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29 November

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Dear Parents

I was fortunate to be able to officiate at one of the most important events of the year on Tuesday afternoon when I had to judge the Room 1 & 2 ‘Best Love Bear Competition’. The pressure was on and I can only hope I made the right choice.

Today we hosted representatives from the Out of School Music Classes who performed for our children. It was a pleasure to have these children at school. If your child is interested in enrolling for  2013, enquiries are welcome at 2165137 or online at:

Thank you for the big increase in children with sun hats on. We also have more in stock at the office.

A reminder about the end of year timetable:

Reports Home                           –                 Monday 10th Dec

Year 6 Day                                 –                 Tuesday 11th Dec

End of Year Mass 1.30 pm      –                 Wednesday 12th Dec

School Closes 12.30 pm         –                 Thursday 13th Dec

Teachers Only Day (off site)  –                 Friday 14th Dec

I will be at school on Monday 17th / Tuesday 18th December in case anything is left behind, as staff will be off-site Thursday afternoon and all Friday.

Apology and Retraction
A notice was published in the Sacred Heart School newsletter dated 22 November 2012, which included statements questioning the legitimacy of the website It has since been brought to my attention that the website is in fact legitimate and is operated by a well established company called NZ Maths and English Limited, for the purposes of providing online home tuition services by fully qualified teachers in both maths and English.

The statements I made were based on information that I believed reliable, but I have now ascertained and now recognise that there was no foundation for these statements and I regret that they were ever made. I wish to take the earliest opportunity of correcting my error and of expressing to NZ Maths and English Limited my regret for any distress or interruption to its business caused by the notice.
Peter Forde
2013 Classes

We are still working through final class placements for next year but the line up so far looks like this:

Room 1    –                 Mrs Williams             Yr 1

Room 2    –                 Mrs Stupples            NE / Yr 1

Room 5    –                 Mrs Winders             Y2

Room 6    –                 Mrs Buxton               Y3

Room 7/8                  –                 Miss Swney               Either Y 4/5 or Yr 4

Room 7/8                  –                 Mrs Tagomoa-Kaa  Either Y 4/5 or Yr 5

Room 9    –                 Mrs Lieshout            Y6

We welcome Ruby Duffy and her family to Sacred Heart School and hope they enjoy their time here.

Outstanding Accounts

We still have $2350 of outstanding accounts which we would like settled by next week please.

We are not in a position to carry this debt.


We would love to have all books, class resources or anything belonging to the school returned. No questions asked. Thank you.

PTA 2nd Hand Uniform Sale – Friday 14thDecember

If you are wishing to sell a Sacred Heart uniform we will be open to purchase this from you prior to our sale on Friday 14th December. Please come to the school foyer at 10.30am with your items.

At 11am we will then have our sale open to all parents/caregivers.

So come along and grab yourself a bargain and be ready for the 2013 school year.

OSCAR Childcare will be available from 8am until 6pm on 14-18 Dec at Sacred Heart Parish hall, then continues from 19-21 Dec at both Middle School and Windsor North School halls. We will re-open on 7 January 2013. Please phone 218-9520 for further details.


Congratulations to Liam, Matthew & Braedyn Francis who made their 1st Holy Communion last weekend.

Altar Servers

Saturday 1st December                                7.00 am                   Bronte & Piper Adams

Sunday 2nd December                               10.30 am                                     Eli Winders & Bridie Kinney

Children’s Liturgy                                                                           Jackie Taylor


KNOWING HOW TO WAIT: Waiting can be difficult, even for the most patient among us. It’s even harder when the circumstances in which we wait are unsettling, but Jesus has some encouragement for us about how to wait.

At first glance, beginning the Advent season with this text might seem a little counter-intuitive. After all, this is the Sunday when we begin to celebrate the arrival of one meek and mild, humbled as a baby in a manger, and this portion from one of the final chapters of Luke portrays an adult Jesus with some rather hard and disturbing things to say. And the apocalyptic text seems to refer to still future events. But we have things to learn about the waiting.

Speaking to people who were very close to their natural surroundings, who knew how to recognize the signs of the changing seasons around them, Jesus suggests that they also need to learn to interpret the signs of things to come. The difficulties and harsher weather of the winter are never reasons for despair, but indications of the coming spring. The first budding leaves of the apparently barren fig tree bring the promise of spring and summer.

Time and time again, the people of God have waited through difficult times where despair seemed to be the only solution, but redemption was at hand and the kingdom of God was near. As the church collectively holds its breath through Advent, it remembers the dark days of Exile and Captivity, the harsh words of the prophets and then even the long dark silence before the light shone at Bethlehem.

Remembering how brightly the wait of Advent ended gives us courage to have patience through the difficulties and challenges that still await us before the Messiah’s kingdom is fully realised. The glorious note on which that first Advent ended should help us bear patiently the wait that is ours.

