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28 June

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Dear Parents

This has been an interesting week . Mrs Lieshout and I have been in Christchurch at a Ministry run seminar on Maths. Unfortunately this coincided with the weather bomb that hit Invercargill yesterday and meant all our flights were cancelled and we had to stay an extra night. This is the second Ministry contract we have been offered and we will begin these programmes next term. The aim is to raise the achievement of a small group of children in Maths and Writing at the same time as creating a programme that is sustainable and useful for all children.

A big thanks to all the children for their excellent participation at last week’s Sacred Heart Day Mass. Also thanks to Fr Jacob and well done to Mrs Winders for organising her first Mass as our new Director of Religious Education.

The children also had a great time with the house design competition and congratulations to Marist House who won the fashion parade. The winning house team this term is Harrington, they will have a treat tomorrow.

Also thanks to the PTA who provided the sausages and the parents who cooked them.

With this being the last newsletter of the Term, I wish to take the opportunity to thank all the parents and caregivers who have transported, coached or helped in any way with events this term. We really do appreciate this support.

We have had an increasing number of children absent with illnesses in the last couple of weeks. Even though the weather may be rather inclement for the next 2 weeks, time away usually breaks the cycle of repeated illnesses and bugs.

We look forward to Term 3, with some of the upcoming events being a school Olympic Day, Gymnastics Festival and Choral Festival.

Welcome to Harris Page who joined the children in Room 2 on Tuesday. We hope he enjoys his time at Sacred Heart.

A big thanks to Mrs Russell and Mrs McKenzie who have filled in superbly in Room 1 for the last couple of weeks. We thank you for this and look forward to Mrs Williams in Room 1 next term.

We farewell Mrs Cournane, who has been working with the children in Room 2. We thank her for her input and wish her all the best in the future.


FAITH REWARDED: Mark neatly entwines two stories about healing. The main story is about Jairus and his daughter, but nestling inside we find another. The two stories share a number of similarities; Jairus and the woman show great faith in Jesus and they are both desperate. Jesus responds with compassion. Both the woman and Jairus’ daughter are healed.

Jairus was an official of the local synagogue, yet in front of everyone he throws himself at Jesus’ feet to beg him to heal his daughter. This is the act of a desperate father who out of love for his daughter is prepared to throw all pride and caution to the wind and cast himself on Jesus’ mercy. Jairus’ faith is later tested because while they are going to his daughter news reaches him that she has died. Others urge him to give up but Jesus encourages him ‘Don’t be afraid, only believe.’

The woman has suffered from severe bleeding for twelve years. She has seen many doctors but got worse rather than better. Jesus is her last hope. But surely he won’t lay his hand on her because she is ‘unclean’ according to the religious law. So if she can just touch him, when no one else notices, she can be healed.

MEDITATION: How did Jairus and the woman show their faith in Jesus? Jairus turned to Jesus on behalf of his daughter. The woman expressed her faith through her actions rather than words. Consider what lessons we can learn about faith from these two stories. Jairus was tempted by others to give up. What helped him to continue putting his faith in Jesus? What challenging issues have tried your faith and do you still trust Jesus?

PRAYER: Use the words of Psalm 30 to thank God for the healing he has brought to your life – spiritual, emotional and physical. Consider whether, like Jairus, you can seek help from Jesus on behalf of someone you care for.

Verdon College Preference Certificates for 2013

I would like to encourage all those parents of students intending to join the Verdon family next year to ensure that they approach their parish priest to complete preference certificates required for enrolment to the College. Once completed, these can be submitted to the College prior to the enrolment process which begins next term. It is important to get preference certificates completed early to avoid disappointment. During the first week of Term 3 – Year 6 students will receive an enrolment pack.

Kind regards ~ Jarlath Kelly ~ Principal

PTA School Fair ~ Our next meeting is on Monday the 16th July, 7.30pm at school – mark your calendar now if you’d like to come along.

Altar Servers

Saturday 30th June 7.00 pm Sam & Nathan Russell

Sunday 1st July 10.30 am Georgea Newell & Claire Kinney

Children’s Liturgy Amanda Smith

Pita Pit Promotion

Congratulations to Zane Flawn who won 2 tickets to the Southern Steel vs. Melbourne Vixens Netball game this Saturday, compliments of Pita Pit.

Table Tennis

Any children interested in playing Table Tennis next term on a Wednesday 4 – 5 pm, starting 25th July, please see Mrs T.K. tomorrow.

