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25 October

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Dear Parents
The countdown is on till next weekend and the Jubilee and Fair.
Thank you for the goods and produce that have been arriving at school to support this.
You may have noticed that we have laid an outside chess board. We look forward to some fine weather so the children can show off their playing expertise.
We welcome Sarah Hamilton, Ben Rogerson & Calder Gray, three University of Otago Teachers College students who will be in Rooms 3 & 7 for the next two weeks.
Also take the time to read Erik Cahill’s excellent story based on the brain.
PERSISTENT FAITH: Sometimes a noisy child can disturb Sunday worship. People nearby may give the parents a look or say something to get them to stop the disruption. Bartimaeus discovers that Jesus is near and he wants to get his attention. Because he is blind he cannot see exactly where Jesus is, so he shouts out. The crowd is intent on hearing Jesus so they tell him to be quiet. Bartimaeus will not be silenced. In fact he shouts even louder because he wants to be healed. Perhaps there were others who needed healing in the crowd, but only he took action. It is interesting to note exactly what Bartimaeus shouts out. Firstly he refers to Jesus as the ‘Son of David’. This is in fact a title for the Messiah. So perhaps Bartimaeus believes that Jesus was far more than an ordinary teacher. Perhaps it was this tile that attracted Jesus’ attention. Secondly he initially asks for ‘mercy’ rather than for healing. Jesus hears him and stops. Jesus asks him what he wants. Bartimaeus explains he wants to be able to see again. Jesus tells him his faith has healed him and straight away he is able to see.
MEDITATION: What do you think about the people who tried to silence Bartimaeus? Compare this to the way Jesus responded to him. Does this teach us anything about how we should treat those in need? Is it significant that Bartimaeus asked for mercy rather than healing first? What does it reveal about his attitude? Can we learn from this when we approach God?
PRAYER: Perhaps you too have experienced the joy of ‘deliverance’ from sorrow or pain? Or maybe you are right now calling out to God for ‘deliverance’. Whatever point you are at thank God for his faithfulness and mercy. Ask God to strengthen your faith and help you, like Bartimaeus, not to give up.
Rooms 6, 7, 8 & 9 Children
As part of the school jubilee, photos will take place on Saturday 3rd November between 10 – 11.30 am.  We are looking for children who can be here at school at this time as we are going to open the school to the past pupils. Please fill in the slip at the end of this newsletter, indicating if your child can assist with this.
As well as this, we also need a small group of children who can represent the school at the Jubilee Mass next Sunday at 10.30am. As the fair won’t start until 11.30 am, they will not miss anything.
Altar Servers
Saturday 27th October                                 7.00 am                   Reuben Brown & Ben Nind   
Sunday 28th October                                  10.30 am                                     Georgea Newell & Jacob Sullivan
Children’s Liturgy                                                                           Megan Roulston    
Congratulations to Jake Meikle who finished 10th in the 8 – 12 yrs Taupo Motocross Extravaganza.
The SBS Bank Mara-Fun-Run is back again in 2012!  11.00am,Sunday 11th Nov: $5.00
Each competitor receives a Marafun finisher’s medal and certificate. Entry forms are available from the school office, Sport Southland or on the day.
Southland Have A Go Cricket  (5 – 8 yr olds)
Saturdays 9 – 10 am, 27th Oct – 8 Dec $35 each. Enquiries to Emma 2189608.
Touch Results                                                             Basketballs Results
Stars lost 10 – 20                                                          Slamdunkers won 20 – 18
Batters lost 2 – 4                                                           Shooters won 19 – 8
Sharks lost 4 – 5                                                           Fliers won 18 – 4
                                                                                          Sharks drew 8 – 8
                                                                                          Breakers lost 2 – 12
The Year of Faith Oct 2012 – Nov 2013
The Year of Faith coincides with the fiftieth anniversary of the opening of the Second Vatican Council.  It is an invitation to everyone in the Church to celebrate and renew their faith – individually, in families, in parishes and schools, in our Diocese, country and across our global Catholic community.
Pope Benedict XVI outlines the purpose of the year of faith:
“To give renewed energy to the mission of the whole Church to lead men and women out of the wilderness in which they often find themselves and toward a place of life-friendship with Christ who gives us fullness of life.”
“Faith grows when it is lived as an experience of love received and when it is communicated as an experience of grace and joy.”
Logo of the Year of Faith
Image of the ship symbolizes the Church.
The mast of the vessel is a cross with full-blown sails which form the monogram of Christ (IHS).
The background is a sun representing the Eucharist.
FAIR – Sunday 4th November 2012     11.30am – 2.30pm
Please remember to check out the Fair notice and see if there is anything that you can help with. We are just over a week away and your help and support is critical to the success on the day.
