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24 May

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Dear Parents
It has been a very busy week with Mrs Buxton & I at a Literacy conference in Wellington, and also our school cross country on Tuesday. A big thanks to the teachers and parents for making it so successful.
Next week I am away on an e-Time school tour looking at how schools have integrated devices such as laptops, ipads etc. into classroom use more effectively, especially with ultra-fast broadband almost upon us. Please contact Mrs Buxton if there are any queries while I am away.
Last week I mentioned the Ministers pre-budget announcement regards to class sizes and performance pay. As there hasn’t been any more concrete information, I will wait until the Budget today before commenting on how changes will affect us.
Today the Holy Spirit, the third person of the Trinity, is in the spotlight. Jesus is preparing his disciples for his imminent departure, but first he wants to entrust them to the Holy Spirit. Why was this so important? Jesus knows that the Holy Spirit’s main role is to reveal new aspects of God and his Word (15:26). In doing this he will help the disciples understand Jesus better.
The Father, Son and Holy Spirit exist together as the Trinity in perfect love and understanding. So there could be none better than the Holy Spirit to reveal and teach whatever the Father and Son choose to say (16:13). The Holy Spirit remains our personal guide on how to live and share Jesus’ message of love (15:27). We know from this and other passages that the Holy Spirit does this in four ways: he inspired the authors of the Holy Scriptures, people like David, Isaiah, John, Luke and Paul; he reminds us of Jesus’ words; he helps us understand the Scriptures; and finally he fans the fire of God’s love in our lives. It is a mutual love which strengthens Christians on their life journey.
Jesus does not promise his followers an easy life; he does promise God’s help in our trials and our endeavours to be his witnesses to all men (15:26, 16:12).
MEDITATION: The promise of help from the Holy Spirit comes with a purpose, to enable us to speak about Jesus and live in truth. In what ways have you experienced the Holy Spirit helping and teaching you? What does Jesus mean by the term ‘truth’? Does he mean only words and ideas?
PRAYER: Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal more of the Father and Son to you. Ask for his help so you can play your part in continuing Jesus’ work on earth and demonstrate his fruit in your life (Galatians 5:22-23). Prayerfully read Psalm 104 throughout the week. Let God direct you to a few verses at a time. Use these verses to praise the greatness of the God of creation.
Cross Country ~ Congratulations to all the children for their efforts on Tuesday. The weather was perfect which enabled us to get all races completed. The first 6 placing’s in the 9 – 11 yr olds go onto the Zones. Well done to these children who will be going through: Shaun Clapperton, Devan Fiebig, Ben Oosterbroek, Matthew Francis, Jared Rutten, Joshua Cooper, Tylee Fiebig, Sionelle Cahill, Kate Johnstone, Amy Ingham, Emma Brooks, Paris Johnson, Justin McLean, Cory Foleni, Shaun Wilkes, Jake Meikle, Tom Nally, Caleb Brown, Caelan O’Connor, Lucy Blue, Aimee Brookland, Briana Henson, Ella Richardson, Bridie Kinney, Erik Cahill, Callum O’Connor, Rohan MacKenzie, Ben Henderson, Harry Oosterbroek, Kayson Timu, Nellie Boyle, Emma Harrington, Isabella Wild and Georgea Newell.
Room 1 Teacher  ~  Unfortunately Mrs Mitchell has been forced to resign due to an on-going medical condition. We thank her for her input while here and wish her a speedy recovery.
For the rest of the term Mrs McKenzie and Mrs Russell will job share. As the children already know both these teachers, this will mean we can provide more consistency and stability for the children and parents.
BOT  ~  At last night’s Board of Trustees meeting, Ian Harrington stood down from the chairperson position and Megan Roulston was elected the new Board Chair. I wish to thank Ian for his service as Board chair. It is often a thank-less position but vital to the effective running of the school. While I make day to day decisions, the governance role of the Board provides me with the resources and backing to ensure we are doing all we can to enhance your child’s learning.
We also welcomed Paul Brooks as a new Bishop’s Representative on the Board.
Activity Fees ~ Thank you to the families who have paid the Activity Fee. These are due now. Please contact Christine if you require our bank details to make an automatic payment. Families are also encouraged to make smaller payments over a regular time frame, to get this paid.
Activity Fee:                                1 child = $70            2 x children = $100                       3 x children $125
Compulsory Books:                                    Rooms 1 & 2 = $15                                     Room 3 – 9 = $30
No Otatara Bus – Fri 1stJune ~ The Otatara bus will not be running on Friday 1st June.
Parents will need to make alternate arrangements for their children.
Altar Servers
Saturday 26th May   7.00 pm                     Aimee & Patrice Brookland
Sunday 27th May     10.30 am                                     Ben Henderson & Mathew Brooks