MEDITATION: How patiently do you wait? What tough circumstances are made more bearable by you knowing that they are not the end, but that there is something better yet to come? When Paul prays for his readers in 1 Thessalonians 3: 9-13, he asks that in preparation for the Lord’s coming, they might grow in their love for one another. How would being this deeply loved by other believers help make the waiting a little easier>

PRAYER: Verses 4 and 5 from Psalm 25 are an appropriate prayer for someone seeking to wait faithfully for the coming kingdom of God: “Teach me your ways, O Lord; make them known to me. Teach me to live according to your truth, for you are my God, who saves me, I always trust in you.”

Touch Results                         Basketballs Results                        Cricket

Stars                                             Slamdunkers Default                         Under 8’s lost to Windsor North

Ballers won 5 – 1                       Shooters won 22 – 14                        POD was Aidan Dudfield

Sharks won 5 – 2                       Flyers lost 2 – 15    

                                                      Sharks lost 4 – 24   

                                                      Breakers lost 11 – 38

It’s My Turn To Cook Bosch School Holiday Program – has a fun, FREE one-day online cooking program on 20th December. No matter where you live, as long as you have the internet, we’ll inspire YOUR kids in YOUR home using YOUR food! All details at

We’ll have your kids whipping up a salad, firing up the barbecue and wowing you with a Christmas treat! We have great competitions, great prizes as we share foodie skills and tips to get your child food savvy.

SBA Basketball Camp   ~   25 – 27 Jan 2013

Anyone interested in attending this camp, can obtain a registration form at the office.

The Southland Mountain Bike Clubis holding the Southland Times Kids Skids on Sunday the 2nd of December at the Sandy Point Mountain Bike tracks from 10am. The event is for riders aged 5 to 12 and will feature different courses for each age group. Keep an eye out for the entry forms in the Southland Times or you can download one with full details of the event from the club’s website There will be heaps of spot prizes and giveaways plus a skills area to test you out. Get together with some friends and get on your bike!

St. Patrick’s School Fair – Sunday 2nd December 10am – 2pm

Please support the St. Patrick’s school fair on this Sunday if you can. We had a good number of their parents at our fair a couple of weeks ago.

Kip McGrath Tutoring Scholarship

Parents are invited to apply for a Kip McGrath scholarship for next year. Interested caregivers can fill out the application forms and return to school by Monday 3rd December.

Forms can be obtained from the stand on the wall in the junior corridor.

Room 3 Class Happenings

 In Room 3, we have been learning how to write letters.  A letter needs the following things:

·       A salutation

·       An opening sentence

·       A closing sentence

·       An ending eg From …..

·       An addressed envelope

Below are a selection of letters that some of us wrote to Santa.  The names of the’ authors’ will not be printed so you may have to ask us if we wrote any of these published letters.

To Santa

How are you feeling?  I will leave some cookies out for you.  Can I please have an iPod because I helped my Dad plant potatoes?   From ???????

To Santa

I hope you are well this year because it has been very cold this year.  Please may I have a new Leap pad 2?  I would like to know how many elves are there?  And how many reindeer do you have?  How do your reindeer fly?  Do they have wings or do they use their legs?  How do your elves make all the toys in time?  Here is a joke for you – what do elves first learn at school?  The elphabet.  I will leave you 2 cookies and one glass of milk.  We will leave the reindeer some carrots.   Love from …………

Dear Santa,

How does a reindeer fly without wings?  How does Rudolph’s nose glow?  Please can I have a butterfly pillow pet because I have been nice to my friend’s at school?   I will leave you a piece of celery, and for the reindeer a muffin and a glass of milk.  Haha – just kidding.   From …….

Dear Santa,

How are you?  Are you busy making toys?  This year I have been very good at listening to my Mum.  Can I please have a M.G.P?  How many elves do you have?  I will leave you a drink of milk and a carrot for the reindeer.   From ………..

Dear Santa,

How many elves do you have?  Does Rudolph’s nose glow?  I have been a good girl this year.  Can I please have an M.G.P?  It is a type of scooter.  I will leave you a glass of milk and some carrots for the reindeer.  I don’t believe you deliver presents in one night, I think two nights.  Be careful of my cat, he might meow at you.   Love from ……. 

PS What does an elf learn first?  The Elphabet.  Haha – just a joke!

Dear Santa

How do your reindeer fly without wings and how many elves are there?  How many reindeer are there?  How do you get through my chimney because you look kind of fat, because you eat a lot of cookies and you drink all of my milk?  Be careful because my chickens might peck you.  Don’t eat any eggs!  It you see any eggs put them in the fridge please.  Please can I have an M.G.P scooter because I have to take my brother out of bed.    From ………

Last Day Fun Day

To celebrate a wonderful year at school, we are having a ‘slip and slide water fun day’ for the last day at school.  The children can wear sports uniforms, and bring their swimming togs and towels to join in our fun for the morning.  Please remember that school will finish at 12.30 on that day.

Please fill in the permission slip and return to the class teacher, as your child cannot participate unless they have written permission. Please also let us know if your child is unable to slide on the soap suds, we will provide alternate water play for them.

_________________________ has permission to participate in the water fun day on Thurs 13 Dec

I understand that I must provide swimming togs and a towel to participate.

Signed ___________________________

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22 November

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Dear Parents

My apologies for any confusion over the high school buses yesterday. We thought all the buses ran early with the high schools closed for the secondary schools union meetings.