The committee will be at school and in the hall on the Saturday between 1.30pm and 3.00pm, and then again early Sunday morning between 9.30am and 11.00am for goods to be delivered. Home baking is a huge hit at these events so get the kids to help and send along some of your favourite treats.
As you will have seen the school is also celebrating its 50th jubilee this same weekend, and there is a dedicated reunion Mass on the Sunday morning. The past pupils have been invited to come and join us at the Fair after mass and we are very much looking forward to showing off the school as it is today and making them feel very welcome as they return to their primary school, years after attending. Some of those attending are ‘First day pupils’ so this is a very special event for them. The hall will have a power point displayed with photos taken over the 50 years and it will also be used for the reunion people to mingle. It is also for fair goers to have a look at what the school was like over the years.
Please be aware that parking will be limited in the car park and for many it may be easier to park behind the school in Northwood Drive and then walk through the entrance provided.
We look forward to seeing everyone next Sunday – and praying for a much improved day of sunshine.
Do you ever get the feeling telling you to run? Or does it tell you to stand strong and fight? This happens all through your life when you get into situations where you start to panic, or if you’re in danger. I’m here to tell you why that happens.
Firstly, the thing that tells you to stay or run is in your brain. It’s called your REPTILIAN BRAIN!  Your brain is made up of lots of things like your Cerebrum, your Cerebellum and your Medulla (brain stem).
Now your brain can do really amazing things but one of the most amazing is that it can slow down time. Well not really it just slows down your perspective of time. Do you ever get the feeling that you are falling, or running really fast and everything else is moving very slowly? Well that’s just your brain doing its wonders.
Looking further into the reason for this we know that it is because of adrenalin rushes. (The adrenalin helps you run faster, jump higher and be a ton stronger!) Looking even FURTHER into it your brain sees in slots. Normally you can see about 30 slots a second but because of adrenalin you can see around 100 slots a second, which causes the effect of slowing down time to give you more time to think about what to do next in case of an emergency. Cool huh? An example of this was a 12-year-old boy who lifted a car to save his uncle.
So as a conclusion your brain is one of the coolest things in the world. I really want to learn how to control adrenalin!  I mean if I can slow down time, yes PLEASE!    By Erik
Room 7 Class Happenings
Persistence  Successful people try and try again. If it doesn’t work,one  way, try another way.
Last week we spent time trialling ideas for our calendars that will be displayed at our School Fair for parents to purchase.  Our first attempts on photos Mrs Winders printed off were challenging as we were required to shade the lighter tones with light colours with darker tones in dark pastel. We then used the ‘Habit of Mind’ of persistence by attempting a second piece. This time we followed Emma’s technique with greater success. As back-up we also used watercolour to paint ourselves and what we enjoy. Many were satisfied with the watercolour to use as a snapshot of ourselves as Year 4 students.
We have been also learning about contractions, (it’s), punctuation, and language features (adjectives, onamatopaeia, similies, metaphors, repetition..)
Can you spot these in the beginning of the following narrative?
Once upon a time there lived a little boy named Rigby. Rigby loved to go on adventures. One day he was standing near the edge of a cliff. Crack! “What was that?”, squealed Rigby. “Ahhhhhh-hhh,” yelled Rigby as he fell into the sea. “I’m never going to get back up there!!. I’ll swim to the Neverest Island.” He swam and swam and swam until he got to the island… Ethan
Yes my child ____________________________  from Room  __________ can be available for:
Saturday morning from 10 – 11.30 am                                      o 
Sunday morning from 10.15 – 11.30                       o
Signed:   ………………………………………………………………………………………
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18 October

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Dear Parents
Welcome back to Term 4. It is good to see all the children back in their summer uniforms ready for a busy term. Some of the term dates to note are:
All Saints Mass                                                              1 Nov
School 50th Jubilee                                                                       2 – 4 Nov
School Fair                                                                    4 Nov
Year 6 High School Day                                            9 Nov
Reports sent out                                                          10 Dec
End of Year Mass                                                         11 Dec
Year 6 Farewell                                                           12 Dec
End of Term 4                                                               13 Dec @ 12.30pm
We also have this term a number of sports specialists who will be working with different groups at the school. This started with Cricket Southland this week. We will also have basketball and athletics coaching.
We have entered a number of teams in touch, cricket, basketball, flipperball, table tennis & soccer this term. Game times will be put on the noticeboard outside the office as soon as we receive them. Most sports put their cancellations online as well.
