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30 August

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Dear Parents

Thank you to the parents who were able to come to the junior Maths information night last night. A big thank you, in particular to Miss Swney for organising this. The 2 websites mentioned last night are:

A reminder about some of the upcoming events:

Book Character Day 7th Sept

School Mass 9th Sept

School Photos 12th Sept

Inquiry Culture Day 13th Sept

Ski Trip 14th Sept

Choral Festival 18/19th Sept

Convent Cup 25th Sept

Shake & Drop Day (Earthquake Awareness Day) 26th Sept

School Disco 27th Sept

End of Term 28th Sept

Please keep a look out for notices regarding these events if your child is involved.

There are also a number of summer sports starting up and asking for entries to be sent into school.

Please keep a look out for these.

As well as the newsletter we will use the school facebook page to advertise these.

Welcome back to Xanthe & Jordis Belesky and their family.



Jesus’ teaching about what was ritually clean and unclean was a very contentious issue both during his ministry on earth and afterwards as Gentile converts joined the church. Mark discusses the subject because he is writing for Christians of non-Jewish origin. Of course God had given the Jewish people detailed rules about food and hygiene (see Leviticus 11). Here Jesus confronts two issues: additional man-made rules and the very essence of what makes someone ritually clean or unclean. It appears that over time the religious leaders had added their own rules to God’s law but were passing them off as God’s commandments. Worse still, they were giving these man-made rules prominence at the expense of God’s original commands (verses 7-8).

Jesus challenges these traditions. It is not external things like what you eat that make you unclean but what’s inside your heart. It’s here that evil thoughts germinate and lead to evil actions. Jesus is not interested in people saying for doing the ‘right’ things if underneath their heart attitude is not right. Many of the Pharisees had lost the plot. God wants us to worship and serve him from a pure heart of love. You can obey as many of man’s rules as you like, but before God you will remain a hypocrite if your heart is not pure.

MEDITATION: Consider the attitude of your heart. Are you worshipping and serving God out of love? Or are you paying more attention to outwardly keeping the rules and doing the ‘right’ things? What is Jesus looking for?

PRAYER: Ask God to help you keep a pure heart so that you always worship and serve him and others from an attitude of love. Psalm 15 describes people who are likely to be found in God’s presence. Make a list of what does and doesn’t please God. Ask God to help you do the things you should and avoid what displeases him.

International Literacy Day Book Character Dress Up Day 7 September 2012

To raise awareness with our children of how fortunate we are to have access to education, we will talk about and dress up as our favourite book character. The children may come to school dressed as their favourite character and talk about their book with others on Friday, 7 September 2012.

September 8 was proclaimed International Literacy Day by UNESCO on November 17, 1965. It was first celebrated in 1966. Its aim is to highlight the importance of literacy to individuals, communities and societies. On International Literacy Day each year, UNESCO reminds the international community of the status of literacy and adult learning globally. Celebrations take place around the world.

To raise public awareness of the extraordinary value of the written word and of the necessity to promote a literate society, the following writers are supporting UNESCO through the Writers for Literacy Initiative [9]: Margaret Atwood, Paul Auster, Philippe Claudel, Paulo Coelho, Philippe Delerm, Fatou Diome, Chahdortt Djavann, Nadine Gordimer, Amitav Ghosh, Marc Levy, Alberto Manguel, Anna Moi, Scott Momaday, Toni Morrison, Erik Orsenna, Gisèle Pineau, El Tayeb Salih, Francisco Jose Sionil, Wole Soyinka, Amy Tan, Miklós Vámos, Abdourahman Waberi, Wei Wei, Banana Yoshimoto. Not only writers contribute to raising awareness to the problem of illiteracy: along with the writers’ engagement, there are various companies and charity organizations that support the fight against illiteracy.

Dental Appointments

These have now started with the children going to Donovan School. Please let Christine know if you are taking your child out of school. Thank you.

Convent Cup

This will be on Tuesday 25th September at Verdon College. It will involve mainly the children in Rooms 7, 8 & 9. The sports available will be: Rugby, Soccer, Netball & Basketball.