Stranger Danger

We have had reports about an older man in a white van talking to children outside James Hargest College. Please reinforce the stranger danger message with your children, as we have been in class.

Good luck to our 2 senior girls’ cricket teams who will be taking part in a fun tournament tomorrow.
Our prayers have been with the Rance & Reitma-Smith families this week.

Apology and Retraction
A notice was published in the Sacred Heart School newsletter dated 22 November 2012, which included statements questioning the legitimacy of the website It has since been brought to my attention that the website is in fact legitimate and is operated by a well established company called NZ Maths and English Limited, for the purposes of providing online home tuition services by fully qualified teachers in both maths and English.

The statements I made were based on information that I believed reliable, but I have now ascertained and now recognise that there was no foundation for these statements and I regret that they were ever made. I wish to take the earliest opportunity of correcting my error and of expressing to NZ Maths and English Limited my regret for any distress or interruption to its business caused by the notice.
Peter Forde

        KING OF ALL CREATION:These few verses from the passion narrative in John’s gospel describe the encounter between Jesus and Pilate, the Roman governor of Palestine. The Jewish authorities have finally found something to accuse Jesus of that required the death sentence. But the Jewish leaders had a problem. Yes, they had decided to kill Jesus. But the Romans had taken away their authority to do this legally. They needed Jesus’ death to be very public so there could be no dispute about it. They wanted to put an end to Jesus and his teaching once and for all.

So somehow they had to get the Romans to execute Jesus. Roman crucifixion was a slow and excruciatingly painful death. It was also humiliating with the victim hanging naked on a cross for all to see.

But Pilate needed a political, not a religious reason to execute Jesus. So he asks Jesus if he is a political agitator. Did he claim to be a king? Jesus merely responds with a question of his own: did Pilate decide this question from his own observation or from hearsay?

Pilate is irritated by Jesus’ comment as it was the Jewish leaders who had handed him over. Jesus ignores Pilate’s second question. He goes back to the question about his kingship to clarify it.

Jesus explains his kingship involves truth, truth that he must preach and teach. Our text finishes at this point. But the conversation continues with Pilate asking what Jesus means by ‘truth’? He never finds out because he doesn’t want to listen and falls into the trap set for him by the Jewish authorities.

MEDITATION: What sort of kingship is Jesus hinting at here? In which kingdom is Jesus king? What does this mean for you personally? What is the truth Jesus came into the world to speak about? How do you listen to Jesus? How much priority do you give to this in your daily life?

PRAYER: Psalm 93 pictures God the king in all his majesty and glory. The liturgy applies this psalm to Jesus. Make a list of all God’s kingly attributes. Invite the Holy Spirit to give you a fresh sense of awe and wonder as you read these verses. Use them to worship your amazing king.

2013 Classes

Every year the Ministry allocates school staffing for the next year based on child numbers in March and July and predicted enrolments.

This year we were staffed for 8 classroom teachers, next year this will reduce to 7, with Miss Harding’s position finishing at the end of this year.

This year we have had an increased number of families moving out of this province or country and fewer than expected (so far) enrolments for 2013.

It is disappointing to lose Miss Harding as she has added a lot to our school this year and I do hope to see her here again in the future.

Southland Boys’ High School is looking for both short and long term homestay accommodation for several international students we are expecting next year. Weekly board will be paid. If you are interested in hosting an international student, please telephone Jill Hoffman: 2113-003 ext 809 or email further information.

Photos on Facebook

We intend to put school photos onto our facebook page. If you object to your child’s photo being displayed, please email Mrs Stupples:

OSCAR Childcare will be available from 8am until 6pm on 14-18 Dec at Sacred Heart Parish hall, then continues from 19-21 Dec at both Middle School and Windsor North School halls. We will re-open on 7 January 2013. Please phone 218-9520 for further details.

Child Minding for the Christmas Holidays

I am a parent and Teacher Aide at Sacred Heart School providing a family setting for holiday care.

Call Jacqui O’Connor 21 56055

Kip McGrath Tutoring Scholarship

Parents are invited to apply for a Kip McGrath scholarship for next year. Interested caregivers can fill out the application forms and return to school by Friday 30th. Forms can be obtained from the stand on the wall in the junior corridor.

Flatmate Wanted – Contact Sandy 0210339909.


Congratulations to Kyron Devery who received ‘Player of the Day’ last week for his Dodgers Lions T-Ball team.

Altar Servers

Saturday 24th November                             7.00 am                   Cameron Roulston & Caleb Brown

Sunday 25th November                             10.30 am                                     Ben Henderson & Mathew Brooks

Children’s Liturgy                                                                           Nicki Brookland

Touch Results                         Basketballs Results                       

Stars won 5 – 1                          Slamdunkers lost 17 – 18                                     

Ballers won 5 – 0                       Shooters lost 4 – 16                                                              

Sharks lost 3 – 4                        Flyers los 6 – 16t    

                                                      Sharks lost lost 4 – 16             

                                                      Breakers lost 2 – 30

PTA Meeting Wednesday 28thNovember, school staff room @ 7.30pm.