Children’s Liturgy                                       Aletta Reid
Ski Trip ~ We will inform you when more information comes to hand. Please do not send money to school until advised.
Corbyn Shuttleworth got 5th in the Kartsport Southland Club Champs held last weekend. He was also awarded the driver of the day trophy, the only driver ever to be awarded it twice.
Aubrey Page got ‘Player of the Day” last weekend for the Waikiwi Rippa Rugby.
Georgea Newell who got her 1500 mtr in 36 minutes at Waverley Swimming Club on Monday night.
Aimee Brooklanddanced at the Invercargill Tap Dance Assn competitions last weekend and got 1stin:  Novice Waltz over 10yrs, Troupe any age, duo Open 12 yrs & under. 2ndin: Slow open 10yrs & over, Song & Dance Open 10 yrs & over, Impromptu open 10yrs & over & trio open any age. Aimee also won the Championship Open under 12 yrs & a Special award for Personality 10 yrs & over.
Year 4/5 Netball – Stars & Shooters
Could the players please bring their gym shoes to school on Monday 28th as we have a Netball Development Officer coming to take the teams for a practice at lunchtime.
Entertainment Books  ~  If you bought a 2011 Entertainment Book these run out on the 1st June 2012. If you haven’t replaced this with the 2012 version or would still like to purchase an Entertainment Book we still have a small number available from the office.
The cost is $55 with $11 from each book coming back to the school to be used to help purchase new science equipment.
School Fair – Sunday 4th November 2012  ~  As Peter has already explained in the past couple of newsletters, the PTA is making arrangements for our bi-annual school fair. This is a special year for the school and a reunion to celebrate its 50 years is being held this same weekend. We are hoping that many past students will attend the school Fair as their last event for the weekend.
In order to make this a special event and run a successful fair, we do need more helpers, and ask for at least one volunteer from each classroom to help with the organising of that classroom’s event, and where possible any other general fair requirements that they may have the ability and time to help with. As an example Room 6 has in the past helped organise and run the Devonshire Tea stall for the day of the fair. The parent helper would co-ordinate a parent roster (using parents from Room 6) for the stall on the day of the Fair, help in ensuring we had all the requirements for this stall i.e. ensure we arrange for scones to be made, that the overall grocery requirements include the coffee, tea, milk, sugar, cream, jam, serviettes, gloves etc. and arrange for any necessary urns. Other types of events include bouncy castle(s), pony rides, cake stall, cake walk, face painting, ice cream van, BBQ, chocolate wheel etc – these get shared out between classes, BOT and the PTA and any willing volunteers. 
The PTA has a working document which tells us what we need to organise, order or purchase, with quantities for all the stalls we have run in the past, so in a lot of cases it’s about working through this document and allocating who will organise each requirement for the stalls involved. The more volunteers we have the easier it becomes for all as the jobs are shared amongst many. This is a great event for the school and our community, and we have raised more than
$10,000 from the last few school fairs. We’re keen for parents to get involved and to hear about any proven money making ideas which we may be able to add to this year’s fair.
If you are able to help we would love to see you at our first Fair meeting on Wednesday 6th June at 7.30pm at school. If you would like to find out more before the meeting, feel free to talk to your classroom teacher, parents who were here for the last fair or any of the current PTA. Times and days for future meetings will be discussed that night.  We estimate one meeting per month of up to 2 hours. If you would like to be involved but are unable to attend, please feel free to text Susanne Brown on 0212602243 or contact the office.
Todays Tip – Social Skills
Social skills are very important at home and school.  Children need skills such as asking for something, asking to play with someone, offering to share, patiently waiting, taking turns or asking for help.
·       Prompt your child to ask for help, take a turn, share something, or give a compliment, then praise them if it occurs.  Let it go if your child does not respond to your prompt.
·       Praise your child any time s/he offers to share or help you.
·       Model and prompt your child with a suggestion of the appropriate words to say.
·       Try to give enough help; so children are successful but not so much help that you take over.
·       Occasionally prompt your child to help another child in some way.
·       Encourage play dates and visits with other children.
·       Praise and encourage children’s ideas and creativity; avoid criticism.
Example comments for young children that you can make when encouraging them to:
Wait – “Super! You waited your turn and let him go first, even when you wanted to be first.”
Asking permission – “That’s very friendly to ask her if she wants to do that first.”
Taking turns – “You let her take a turn – how helpful.”
More information can be found at