3 workshops inviting us into a renewed sense of gratitude and presence in the way we relate to one another, the created world and the Divine. September 13:1-4pm. 14th: 9.30am-12.30pm.15th: 10am-3.30pm in St Patricks Parish Room. Contact Sr Judith op 03 2178987.

Presenters: Noelene Landrigan rsj and Peter Healy sm.

Catholic Institute of Aotearoa New Zealand Courses

We have commenced offering these courses in the diocese, of particular merit for

parishioners is the upcoming course “Traditions of Prayer”. For 2013 the selection of papers is particularly applicable for parishioners especially “Understanding Church” which uses Lumen Gentium as a resource giving a very relevant understanding of the modern Catholic Church. Course outlines are available at or email

Stand Up For Kids – Protect Our Schools: Talking to the Community

In helping to support your local NZEI Te Riu Roa events’ which highlight the excellent public education our kids receive, please visit which is aimed at parents. You can do the community survey online, get brief information about each issue and take action yourselves. Local events are also listed. Help protect our schools.

World Vision

If we think we are short on rain in Southland this winter we can spare a thought for those who are short in the drylands across Niger and Malia in the northern parts of Africa. Kate Hicks from World Vision spoke with children yesterday on water issues facing these areas and with help how World Vision is aiding them. With only 9 rain days out of the usual 55 days of rain this year Malia and Niger are only able to produce a fraction of the amount of millet. This crop is the only source of food they are able to grow in the dry conditions. World Vision are currently with the help of sponsors, digging deep into the underground water reserves to irrigate through a drip feeding system gardens and therefore sustainably able to produce variety of crops to feed villages. To find out more visit: under ‘Learn’ children can explore some interactives.

Sacred Heart School currently sponsors Sharmilla.

School Photos

These are being held on Wednesday 12th September. Please fill out the slip on this newsletter if you require a family photo. These will be done at 8.30am.

Pie Warmer

Please ensure your child’s heat up is wrapped and named appropriately. The children on lunch duty are spending too much time trying to find owners of food not labelled correctly. Items should have the child’s name and room number written clearly on it.

Altar Servers

Saturday 1st September 7.00 pm Reuben Brown & Ben Nind

Sunday 2nd September 10.30 am Eli Winders & Jacob Sullivan

Children’s Liturgy Cecelia Russell


Brooklyn McLeod and Breyah Takitimu both got Distinction in there RAD Ballet Exams

and got the highest marks overall ages at the Lamuse Dance School.

Danye’ Takitimu also got Distinction and got 3rd = the highest mark at the dance studio.

Winton Football Club Inc

The junior players coaching course is booked out but we can now offer you this great Father’s Day present idea: ‘A Night with Ricki Herbert’. Internationally recognized coach to the New Zealand All Whites and Wellington Phoenix, Ricki Herbert is the guest speaker at a fundraising dinner for the Winton Football Club Inc. Come along and hear Ricki for the first time in Southland. Friday 14 Sept 6.30 pm at Croydon Lodge, Gore $60 per head. Contact: Jackie Scherp 027 457 9765.

Room 9’s Class Happenings

This term we have been really busy writing poems and persuasive arguments. We have also been exploring different cultures through art, reading and dance.

Our Cloaks ~ we have been making colourful Maori cloaks (Kahu huruhuru). The cloaks represent what we value and our culture. First we had to fold up the piece of paper to make it a cloak shape. Next we had to colour the cloak with crayons and we made patterns. After that we had to paint it with black paint and make thick layers of paint. Later we had to get a nail and make koru patterns. Then we had to get pictures of our favourite things and things that represent ourselves. Finally we put feathers on it. We had so much fun. We put them on our wall. There are thirty colourful cloaks. By Caelan and Samantha

DANCE GROUPS ~ In Room 9 there are 4 dance groups: Hip hop, Jazz, Rock n Roll and Zumba. The jazz group have created a dance all by themselves.

The Rock n Roll was taught by Carl. He taught them lots of dance moves.

Bella Forde taught the Hip Hop group lots of things. I’m in Hip Hop. It is really fun. Bella is Mr Forde’s daughter. The dances moves are called Puzzling, Jump Style and Finger Tutting.

