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18 August

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Dear Parents

This week has been a little quieter and a lot colder with our ERO visit completed.

At the reporting back session last week the ERO reviewers were full of praise for the teaching programmes and the feedback they received from the groups of children they interviewed.

Good luck to the children taking part in the Polyfest Competition tomorrow at the Civic Theatre.

Also to Harry McLean & Damian Mitchell who are entered in the Southland Primary Table Tennis competitions this weekend.


The children who are to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation this term should now have their programme book. If you expected your child to be included in this group but they did not bring a book home, please see Mrs Buxton on Friday to receive a copy of the book.

A parent meeting will be held on Thursday 25 August at 7.30pm in Room 5 at school.

There will be 4 sessions for the children:

Friday 26 August 9.15 – 10.00am

2 September



The book costs $5.00 and includes preparation for both Confirmation and First Holy Communion. The book has been subsidized by the Parish.

School Photos ~ These are now being held next Thursday 25. Please ensure your child is in correct uniform (no sports uniform) and all hair is tied correctly. Families who have booked in for family photos, are asked to bring their pre-schoolers in at 8.30 am.

Numeracy Initiative

We farewell Anne Lamond who has been working with groups of children at school for the past term.

A big thanks to the parents and children for your work at home as we have had very pleasing results.

Thank you Anne.

Numeracy Parent Information Evening for Year 0 – 3 ~ Waihopai School

Due to this meeting being postponed on Monday night, it will now be held this Monday 22August.

If you are wishing to attend these meetings, please let Christine know tomorrow, as numbers are required for parent kits.

Book Amnesty ~ Please return any books from school that you may have at home. Ask your child to return them to their class teacher as soon as possible as we are in the process of stocktaking our books. No questions asked!!!

PTA Music Quiz Night ~ Unfortunately we have once again had to postpone this event due to lack of numbers. To the enthusiastic parents, just be patient as we will hopefully find a free weekend next term to reschedule this when the weather warms up and there may be a bit more interest.

Basketball ~ If your child wants to play Basketball, please return the slip and payment by next Friday.

Year 6 Camp ~ There are 5 families interested in a final group fundraiser. If you would like to come on board, please contact Trish 215-8292 by Monday 22nd August.


Aimee Brookland who competed in the Timaru Tap Dancing Competitions last weekend. Aimee was 1st in her Slow, 1st in her Speed, 1st in the Troupe, 2nd in her Song & Tap, VHC in both her Solo & Championship tap dances.

Jake Meikle who came 2nd in the Under 8 – 11 85cc Motor Cross Winter Series in Cromwell recently.

Altar Servers

Saturday 20th August 7.00pm Rory Horn

Sunday 21st August 10.30am Reuben Brown & Ben Nind

Children’s Liturgy Jackie Taylor

Lost 1 small Polo Top at the Production practise with the name Conor or Cory on the label.

Hockey Update ~ This term our first game was on the 3rd of August against Makarewa. We lost 2 – 1 but we had a great game. Some were feeling a little tired after all that good food over the holidays! Player of the Day was Zane Flawn for making excellent progress over the hockey session.

Our second game this term was against Fernworth and it was a draw, 2 all. Player of the Day was Cameron Roulston for keeping on attack and reaching out with his stick.

This week our game was against Ascot and we lost 1 – 3. Player of the Day was Hayley Maloney for being involved throughout the whole game and supporting other team members.

Next week, there is no Wednesday hockey due to a tournament being played.

Our next game is on the 31st of August, then the 7th with our final game for the year on the 14th of August. Thank you to the parents for all the support ~ Megan Roulston

EdAlive Software ~ The new eCSP is now online. Download EdAlive’s software directly and save.

Edalive’s award-winning educational software is now available as internet downloads through the new eCSP (electronic Community Software Plan). You can save up to 70% off RRP and direct 20% of the value of your orders as CASH to our school. To access the web site go to just enter the name of our school and you’ll be able to purchase the software directly to your computer or have CDs shipped to your home address.