Room 7 Class Happenings

We have enjoyed reading Kyle Mewburn’s ‘Do Not Push’. Last term we enjoyed listening to the kiwi author in person at Sacred Heart. This book grabbed our attention as Cam finding himself in his normally familiar bush with a large red button that reads Do Not Push. Would you push it?
We were excited in writing our own version of events that follows after the button is pushed. Here are a few examples. More can be viewed on our class blog along with some footage from our Cycling Safety session last week.
When I came home my mum was eating ice cream out of the tub.  She never ate any ice cream. She said ‘We will have takeaways every day”. Then I went to the shop. But the door said. “No money allowed in this shop.” I looked for the shop keeper but she was running all over the place. So I took one of the cans and went home.  When I got home my Dad was still in his in his work uniform and he was eating cream ~ Amy
Once everything was all crazy and my parents used waffles for their hats and then eating them with ice cream. Outside everything was going crazy. Kids had no rules. Everything was going crazy. When I was going to school I saw the Principal and the teachers throwing a disco. It was a wild day!
One day in the morning I woke up and it was the first of April. “Today I am going fishing “, I said as I packed my gear. I went to the river. I fished for ages. Then I finally got one. It was a brown trout. Then I saw something red on the tail. It was a button. It said” DO NOT PUSH” I thought for a second, should I push it. ”Ok “I thought so I pushed it. The fish turned into a dog. Then I saw some fish fly in the sky. What did I do? I went back to the house and it was upside down. I couldn’t get inside at first, it was very hard but finally I got in. I went to the sink to get a glass of water but only Fanta came out. Oh no! I went outside but the grass was orange. WHY?
 It was time to go to school. I got to school but no one was there apart from some strangers eating ice cream.  I went in to the classroom but it was filled with ice cream and everyone was playing on the computer.  They didn’t let me on at lunch time they were having a food fight at home time they went into the hall. What a weird day ~ Shaun
do not push!  Hey! My name is Emma M. I’m going to tell you my weird, awesome and even weirder story. Ok here it goes.  In the morning on Sunday when there was no schoolI saw a button on a tree in the backyard. The button said: do not push! So guess what? I pushed it. It looked cool though. When it was Monday in the morning I woke up and I saw mum wearing dad’s clothes, the baby sleeping on his changing table and my sister wearing my clothes! I was not very happy but I went to school. I went back to that tree later and it said: do push with a smiley face too. I pushed it and everything went back to normal ~ Emma
Enjoy reading the book ‘DO NOT PUSH’ which is available in our school library.
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17 May

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Dear Parents
As I mentioned last week Mrs Stupples and I were at a technology expo on Tuesday. The focus was on what may happen or what will have to happen when the Ultra-fast Broadband Service is rolled out into all schools. In our circumstances we have adequate internal wiring from our server cabinet but will need upgraded fibre from the road to the cabinet and a new wireless system. There is also the issue, with increased usage at an increased price. A lot of the presenters were promoting their company’s abilities and expertise in assisting schools with this.
Earlier this year I predicted that because we were a smallish high decile, integrated school, we would have no chance of securing any Ministry provided Professional Development. I was wrong – a couple of weeks ago, I was asked by a Ministry official to apply for a place in the Alls – aimed at working with targeted children in the area of reading and writing. To that end Mrs Buxton and I will be attending the initial setup next Monday and Tuesday in Wellington. I will report back next week on the outcome of the meeting.
You may have seen the pre-budget announcement that class ratios will rise as part of cost savings measures by the government. This will have an effect on your children in regards to our school staffing entitlement. In next week’s newsletter, I will outline some of the pro’s and con’s of this announcement.
Welcome to Keira Roderique and Fabian O’Donnell who have both joined the children in Room 1.
We hope they enjoy their time at Sacred Heart.
We can consider today’s text in two parts. In verses 14-18 Jesus gives his disciples their final instructions before returning to heaven. Each of the four gospel writers end their gospels with a strong call to action. Jesus’ mission on earth isn’t over, far from it – in fact it’s about to go global. This is the beginning of an exciting new chapter of God’s plan of salvation. Jesus’ commission to the disciples is nothing less than ‘Go throughout the whole world and preach the gospel to the whole human race’ (verse 15).
Peoples’ response to the gospel has eternal consequences. Those who believe the message will be saved, those who don’t will be condemned. Jesus’ proclamation of the gospel came not on with words but also with signs – healing the sick, demonic deliverance and miracles. Jesus clearly expects believers to minister the gospel in the same way. Earlier in his gospel Mark reported how the twelve disciples went out preaching, healing the sick and casting out demons. (Mark 6:7-13). Luke recalls an occasion with a larger group in Luke 10:1-12, 17-20. The disciples come back ecstatic ‘even the demons obeyed us’ (v 17). Jesus reminds them to keep their focus on what is really important ‘rather be glad because your names are written in heaven (v20). The apostle Paul tells the Corinthians ‘…my teaching and message were not delivered with skillful words of human wisdom but with convincing proof of the power of God’s Spirit’ (1 Cor 2:4). We can only be effective witnesses to the gospel if we let God’s Holy Spirit empower us (Acts 1:8).
Todays Tip – Persistence
At school, we focus a lot on the Habit of Mind that is Persistence.  We can’t control how quickly or easily we learn things, but we can be taught to keep trying and not give up.  As they say, success is 2% inspiration and 98% perspiration.
·       Coach with comments when your child is working hard, concentrating, being calm, staying patient when doing an activity.
·       Describe your child’s persistence with a frustrating activity by trying again, sticking with it, thinking of a new way to do it, staying focused.
·       Comment and praise your child for listening to peers or adults.
·       Encourage your child to discover, explore, experiment and provide support when mistakes are made.
·       Try not to give too much help; encourage your child’s problem solving.
·       Use patience!
More information can be found at
Hi-glo Visibility Vest
Yes I would love my child/ren to receive a vest compliments of the PTA.
Name:   ………………………………
Room:   ………………………………
Size:     ………………………………

The second part of the text, verses 19-20, speaks about Jesus’ ascension into heaven. Mark only gives us the briefest of details but nonetheless they are highly significant. He tells us that Jesus is seated ‘at the right side of God’ in heaven. This is the place of highest honour and supreme power.  Having completed his mission on earth, Jesus returns to his rightful place with God the Father in heaven. Paul sums up this position well in Ephesians 1:20-2: ‘…when he raised Christ from death and seated him at his right side in the heavenly world. Christ rules there above all heavenly rulers, authorities, powers and lords; he has a title superior to all titles of authority in this world and in the next. God put all things under Christ’s feet and gave him to the church as supreme Lord over all things’.