Melisa is the Zumba teacher and she teaches dance moves like Greek, Party Rock and waka.

By Antony and Liam

Family Photos

Name: …………………………………………………

Yes we require a family photo and I will be bringing in … pre-schooler.

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23 August

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Dear Parents

Lunch time Trial ~ I intend to continue the lunch time changes for the remainder of the term. Thank you to the parents who have contacted me with feedback on this.

A lot of the findings from the trial are related to the amount of wasted or thrown away food that has occurred, especially at the play interval.

An advantage is that we can observe what children do and don’t eat, and probably of more interest how they eat. Every day we get some feedback for teachers or children about the changes and I will highlight some of these over the next couple of weeks. They are by no means set guidelines rather observations that may help cut food waste and costs.

A lot of Year 1 – 4 children have food in too big a portions – massive sandwiches or buns, whole apples etc. these could be cut in half or quartered, so they can have 2 options rather than throwing away half eaten sandwiches and fruit.

A lot of children are grazing i.e. they find it hard to sit and eat especially at play interval. Most of the issues relate to children taking up to 5 – 10 minutes to come in with the food and start eating.

Farewell – we farewell Phoebe and Jack Roskilly finally to Auckland and hope they enjoy their new adventure.

There are a number of upcoming events for your attention:

PTA Fair Meeting 27th August

Junior Maths Information Meeting 29th August 7.00pm in the Library

Book Character Dress Up Day 7th September

School Photos 12th September

Inquiry Culture Day 13th September

Ski Trip 14th September

Convent Cup Sports Day 24th September



We continue to look at the important teaching of Jesus being the ‘bread of life’. Many of his followers had now reached a crisis point. They found his teaching impossible to accept and left. Jesus is not taken by surprise by this mass defection. He remains in complete control; he knew all along who would leave him. He repeats the point from John 6:44 that the Father has to be involved in our relationship with Jesus.

Jesus challenged the twelve disciples to choose; stay with me and believe, or go. They stayed. Peter’s response to Jesus is worth repeating, often. His two short sentences sum up faith. But they don’t reveal how Peter dealt with his own inner challenges to make this commitment to Jesus. Peter must have decided to be Jesus’ disciple no matter what. Nothing will make him turn away now. Jesus does reveal we can’t follow him in our own strength – the Holy Spirit is essential (verse 63).

Being or becoming Jesus’ disciple is more than a human decision. All the Trinity are involved. The Father ‘draws’ and ‘makes it possible for us’ to follow Jesus. The Holy Spirit reveals Jesus, helps us understand God’s Word and gives us the power to live the Christian life. Through faith in the Son, Jesus, we receive forgiveness and eternal life. Miss out on any part and we’ll never be able to stay the course – Father, Son and Holy Spirit are all essential.

MEDITATION: Which part of Jesus’ teaching do you find difficult to accept or do? Have you ever been tempted to quit being a Christian and give up? What stopped you? Has Peter’s response ever been on your lips? Think about the work of the Trinity in bringing you to faith and sustaining your faith. What is your response to this?

PRAYER: This week prayerfully make a list of the ‘goodness of God’ you personally have ‘tasted’ and compare this with a list of the difficult or puzzling things in your life of faith. Use this to give thanks for what you have in God, and ask his help with everything you are struggling with.

PTA ~ Fair Meeting – Monday 27th August 7.30 pm

Thanks to those who have advised they can (or can’t) attend this Monday’s meeting. We do however need to have the support and attendance of all those who volunteered initially and we’d be more than happy to also see any new faces of parents willing to help and support this significant fundraiser. For those who haven’t already been advised, a quick text to confirm your attendance (to Susanne Brown 0212602243) would be very much appreciated.


Thank you for the support you give your children in the wearing of correct school uniform.

Here are a few reminders:

1. Sport shoes must only be worn with sports uniform.

2. School shoes are to be worn with school uniform.

3. Name all items of clothing.

4. Hair is to be tied up with correct hair ties. No fancy headbands required.

There are a number of children wearing shoes that are more suited for wearing after school and on the weekends. Please encourage your child to wear the correct shoes.

