

The PTA would like to invite you to stay after the school mass and enjoy a picnic lunch with the school and church community. The Year 6 students and parents are holding a sausage sizzle fundraiser and will have BBQ sausages in bread for sale. Or you can bring a picnic lunch to share with your family inside the hall after mass. Hot tea and coffee will be available. After lunch there will be a lolly scramble for all the children. Please come, bring your family and enjoy sometime with the school and parish community.

PTA Parents Night

The PTA is organising a bowling night for parents – mark your calendars for Saturday 25th June and book in your babysitters. This will be a fun night and a chance for parents to meet others from the school. Put the date in your diary and talk to other parents from your class to organise a group to come and enjoy yourselves.

Details to follow in the next few weeks.

Note: Anyone needing babysitters names, feel free to contact Liza Adams 2159995 or Susanne Brown 2158883 as we have a number of very good ex Sacred Heart pupils we can recommend.

Wow this term has gone so fast we are nearly half way through the term already. Last week the senior syndicate went to view the Kakapo chicks at the Invercargill Working Men’s Club. Take a look on our class blogspot to: watch some video footage we took while we were down there.

While we were there we learned about what they eat, how they feed them when they are really little and why they are so special.

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26 May

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Dear Parents

Well done to all the children who took part in our school cross country last week.

Special congratulations to these children who will represent the school at the Zones next week at St. Patricks:

Bree Chilton, Ashleigh Baker, Charlotte Chesters, Natasha Thomson, Patrice Brookland, Renee Cooper, Sam Thornbury, Eli Winders, Sam Downing, Damian Mitchell, Harry McLean & Sam Sherriff.

Thank you to Mrs Adams and the PTA who have organised PD workers to start work on the new garden plots in front of the junior school. We will pray for some fine weather for their 2nd day on Saturday.

A Reminder Wheelie Day is Friday’s Only

Ripsticks, scooters, bikes etc are in designated areas and must have safety gear on.

Otatara Families Transport Request

We are looking for a family living in Otatara who may be able to provide transport for Matthew Hackett to and from the bus stop, while his mother recovers from a recent operation. If you can assist, please contact either me at school, or Tracey Frewen.

School Mass – Sunday 19th June – please mark your calendar now

Parent Reconciliation Meeting ~ 1st June 7.30 pm in Room 5

Parent Survey

Selected parents/caregivers would have received this survey with their newsletter today.

Please return these to school by Friday 3rd June.

If you cannot complete this form, please let me know.

Activity Fee

Thank you to those parents who have already settled their child’s Activity Fee.

We welcome all payments to the office at your earliest convenience.

Please contact Christine if you require details for direct debiting, and/or arrangements to make fortnightly payments.


Orca Swimming Club Prize-giving Last Thursday Night

Sam Thornbury – Awarded the Joan Billing Trophy for 10yr boys most points.

Bree Chilton – Awarded the St. Mary’s Trophy for the most improved.

Aubrey Page – Merit Certificate for Effort and Improvement.

PTA Oyster Raffle

Thank you to those who have returned their raffle cards.

These must be back at school tomorrow please (full or empty).

Altar Servers

Saturday 28th May 7.00pm Isabella & McKenzie Wild

Sunday 29th May 10.30am Emma Harrington & Abby Humm

Children’s Liturgy Bernadette Forde


A huge thank you to the Richardson family, who have donated 5 chess sets to our chess club. Don’t forget that we play chess on Mondays at lunch time. All children from Room 5 and up are welcome, younger children are welcome if they have the support of their family to practise playing at home ~ Mrs Stupples

Child’s Definition of LOVE

A group of professional people posed this question to a group of 4 to 8 year-olds, “What does love mean?” The answers they got were broader and deeper than anyone could have imagined. See what you think:

“When my grandmother got arthritis, she couldn’t bend over and paint her toenails anymore. So my grandfather does it for her all the time, even when his hands got arthritis too. That’s love.” Rebecca – age 8

When someone loves you, the way they say your name is different. You know that your name is safe in their mouth.” Billy – age 4

“Love is what makes you smile when you’re tired.” Terri – age 4

“Love is like a little old woman and a little old man who are still friends even after they know each other so well.” Tommy – age 6

Author and lecturer Leo Buscaglia once talked about a contest he was asked to judge. The purpose of the contest was to find the most caring child. The winner was a four year old child whose next door neighbor was an elderly gentleman who had recently lost his wife. Upon seeing the man cry, the little boy went into the old gentleman’s yard, climbed onto his lap, and just sat there. When his Mother asked him what he had said to the neighbor, the little boy said, “Nothing, I just helped him cry.”

Class Happenings

Room 7 would like to share excerpts from our narratives from viewing the production of Jack and the Beanstalk the SIT drama students preformed. More can be viewed on our blogsite.

Once upon a time there was a boy called Jack. Oh, and a mum called Mrs Trot. Jack had nearly $20,000 but no one knows what happened to it as it drained away. Obviously everything they owned had disappeared. Just a small little hut and a cow named Daisy. Their cat ran away and not even a penny was left.

Then one day a giant came and they needed to get money! So Mum asked Jack ‘‘We need to sell Daisy to get money, so will you sell her?’’ ‘‘But…’’ replied Jack. “NOW!!”, shouted Mum so Jack was off. NATHAN

Jack climbed the beanstalk and when they got to giant Blunderbor’s castle, giant Blunderbor’s wife came out and said “I used to be so much prettier and you probably wouldn’t know I’m 21”. When Mrs Blunerbor left, a dragon appeared and Jack asked, “If you’re a magic dragon can you dance? “The dragon nodded and danced techno. NATALYA

When Fleshcreep (he’s a slave for the giant) asked Miss Trott to pay the taxes, Miss Trott had no money to pay. They sold Daisy. They gave their Mum the money but it was not money. It was magic beans! In the morning the vegetable fairy woke Jack up so early and he was so tired. MITCHELL

Jack opened his curtains and Wow a humongous stalk was growing outside his window. Jack raced outside. He started to climb it. The beanstalk was very high. It was so high that it passed into the clouds. At the top of the stalk there was a big castle. KAYNE

Jack came back with beans instead of money. So Mrs Trot threw them out the window. The next morning there was a big beanstalk. Jack was climbing it to the top and found a big castle, a giant’s castle! He crept up to the door and opened it quietly. A big voice boomed through the doorway.

It was the giant’s voice. TOM

Meanwhile in the morning he opened his curtains and saw a beanstalk so he climbed it. He climbed up and up and up. Higher he saw an enormous grey castle. He crept in and killed the giant and they lived happily ever after. AIMEE


Thank you for the efforts you make in having the children in the correct uniform.

A couple of reminders:

1. Long sleeve thermals are not to be seen under sports shirts. The children need to wear their jersey for warmth. They will be asked to take off the thermal or put their jersey on.

2. Sports shoes are to be worn with sports uniform only.

3. We do have ‘nasty nits’ in school at the moment, so please keep long hair tied up.

Thank you for your support helping the children wear their uniform with pride.

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