Toolbox Parenting Groups,
Starting mid to late July, Toolbox Parenting Groups in all ages – Early Years, Middle Years and Tweens and Teens. $67.50 single, $90 couple BUT subsidies are easily available on request. Courses are FREE to Grandparents raising grandchildren, Foster carers, Whanau caregivers, Home for Life parents and Adopters. Contact Suzanne: Ph: 2166007.

Gardener Wanted

A gardener is required to clean up a section in Waikiwi. If your child wants to earn some pocket money over the holidays, please txt/ring 0210339909.

Achievements- Congratulations to:

Greta Jones who passed her first Karate grading and is now a Yellow Belt.

Aubrey Page received Player the Day for his ‘Thistle Legends’ Soccer team.

Room 3 Class Happenings

This term Rooms 1, 2, 3 and 5 were lucky enough to take part in the ‘Move Mprove’ gymnastics programme. We learnt how to correctly complete a forward roll, as well as jumping, landing, balancing and strengthening skills. One of the other important skills we learnt was to persevere, and keep trying. As the weeks progressed we all improved and we have become a lot more confident. The smiles on our faces at the end of each session showed how much we enjoyed the activities. A big thank you to our instructors who made this experience fun. Below are a few photos showing the things we did.

Last Friday was our Sacred Heart Feast Day Mass. Well done to Brooke, Jade, Robbie and Ryan for their readings during the Offertory. After play we got together with the other children in our houses to design newspaper creations for a catwalk that were judged by Mr Forde in the hall. We made a big mess but had lots of fun!!!!!


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21 June

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Dear Parents
Our prayers are with the Taylor family.
Well done to all the children who took part in the Southland Cross Country last week.
A special mention to Justin McLean who came in 8th in his race. Many thanks to the parents who were able to provide transport.
Also well done to Sam Thornbury who was 1st in his age group.
We are looking forward to celebrating Sacred Heart Day tomorrow with Mass, activities then a sausage sizzle for lunch.
Next week we will also have the choir attending the first practice for “Sing Out 2012” and the Bike Festival day for our Year 4 children.
With next Friday being the last day of the term, please remind your children to search through lost property for anything they may be missing.
I have included some of the comments from the Special Character Review Report. They reflect positively upon our school community – staff, children, parents and parish.
Sacred Heart School is a Catholic School with a strong commitment to evangelisation and inclusion. It is has enjoyed good support from the community since the last report and continues to be a strong school community to the Waikiwi Parish and to other Catholic Parents choosing to send their children to the school from outside the catchment area.
The school has a strong Board who are supportive of Special Character and anxious to see that it is represented in all discussions.
The school has been well led by an experienced Principal for some years. A long serving DRS has recently moved to a new position and left a legacy of focus on Special Character. The Principal is supported by a loyal, stable and experienced staff who work closely together to ensure that it provides for the needs of all students. Staff relationships are a strength in the school.
Staff student relationships are also a strength. The school prides itself on its inclusion and support of all learners as a way of expressing one of its values
As a school with a strong Mercy history it has worked hard to ensure that work had been done since the last review to embed this tradition and history in to the fabric of the schools operation. An effective and appropriate form of awards remind and continually present to students the fundamentals of the Mercy Tradition.
Classrooms are well equipped for the new digital resource and teachers have had access to PD to help use the resource. A strength of the school is the experience of staff to choose and adapt the resource to meet the needs of the learners and to reteach and emphasise aspects of the programme that they have provided.
Pastoral care within the school is a strength. All staff know the students well and can relate to them easily. Staff make their relationships respectful but personable as a matter of course.
The school has an enviable record for evangelisation, for tracking student progress and for supporting and including students in the programme. It understands the range of Church backgrounds within the student cohort and it provides opportunities for these groups to grow at their pace.
WHY IS JOHN THE BAPTIST GIVEN SUCH PROMINENCE?Even though he was a unique personality, his real greatness is due to the fact that he was the precursor of the Messiah. Christ is the Sun, John is the dawn.
This feast was observed on this date in the Fourth Century. It celebrates the holy birth of “the greatest of the prophets”, the one who leapt for joy in his mother’s womb, who prepared the way for Christ, announced his presence, and baptised him in the Jordan River. This solemnity does more than celebrate the birth of the one who announced Jesus to the world. It also celebrated the wonders of God’s presence and action among us today.
John was beheaded because he announced the dawn of a new era that would turn the then known world upside down. But John’s announcement did not fall on deaf ears and the light of the coming Christ could not be extinguished.
Sacred Heart Mass Tomorrow @ 9:30am
Children have been asked to wear their House coloured clothing for the day. Children will be seated in their House groups in the church. Parents and families are welcome to attend.
After interval children will be creating costumes from newspaper in their house groups. They will later parade their costumes in the hall. 
The PTA have also organised a sausage sizzle at lunchtime. Each child will receive a sausage in bread. Please ensure children have extra lunch if necessary. 
We will require newspapers please so could you bring these to each class, in order to make the newspaper creations. 
Lost Property
Lost Property will be displayed in the foyer until the end of next week. ‘Please check your spare jerseys as there is a number of unnamed or differently named jerseys and a couple of unnamed jackets to be claimed.
Room 6 are looking for small boxes, about the size of a little person’s pair of shoes.  If you have any that you no longer use, could you please send them to school at your earliest convenience.  Many thanks. 
Altar Servers
Saturday  23rdJune                     7.00 pm             Isabella & Mackenzie Wild
Sunday  24thJune                       10.30 am           Emma Harrington & Lucy Nind
Children’s Liturgy                                                            Pauline Harrington
Netball Stars won 8-6, POD was Natalya Hawkes
Netball Shooters lost against Tisbury (12th June).  Player of the Day was Jasmine Ridd.
They also lost to Makarewa Mystics (19th June).  Player of the Day was Mckenzie Devlin.
Achievements- Congratulations to:
Todays Tip – Setting Limits – Part 2
If your child spends time at different houses, different routines can be coped with at each house. If you have no other option, just remember to keep each environments routine consistent. – just like a child copes with different routines at school and home.
·       Set a bedtime for your child and stick to it.  Children need 10-12 hours of sleep every night.
·       Have a morning and evening routine.  This helps to remind your child what is coming next.
Routine example for children:
Wake up at same time each morning.
Prepare breakfast independently if possible. 
Eat breakfast, and put own plate away. 
Get dressed (independently when possible).
Brush teeth.
Pack own lunch and homework into bag, ready for school.
Eat dinner then have shower or bath.
After the bath have quiet time to prepare your child for bed.  Quiet activities like puzzles, colouring, reading, drawing, watching TV for a while.
Brush teeth.
Read a story in bed.
Lights out.
More information can be found at