As always, we are well aware of the fact that children grow out of shoes, lose a piece of clothing etc., so please continue to notify the class teacher if correct uniform cannot be worn and give some idea of the length of time this will be the case. Check the lost property box in the Junior corridor if

something is missing. Thank you.

World Literacy Day ~ 8 September 2012

To join in this celebration we are going to have a book character day on Friday, 7 September. The children may come to school dressed as their favourite book character. More information to come.

Facebook/Twitter Text Feeds

For a while now I have been aware that an increasing number of parents are using our Facebook page for school information in preference to the website and paper newsletter.

A recent seminar that office staff and management attended reinforced this and provided a couple of new ideas regarding easier ways to communicate with parents. The seminar was run by a Christchurch principal and this system was used when the school server was damaged in the earthquake. To follow our Facebook page – go to:

To have updates texted to your mobile, simply text 8987 with “follow (space) shsch435”

Maths Parents Meeting – Years 1-3

A reminder about the Maths information meeting for parents in the library on the 29th August at 7pm. The meeting will cover how Mathematics is taught in the junior school and give details about the new basic facts programme implemented in Term 2. Ideas will also be given about things that can be done at home to further a child’s learning of Mathematics.

Please let Christine know if you will be attending.

School Jubilee 2 – 4 November 2012

Registrations are welcomed at

Have a look at our facebook:

Southland Olympians Ticker Tape Parade – Today 4pm. Starting at Leet Street

Stand Up For Kids – Protect Our Schools: Talking to the Community

In helping to support your local NZEI Te Riu Roa events’ which highlight the excellent public education our kids receive, please visit which is aimed at parents. You can do the community survey online, get brief information about each issue and take action yourselves. Local events are also listed. Help protect our schools.

Altar Servers

Saturday 25th August 7.00 pm Sam & Nathan Russell

Sunday 26th August 10.30 am Charlotte Sherriff & Piper Adams

Children’s Liturgy Trish Sherriff


Maya Music is now taking bookings (03) 9730430. Fabulous learning environment for all ages.


Waikiwi Rugby Club Prizegiving last Saturday ~ Congratulations to:

Tyler Pool – Under 7 ‘Player of the Year’.

Ben Dawson – Under 7 ‘Most Improved Player’.

Jack Smith – Under 7 Sportsmanship Award.

Devan Fiebig – Under 9 ‘Player of the Year’.

Jakobe Paraki – Under 9 ‘Player of the Year’.

Room 8 Class Happenings

In Room 8 for art we did some fantail art with Mrs Rutledge. First we painted our green background with texture. 2 weeks later we drew our fantails without their tails and we also used paint to paint the birds. The week after that we finished our birds by sticking them onto the green background. We had to choose some fabric to use for the tails, we had to stick the tails on first or else the birds won’t stay. Then we stuck them on to the black piece of paper. We stuck some yellow pieces of paper on each end of the picture. And they were finished!

Last Friday we had 2 year 12 girls from James Hargest College to teach us some hip hop moves. Tomorrow we will be having another practice. Their names are Kristy and Ella. We are doing our dance moves to the song ‘Moves like Jagger’. We haven’t finished our dance but by the actions.

We think it is pretty Awesome!

We have also been doing persuasive writing. We had to make a poster to try and sell one of our favourite toys or movie. We had to persuade the reader to buy our product. Charlotte did a poster about a candle that was off the prayer table. Caitlin completed her poster about her favourite chocolate, dream. We have made the posters and writing into a file. They are pretty cool.

You should come and have a look in Room 8!!!!

Yesterday was Mrs Rutledge’s last day in Room 8. We wish her all the best with her new baby. J

Charlotte and Caitlin



I give permission for __________________________ to play basketball in Term 4

Year: _______ ___________________

Signed: ___________________________

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10 August

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Dear Parents

What a delightful performance by our children this morning at Polyfest.

A huge thanks to Mrs Tagomoa-Kaa for preparing the children for the festival.

Next Wednesday is the ‘Feast of the Assumption” and all children will attend Mass at 9.30am.

Well done to the children who took part in the Zone Netball Tournaments this week.