MEDITATION: Meditate on Jesus as supreme Lord seated at the right hand of God in heaven. How do you respond to Jesus’ call to share the gospel of others? What has been your experience of sharing your faith? Consider your priorities. Is your life focused on God’s kingdom or on earthly concerns.
PRAYER: Take time to give Jesus the worship he deserves as supreme Lord. Let this build your faith as you pray. Ask the Holy Spirit to give you the power to be a witness to the gospel.
To The Principal and Staff
I write this letter in appreciation for your generous support of 300 NZ dollars, for the education of my niece’s children. I thank you on behalf of my niece and her children for your beautiful gesture of generosity in times of their real need. They were very happy when they received the money and are making use of it only for their study purpose.
Sincerely ~ Fr. Jacob
Netball Yr 3 & 4 – We urgently require two more girls to play Netball in the Yr 3 & 4 team, so a third team can be entered. If your child would like to play, please see Mrs T.K. on Monday.
Cross County
This will be next Wednesday 23rd – 1.30 pm start. All children are to come to school in their sports gear with their house colour top on.
Hi-glo Visibility Vests
The PTA are donating each child who walks, bikes, buses or scoots to school a hi-glo visibility vest. If your child would like to receive one of these, please fill in the slip below and return it to school by Thursday 31st May.
No Otatara Bus – Wed 23rdMay & Fri 1st June
The Otatara bus will not be running on Wed 23rd May & Friday 1stJune.
Parents will need to make alternate arrangements for their children.
Wool Request – Room 6 need any spare balls of wool asap to make their poi. Thank you
Ski Trip
We plan to offer another ski trip, in early September, to the Year 5/6 students.
There will be 36 spaces and the price will be just over $100 for a child to ski and also including the bus, lift pass and rentals. Confirmation of the seat will be based on a first in first served system (when payment is made).
School Donation
The school donations are now due. These have been set the same as last year and we would appreciate these being paid at the office at your earliest convenience.
Activity Fee:                             1 child = $70                              2 x children = $100
Compulsory Books:              Rooms 1 & 2 = $15                                     Room 3 – 9 = $30
Altar Servers
Saturday 19th May   7.00 pm                     Isabella & Mackenzie Wild
Sunday 20th May     10.30 am                                     Cameron Roulston & Jacob Sullivan
Children’s Liturgy                                       Megan Roulston    
Mix up with Shoes (Rooms 1 & 2)
We would like to thank the PTA for helping us buy games for our classroom.  It is great for us to have these games to play on wet days when we need to be inside at playtime.
We are training for the cross country which will be held next Wednesday.

Please check if your child is wearing the correct pair of shoes. We are looking for a pair of McKinlay’s, size 10 missing from Room 2.

Congratulations to Hunter Cairns who received ‘Player of the Day’ for the Marist Under 8 rugby team last Saturday.
Congratulations to Georgea Newell who completed her 800m in 18 minutes at Waverley Swimming Club on Monday night.
At the Dunedin Dancing Competitions at weekend, Breyah Takitimu won the 8 and 9 yrs
Barefoot, Jazz and National Character, Received a 2nd in Ballet and 3rd in Demi.
Danye Takitimu got 3rd in the 9yrs and under Ballet Novice and 2nd in her Ballet age group. 
In Literacy, the Room 6 children are working on “Making Predictions” as we read.  We have found out, that as we read, our prediction will often change. The strategy “Using Prior Knowledge” that we learnt last term is also helpful when making predictions.
On Thursday, for 6 weeks this term, the Year 4 students are working with Sport Southland, on bike safety.  They have been shown how to ride in a straight line through cones, weave in and out a series of cones and use pedal taps to control their speed.  Last week, Brooklyn McLeod won the competition for being the person to control her bike the best.  Well done Brooklyn.

We are enjoying the Holy Spirit Strand and are thinking about ways we can show the Fruits of the Holy Spirit in our interactions with others.

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10 May

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Dear Parents

At Sacred Heart School we have been fortunate to have our PTA funding our ipads and laptops for classroom use. Next week Mrs Stupples and I will be attending an expo showcasing the latest technologies for schools.
Every day I see the integration of technology into our class programmes but not at the expense of learning and teaching. One of the concerns I have at a primary school level is placing too much of an emphasis on the latest “toy”. I have heard of instances where editing skills and handwriting are not taught as everything will be written on a computer and it has a spelling checker and keyboard.
While I believe the day is not far away where every pupil will have a ‘device’ at school hooked into our school network, it is still important that children are taught literacy and numeracy skills, balanced with a digital environment to prepare them for the world of tomorrow.