Aimee Brookland competed in the Invercargill Tap Dancing Assn competitions last weekend.  Aimee was placed 1st in her Slow, Waltz & Impromptu dances. Her Duo, Trio & Troupe dances were all placed 1st. She got 3rd in her Solo & in the Special awards won the Personality Cup.

Anika Winders received the ‘Special Award Trophy’. 
Lucy Baynes received 1st in her Solo, Song and Dance and her Duo with Charlie and 2ndin the Open Championship.
Charlie Baynes got 1stin his Song and Dance and 2nd in his Solo.
They jointly won a special award for Local Dancers.
Sport Southland are once again running our School Holiday Programme between 3rd-13thJuly. Contact Brittany 211-2150 for more info.
PTA  ~  Social Night
The PTA are organising a Quiz Night for a bit of fun & for new families to get the chance to meet others in the school. We are looking at Saturday 11 Aug, to be held in the school hall. Teams of 4 & they don’t necessarily all have to be Sacred Heart people. So mark that date on your calendar with more info to come closer to the time.
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14 June

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Dear Parents
What a difference a week makes. The back-down on increased class sizes was met with a collective sigh of relief throughout schools in New Zealand. I noted in the news this morning, the next discussions will be in regards performance pay – which is very common in a lot of jobs, but not in schools.
Teacher performance pay has been tried in many countries, with no model I have heard of being successful. If it was easily possible to measure the difference that teachers make to the learning of their students, then it could possibly work but the reality is, there is no current mechanism for accurately measuring this. Performance pay would mean more individualised teaching aimed at securing higher wages rather than working together to improve learning outcomes for students.
I watch with interest to see what the Government proposals will be.
Good luck to the children who will represent the school and zone at the Southland Cross Country at Holt Park Otautau tomorrow.
Congratulations to Miss Paulin & Miss Holland who have completed their first teaching posting in Rooms 2 & 5. Very well done
Welcome to Brooke & Ben Johnstone  and also Alex Hawkes,  who started recently.
We hope they enjoy their time at Sacred Heart School.
Sacred Heart Mass next Friday 22nd June @ 9:30am
Children have been asked to wear their House coloured clothing for the day. Children will be seated in their House groups in the church. Parents and families are welcome to attend.
After interval children will be creating costumes from newspaper in their house groups. They will later parade their costumes in the hall. 
The PTA have also organised a sausage sizzle at lunchtime. Each child will receive a sausage in bread. Please ensure children have extra lunch if necessary. 
We will require newspapers please so could you bring these to each class, in order to make the newspaper creations. 
     GOD’S KINGDOM IN US: The ‘Kingdom of God’ or, as Matthew calls it ‘the Kingdom of Heaven’, represents the new spiritual life Jesus offers anyone willing to hear and accept his teaching. Jesus likes to use parables to explain this lifestyle to the general public, but for his committed followers he explains his teaching in more detail. Parables are short stories designed to create a picture in the mind of the hearer. Jesus just uses simple everyday situations and events to show what his kingdom will be like and the lifestyle people who live in it should have.
The first parable demonstrates how God works, often beneath the surface, to bring about new spiritual life and growth. It starts with the scattering of seeds which represent the preaching of the Word of God. The Kingdom of God starts in the life of the individual, or in society, when God’s word is proclaimed; but its growth depends on God’s power.
The parable of the mustard seed is simplicity itself – a tiny seed grows into a huge tree, eventually. Here the contrast in size is significant – the tiny, seemingly insignificant seed becomes a thing of stature and glory. The mustard seed can be interpreted as representing both the Church and the spiritual life of individual Christians like you and me.