Interval/Lunch Changes

A reminder that from next Monday 13th August, we will be changing our interval and lunch routines. Children will go out to play for the first part of the breaks – then eat back in their classrooms when the bell goes. This will not affect Pita Pit, Canteen or pie-warmers.

Sacred Heart Jubilee Meeting

Wednesday 15th Aug 7.30 pm in the school library. All welcome.

Dear Sisters and Brothers In Christ

You will be aware that there are proposals in place to establish an abortion facility at Southland Hospital. In spite of the good work of Southlanders for Life, Voice for Life and many concerned in raising their voices in opposition the Management at Southland Hospital still appear to be pursuing this option. The pleas of many concerned people on this issue have gone unheeded. As Catholics our opposition to abortion is well – known.

The New Zealand Catholic Bishops have on a number of occasions written about the evil of abortion. In 1989 in speaking of abortion as the “greatest human rights issue confronting New Zealand in our day” they went on to say; “Every human being has an inviolable right to life. Rich or poor, strong or weak, young or old, born or unborn – every human life is sacred. The directly – intended killing of any innocent human being is always wrong. Nothing can ever justify it. It is urgent to proclaim this truth in season and out of season, welcome or unwelcome.” (What’s wrong with abortion? NZ Catholic Bishops, 1989).

As a Family of Faith we are opposed to all abortion and we must do all we can to prevent this culture of death spreading in our country. As the ad goes, “think globally, act locally”. Let us continue to pray and raise our voices in the private and public arena and in our wider community. Let our voices and pleas be heard by our politicians and Minister of Health. We pray that members of the Southern District Health Board and its management will hear our voice and reject this license for abortion at our Southland Hospital.

“Each human is a unique masterpiece, yet each is a likeness of God individually and separately hand-drawn by the Creator and destined, through union with Christ, to live forever.” (ibid, NZCBC, 1989).

In the Spirit,

+Colin Campbell, Bishop of Dunedin

Altar Servers

Saturday 11th August 7.00 pm Georgea Newell & Charlotte Sherriff

Sunday 12th August 10.30 am Cameron Roulston & Mathew Brooks

Children’s Liturgy Megan Roulston


Congratulations to Brooklyn Mcleod who competed in the Taieri Ballet Competitions recently and got (3) 1st placing’s (3) 2nd placing’s and a VHC placing.

Ski Trip

There are a few seats still available for this trip planned for September 14.

If your child is interested, please see Mrs Winders for a permission slip.

Winton Football Club Inc

We are pleased to be able to have Ricki Herbert’s coaching team travel to Invercargill to run football coaching sessions 14 – 16 September for 8 – 14 year olds. If at all interested, follow this link:

Gardening Club

Gardening enthusiasts met at the vege patch last Wednesday morning with Mr Parker and Mrs Winders, to plant out the first of the season’s seedlings. Peas, lettuce and spring onions were ‘lovingly’ planted and then watered. Interested children will meet each month to check progress, harvest and plant more seeds and seedlings, and discuss any questions that they may have.

Room 6 Class Happenings

Girls’ Self Defence and Boys’ Only Class

On Friday the Year 3 and Year 4 girls went in the hall for self-defence class. I learnt the hammer punch, a normal punch, the ballet kick and a normal kick. We got a piece of paper and folded it until we got four squares and in the squares we put stuff about ourselves. Lucy Baynes

On Friday, Room 6 and 7 girls went to self-defence for the whole day in the hall. We learnt the ballerina kick, the foot stomp, hammer punch and under arm punch. We got a bracelet that said “CLEVER, BRAVE AND STRONG” and I got a pencil and a poster to hang up on the wall in my bedroom. Self-defence was great fun. We got to do a couple of games. Brooklyn McLeod

On Friday 27 August, there were some girls from Room 6 and all of the girls from Room 7 (the class after Room 6) over at the hall. They were only allowed Year 3 and Year 4 because Year 1 and Year 2 would not understand it and would forget when to use it and how to do it, but we wouldn’t. Plus they could not do it probably. The first thing I can remember is the ballerina kick. It was easy. We also learnt the punches. They were also easy because we learnt them quickly. There were more punches than there were kicks. We also learnt a song but I forgot how to sing it. We got to go there again after lunch and playtime. Laura Boniface

On Friday, the girls went to the hall to learn how to do self-defence so it was a boys’ day. The boys got to go to Room 7 and we had lots of fun and we got to go on the computer. We didn’t spend the whole day in Room 7. We also spent some of the day in Room 6 and I bet the girls had a fun time too. Tyler McLeod

Last week the boys in Room 6 made ramps out of cardboard paper. We went to Room 7 and we talked about the Olympic Games then we made a poster.

