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28 February

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The Season of Lent
The season of Lent is one of the two Penitential seasons of the year. It starts with Ash Wednesday and lasts for forty days finishing in Holy Week.
It is a time for fasting, prayer and almsgiving.
Lent is an opportunity for people to reflect on their
lives and identify what they need to change. It is a
season of preparation for the feast of Jesus’ Resurrection
which is the greatest feast in the Church’s calendar.
Dear Parents
It’s hard to believe March is almost upon us. Senior swimming has finished and the junior classes start on Monday. Rooms 1, 2, 5 and 6 will be going to Splash Palace on the following dates: March 4, 5, 6, 11, 12, 13, 18, 19 and 20.  The children are to wear their sports uniform and sandals if possible. This will help them to dress themselves independently.  As a lead up to this, it would be appreciated if you could encourage your child to practise getting dressed really quickly, by themselves. If you are able to help during these dates, please let Christine know at the office.   
I will not be here on Monday so any fathers who can assist in the boys changing rooms would be appreciated.
Next Wednesday we have the Zone Athletics at Surrey Park. Your child will have a note about this.
No Otatara Bus Tuesday 5thMarch ~ The Otatara bus will not be available on Tuesday afternoon due to Teachers’ Only Day at Hargest Junior High. Please ensure you have made arrangements for your child. All other buses will run as normal.
BOT Elections ~ This year is BOT Election year. If there are any parents who are considering being on the Board or wondering about what the Board does, please contact me. A number of existing members will be standing down with their children finished or finishing their education at Sacred Heart this year.
Thanksgiving Mass St. Theresa’s Church – Thursday 28th @ 7 pm  ~ There will be a Mass of Thanksgiving for Pope Benedict XV1 and to pray for the election of a new pope.  All are welcome.
Pedestrian Crossing ~ Wanted: Enthusiastic parent volunteers to assist with supervising the North Road school crossing before and after school.
If you are able to assist once or twice a week, please contact the school office.
Curtains ~ We are looking for someone to shorten curtains for us. If you are a sewer and can help, please contact the office.  Thank you.
Altar Servers
Invercargill children, parents and schools benefit from the Invercargill Licensing Trust
and ILT Foundation funding, either directly or indirectly. 
Below are some recent items of grant funding provided to Invercargill primary schools:
*   INTERACTIVE WHITEBOARDS in Invercargill school classrooms, plus tutoring
*   SCHOOL SWIMMING – tuition, entry fee and bus transport for every primary school students
*   PRIZES for end of year prize giving
*   COSTUMES for Kapa Haka and Pacific Cultural Groups
*   UPSKILLING TEACHERS – conferences  
*   ENRICH@ILT  – school for gifted and talented

Saturday 2nd March                                    7.00 pm                     Caleb Brown & Caleb Wolf

Sunday 3rd March                     10.30 am                                     Abby Humm & Claire Kinney
Children’s Liturgy                                                         Megan Roulston
Fundraiser for Brooklyn McLeod & Breyah Takitimu ~ Brooklyn and Breyah are having a fundraiser to help send them to Palmerston North to attend the Phoenix Dance workshop.
Lamuse discoSat 2nd March with DJ Deon at Lamuse Studio, 65 Nith street (old St Marys hall)    
               6.30 to 7.30 ages 3 to 6                               7.30 to 9.30 all ages
$2 entry fee and bring spare change for glow sticks, food and drink. Everyone Welcome.
Sacred Heart Kiwi U8’s won against Myross Bush 49-26.
What a great start to the season guys. We were impressed with your team spirit!
Touch Trials – 10thMarch 2013 @ Turnbull Thompson
Enquiries to: 211 2255 or email
Girl Guide Biscuits – for sale after school on Monday 4 March $3.50 per packet or phone Trish Sherriff 2156811 to order.
Guitar Lessons – ½ hour lesson suitable for beginners – contact: Trish Sherriff 215-6811.
Ride to School  ~  If you can provide transport to Sacred Heart School for 2 children living in the Lamond Street area, please contact Theresa 0220100642. Willing to pay.
PTA Update
Monday 11thMarch AGM – 7.30pm at the Seriously Good Chocolate
Shop. Fun night with a very short AGM meeting, a tour of the factory and a
hot drink with the chance to check out their Easter specials. It was great to
meet some new parents at our meeting this week and again we’d like to
extend a warm welcome to anyone who would like to come and check out
the Seriously Good Chocolate Shop with us. There is a small cost of $5 per
person and we do need to confirm numbers, so please text Susanne on 021
2602243 (before Friday 8th March) if you can make it.
Sunday 24th March Family Car Trial – details to come in following
weeks but this is a fun family event that leaves from school around 3pm
then returning in time for either a picnic or fish and chip tea. Put this in
your calendar to bring your whole family as the kids have so much fun
working out the clues and collecting the bits & pieces required.
Oyster RaffleTo help with this year’s fundraising we will be sending home an Oyster Raffle around the 14th March. Full details will be in next week’s newsletter
Entertainment Book  The PTA will again be offering families the chance to purchase Entertainment Books. These books are used as fundraisers for non-profit organisations and schools in NZ and most of Australia. The book we sell covers Invercargill, Dunedin, Queenstown, Te Anau, Wanaka and surrounds. It is made up of vouchers and discounts relating to food and entertainment around our region, and accommodation, travel & leisure, car hire and theme parks in NZ and Australia. They are $55 each and the school receives $11 for every book sold. You can visit their website to view these now and a sample will be available to view in the office in a few weeks. The current books run through till June and we are expecting delivery of this year’s books in early April. We give families the opportunity to purchase for themselves and families/friends, however this is by no means a compulsory buy. All we ask is that you take the time to check it out as we feel it’s good value for families, and easy to save the $55 cost if used over several everyday purchases, while also supporting the schools fundraising. We will send order forms home closer to the delivery time or you can pre order online.
BNZ Aerobics and Hip Hop Festival.  16th June 2013. Years 3-6.
If your child is interested please fill in this form. Practices will be after school and fees are to be confirmed.
Aerobics and Hip Hop Festival
My Child _________________    from room _____   is interested in participating in the BNZ Aerobics and Hip Hop Festival.          Year 3/4                      Year 5/6
In order for this to go ahead we will need parent help. 
I am able/unable to help. Signed ________________________________