Just to show how the world is changing listed below are some web based facts:
In 60 seconds….
• 600 new You Tube videos
• 695000+ facebook status uploads, 510040 comments, 79364 wall posts
• 694445 Google searches
• 13000+ iPhone applications downloaded, 925 iPhones sold, 81 iPads sold
• 38 tonnes e-waste generated
• 12 websites got hacked, 416 attempts
• 1100 acres of land farmed in Farmville
• 2600000 CD’s & 1820TB of data created
• 168 million emails sent
• 370000+ minutes voice calls on Skype
• 98000+ Tweets, 320+ new Twitter accounts
If you don’t understand some of this, in all likehood your children will



Jesus speaks these words to his disciples just a few hours before he is crucified and before his disciples abandon him in terror. They also form part of the longer teaching Jesus gives his disciples in John 13-17. Jesus wants his disciples to share his joy. He is a deeply joyful person and here he tells them the way to share this joy for themselves: remaining in his love and loving one another.
The love between Jesus and God the Father is mutual. Jesus makes it clear that the way he remains in his Father’s love is through obedience. It’s just the same for us. This on-going relationship between us and Jesus transforms us from being servants into Jesus’s friends (verses 14-15).
Jesus gives the disciples one commandment ‘love one another, just as I love you’ (verse 12). They are to follow his example of love. To love each other in the same way he loves them. Without this they cannot share his joy, nor can we.
This deep and practical love in a community makes Jesus’ love and life a reality to the giver and the receiver. By living constantly in his presence, Jesus is in our midst and through his Word we receive confidence about life with the Father. In short, this is the mystery of Christian living.
MEDITATION: Why does Jesus insist on love as the critical condition? How do we remain in his love? Consider what it means to love fellow Christians the way Jesus loves us. What does it mean in practice to lay down your life for your friends? What can we learn from 1 Corinthians 13 about love?
PRAYER: We do not just choose the Christian life ourselves; we are in fact ‘chosen and appointed’ (John 15:16). It is an overwhelming idea to think God knew and chose us for his own loving purpose. We can join this great song of praise in Psalm 98. Read these verses through several times and offer them as your own prayer of praise to God.

Parish Sacramental Preparation Programme
Attached to the newsletter is a letter from the Parish about a Sacramental Preparation Programme for parents. Please return this to the office if interested.

Do you know how beautiful and valued you are in God’s sight?
Dove Catholic Fellowship for Women invite all women to a Day of Refreshment: theme “Beautiful”. Saturday 16 June 9am-4pm St Francis Xavier Parish Centre 27 Benhar St Mornington Dunedin. Cost $40. Pre registration not required. Sponsorship available. Come and be blessed. Contact Jo 09 420 5050

School Assembly Times
For the next 3 weeks we will be changing our Assembly day back to Monday at 2.15 pm.

Cross Country
The school Cross Country will be held on Wed 23rd May (Cancellation Thurs 24th May).
This year we are going to involve all the children and make it a House Day competition.
The children will be asked to wear their house colours.

Otatara Bus
The Otatara bus will not be running on Friday 1st June. Parents will need to make alternate arrangements for their children.

2012 School Fair ~ I am asking for parents from each classroom to volunteer to be on a ‘Fair Committee” to help organise and run the fair in November.
Every 2nd year the PTA/School hold a school fair to raise funds for equipment/resources for your children. The last school fair raised over $10,000, the majority of which was spent on the sports equipment trolleys and the resource cupboards in the corridors.
To help with the organisation, we plan to have different classrooms responsible for different areas of the fair. Many hands make light work of the task, so please consider this. If unsure, volunteer yourself and a friend. Unfortunately if we do not get a committee together, the fair will not go ahead as planned, and parents will be asked for increased donations.

School Donation
The school donations are now due. These have been set the same as last year and we would appreciate these being paid at the office at your earliest convenience.

Activity Fee: 1 child = $70 2 x children = $100
Compulsory Books: Rooms 1 & 2 = $15 Room 3 – 9 = $30

Altar Servers
Saturday 12th May 7.00 pm Rylee Hewitt & Georgea Newell
Sunday 13th May 10.30 am Bronte Adams & Emma Brooks
Children’s Liturgy Liza Adams

Lost Jersey – with the name Monique Nolan. Please check if your child has this.

Congratulations to Ben Bryan, Robbie Humm & Isaiah-Runi Tagomoa who all received ‘Player of the Day’ for their rugby teams last Saturday.

Squash Southland – ‘Whack n Run Competition’ Yr 3 – 6
Any children interested in playing in this competition on a Tuesday @ $25 each, can obtain a brochure from the office.

Tap Dancing – Saturday 19th May 8.30am – 7pm
Come along and watch local Tap Dancing Song & Tap, Slow Tap, Speed Tap, Waltz Tap, Duos, Solos & Championship Tapping @ Repertory House, Adults-$5, Children-$2.

What has been happening in Room 5???

On Friday while the Year 2 children from Room 5 were doing PE in the hall Mrs T-K set a challenge for the Year 3 children. The challenge was to make the tallest tower in 25 minutes, BUT all we had to make it was sellotape and newspaper.
Take a look at some of the pictures of us making them and the final product of our towers.