Aiden Hosie


Basketball starts in Term 4. It will be on Tuesday night s at the Stadium from 4 – 7.30pm.

It is for Year 3- 6 children and costs $40 each (this includes entry to the stadium).

The season is from 11 September to 4 December, so each team will play 10 games.

If your child would like to play, please fill out the slip and return to the office, with payment by 11th of September at the latest. Any queries please contact Mrs Lieshout by email at




I give permission for __________________________ to play basketball in Term 4

Year: _______ ___________________

Signed: ___________________________

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16 August

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Dear Parents

Thank you to Fr. Jacob and Mrs Winders for preparing the Mass of the Assumption on Wednesday.

Also thanks to the parents who were able to attend.

Week 1 of our changed lunch and interval eating times is almost up, and apart from some minor hiccups, it appears to be successful.

Our prayers are with the Kinney family.

Upcoming events include:

School Mass Sunday 9th September

School Photos Wednesday 12th September

Inquiry Celebration Day Thursday 13th September

Ski Trip Friday 14th September

Choral Festival 18 – 19th September



Jesus continues his teaching about being the ‘bread of life’. His listeners are outrages. They only hear the words literally, not their spiritual depth. They simply cannot accept the idea. On one level this is a picture to help us understand. Eating his body indicates we want to accept and absorb Jesus and his message of salvation. In another way it is sacramental, his word will ‘change’ into bread allowing us to ‘eat his flesh’ as we encounter him in Scripture and the Eucharist. So whoever eats Jesus, in his word or Eucharist, lives in Jesus and Jesus lives in him or her. Jesus is speaking of the deep relationship that will grow with his disciples if they accept his words and eat his body in this sacramental way. Their relationship will resemble the one between Jesus, the Son, and the Father who sent him into the world.

This is the mystery of Christian living; it is not just a question of a good moral life, grace and relationships are essential. Life must be lived in a deepening communion with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. In this way we reflect the life of the Trinity. We are to share their character and priorities by living inconstant conversation with them and, by grace, hearing something of their own conversations.

MEDITATION: Do you participate in what the Church calls the Eucharist? How does it influence your own life? Are you challenged by the thought of Jesus’ flesh and blood? Try reading 1 Corinthians 15:35-42. Consider what it means for Jesus to live in you and you in Christ. How does this influence your thoughts and behaviour?

BOT Meeting

The next meeting of the board is on this Monday 20th August at 7pm. All welcome.

School Jubilee 2 – 4 November 2012

Registrations are welcomed at

Have a look at our facebook:

Maths Meeting for Year 1-3 Parents

Please come along to a parent information meeting and find out about how mathematics is taught to your child and all about our new Basic Facts programme. We promise this meeting will not go longer than an hour. We will have some helpful resources available for you to use with your child. The meeting will be at 7pm on Wednesday the 29th of August in the School Library.

Dental Clinic

I have been informed by the Dental Service that our children will begin to receive appointments at the Donovan School Clinic.

Gymnastics – Due to lack of numbers Gymnastics will not go ahead.

PTA ~ Next Fair Meeting ~ Monday 27th August 7.30pm

It’s important we get the majority of volunteers at this meeting. If you know that you can’t attend please advise either Liza Adams 0274599954 or Susanne Brown 0212602243 asap.

Altar Servers

Saturday 18th August 7.00 pm Isabella & McKenzie Wild

Sunday 19th August 10.30 am Ben Henderson & Max Forde

Children’s Liturgy Susanne Brown

Netball Results

7Aug12 – Shooters lost to Myross Bush – POD was Janelle Tinker.