Room 7

Wow we have had such a busy term already.
We have had Science week learning about the Solar System, Bugs, Plants and Light and Colours.
The fascination over our caterpillar turning into a chrysalis over the weekend was amazing. We have watched it munch through lots of leaves and turn into a big fat caterpillar. On Friday before we left it had made a silk mat to hang its rear prolegs into, and was hanging downwards. I wonder how long it will take to turn into a caterpillar?
Our Museum trip to visit and learn about the tuatara was a great success.
Did you know that Lindsay at the Museum can change the temperature of the room that the tuatara eggs are in, to determine if they hatch as a boy or a girl??
Yesterday was our last day of swimming, which we celebrated with a fun day.  
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14 February

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What is a creed?
A creed is a statement of belief.  Many religions use creeds as concise, authoritative summaries of their essential beliefs. They are often spoken during worship or initiation rites such as
baptism. Creeds are also referred to as professions of faith. In the Christian Church the two most important creeds are the Apostles’ Creed which is a summary of the faith of Jesus’ Apostles and the Nicene Creed which came from two councils or meetings in the 4th century. It is more detailed than the Apostles Creed.
Dear Parents
Tomorrow will mark the end of week 3 of the term. We have had a very settled start and I thank you for all your support in this as we get the children back into the routine of school
Thank you to Mrs Winders and Fr. Jacob for our Ash Wednesday Mass yesterday.
Our prayers are with the Van Eeden family at this sad time.
Please note the time for the next PTA meeting.
If you are a parent of a Year 1 – 3 children, please consider joining the PTA. We currently have a very well run PTA who have been pro-active in organising a lot of wonderful events for the children and parents at our school. They have also been instrumental in funding most of the “extra’s” that our children enjoy using around the school. These include the sports bins, computers & i-pads and chess set to name a few.
With a number of the current committee soon to end their association at Sacred Heart, we ask for some new parents to volunteer and join the PTA.
As the saying goes “many hands make light work”.
PTA meeting Monday 28th February 7.30 Staff Room – we’d love to see anyone interested in getting involved with the PTA this year. It’s not a major commitment and we’re not all about just fundraising  –  we try to give the families some social fun as well throughout the year. You only need to be as involved as you can and attending every meeting is certainly not compulsory.  Any questions feel free to contact me at home 2158883  
Susanne Brown
Pope Benedict’s Resignation
As most of you will be aware Pope Benedict has resigned as Pope of the Catholic Church. While it is not that unusual for an 85yr old to resign, what is unusual is that the position of Pope has for the past 600yrs been for ‘life’.
I believe Pope Benedict should be commended for his decision to bow to the pressure of age and ill health. What will be interesting is who will be his replacement. Will he be from Africa or Asia, where there has been a swell in Catholicism or stay with a conservative European. A number of commentators see the choice of the next Pope to be vital in re-connecting with those who no longer see the church as relevant in their lives. It will be interesting to see what happens.
BOT Meeting
The next meeting is on Monday 18th February @ 7pm. All welcome.
Pedestrian Crossing
Wanted: Enthusiastic parent volunteers to assist with supervising the North Road school crossing before and after school.
If you are able to assist once or twice a week, please contact the school office.
Sports Teams
We will put up game times on the noticeboard asap.
We encourage you to use the sports website to check for cancellations, as we don’t always receive them.  We have entered the following teams into competitions:
Cricket:                        Yr 5 & 6 Hardball – play Friday night
                        Kiwi 8 – play Thursday pm
Touch:             Yr 1 – 3 play Wednesday pm
                        Yr 3 – 4                       
                        Yr 5 – 6            
Flipperball:      Yr 1 – 3 play Friday pm
                        Yr 5 – 6 x 2 teams        
Southland Explorers Club