Calendars  ~  Orders for calendars need to be in by this coming Monday 26th Nov – if you’d like to buy a copy (or copies) of your child’s calendar, please have your order and money to the office before the end of Monday. The children’s art work for their calendar can be seen at the office.

Michelle Van Eeden would like to also thank the parents who bought tulips directly from her after school in the weeks leading up to the fair.

Kade shares his published writing with Mr Forde at the All’s writing celebration last Friday.

Room 2 Class Happenings

We have been learning about descriptive writing.  Each time we write about one thing we remember to put a full stop.  We know that we can describe something by:

Saying a number idea – There are two side mirrors

Saying a colour idea – the car is yellow

Saying a shape idea – the wheels are a circle

Saying a position idea – the car is in the garage.

Here are some of our awesome descriptions of our free construction sculptures.

I made a rocket.  The rocket had one whole bunch of red stuff on it.  It was fun.  The rocket had a square thing on it at the bottom.  The rocket had red on it at the bottom of it.  At home time the bottom fell off.   By Markus

I made a monster truck.  I like my monster truck.  I made one box.  I had a square box.   By Jimmy

I made a scorpion.  The colour was green.  It had one stinger.  The shape was a rectangle.  The stinger was at the back.

 By Sam

I made a jewellery box and there were 5 wee balls on the top.  I made it in Room 2.  My favourite bit was the cellotaping and the colour of the flowers are green.   By Anya

I made a John Deer tractor.  My John Deer is shaped like a square.  My John Deer is green.  It has one bucket.  I made it in Room 2.   By Tim 

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15 November

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Dear Parents

It’s hard to believe that it is halfway through November.

The Year 6 children have visited their new 2013 schools and it is only about 5 weeks until Christmas.

Congratulations to Erik & Sionelle Cahill, Harry Oosterbroek & Ella Richardson who were 6th in the finals of the School Swimming Champs held recently. A commendable effort.

Some of the upcoming school events include:

                  16/11                         ALL’s Celebration

                  20/11                         Peer Tutors’ Celebration

                  23/11                         Year 5 & 6 Cricket Tournament

                  11/12                         Year 6 Day

                  12/12                         End of Year Mass    –   1.15pm

                  13/12                         Last Day of School –   12.30pm



When Jesus lived on earth many Jews believed the end of human history had already been decided by God. In today’s reading Jesus provides a little more detail. After a period of cosmic upheaval, when the sun and moon no longer shine and stars fall from the heaven, Jesus will appear in the sky in great power and glory. He will send his angels his angels to gather his people together from all over the world. So for Christians the end of history is the beginning of a new experience of life with Jesus. First century Christians eagerly anticipated Jesus’ return and prayed daily, ‘Come, Lord Jesus’ (Revelation 22:20).

We can live in constant hope. On the one hand we long for Jesus to return so we can be with him forever, and on the other we must continue to live faithfully in the here and now of today. We have the future hope that we will be with him and the promise that he may return at any moment to collect us.

Jesus uses the parable of a fig tree and tells us to watch out for the signs which, like the arrival of summer, will be obvious to those who are looking. However no one knows the exact date when Jesus will return – not even Jesus himself. Only God the Father knows. In the midst of all this upheaval Jesus offers reassurance, ‘Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away’.

MEDITATION: What difference does knowing the world will end make to the way we live our lives? How does this affect the decisions we make? Should it affect the way we spend our time and money? Jesus says heaven and earth will pass away but his words will remain forever. What does this tell us about the importance of words? How much time do we spend finding out just what God has revealed to us through Holy Scripture?

PRAYER: ‘Come, Lord Jesus’ is a powerful prayer. Try praying it regularly and expect to find opportunities to serve Jesus cropping up in all sorts of people and places. In this way you will play your part in hastening Jesus’ second coming and extending his kingdom on earth.

Teachers Union Meetings   

Teachers will be attending Union meetings this afternoon and of the 20thNovember.

This will not affect the children.

Otatara Bus – Will leave school at 1.00 pm on Wednesday 21st November

Please let Christine know if your child is to be put on this early bus, otherwise we would expect the children to be picked up.


You may have seen the recent TV Programmes discussing the new school pay system – Novopay (or no pay, as some are calling it). We have not been spared from this nightmare. Mrs Forbes has spent hours on the phone over the past 3 months trying to make sure our staff and relieving teachers get paid. Please be aware of this when ringing school, as there can be up to 20 – 30 minutes wait to get through to Novopay.

ALL’s & ALiM Reporting Back Sessions

I wish to take this opportunity to thank Mrs Buxton & Mrs Lieshout for their excellent work with the children as part of our Literacy and Numeracy interventions. I had the pleasure of listening to Mrs Buxton’s presentation in Dunedin on Monday and was very impressed with the quality and depth of her work with the children.

OSCAR Childcare will be available from 12.30 until 6pm on 13 December at Sacred Heart Parish hall. Please see staff at the hall to register your child/ren.

We will also be available from 8am until 6pm on 14, 17 and 18 December at Sacred Heart Parish hall. Please phone 218-9520 for further details

Scholastic Bookclub – Issue 8 closes Tuesday 20th November.