MEDITATION: Do you remember who sowed the Word of God into your life which started to change you? Has your spiritual life grown or deepened since your first beginnings? Can you describe the changes? How can you help this growth? Have you sowed the Word of God into the lives of others? This could be through explaining your faith to someone who doesn’t believe in Jesus. Or it could be by helping a fellow Christian with a verse or two from the Bible. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you how you can play your part in sowing the seed.
PRAYER: In Psalm 92 the psalmist develops the idea of seeds which become plants and trees. Each day this week join the psalmist to proclaim God’s love in the morning and his truth at night. Ask God to show you how you can become more deeply rooted in him so your Christian life becomes strong and fruitful as verses 12-15 encourages us to be.
Aerobics Festival
Very well done to Monique Nolan, Kayla Boniface, Charlotte Sherriff, Sionelle Cahill and Tylee Fiebig who competed in the Aerobic’s Festival at the Stadium on Sunday. Thanks to Miss Harding and all the parents who prepared the girls. It was really good to see them at assembly this week.
Sausage Sizzle    ~  We will provide a free sausage sizzle for the children on
Sacred Heart Feast day Friday 22nd June.  If parents  are available to help with cooking  and serving the BBQ from 11.30 to approx 1pm, please contact LIZA ADAMS 027-4599954.
School Fair  ~   Sunday 4th November 2012. Thanks to the parents who were able to make the fair meeting last week. It was great to see new faces and to be able to work through the school fair concept with you all, and get some cool new ideas for this year. If you were unable to come to the meeting and would still like to be involved in making this a great day out for our kids, friends, families, and the wider community, we would love to hear from you – as with all voluntary events many hands make light work, and you only need to help when and where you can.
Over the coming months we will be looking for families to help with certain aspects of the fair and its stalls. Our children will also become active in preparing for their input to this special day.
In the interim we are keen to hear from any families who:
 – have businesses who may like to sponsor an event on the day of the Fair (eg. The (your   
   company name) Chocolate Wheel, The (your company name) BBQ etc),
 – have access to large marquees or gazebos (especially if they can be set up on concrete
   rather than grass),
 – have access to donations for raffle, chocolate wheel or silent auction prizes – this could be
   business giveaways, meat (eg. half a cattle beast), firewood, free family treats (eg.
   accommodation, entry to events/activities) etc  – anything at all,
 – have any great ideas of proven fun activities for the day’s events.
Please feel free to contact me direct Susanne Brown 2158883,
Todays Tip – Setting Limits – Part 1
Having routines and boundaries is vital for your child.  When children know the expectations, and know that they are consistent, behaviour often becomes very settled and relaxed. 
·       Be realistic in your expectations and use age appropriate demands, don’t give unnecessary commands.
·       Give one instruction/command at a time.  Make them short and to the point.
·       Use “do” commands.  For example, instead of saying “don’t run”, say “please walk”, or instead of saying “don’t talk”, say “be quiet please”.
·       Give your child ample time and opportunity to comply.
·       Don’t threaten children, use when-then commands.  E.g. “When you finish your lunch/homework/chores then you can play/go outside/have a biscuit.”
·       Give children options or choices whenever possible (2 options for young children).
·       Praise compliance or provide consequences for noncompliance.
·       Support your partner’s commands/instructions.
More information can be found at

0212602243 or email leave any details at the office. Our next meeting is on Monday the 16th July, 7.30pm at school – mark your calendar now if you’d like to come along.