A SERVING ATTITUDE: As a good teacher Jesus uses every opportunity to teach on discipleship. John and James’ question opens up the subject of power and leadership. The two disciples ask for the significant positions, either side of Jesus’ throne, when his Kingdom is established. It was a foolish request to make and showed their immature thinking. Jesus took the question very seriously because it revealed a wrong attitude to power that has no place in the Kingdom of God. Jesus asks if they are ready to endure the suffering he now faces. Instantly, they say yes. Jesus uses two images to express the suffering he faces. The first is a cup and the second is baptism. Jesus confirms they will indeed experience the same type of suffering as him but this doesn’t mean they can have their request. Only God the Father decides who will sit next to Jesus. The others are outraged and jealousy erupts. So Jesus talks to the entire group. He explains that in the Kingdom power does not mean dominating others. Power is to be expressed as a service to the community or individual. Our actions should help people to meet Jesus so he can redeem them. Those with power in a Christian community need wisdom and spiritual maturity to ensure they use their power to serve those they are responsible for. Christians with authority in any area of life – family, work, society – they should follow Jesus’ example by having a serving attitude.
MEDITATION: What motivated the brothers to ask Jesus for the best places> and why were the other disciples so jealous? What do you thing about Jesus’ teaching on serving? What is your attitude to serving others? Does it come naturally or do you find it hard to put into practice? What do we need to sacrifice in order to serve others?
PRAYER: Ask God to give you a serving attitude towards others like Jesus had. Prayerfully read through Psalm 33. Choose one or two verses each day to meditate on and bring them to God in prayer.
School Jubilee & Fair
It is only 2 weeks until the jubilee and fair. Jubilee photos will be taken from 10.00 – 11.30am on Saturday 2nd November. We plan to open the school and classes so some of the past pupils can have a look through the school. I will be asking for some of our Yr 4 – 6 children to volunteer to be here to be in class that morning. We will also require two altar servers and some children to attend Mass on the Sunday prior to the fair starting.
Pita Pit want to thank everyone for supporting their lunch program and will be collecting the children’s envelopes from now until the end of term and doing random draws for the children to win a selection of prizes e.g. pencil cases, drink bottles, bags, platters etc. The teacher’s orders will go in the draw for a lunch shout and a chance to taste some of our new products.
The children need to have their orders in the yellow letterbox outside the office by 8.55am on a Monday morning.
School Photos – Please have all orders into the school office by Wednesday 24th October.
Annual Inter-School Relay Carnival – Saturday 3rd November @ 6 pm
Children interested in participating in this carnival, please see me.
Keep in mind the school fair is on the following morning.
Scholastic Bookclub ~ Issue 7 closes Wednesday 24th October. Cheques to Scholastic Bookclub.
Staying Strong for Zane Disco – This Friday 19th October – Wallacetown Community Centre
This is a fundraiser to support a local family in need. 3 year old Zane Strudwicke from Wallacetown has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Tickets for this disco are available at the office @ $5 each.
Pre-Schoolers 5 – 6 pm    ~   5 – 13 yr olds 6 – 7.30 pm.  enquiries to Denise 235-8508.
Poppet Designer Label Ltd – Special Offer
Kids Canterbury Shorts 8 – 14 yrs $28 (normally $35)
Adults Canterbury Shorts XS – XL $35 (normally $42)
These shorts are the regulation sports uniform for James Hargest High School.
Orders forms can be obtained from Christine in the office.
Notice for Mums
There is a new daily deal website just for Mums and a percentage of every deal will be donated to Make-A-Wish New Zealand, who grant wishes to children around New Zealand with life threatening illnesses. Subscribe at now, deals begin mid-November and if you like and share their Facebook page you’re in to win a $50 credit every day between now and when they launch on 12th November.
Hannah Dawson was selected to represent Otago/Southland at a national final for the Junior Genee Dance Challenge to be held 14 December in Wellington.
Altar Servers
Saturday 20th October                                 7.00 am                                     Charlotte Sherriff & Caleb Wolf
Sunday 21st October                                  10.30 am                                                       Bree Chilton & Lucy Nind
Children’s Liturgy                                                                                             Aletta Reid
Room 6 Class Happenings
In Room 6 this week we have been doing Problem Solving in Maths time. Here are some of the things we did. We used a placemat that had 4 sections for us to write in. (Laura) Those 4 sections are: the strategy I used, show a picture, show with equipment and write a word story.  (Luke) We are working on 7 problems. When we get the problem, we need to read it out loud so we can understand what it is telling us and decide which operation we need to use to solve that problem.  (Hunter)  Some of the equipment we used was counters, tens frames, place value equipment, number line, your fingers, abacus and 100s boards.
Some of the things we learnt are:
When you divide the big number comes first.  (Sam)
I learnt not to give someone the answer but to give them a clue.  (Lucy).