Touch Southland – Girls Under 10 Trials

Touch Southland are looking at running an under-10 Southland-wide tournament in February 2013.

We will be holding a trial for all the female players who play in the Invercargill Primary School module on November 28 after the completion of the last round of the day. To be eligible for the trial players need to be born in the year 2003 or later. The girls can just turn up on the day.

Difficulties with Learning

This is a support group set up to assist parents who have a child with learning difficulties. It covers children who are Dyslexia, Irlen’s Syndrome, Dyscalculia and Auditory Processing Disorder, or are just struggling with school work for no apparent reason. You are invited to attend our next meeting:

Thursday 29th Nov, BNZ (Esk St Entrance), 7.30 pm. More info contact: Gabby 213-0229.

Jump Rope Jam The Ultimate Skip Off – Sunday 18th Nov 1 – 3pm @ Southland Velodrome $5

Each entry gets a free drink on arrival and a chance to win spot prizes.

To register your child/or get a team together go to:

Child Minding for the Christmas Holidays

I am a parent and Teacher Aide at Sacred Heart School providing a family setting for holiday care.

Call Jacqui O’Connor 21 56055

Splash Palace – Summer Swim School (3yrs – Adults) 7 Jan – 1st Feb $41

Altar Servers

Saturday 17th November                             7.00 am                   Isabella & McKenzie Wild

Sunday 18th November                             10.30 am                                     Abby Humm & Max Forde

Children’s Liturgy                                                                           Cecelia Russell

Touch Results                         Basketballs Results                        Cricket Results

Stars won 5 – 1                          Slamdunkers – bye                             Kiwi 8’s lost against St Theresa’s.

Ballers lost 4 – 5                        Shooters                   – bye                                     POD – Rohan Murray

Sharks won 7 – 3                       Flyers lost 2 – 20    

                                                      Sharks lost 4 – 27   

                                                      Breakers lost 2 – 26

Sherwood Forest

Last Friday Room 7 visited Sherwood Forest, a farm that is being restored to its natural state by Pat Turnball and her late husband Derek. Sacred Heart School has been given an area to re plant and look after. With this year being the initial planting of trees a plaque was unveiled for the occasion. ‘Te Taonga’ meaning Treasure.  Children later returned with a seedling that they repotted to take home. 

PTA – Fair Committee meeting this Monday 19th November 7.30pm 

Apologies for the short notice but please come prepared to discuss the results, and with any suggestions we can document for improvements for any future fairs. Please text Liza or Susanne to advise whether coming or not.

PTA meeting Wednesday 28th November 7.30pm at school.

Room 1 Class Happenings

On Tuesday Room 1 had a pyjama day.  We made huts, and did some very cool shadow puppets.  The children loved doing their school in the huts and want to have pyjama day EVERY DAY!

Here are some examples of the children’s writing about our pyjama day.

I went under the tent and I shined my torch to see a shadow. – By Oliver

Today it is pyjama day.  It is fun.  We get to do stuff under the table because our tables are tents.     – By Malachi

Today we made a hut.  I liked making the huts and it was fun because we got to do work in our huts.  I felt happy. – By Ben

I am wearing my pyjamas at school.  I made a tent under my table.  I felt happy. – By Will

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8 November

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Dear Parents

A huge thanks to Susanne Brown and the PTA for the excellent fair on Sunday. You all did a marvellous job – well done.

Also thank you to all the parents, children, staff and other community members for your support – whether it be in volunteering your time or supporting the stalls.

Our sponsors, who are listed later on, your goodwill is much appreciated.

As well as the fair there was also the school jubilee last weekend. On Saturday morning we opened up the school while photos were taken. We thought we may have had a few people having a look at our displays but were pleasantly surprised to have the corridors and classes full of ex-pupils.

The biggest topics of discussion were the strap and being put in the rooms back cupboards (not a current practice). This was followed by a function on Saturday night where I spoke on behalf of our current staff and pupils, then Mass before the fair.

Thanks to our school staff and pupils who were here on Saturday morning, and at Mass representing the school on Sunday.

A huge thank you to Juliet Clapperton for her countless hours spent collating the registrations etc.

Rabbitt and Sheehan Cups

A big thank you to the Rabbitt & Sheehan families for their donation of cups to be presented to our pupils. Joyce Sheehan was a past teacher at Sacred Heart and Jo Rabbit was heavily involved in the school, coaching sport teams in particular.

Our prayers are with Mrs Buxton’s family.

School Accounts

Could we have all accounts settled by the end of November please.

If you are unsure what is owing, please contact Christine.

OSCAR Childcare will be available from 12.30 until 6pm on 13 December at Sacred Heart Parish hall. Please see staff at the hall to register your child/ren.