LEGO               LEGO               LEGO               LEGO               LEGO              
Do you have any lego at home that you no longer use?  Would you like to donate it to our Lego Club?  Please see Mrs Buxton for information.
Altar Servers
Saturday  16thJune                     7.00 pm             Bronte & Piper Adams
Sunday  17thJune                       10.30 am           Bree Chilton & Bridie Kinney
Children’s Liturgy                                                            Susanne Brown
Achievements- Congratulations to:
Jake Meikle who got 6th in the Southland Otago Chess Tournament in Dunedin last weekend.
Luke O’Connor who got ‘Player of the Day’ for the Star Rugby Under 8’s last weekend.
Sports Results
Sacred Heart Stars won by 14-1.  POD was Josh Cooper.
Tap Dancing
Saturday-16th Sunday-17th June. Come along and watch local Tap Dancing @ Centre Stage, Saturday 9.30am-7.30pm, Sunday 9.00am-1.00pm
Room 1 Class Happenings
Last week Room 1’s letter of the Week was B. The children blew bubbles and wrote these bubble stories.
I like bubbles. Bubbles make me happy. Bubbles go “POP”  Saphira
Look at my bubbles. I blew the bubbles. They are going way over the fence.  Malachi
Look at my bubbles. They are going higher that outer space, then one of the bubbles popped then all of the other bubbles popped too.  Matthew
Look at my bubble. The bubble is floating to the sun. I like bubbles.  Cole
I am blowing bubbles up to Pluto. I don’t like them because they are slimey . Sam
I like bubbles because they can float all the way to Australia to see Nana and Pop. Ben
Look at my bubble. It is floating to Auckland. I like bubbles.  Mason
Look at my bubble. It is floating to the moon. I like bubbles.  Keira
Look at my bubble. It is flying to the sun. Will
Look at my bubble. It is floating to Pluto. I like bubbles.  Fabian
Look at my bubble. It is going to Dunedin to see my friends, Teague and Summer.  Jacob
Look at my bubbles.  My bubbles are going up to a space rocket. The bubbles went into the space rocket. Some bubbles went pop in the space rocket. Some bubbles went POP!  Jack

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7 June

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Dear Parents
Our prayers are with the Walsh family this week
Winter is finally here! There are some days I am pleased I work inside and yesterday was one of them. For winter there are a number of lunchtime activities being run by the staff;
Chess                       Mondays @ lunch in the Library
Lego                          Wednesday @ lunch in Room 6
Polyfest                    Thursdays @ lunch in the Hall
Congratulations to the children who competed in the Zone Cross Country yesterday afternoon in perfect weather conditions. We had some excellent results with 12 pupils representing the Zone at the Southland Cross Country. Thank you to Mrs T.K. (who forgot her gumboots) and all the parents who helped with transport and also down at Elizabeth Park. The results are:
10 year Boys:           1st= Justin McLean, 2nd = Cory Foleni, 6 = Shaun Wilkes
10 year Girls:           2ndCaelan O’Connor, 3rd = Lucy Blue, 5th = Briana Henson
11 year Boys:           1st = Erik Cahill, 2nd = Ben Henderson, 3rd = Callum O’Connor, 4th= Alex Armstrong, 5th = Rohan Mackenzie
11 year Girls:           1st = Nellie Boyle
After a week wandering around Sydney looking at schools and the innovative ways they use technology, I am pleased to say that the class room practice in the best schools we saw, was not as interactive and child centered as I have observed in our own school and other Invercargill school classrooms. What was beneficial was seeing some of the state and federal involvement, especially in terms of school management and learning management systems, a roll out of laptops for all secondary pupils in the state and the use of i-pads and other devices in classroom settings.
It has also been an interesting week in the education world with class sizes a topical issue. I have made some observations about this below:
I mentioned a couple of newsletter’s ago that I would include some of the pro’s and cons of the government’s announcement to increase the class sizes in schools. Unfortunately I could not find any positives in terms of children’s achievement.
Also this week has come the revelation that the government has miscalculated and there is the potential for specialist technology teachers of year 7 & 8 to lose their jobs.
The class size increases will have a negative effect on our class sizes next year. The Minister’s sound bite continually talks about quality teaching which is very important, but as any quality teachers can tell you, it is more beneficial for all students if you are teaching a class of 25 rather than 35. The Government’s own target groups Maori, Pacifica & Special Needs children, will be the very groups most adversely affected by these changes. Higher class numbers mean less 1 – 1 or small group work. Our teaching styles have changed to a more child centered approach rather that a chalk and talk one.
Todays Tip –Encourage Learning Efforts
Children are able to influence the amount of effort they put into their learning, and this is something that is easily encouraged.
·      Praise and encourage your child’s ideas.
·      Be enthusiastic about your child’s school projects
·      Collaborate with your child’s teacher and attend school functions.
·      Be realistic about your expectations.
·      Focus on your child’s strengths not his/her weaknesses.
·      Share something that would be hard for you to learn.
·      Project a positive image of your child’s ability in the future.
More information can be found at

As a point of difference from the National Standards debate, which had primary schools alone in opposition, this issue has the support of School Trustees Association (STA), Association of Intermediate & Middle Schools (AIMS), Primary & Secondary Principal’s Associations and parent groups.