Congratulations to Lucy Baynes who had a wonderful experience this week, performing in the NZ Royal Ballet Production ‘Cinderella’.

Room 7 Class Happenings

Last week we completed our PE unit on working together as a team. During the unit we learnt how to gain and keep possession of a ball and how to communicate to each other effectively. Some strategies included using ‘sticky fingers’ ,‘spider grip’, ‘bus stop’, keeping the ball close to our hips, dodging, calling out for the ball if you are in space, looking where your team mates are…Please ask your child to explain some of these terms listed above to you. The unit finished with a competitive game called ‘Defend the Cone’. We were challenged in ensuring everybody gained possession the ball before attempting a goal.

Not so easy!

The Life Education Bus visited Sacred Heart and Room 7 focused on social relationships in two sessions with emphasis on our feelings and being happy and healthy. As part of a session, we discussed ways we can make safe decisions for ourselves when placed under pressure from our peers. Students were given a variety of scenarios and brainstormed ways of managing the situations. “When I feel ……….. I can …………………”.

Key Messages covered included:

§ Our feelings belong to us.

§ It’s how we deal with our feelings that’s important

§ What it means to be friendly with others

A Circle of Friends

We’ve joined together as classmates
as the year presses on…
A year full of learning

while we become friends
We’ll share and be kind
as we work and play
And our friendship will grow
with each passing day.


Basketball starts in Term 4. It will be on Tuesday nights at the Stadium from 4 – 7.30pm.

It is for Year 3 – 6 children and costs $40 each (this includes entry to the stadium).

The season is from 11 September to 4 December, so each team will play 10 games.

If your child would like to play, please fill out the slip and return to the office, with payment by 11th of September at the latest. Any queries please contact Mrs Lieshout by email at



I give permission for __________________________ to play basketball in Term 4

Year: _______ ___________________

Signed: ___________________________

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26 July

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Dear Parents

A big thank you to Mrs Lieshout and all the teachers for the Olympic Day we had at the stadium on Tuesday. It was a marvellous day and all the children really enjoyed themselves. Thanks also to all the parents who were able to join us.

We farewell Macy Richardson tomorrow and wish her and her family all the best in their shift to Wellington.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Johnson, Rabbit & Morgan Families.

Submarine Catholics

In recent years I have witnessed a new branch of religious practice.

One that stays in the deep canyons of the .sea – intact, but generally submerged. It comes out of the depths at certain occasions and then goes back into the depths! Welcome to the submarine Catholic, who comes up for breath at Christmas, Easter, family anniversaries, and especially Catholic school enrolments of their children! And I am truly amazed at the number of .Catholic connections that surface at enrolment time; the aunties who are nuns, the great-uncle who was a priest, the parents educated at a Catholic school in India, Fiji, Gibraltar or Australia, etc. It is as if parents see the real value of a religious-based institution; for example, schools, but are unwilling to invest time or energy into the 2000-year-old tradition to which a Catholic school belongs. They want their children to .belong to this 2000 year Catholic tradition, even if they themselves find it difficult.

.But all is not lost. . ‘..

I suspect there is a shift from the faith of a modem parent to the faith at the grandparent level.

· Grandparents know from history and experience what really matters and what works.

· They know how forgiveness and reconciliation trump the petty gains of ego status and power,

· They know. how loyalty andritual make families and institutions work.

· They .know how a, personal .and communal faith allows, encourages and enables risk taking; ,

· They know the difference between justice and law.

The Faith of our fathers is no longer practised in spite of “dungeon, fire and sword”.Our faith is practiced in a secular, nanosecond commodity-driven world. Assuch it needs to be repackaged and made into a tradition worthy of investment of time, energy and money. That is the value of a Catholic school that submarine Catholics sense. We try to package a tradition that makes sense intellectually and makes sense on a heart level. Not a task for the timid. But it must be remembered that the “spirit who blows at will” does not have an accountancy degree. The spirit does not measure, judge or tick boxes.

So welcome, submarine Catholics. Come out of the dark depths. Invest your time, money and energy into the institutions of the Church now. And .enjoy the journey on the surface. Reclaim the faith of our fathers.