We will also be available from 8am until 6pm on 14, 17 and 18 December at Sacred Heart Parish hall. Please phone 218-9520 for further details

Summer Reading Challenge

Read for 20 minutes a day for 20 days with a log book that is given to you. Once you have completed your logbook you can return it to the Invercargill library for a prize. Registrations open 1 December at one of the library help desks or online at

Altar Servers

Saturday 10th November                             7.00 am                   Patrice & Aimee Brookland

Sunday 11th November                             10.30 am                                     Caitlin Smith & Emma Brooks

Children’s Liturgy                                                                           Trish Sherriff

Touch Results                         Basketballs Results                        Cricket Results

Stars won 5 – 2                         Slamdunkers lost 17 – 8                   Kiwi 8’s won. POD – Aubrey Page

Ballers won 4 – 2                       Shooters drew 10 – 10

Sharks won 5 – 3                       Flyers lost 2 – 28

                                                      Sharks lost 12 – 12

Wanted House to Buy in Waikiwi/Grasmere – Contact Tina 2158234 or 0277594590.

Speech And Drama Teacher

Enrolments are now open for 2013 classes. Tuition available for Trinity Guildhall Examinations.

All grades taught including Diploma. To enrol or for further info, please phone 216-0115.

Room 9 Class Happenings


School Jubilee  ~ Room 9 has researched how education has changed since Sacred Heart School opened in 1962. Here are two pieces of research we did.    


1962 ~ In 1962 Catholic Schools were staffed by Religious Sisters. The Sisters of Mercy got paid a stipend until 1975. This wasn’t much money and the parishioners had a pantry day once a year to raise more money for the Sisters.

The Religious Sisters would get put into a class to teach and would have to study to become a teacher at the same time as teaching a class. Back then the students sat at their desks and the teacher would stand at the front of the class and teach with a blackboard. The students sat at their desks, listened, and did as they were told.

On the Opening day of Sacred Heart School there were 110 students on the roll and they only had 3 classrooms. In the junior class, which was New Entrants to Year 3 there were 37 students, in the middle class which was Years 4 to 6 there were 41 students and in the senior class, which was years 6 to 8 there were 32 students.

1970 ~ The first lay teacher started teaching at Sacred Heart School in 1970. Her name is Mrs Val McInerney.  She was paid by the Church when she started teaching, unlike the Religious Sisters. She was only hired for one year at a time. She started teaching in the Junior Class. Lay teachers started teaching because there weren’t enough Religious Sisters to teach.


In Room 9 we have been learning about what Sacred Heart was like in 1962. We asked Mr Forde, Mrs McInnery and Mr Lieshout.

But there is something that we were wondering: “Why did the law about corporal punishment change?”

We mean some kids still need to be put into order by pain. I know it sounds horribly mean but…. Well from my perspective punishments these days are just too…. Well, easy to get through. You see these days you have to pick up rubbish. I have NOTHING!!!!! against that because that’s helping the environment. But I think that the strap would have put people into order much faster.

Anyway we found out that the law was changed in 1990 because it was a stupid idea to hit children because they didn’t know something or they were being naughty.

This made us wonder, how naughty would someone have to be to get the strap.

Further research (asking Mr Forde) told us that you didn’t have to be very naughty at all.

Next we wanted to know if they got rewarded for good behaviour or work. We were told you might have gotten a sticker or something like that.

Another question we had that was also answered by Mr Forde.

It was “Why did the teachers whack the kids on the hand instead of whacking them somewhere else?” He told our reporters Mathew and Ben that it was easier to get to and it hurt much more.

Was the male gender more likely to get strapped than the female gender, is a question that we were wondering.

The answer was it was way more likely for the boys to get the strap. Most of the boys in Room 9 are glad they were not at school then!

Why have things changed?

We think one reason for the change is what scientists have discovered about the brain.

In Room 9 we have been learning about the brain. We learnt about fight or flight. Flight is if you go into flight mode and you freeze up (Find it hard to think) and in fight mode you just go for it, in other words stand and fight. So back then kids got scared of making a spelling mistake and getting the strap. So some of them would have gone into flight mode. Instead of helping the children to learn, the thought of the strap stopped them from learning.

We think the other reason is to do with class sizes.

In 1962 their classes were huge.

There were 37 kids in the junior class NE-Y2. There are now 17 in Room 2.

There were 41 kids in the middle Room Y3-Y5 There are now 23 in Room 6

There were 32 kids in the senior class y6-y8 and the Principal taught this class all day as well as being Principal. There are now 28 in Room 9.

So we guess they needed to be so strict because the classes were so big. 

Corporal Punishment

So you probably think you know what they did in the 1962. They had corporal punishment, but did you know another punishment was to and write lines on a blackboard or paper if they were naughty.

They had to write things like “I will not talk on the mat.” over and over again. Sometimes they had to write it a 1000 times.

I bet you think it’s hard in school now. Think, writing lines for hours.  Think about that if you are ever angry about getting sent to the circle to cool off or think about what you did wrong. Just think what it was like for students in 1962. The strap or lines!!!

Why has it changed?

It is to do with what we know about punishments, children and learning. If you ask a child not to do something over and over they are going to remember what not to do. Our teachers say, “Walk inside” They tell us what they want us to do and repeat it because that is what we will remember. If they said, “Don’t run” Our brains will remember “run”

So in conclusion, when you are told off, think about those poor children that got the strap or had to write lines. Think about all the students that went before us that suffered that fate.