Shampoo with Nit-Enz Certified Organic shampoo twice a week, normal conditioner afterwards, and you won’t have to worry about head lice again!

Nit-Enz is NOW available from Ascot and Newfield 4 Squares or for further details visit

Room 9 Class Happenings

Our inquiry this term is how and why people throughout history have stored and preserved food? It is a Science unit. The hangi was our Tuning In activity and below is the first experiment we conducted to see how best to store the hangi food overnight.


Our Hypothesis for the hangi experiment is:

The potato in the fridge will be perfectly fine;

the potato in water will almost be black;

and the plain old potato will be black.


Room 9 is doing an experiment for our hangi. We are trying to find the best way to store the peeled potatoes for a day. These are some of the ideas we had.

The potato in the fridge:

The first step was we had to peel the potato.

Next we wrapped it in a tinfoil box.

Then we wrapped the box with the potato in it with tin foil.

After that we put it in the fridge and wait.

The potato in the bowl of water:

First of we had to peel the potato. The second step was to pop the potato into the bowl and then we wait of course.

The potato in the foil:

This one was the simplest of all. First of all we peeled the third potato. We wrapped up the potato in tin foil and wait. It was as simple as that!!!


The potato left on the bench was yellow- brown and smelt rotten. It was also drying out.

The potato in the fridge was also yellow- brown and smelt rotten. It was still moist.

The potato in the water stayed the same as when we put it in the water.

The best way to keep the potatoes fresh was in the bowl of water.


In Room 9 we were trying to find out what is the best way to keep the vegetables fresh?

On Tuesday we now know that we will have to take the vegetables out of the plates and label them with what each person wants. Then we will have to put the vegetables in water. On Wednesday morning we will have to put all the vegetables back.

We are writing speeches in class at present. We were able to choose our own topic.

This one is by Rory Horn: Why children should play with Lego!!!!!

Have you ever wondered what the most popular construction toy is? Well it’s LEGO!!! Just stay right there because by the end of this speech I bet that you will be convinced that Lego is the best toy ever.

If you’re a computer nerd have you ever played Lego Batman??? How about Lego Indiana Jones or what about the latest Lego pirates of the Caribbean??? Featuring scenes from the movies!!!

You can play all these games on Nintendo, Play Station, Nintendo Wii, and even X-box. The reason why you should get any of these games is because take my advice I have played two of these games and couldn’t keep away from my Nintendo.

Lego can be played by all ages from 1 and a half-year olds to GRANDADS!!! 1 and a half-year olds are just learning to put bricks together which helps with hand and eye coordination. This Lego is called Duplo and you can get sets as well as buckets of bricks to make up your own models. Granddad’s like to help their grandchildren. Also they like to find out about the latest complicated sets.

Lego is not just about building sets you can go free build this means no instructions. I enjoy making houses and war bases. I even re-build Lego sets to make them bigger and better

Lego is the best type of entertainment. TV is not good for eyes and brain but Lego is good for your eyes and excellent for your brain because it is educational. Lego is all about being creative, imaginative and having fun.

The first Lego toy was wooden and made in Norway by Ole Kirk master carpenter in 1932. Lego is Danish for play well. In 1949 the first plastic Lego brick was made, then the first Lego set was made. Lego was introduced in the United States in 1962.

Today there are over 2200 different pieces of Lego that you can build into anything you want. Your imagination is the limit and how many bricks you have. Have fun, go wild, be creative and Mum’s remember tidy rooms aren’t the most important thing in life!

Parish Sacramental Programme

Sacred Heart Parish wishes to support parents of children receiving the Sacraments by running information sessions to assist with your faith development. There are 2 options:

Afternoons – possibly 1.30 – 3.00 or Nights 7.30 – 9.00 pm

Please fill out the form and return if you are interested.

Sacramental Programme

Yes, I / We ……………………………….. wish to attend the afternoon presentation and would be

available on Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri (please circle all options available to you)


Yes I / We ……………………………….. would be available for the evening sessions and could

attend on Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri (please circle all options available to you)

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