I learnt how to do division today.  (Matthew)
I learnt that 5 x 10 = 50.  (Azriel)
I will try to do a better picture next time because I have found that a picture helps me learn.  (Brooklyn M)
I have learnt that when you are doing problem solving you need to think and concentrate.  (Seamus)
You need to concentrate on your own work not other people’s work.  (Mackenzie)
Next time I will need to think harder and work without looking around the room.  (Sam)
I learnt that I can talk to other people about the problem solving so my work can get better because you can get clues and then get the right answer.  (Ella)
I think Maths is easier when you think about it more.  (Jasmine)
When you get something wrong you try to make it right (Caleb W)
Next time I will go slower so I can check that my work is correct. (Alex).
Next time I will do more problems so I can get all the problems done. (Oliver)
I learnt that if you use the equipment you can draw a picture of it instead of leaving it on the board.  (Hannah)
Now I can do Maths better because problem solving helps me do stuff better and it helps me to get smart.  (Tyler)
Today I learnt how to show a strategy with equipment.  (Jared)
Next time I will talk to Hannah about what I am doing because you can learn from each other’s ideas.  (Brooklyn F)
I learnt that 21 – 6 = 15 because if I took away 5 it would equal 16 instead of 15.  (Caleb H)
I learnt that you can ask people if the way you solved the problem is a good way to solve it.  (Reid).
I learnt that problem solving is fun and easy.  (Aiden)
Sometimes Maths is like a rollercoaster because sometimes you love and sometimes you hate it at different times.  (Zane)
SACRED HEART SCHOOL FAIR                                                                   Sunday 4thNovember 2012
Please stick this notice on your fridge door to remind you what’s happening and where you can help.
Just over two weeks until the Fair and there is a lot happening in the background by many volunteers. Thanks to all the families who have already been so supportive, donating goods and their time by confirming their availability to help on the day.
1.    SCONES – We have a Devonshire Tea stall with fresh scones and jam. To help keep our costs to a minimum, we ask our parent community to help make the scones. As advised these can be made anytime and frozen and delivered the day before, or morning of the fair.
Scone Recipe (can be doubled)– apologies for missing this from the last newsletter.
2 cups self-raising flour, ½ cup lemonade, ½ cup cream– bake at 200 degrees for approx. 10 mins

2.    2NDHAND CHILDREN’S TOYS, GAMES, BOOKS ETCThis year we have a 2nd hand children’s toys, books, games, DVD’s stall. Great opportunity to pass on pre-loved items. We will start collecting these goods this Friday 19th Oct. Tracey Frewen will be in the car park (from 2.30pm) to collect any goods to be donated – watch out for her car Dark Blue Mazda 6 Station Wagon with its boot open. She will be there again the following Friday 26th Oct as well, and can be contacted (ph2130046) if you need to discuss or make other arrangements. Items can also be brought to school on the Saturday of the Fair weekend.
3.    STALL HELP – Most parents will have received a call asking for help on the day from a volunteer parent in your class. Thanks to those who have confirmed they are able to help. Parents from Rooms 8 & 9 please don’t panic as your calls will be by the end of next week.  If you have not been contacted by Friday the 26th Oct, and are able to help, please leave your name and number at the office and we will contact you direct to help elsewhere.
4.    POSTERS With the newsletter you should have a couple of very cool bright posters advertising the Fair. Please arrange to put up in work places, local diaries, fish and chip shops etc – anywhere there is people traffic to see them. Special thanks to the Harrington’s (Malloch McClean) for printing the flyers.

5.    Hairdressing– Any unwanted hair gel or hairspray, please leave in bins outside the office.
6.    Coins– Kids remember to keep saving your coins to bring on the day to help with the flow of change.
7.    Home Baking/Produce – Hugely successful part of our fairs and we are very reliant on our community of children/parents/grandparents and often family friends to donate home baking (biscuits, cakes, muffins, loaves, slices), sweets and produce (veggies from the garden and vege plants).
8.    Cake Walk Cakes – These are cakes we dress up to be won on our cake walk. If you’d like to volunteer to make a lovely cake, then please let your class fair representative, or teacher know.
9.    Ice Cream Containers & lids (that fit) – Used for float money – please drop them into one of the bins.
Thanks so much to all the families who have dropped in their bottles and grocery items – it is an impressive amount that has been donated. We are happy to continue to accept these items so will leave the bins out. We will have a crew of volunteers working to set up on both the afternoon of Sat 3rd and early on the morning of Sun 4th – we will advise times when goods can be dropped off in the next week’s newsletter.
SUNHATS – A reminder that all children need
to have a sunhat at school this term.
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