A huge thank you goes out to the whole school community for your support in making last Sunday’s school fair such a success. This includes not only your help in the stalls, set-up and clean-up on the day, but also for your baking, gifts, donated goods and sponsorships – without any of this the fair could not take place. Well done to the children who got out with their posters and let everyone know it was on, as even though it wasn’t the warmest day, we still had plenty of people come and share the day with us.

I would like to personally thank the Fair Committee who was made up of volunteer parents and teachers from throughout the school. They worked tirelessly in the background preparing for the day to ensure it was a success. Without such a dedicated and hard-working team these types of events never happen.

Thanks also to the older children from rooms 8 & 9 who ran their own stall with goods they’d made themselves and to those who walked around selling goods to the crowd. To staff, BOT, parents, school children and friends and families that volunteered their time to help either before or on the day, thanks for sharing the load and helping us ensure everyone had the chance to enjoy the day.

We hope to have an approximate profit total very soon as we wait for the final costs and last of the remaining funds to be banked. At this point though we are very happy with the interim results and believe it has been another very successful school fair.

It was a fantastic day for families to get together as part of our Sacred Heart School community, to have some fun and enjoy each other’s company. It was also nice to be able to show off the school with pride to many of those that attended the 50th reunion and who came and enjoyed time at the fair after mass on Sunday morning.

Over the next couple of weeks we will be acknowledging those businesses that supported the fair, and ask that where you can, you look to support them as well. Today we acknowledge the businesses that sponsored events on the day and we wish to acknowledge and thank them for their support on the day.

About Joinery                                                                                BDO Invercargill

Dynamic Maintenance                                                                Malloch McClean

Niagara Truss & Frame, Parklands                                       Stabicraft

Raffle Winners

Basket Hamper  –  K. Philips                                   Blue Container  –  Anne Potter                      Green Container  –  Richelle Holland                            Family Package  –  Melissa Harrington

Christmas Cake  –  Heather Gray                         Lovely Ladies Package  –  Jemmiah Rae

Luxury Ladies Package  –  A. Harris                   Tea Basket  –  Mrs Muller

Men’s Package  –  Ruth Lieshout

Thanks again to everyone  ~  Susanne Brown PTA

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1 November

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Dear Parents

Only one day to go until the Jubilee/Fair weekend.

A big thanks to the PTA, staff and all the parents and children who have worked to make this happen.

Also a big thank you to our senior students who will be assisting at the jubilee on Saturday morning and at Mass before the fair on Sunday.

Our prayers are with the Crawford family.



A teacher of the law, who is impressed by the answers Jesus has been giving, asks him what the greatest commandment is. Jesus replies from Deuteronomy 6:4-5 also known as Shema Israel. Jesus follows the accepted method of Jewish teachers by choosing the most important commandment to sum up all the teaching from the Books of Law: Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. In other words this one verse is the foundation and purpose of everything said in the books and everything in them should be interpreted with this in mind. The words used to express the first commandment vary slightly from those recorded in Deuteronomy 6:4-5 and you can look up the difference.

Jesus links the first commandment to a second: loving your neighbour as yourself. This is a reference to a commandment in Leviticus 19:18. Jesus makes it clear that love must be at the centre of the greatest commandment. Firstly love for God and secondly love for your neighbour. By linking the two together Jesus implies the two must go hand in hand. True religion cannot neglect the social aspect on man’s life. Jesus sets no limits on our love for God and our love for our neighbours must be at least equal to our love for ourselves. Jesus sets a very high standard: we should love our neighbour without expecting to receive or gain anything (Luke 10:25-37). The questioner agrees with Jesus’ answer and makes the perceptive comment that obeying these commandments is our highest priority more important than the animal sacrifices which were such a central feature of worship at that time.

MEDITATION: Consider what it means practically to obey these two commandments. What are the implications? How can you love God completely? How can you love your neighbour as yourself? Which is more important to you: observing religious practices or obeying these commandments? What does this passage have to say about what our priorities should be?

PRAYER: Ask God to help you love him and others more fully. Psalm 18 in its entirety lists man of the attributes of God and many promises. As you pray through this psalm look out for what these verses reveal about God’s character. What can you discover and build into your faith life?

JR McKenzie Youth Education Trust

The above trust gives financial support to families with children moving from Yr 6 to Yr 7 with uniform costs. If you wish to apply, please ring or email me. This is confidential.

ALL’s (Accelerated Literacy Learning) + ALiM (Accelerated Leaning in Maths)

The school was fortunate to have been able to participate in these contracts over the past term.

They both involved a teacher working with a small group of children to accelerate progress.

The aim long term is to find a way to make the programme sustainable across all classes in the school.

Tomorrow Mrs Lieshout and I will be at the finale of the Maths project where Mrs Lieshout will present our school’s findings. Next week it will be Mrs Buxton’s turn in regards the writing project. Both programmes have been very beneficial for the children and teachers and we will implement a lot of the new strategies that worked across all classes next year.


Congratulations to Aimee Brookland who competed in the Alexandra Dance competitions last weekend for Tap and received 2 x 1st, a 2nd & was the winner of the Tap Scholarship in the 10 & under 12 age group for having the highest marks over 3 set dances.