We learned how to work as a team and how it is important to make a plan before you start ~ Josh N

I learned that it is important to talk to your team members otherwise you won’t get things finished ~ Benjamin D

Mr Forde came to judge which tower was the tallest. The tallest tower belonged to Kade, Sarah & Aleck. They worked well as a team and made a part each of the tower then put it all together at the end.

I loved making this tower. I built a tall top piece to make it taller and it worked because my team won ~ Kade P

It was a very close call with Josh N & Phoebe initially having the tallest but their tower fell over before Mr Forde got into the room.

Next time we would make sure we would work better as a team, have a plan before we start and make sure we had a strong base at the bottom of the tower.

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3 May

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Dear Parents

Thank you to your children for their interaction with the Special Character Review team who visited our school this week. The team commented positively on the school culture which they saw as being sensitive, responsive, caring, inclusive, planned and professional.
They found the school community warm, welcoming and friendly.

The children enjoyed El Gregoe on Monday afternoon. One told me how he made bottles of wine appear out of nothing. I am sure that is a skill a lot of the parents would like to learn.

This week we have 2 sports initiatives from Sports Southland starting. The Year 4 Bike Safety programme this afternoon and Room 1-5 (Yr 1 & 2 only) skills programme on Friday mornings.

Logic Problem – See if you can figure out how this is possible.
A Missouri farmer passed away and left 17 mules to his three sons. The instructions left in the will said that the oldest boy was to get one-half, the second oldest one-third, and the youngest one-ninth. The three sons, recognizing the difficulty of dividing 17 mules into these fractions, began to argue.
Their uncle heard about the argument, hitched up his mule and drove out to settle the matter. He added his mule to the 17, making 18. The oldest therefore got one-half, or nine, the second oldest got one-third, or six, and the youngest son got one-ninth, or two. Adding up 9, 6 and 2 equals 17. The uncle, settled the argument, hitched up his mule and drove home.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Harrington family.


This powerful speech in John’s gospel paints a vivid picture of the relationship Jesus has with the Father and with his followers, people like you and me. In last week’s reading Jesus described himself as the ‘Good Shepherd’ (John 10). In today’s passage Jesus speaks about himself as ‘the real vine’. Vineyards would have been a common sight in Jesus’ day, just as they are in some countries today.
Three ‘characters’ stand out: Jesus the vine, the Father or gardener, and the disciples or vine branches. The vine sustains the branches; one cannot bear fruit without the other.
The Father tends the vine. He prunes branches encouraging strong growth and a bumper crop of fruit. Branches that don’t bear fruit are cut off and thrown away.
So how do the ‘branches’ remain united to the ‘vine’? Jesus offers two ideas; ‘remain in me, and I in them’ (verse 5) and ‘my words remain in you’ (verse 7). We are to live like Jesus and accept the cleansing and ‘pruning’ the teaching of Jesus will accomplish in our lives (verse 3).
The purpose of our lives and the fruit we need to bear is that of giving glory and praise to the Father. Put simply we need to surrender ourselves completely to doing the will of our loving God.
MEDITATION: Spend some time thinking about what it means for you to remain in Jesus. Consider too how his words can remain in you. How do you feel under God’s correction or ‘pruning’? Remember how much God loves you. Does it help to remind yourself that pruning will produce more fruit?
PRAYER: To pray today take a sheet of paper and a few coloured pens or pencils. Sketch a simple vine bearing fruit – lines and blobs will do. Draw in some roots too. By each root write the name of something that feeds your relationship with God. Imagine you are one of the branches. Forgetting modesty, as this is between you and God alone, try to name some of the fruit pictured on your branch. This is harder to do, but ask the Holy Spirit to help you. On some of the other branches write the names of people who strengthen your relationship with Jesus. Consider this prayerfully. It may take a little time, but when you’re ready offer it to God in thanksgiving and trust for future crops.


The PTA’s next Meeting is on Monday 14th May 2012, 7.30pm School Staff Room – all welcome.

Entertainment Books still available from the office – $55 each.
Sample copy able to be viewed at the office.

Cross Country
Classes are practising for the school cross country planned for the 23/ 24 May. This year all children will take part in the run, which will be a lot of fun for the junior classes.
Tomorrow we will be practicing our Cross Country Course for this year. Part of the track goes to the Donovan Park Rugby Grounds. This will not be weather dependent.
Could you please send a change of trackpants, shoes and socks to school tomorrow and each day for the next 3 weeks? We will be running on wet grass, which could become slippery and wet.
Many thanks for your support.

Basic Facts
This term we are trialling a new basic facts programme throughout the school. It is designed to make the learning of basic facts more transferable to the classroom numeracy units. Often children can score very highly in basic facts tests, but fail to see the link to other maths applications. We hope this programme will address that.
Because of the very high set up costs we will have to charge $2 for LOST cards

2012 School Fair ~ I am asking for parents from each classroom to volunteer to be on a ‘Fair Committee” to help organise and run the fair in November.
Every 2nd year the PTA/School hold a school fair to raise funds for equipment/resources for your children. The last school fair raised over $10,000, the majority of which was spent on the sports equipment trolleys and the resource cupboards in the corridors.
To help with the organisation, we plan to have different classrooms responsible for different areas of the fair. Many hands make light work of the task, so please consider this. If unsure, volunteer yourself and a friend. Unfortunately if we do not get a committee together, the fair will not go ahead as planned, and parents will be asked for increased donations.