The Government has used the research of John Hattie to say that class size by itself isn’t the most important thing. The same research also says, in-class relationships between teacher and children are also very important and that class size increase is bad policy.
We knew this is a cost cutting mechanism for the Government, but I am sure there are other areas in the education budget that could be cut before this.
What can you do:
        Write to your local MP, John Key or Hekia Parata.
        Sign the petition asking for a reversal of the policy (ask at the Office)
        Attend a parent public meeting (time & date to be confirmed).
Today we reflect on the one most profound celebrations of the church – the Eucharist. We begin our reading with Jesus and the disciples making preparation to share the Passover meal together. This was, and still is, one of the most significant dates in the Jewish calendar, the annual celebration marking God’s protection and deliverance of his people from slavery in Egypt.
The disciples would have shared this meal many times with their own families but they would certainly never forget this particular Passover meal as Jesus gives it a whole new meaning.
The provision of the room where they celebrated the Passover seems remarkable to us, although we are not told what the disciples thought about this, only that they followed Jesus’ instructions and found things just as he told them. The real surprise comes during the meal itself. When Jesus breaks the bread he tells them ‘this is my body’. When he hands them the cup he tells them ‘this is my blood…poured out for many…which seals God’s covenant.’
The gospel text begins in verse 12 with the reference to the sacrifice of the Passover Lamb. The covenant of God made with Moses and the people of Israel at Mount Sinai was sealed with the blood of animals, as we can read in today’s Old Testament reading (Exodus 24:3-8). Jesus himself now becomes the Passover Lamb (John 1:29) and God seals a new covenant through the blood of his Son on the cross (1 Corinthians 11:25). At this Passover meal Jesus institutes the Eucharist by the sharing of bread and wine and Christians continue to remember his sacrifice and celebrate his new covenant in this way ever since.
MEDITATION: Enrich your appreciation of the Eucharist by reflecting on the three other accounts we have of the institution of the Lord’s Supper in Matthew 26:17-25, Luke 22:7-23 and 1 Corinthians 11:23-34. Consider the significance of Jesus using bread and wine to signify his presence and consider the importance of being in communion, both with God and your brothers and sisters rather than just receiving communion.
PRAYER: Come before God with humility and thankfulness. Thank him for sending Jesus so that you can have your sins forgiven and come into communion with God and his people. Ask him to deepen your appreciation of all Jesus accomplished by his death and resurrection.
Wilson McCaskill – Play is the Way
There is a free parent evening at Salford School Hall on Tuesday 26th June @ 7.30pm to hear Wilson McCaskill. Wilson is a brilliant presenter who we have had at a number of ILT Conferences.
His theme is ‘moderating behaviour through play and building emotional resilience’. I highly recommend this to you.  Pleaselet the office know if you will be attending. Any queries to me.
Assembly Times will revert back to Monday afternoons next week.
Altar Servers
Saturday 9 June                       7.00 pm                     Reuben Brown & Ben Nind
Sunday 10 June                       10.30 am                                     Eli Winders & Max Forde
Children’s Liturgy                                                         Cecelia Russell
Bridie Kinney received ‘Player of the Day’ for her Queen’s Park Soccer team recently.
Joshua Newell received ‘Player of the Day’ for his Under 8 Waikiwi Rugby team recently.
Corbyn Shuttleworth got ‘Player of the Day’ for Blues Under 9 last Saturday.
Pita Pit
Order your lunch on Mondays before June 29th and our school could win a visit from the Steel players.
Room 9 Class Happenings
Science Galore
The last weeks have been packed full of Science as Room 9 students begun to test the hypothesis each group had written in response to the question they had.
Static Electricity ~ Mathew, Cameron, Kayne, Jake, Hannah and Emma got all steamed up when they tried to discover “Does humidity effect how much static electricity is conducted?” With the use of a steaming urn and a dehumidifier they are well on the way to coming to a conclusion. Isabella, Nellie, Samantha and Monique wanted to know “What type of hair will conduct static electricity the best?” So it was a hair – raising day in our class as we experimented with the Van der Graff Generator. We tried to find out which type of hair was affected the most by static electricity. We even washed our hair with the same shampoo and conditioner the night before so our results wouldn’t be affected by the use of different hair products.
Batteries  ~ Alex, Harry, Finley and Callum said they have been learning a lot about how electricity is generated. They wondered if they could make a battery out of fruit. Already they have discovered they can run an electronic clock with two kiwifruit for hours.  Rohan, Ben, Erik and Kayson have discovered that soil can act as a battery and they have managed to power a sound chip using 5 different soil samples.  Briana, Caelan and Georgea were shocked to discover that tap water can run an electronic digital clock for two days.
Solar Power ~ Mike, Liam and Cody wanted to know how much UV light was needed to power a solar cell after the speed warning signs on Queens Drive didn’t work last week.
Ella, Thamsyn and Lucy want to know “If you can power a solar panel with other types of light?” They are using LED torches and electric light.
Weather ~ This week we have had Mr Esler in to talk to us about the transit of Venus across the sun and to help us discover more about the weather. Our heads will really be in the clouds this week.
Sports Activities Run by Verdon College Students ~ Sacred Heart School has been lucky enough to have some Verdon students come and take Rooms 7, 8 and 9 for P.E on Friday afternoons. They are teaching us the skills and strategies we need to play; netball, rippa rugby, football, basketball and hockey. Thank you to the Verdon Students for coming.
We are having so much fun.
Pedestrian Crossing
After a spate of red-light-runners at the pedestrian crossing this term it has been suggested that a “crossing supervisor “ role be resumed for the safety of the children using the crossing before and after school. The most practical and cost-effective method will be to have parent volunteers supervise the crossing for about 15minutes before and after school.
If you would be available to share this role on occasion please fill in the attached form and return it to the school office by Friday 8 June please.
Name:    ………………………………………………………….
Parent/carer of: ………………………………………………..  Ph No:  ……………………………………
E-mail address:…………………………………………………….
I would be available for crossing duty on the following days/times:
(please circle those which apply)
Mon: AM                     Tues: AM                   Wed: AM                    Thurs: AM                  Fri: AM
Mon: PM                     Tues: PM                   Wed: PM                    Thurs: PM                  Fri: PM
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31 May