Autism NZ Inc

I am the new Service Support Coordinator for Autism NZ Inc in Southland. I offer a free service to support anyone with Autism or Aspergers. I have many resources, books and have access to information on ASD.  Next year there will be a 2 day programme ‘FANZ’ in Southland. It is

specifically designed for anyone who is involved with a child or adult on the Autism Spectrum.  If you are interested please contact me on 21 82420 or 

I look forward to hearing from you, Wendy Jenkins

Altar Servers

Saturday 3rd November                               7.00 am                   Sam & Nathan Russell

Sunday 4th November                                10.30 am                                     Charlotte Sherriff & Mathew Brooks

Touch Results                                                             Basketballs Results

Stars won 2 – 0                                                             Slamdunkers won 22 – 19

Ballers won 4 – 1                                                           Shooters lost 11 – 12

Sharks won 2 – 0                                                           Flyers lost 6 – 13

                                                                                          Sharks beat the Breakers 14 – 8

Nathan Cohen & Storm Uru ~ James Hargest College Hall ~ Friday 2nd Nov 7.30 pm.

Adults $25 Children $15. Nathan and Storm will speak and there will be an opportunity for questions, photographs and autographs. Tickets can be purchased at Eagles Eagles & Redpath or Rowing Club Members. Limited door sales if tickets still available.

All proceeds to the Waihopai and Invercargill Rowing Clubs.

Wanted House to Rent or Buy in Waikiwi/Grasmere

Required early December, 3+ bedrooms. Contact Tina 2158234 or 0277594590.

The children are enjoying playing chess with the new game bought by the PTA.  We are very grateful for the contributions they make for us.

Caitlin and Portia discuss their next move.

Room 8 Class Happenings

This term we are doing Run, Jump, Throw with Lorn from Athletics Southland.  Our session so far we have been focusing on stretching our muscles, arms and hips.  We learnt that stretching our bodies before participating in sports helps our muscles warm up so we don’t get any injuries when playing sport.  We also have been practising javelin.  We are focusing on accuracy when throwing.  We had to aim our javelins at Lorn, lucky they were foam so they didn’t hurt him.

Here is what some of Room 8 students had to say about it so far:

It is fun and good because we get to throw our rockets at Lorn  ~   Monique Nolan

We get to run in the hall and we are never allowed to run the hall. I think Lorn is good at teaching because he is allowing us to try new sports, I think it’s good to try new sports  ~  Justin McLean

It is cool because we are outside playing sports and not in our classroom doing work  ~  Aimee Brookland

I think Lorn is awesome at teaching us Athletics because he is helping us with our techniques  ~  Cory Foleni


Sunday 4th November 2012        11.30am – 2.30pm

It’s all go for this weekend hope to see you all there.

Thank you so much to all the hard working people in the background

– without you this would never happen.

Kids – we have a territorial course and a big dig, so don’t wear your Sunday best.

Parents – parking will be at a premium so if you can it may pay to park in behind school in Northwood (you can even park on the grass on the empty sections) and then walk

 through the back entrance.


JC Bouncy Castle, Ice Creams, Ponies, Hairdressing, Big Dig, Home Baking, Territorial Course, Tractor, Spiders, Devonshire Tea, Silent Auction, Hand Made Crafts J C


1.    Scones – If you’d still like to make scones, we’d love them for the day – can be dropped off at the times below

Scone Recipe (can be doubled) – apologies for missing this from the last newsletter.

2 cups self-raising flour, ½ cup lemonade, ½ cup cream– bake at 200 degrees for approx. 10 mins

2.    2NDHand Children’stoys, games, books etc2nd hand children’s toys, books, games, DVD’s etc stall. Tracey Frewen will be in the car park again this Friday 2 Nov (from 2.30pm) to collect any goods to be donated – watch out for her car Dark Blue Mazda 6 Station Wagon with its boot open (weather permitting). Otherwise feel free to bring to the school on Saturday or Sunday (times below).

3.    Home Baking/Produce – Please drop off your home baking (biscuits, cakes, muffins, loaves, slices), sweets and produce (veggies from the garden and vege plants) either Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning.

4.    Cake Walk Cakes – Please drop these off either Saturday or Sunday – the earlier the better as we need to wrap these up nicely.

5.    Bottles, Christmas hamper goods or hairdressing stuff can still be delivered on Saturday afternoon.

6.    Stall help – We have a few slots left, anyone who has not been contacted and is able to help please call Susanne Brown 2158883

7.    Coins– Kids remember to keep saving your coins to bring on the day to help with the flow of change.

C J  Police Car, Candy Floss, Raffles, 2ndHand Toys, Cake Walk, Horizontal Bungy, Face Painting, Drinks, Chocolate Wheel, BBQ Sausages and Steak Sandwiches, Truck Rides J C

The committee will have a crew of volunteers working to set up during the weekend.

Drop off – You can drop off baking, scones, produce, kids 2nd hand stuff, cake walk cakes etc on:

Saturday 3rd             between                  1.30pm & 3.00pm or

Sunday 4th between                                 9.30am & 11.00am*

*Please don’t leave it till later than this as we will be very busy preparing for the 11.30am start

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