On-line Newsletter
Every week I transfer the newsletter to our website. My apologies for last week’s effort. The blog site developers have changed the format, which meant the newsletter text ran together rather than appearing as it should have. Hopefully it will be back to normal this week.

Achievers Board
We have an Achievers’ Board to recognize and celebrate our pupils’ successes.
Please encourage your child to see Mr Forde or Mrs Lieshout before school on a Friday morning to get a photo taken.

School Donation
The school donations are now due. These have been set the same as last year and we would appreciate you paying these at the office at your earliest convenience.

Activity Fee: 1 child = $70 2 x children = $100
Compulsory Books: Rooms 1 & 2 = $15 Room 3 – 9 = $30

Uniform – We have a large number of unnamed jerseys in the lost property. If your child has misplaced theirs, please check these.

Altar Servers
Saturday 5th May 7.00 pm Patrice & Aimee Brookland
Sunday 6th May 10.30 am Abby Humm & Caitlin Smith
Children’s Liturgy Jacqui O’Connor

Congratulations to Tyler Pool who received his Waikiwi Rugby Team ‘Player of the Day’ on Saturday.

Mother’s Day 5km Fun Run/Walk
Spend quality time with Mum or encourage her to take some time out for herself this Mother’s Day by joining in the Jennian Homes Mother’s Day 5k fun, run/walk on the 13th May, 10am at Thompsons Bush. This event supports the Heart Foundation’s “Go Red for Women” campaign. While the day is focused on enjoyment, there is a serious message too. Heart disease is the biggest killer of women in New Zealand. The campaign reminds women to take time out to look after their health so they can keep on caring for their families in the future. For entry and details: and click on Southland. Entry includes T-shirt and Goody Bag to be picked up on the day.

Fruit Order
Parents are welcome to fill in the form on the noticeboard in the junior corridor if they want to order fruit. Delivery is Thursday 10th May and orders must be in by lunchtime this Monday 7th May.

Netball Southland Selecting Workshop Monday 7th May Stadium Southland – 6pm $10
This is a workshop designed for coaches, managers and selectors to explore new ideas to assist with selecting teams, looking at player selection options and provide templates to help with trial process. If this interests you – check out the noticeboard in the junior corridor on how to register.

Richard Till – Kiwi Chef Extraordinaire – Workingmens Club 6th May 2012
Check out the notice board in the junior corridor.

Room 3 Class Happenings
What a busy couple of weeks we have had in Room 3. On Monday of this week, we were lucky enough to see a magic show. El Gregoe performed magic tricks that even had the adults wondering at the end. His key message was about bullying.
“I liked it when he changed the little bird into a big bird.” Conna
“It was funny when El Gregoe pulled the ladies shoe out of the box instead of Reid’s shoe” Caleb
During maths we have been working on learning our basic facts by using flashcards with our peers. For many of us these basic facts are the basis of our maths goals. We look forward to bringing the flashcards home to share with you to continue to strengthen our knowledge.
A special thank you to Mr Pask and Mrs Sheehy for helping us in our class over the past two weeks. We wish them all the best for their future teaching career.

Incredible Years Parenting Program Series
Some of our teachers are currently participating in the “Incredible Years Teacher Programme”, and are finding this very informative and worthwhile. The Incredible Years parent training intervention is a similar series of programmes focused on strengthening parenting competencies (monitoring, positive discipline, confidence) and fostering parents’ involvement in children’s school experiences in order to promote children’s academic, social and emotional competencies and reduce conduct problems. The Parent programs are grouped according to age. Babies & Toddlers (0-3 years), BASIC Early Childhood (3-6 years), BASIC School-Age (6-12 years) and ADVANCED (6-12 years).
Each newsletter, we will be bringing you tips from this programme.

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26 April

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Dear Parents

Welcome back to Term 2 at Sacred Heart. We look forward to another busy term and hope this spell of fine weather continues.

Welcome to Pauline Mitchell who is teaching in Room 1 this term. And also the 4 students Renei Kawe-Small & Megan Grace (Rm 7) and Victoria Sheehy & Miles Pask (Rm 3), who are with us for 2 weeks. We hope they enjoy their time at our school.

Welcome to Jacob Boniface, Charlie Baynes & Jack Smith who joined the new entrant classes on Monday.

Congratulations to the Matiu-Watson family on the arrival of Noah.
A beautiful brother for Khyla and Emma.