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Dear Parents
Homework expectations for the Junior Syndicate.
Please see below the maximum time we expect the children to spend on Homework each day.  This homework is a reinforcement of what has been taught in the classroom so will not be new learning.  If these homework activities become challenging for you or your child please see your class teacher.
Where a number of pages have been specified for reading, please do not let your child read beyond these as they will be part of the next teaching and learning steps for your child.
Room 1 and 2:  Reading and “First Words” as required – 15 mins.
Room 3-6: Reading – 10 minutes, Basic facts – 10 minutes, Spelling words – 10 minutes, R.E. – 10 minutes as required.
On Wednesday, Room 5 will bring home their Smart Words book to complete the Day 4 activity.
We would also encourage you to take your children to the city library or use the school library books for additional reading material.
As always, please help your child return these resources in their home folder to school each day. 
I have completed a search for a booklist and came up with these two websites that may be helpful.  Ignore the fact that they are for boys and choose some of the titles that I’m sure our girls will enjoy as well.  There were no explicit lists for girls!!!!
We thank you for the support you give your children.
Otatara Bus
A reminder the Otatara bus will not be running tomorrow. Parents are asked to make alternative arrangements.
All Bus Children
We ask parents to contact the school if their child is not going home on the bus.
Too much time is being wasted looking for children in the playground, only to find they have already been picked up. We would appreciated your attention with this matter.
South Spell Competition
Todays TipPraise your Child
Children can never get enough praise.  It is often easy to comment on what a child should not be doing, and we often forget to notice all the great things that your child is doing.
·       Catch your child being good – don’t save praise for perfect behaviour.
·       Don’t worry about spoiling your children with praise.
·       Increase praise for difficult children.
·       Model self praise – e.g. “Wow, I really did a good job with that!”
·       Give specific praise for behaviours you want to see more of.
·       Praise with smiles, eye contact and enthusiasm.
·       Don’t combine praise with correction.
·       Praise immediately.
·       Give pats, hugs and kisses along with specific praise.
·       Use praise consistently to build a new behaviour.
·       Praise in front of other people.
More information can be found at

Congratulations to Ella Richardson, Mike O’Connell, Mathew Brooks, and Erik Cahill who competed in the South Spell Spelling competition last night. We were thrilled with their awesome teamwork. They competed against 41 other schools