– Kieran F. Fouhy is headmaster of 1200 boys at St Peter’s College, Grafton, Auckland.

ALiM & ALL Contracts

Mrs Buxton and Mrs Lieshout have started on their specialist teaching in Writing and Maths to small groups of children. As I have mentioned previously, there are 2 outcomes to our participation in these contracts.

One is to provide feedback to the Ministry on National Standards, the other is to provide funding to allow schools to try different/innovative ways to teaching targeted children that otherwise could not occur. The idea being that we then incorporate the successful practices into our school delivery plans. Please remember the Maths meeting on 1st Aug @ 7.00 pm. Numbers please to the office.

Newsletter Cover ~ It is time again to renew our newsletter cover. If you have a business and are interested in sponsoring our weekly newsletter, please contact the office for more information.

Gymnastics Yr 4-6 Boys and Girls ~ The Gymsports Festival is coming up on the 26th August. If your child is interested they will need to be available and willing to participate in 2-3 lunch practices and at least one after school and one weekend practice for the next four weeks. The cost for this is $5 per person. Please see Mrs T-K or Miss Harding by Monday 30th July.

Outstanding Sports Fees ~ We still have children owing for Netball, Cricket and Flipperball. We would appreciate your attention to get these settled. Thank you.


Monday 30th July at school

PTA Meeting 7.00pm (short meeting prior to Fair Meeting)

FAIR Meeting 7.30pm – all welcome

Social Night ~ The PTA have organised a Quiz Night for a bit of fun & for new families to get the chance to meet others in the school. This is on Saturday 11 August and will be held in the school hall. Teams of 4 (& they don’t necessarily all have to be Sacred Heart people if you want to bring a friend) – $10 per team and BYO. To gauge numbers please advise the office next week if you have a team so we can confirm all details in next week’s newsletter. This is meant to be a very casual and fun night for all to enjoy. Hope you can come.

Entertainment Books ~ We have 4 books left if you are still wanting to purchase one.

Altar Servers

Saturday 28th July 7.00 pm Reuben & Caleb Brown

Sunday 29th July 10.30 am Abby Humm & Lucy Nind

Children’s Liturgy Amanda Smith

Netball Results

Shooters won 9-4 ‘Players of the Day’ – Tanesha Tagomoa-Kaa & Paris Johnson

Congratulations to:

The Ridd family on the arrival of a baby girl.

Our Olympic Teams

Class Happenings – Room 3

On Tuesday Sacred Heart had their own mini Olympic Games at the Velodrome. Each of our houses were allocated a country that will be competing at the Olympic Games at the end of this week. The countries were chosen based on the colours of our school houses. Once we had our opening ceremony, complete with torch bearers, the Olympic oath and a march around the outside of the events stage with our flags, the games were declared open by Mr Forde.

There were lots of games at the Olympics.

I enjoyed all of the games. I even enjoyed the hockey game. Well, I wasn’t very good at it. There was a javelin game that was my favourite game because I love throwing things. There was a parachute and that was my second favourite game because we got to go under it. Greta

The Olympics were funny because we got to go under the tent and make a mushroom. We had to sit on it. The koosh balls couldn’t go off the tent. Thomas

Canteen Prices ~ Friday’s Only

Hot Food

Chicken Burger $3.00

(with lettuce, cheese & mayo) $3.30

Chicken Nuggets $2.50

Pizza $1.60

Cheese Rolls $1.00

American Hotdog $2.50

(comes with BBQ, tomato or mustard sauce)

Budget 2 minute noodles $1.50

Maggi 2 minute noodles $3.00


Chicken Wrap $3.00

Bacon Sandwich $2.50

(comes with the choice of 2 fillings – carrot, cheese, lettuce, egg &

BBQ sauce or mayonnaise)


Chocolate Muffin $1.10

Cookie Time (small) $ .90

Cookie Time (large) $1.30

Fruit & marshmallow stick $1.00

Popcorn $ .60

Popcorn with icing sugar $ .70


Can flavoured water – orange or peach $2.00

Box juice – tropical or orange $1.10

LOL fruit juice $2.50

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