The imagery of the shepherd was a familiar one in Jewish culture. Political as well as religious leaders were often called ‘shepherds’ (see Ezekiel 34) and the metaphor is applied to the Lord himself in the well-loved words of Psalm 23.
The importance of being a leader for the sheep tended to be emphasised in Old Testament texts. John, by contrast, focuses on the deep relationship between the shepherd and his sheep. Jesus therefore transforms a well-known metaphor to highlight that he is more than a leader of his disciples. His sheep recognise his voice and follow him. The shepherd’s knowledge of his sheep is as named individuals and he knows their needs.
One important difference between Psalm 23 and John 10 is that in John’s gospel, Jesus speaks of himself as the shepherd. In Psalm 23 the poet King David applies the metaphor prophetically to the Lord, ‘The Lord is my shepherd; I have everything I need.’
Jesus and the psalmist agree about the nature of the shepherd Lord. Jesus adds that he will give his own life on behalf of his sheep. He will satisfy all the spiritual needs of his faithful ones. All they need to do is hear his voice and follow wherever he leads.
Jesus, the good shepherd, includes the sheep that are not yet part of his flock. They too are included in the promise he is making. In verse 18 Jesus makes it very clear that he chooses to give his life up. The Roman and Jewish authorities thought they were in control but it was Jesus who was in absolute control – even on the cross.
MEDITATION: How does Jesus distinguish himself from the shepherds who are not ‘good’? How does the good shepherd provide security for his sheep? Who is Jesus thinking of when he speaks of the wolves from whom he will defend his sheep (see also Matthew 15:16)? How would Jesus ultimately defend his sheep?
PRAYER: The clatter of thoughts in our heads can drown out the quiet voice of God. Ask Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit to help you recognise his voice when he speaks to you. Thank him for the opportunity to soak ourselves in his words in the Bible so we can recognise the way he speaks. Thank him too for being the cornerstone of the church and of our lives as Christians.

In 2013 Sacred Heart School/Parish will be preparing children for the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Confirmation and Eucharist. Children who would normally have been prepared for First Reconciliation this year will be part of the group next year.

Special Character Review
Next week we will be visited by reviewers looking at aspects of our Religious Education
and Programme and the schools Special Character.

If you have a pre-schooler or know of someone who is intending to enrol at Sacred Heart, could you please let me know.

Learn to Bike/moveMprove Programme
The Learn to Bike programme is for Year 4 children and will begin next Thursday. A note will be sent home with more information.
The moveMprove Programme is for Year 1 & 2 and begins next Friday.

Term Events
3/5 Learn to Bike
4/5 MoveMprove Gym Programme for the juniors (runs for 8wks).
6/6 Zone Cross Country
10/6 Aerobics
15/6 Southland Cross Country
23/6 Sacred Heart Day

Scholastic Bookclub – Offer 3 will close on Friday 4th May.

Due to lack of numbers there will be no Rippa Rugby or Hockey this term. We have contacted the organisers to see if there are spaces in existing teams and will let you know.
Notices for Netball will be sent out next week.
If your child would like to join the Polyfest group, please let Mrs T-K know ASAP as practices will start within the next couple of weeks.

Altar Servers
Saturday 28th April 7.00 pm Reuben & Caleb Brown
Sunday 29th April 10.30 am Charlotte Sherriff & Caleb Wolf
Children’s Liturgy Jackie Taylor

During the school holidays Jake Meikle from Room 9, travelled to Timaru for the New Zealand Junior Motocross Championships. He raced in 6 races in the 8-10’s 85cc class over 3 days. Jake is now ranked 6th in New Zealand and will display the number 6 on his bike for the next 12 months.

Toolbox Parenting Course (6 weeks)
Dates: May 14, 21, 28, June 11, 18, 25 @ Eastside Baptist Church, Yarrow Street 9.30 – 11.30pm. Cost $67.50 per person $90 per couple BUT subsidies are easily available on request. We can offer Toolbox to all Grandparents raising grandchildren, Foster Carers, Whanau Caregivers, Home for Life Parents and Adopters FREE. Please ring or email the contact below to make a booking. Gerard McCall 0211944922 or Suzanne Knowler Ph: 03 2166007 Email:

Girl Guiding NZ Southland
Southland region is offering girls aged 5 – 18 the chance to come along and experience fun activities in a safe environment for free. Come for 2 nights to sample some of the fun that guiding has to offer during the month of May. Enquiries to Suzanne (03) 2348229.

AFS Hosting Opportunities
Would you like to experience a new country and a new culture without leaving home? AFS have students arriving in New Zealand in July for an 8 week exchange who are in need of host families. Have you ever thought of hosting an exchange student?
Volunteer hosting is a great way to share Kiwi life with a teenager who wants to experience it the way we do and the 8 week exchange is a great way to see if hosting’s for you – maybe whet your appetite for a full year experience.
If you have room for one more in your family, contact Malcolm 03-9470127 for further information.

Room 2 Class Happenings

We are learning about adding and subtracting/take away. We have learned that ‘add’ means that there will be more at the end, and ‘taking away’ means that there will be less. We practised using this language while building a train set. The children were asked to either add or take away a piece of train track. You can use anything to help work out adding and take away problems. We have used fingers, counters, children, toys and drawn dots.

Winter Girls
White long sleeved button to neck blouse
White skivvy
Red Tie (optional)
Blue V neck jersey
Navy blue or white socks/Navy blue tights
Tan, brown, navy or black shoes
Winter Boys
Winter weight grey shorts
Long sleeved button to neck grey shirt
Red Tie (optional)
Blue V neck jersey
Grey knee high socks
Tan, brown, navy or black shoes

Thank you for the support you give the children in wearing the correct uniform.
In this way we develop a pride in our appearance and in so doing a pride in our school.

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