Sharks Donate Basketballs
Sacred Heart School are very lucky to have the Sharks Basketball coach, coming to coach us on Mondays at lunchtime. It was so much FUN.  We learnt heaps of things like, how to start bouncing a basketball without picking it up and throwing the ball up in the air and spinning around then catching the ball. But what we didn’t expect is that Sharks coach Richard Dickel gave Sacred Heart School 10 new BASKETBALLS.  
We were so amazed that the Sharks would do that. It was so generous.
Altar Servers
Saturday 2 June             7.00 pm             Sam & Nathan Russell
Sunday 3rd June             10.30 am           Sam & Charlotte Sherriff
Children’s Liturgy                                                Trish Sherriff
Sports Results
Sacred Heart Stars lost to Rimu 6-3. POD Jake Meikle
Sacred Heart Shooters won by 6-3.   POD was Caleb Brown
Reilly McLean received the ‘Player of the Day’ award for his Blues Rugby team last week.
School Fair – Sunday 4th November 2012  ~  As Peter has already explained in the past couple of newsletters, the PTA is making arrangements for our biennial school fair. This is a special year for the school and a reunion to celebrate its 50 years is being held this same weekend. We are hoping that many past students will attend the school Fair as their last event for the weekend.
In order to make this a special event and run a successful fair, we do need more helpers, and ask for at least one volunteer from each classroom to help with the organising of that classroom’s event, and where possible any other general fair requirements that they may have the ability and time to help with. As an example Room 6 has in the past helped organise and run the Devonshire Tea stall for the day of the fair. The parent helper would co-ordinate a parent roster (using parents from Room 6) for the stall on the day of the Fair, help in ensuring we had all the requirements for this stall i.e. ensure we arrange for scones to be made, that the overall grocery requirements include the coffee, tea, milk, sugar, cream, jam, serviettes, gloves etc. and arrange for any necessary urns. Other types of events include bouncy castle(s), pony rides, cake stall, cake walk, face painting, ice cream van, BBQ, chocolate wheel etc – these get shared out between classes, BOT and the PTA and any willing volunteers. 
The PTA has a working document which tells us what we need to organise, order or purchase, with quantities for all the stalls we have run in the past, so in a lot of cases it’s about working through this document and allocating who will organise each requirement for the stalls involved. The more volunteers we have the easier it becomes for all as the jobs are shared amongst many. This is a great event for the school and our community, and we have raised more than $10,000 from the last few school fairs. We’re keen for parents to get involved and to hear about any proven money making ideas which we may be able to add to this year’s fair.
If you are able to help we would love to see you at our first Fair meeting on Wednesday 6th June at 7.30pm at school. If you would like to find out more before the meeting, feel free to talk to your classroom teacher, parents who were here for the last fair or any of the current PTA. Times and days for future meetings will be discussed that night.  We estimate one meeting per month of up to 2 hours. If you would like to be involved but are unable to attend, please feel free to text Susanne Brown on 0212602243 or contact the office.
Room 8 Class Happenings
In Room 8 we have been doing report writing. We can be either a news reporter or a newspaper reporter. We are reporting on the Van De Graaff generator. What is a Van De Graaff generator you might ask? Well I am going to tell you. A Van De Graaff generator is a machine that makes static electricity. You might ask how it makes static electricity. Well it’s your lucky day. The Van De Graaff generator makes static electricity by the rubber belt, it spins around so fast it makes static electricity. Some people touched it and got an electric shock. I touched it and I never got an electric shock. It was so much fun.
For Art we have been doing construction. Everybody got a partner and a country that we had to research. With your partner you had to make a bedroom or a lounge room for your country’s climate. Tom (my partner) and I are doing a bedroom for England. So far it has been so much fun.
Written by Jacob Downing  
Pedestrian Crossing
After a spate of red-light-runners at the pedestrian crossing this term it has been suggested that a “crossing supervisor “ role be resumed for the safety of the children using the crossing before and after school. The most practical and cost-effective method will be to have parent volunteers supervise the crossing for about 15minutes before and after school.
If you would be available to share this role on occasion please fill in the attached form and return it to the school office by Friday 8 June please.
Name:    ………………………………………………………….
Parent/carer of: ………………………………………………..
Phone number: ……………………………………………
E-mail address:…………………………………………………….
I would be available for crossing duty on the following days/times:
(please circle those which apply)
Mon: AM          Tues: AM          Wed: AM          Thurs: AM         Fri: AM
Mon: PM          Tues: PM          Wed: PM          Thurs: PM         Fri: PM
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