Explorers is a Young Naturalists Club for children 7 – 13yrs who aspire to be David Attenborough. In the past years the club ran frequent fieldtrips, regular meetings and occasional camps. If is for young people who would sooner be out experiencing the real world than pushing buttons or staring at a flickering screen. The focus is on beaches, bush, birds, fossils, bugs and rivers. An initial meeting for interested parents and children will be held at 7pm on Thursday 28 February at the Hearing Assn rooms, 126 Leet Street.
The first fieldtrip to Tiwai Point will be on Saturday 2 March.
If this sound like a club for your child, please contact Lloyd Esler 213:0404 or email:
HAG Cricket  ~  Saturday’s 9am Queens Park   ~  Commencing 16th Feb          
HAG is a cricket introduction program which runs for 6 weeks for children aged 5-8.  Centres are designed to teach kids the basics of cricket through fun drills and games. The cost is $35 which includes giveaway’s.
Enquiries are welcome to:
Room 5 ~ Class Happenings
We enjoyed Science Week last week and learnt many new things. Here are a few of them:-
We had coloured milk and we put liquid in the milk. It changed colour and we mixed it up. It changed into green.  Hunter
We went to Room 2 and we learned about space. It was fun.  Sam M
It was Science day and my favourite part was learning about colour change. It was fun. I saw a sheep’s eyeball. I also liked making a colour-wheel.  Jack
We talked about space. The sun is a big fire ball but stars are even bigger than the sun. We found out that the sun doesn’t move but Earth moves.   Markus
In the garden we found an ant, an earwig and a spider. We had to find these in a hoop in the garden.  I liked it because there were big kids with us.   Matthew
There’s not much gravity in space. People can’t stay on the ground without it. Up in space you cannot build a house because it will float away. In space there is lots of stars. Space is all dark. Space is around the Earth. The sun is a star.   Ben B
Please note that Room 5 now has a blog;
where the children will share what is happening. It will also include links for literacy and mathematics websites that will help consolidate learning at home, as well as term class newsletters.
Altar Servers
Saturday 16th Feb                       7.00 pm             Nathan & Samuel Russell
Sunday 17th Feb             10.30 am           Bridie Kinney & Caitlin Smith
Children’s Liturgy                                                Jackie Taylor
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7 February 2013

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Dear Parents
Faith Facts
2013 is the Year of Faith.
The boat in the logo represents
the Church. The main mast of the boat  
is a cross and its sails are the shape of the sun which
represents the Eucharist.  On the sails are the
letters IHS, the first three letters of the Greek name for Jesus.
Welcome to Briarlee Devery who started at Sacred Heart last Friday.
Thank you to the parents who were able to join us for the ‘Meet the Teacher’ night on Monday. All teachers have class information sheets that have been sent or emailed home. Please contact your child’s teacher if you do not have one.
The school will attend mass next week for Ash Wednesday, 13/2 @ 9.30am.
This week we have had the first of our science week rotations where we have been looking at different aspects of the Physical and Living World and Planet Earth and Beyond.
Our prayers are with Mrs McKenzie’s son Flynn who is at Starship Hospital in Auckland. We hope his operation was successful and he makes a speedy recovery.
House Captains
Congratulations to our House Captains and Vice- Captains
Captain: Kayla Boniface
Vice Captain: Max Forde
Captain: Jacob Downing
Vice Captain: Aimee Brookland
Captain: Natayla Hawkes
Vice Captain: Cory Foleni
Captain: Jake Meikle
Vice Captain: Caitlin Smith
The children in Rooms 7, 8 & 9 start school swimming on Monday 11thFebruary. Children are to wear their sports uniforms.
Childrens photos on-line
From time to time we will put photos on our class blogs and school Facebook page. If you do not wish to have your child’s picture on the these please let the office know.
Golf Tournament
There is a series of Golf tournaments for children at local courses over the next month. If interested please contact the office.
Facebook Notification
Facebook Address:
You can also send a txt to 8987 with “Follow shsch435” to receive free updates to your phone.
Junior Netball Academy
Registrations are now being taken for the Southland Junior Netball Academy. This is a skills based coaching programme that is available for 8-15 year olds. The programme consists of 8 x 1 hour coaching sessions, a training t-shirt, diary and lots of fun. For more information, check out or contact Tracy on 03 2171303 or
Guitar Lessons
Maya Music is now taking enrolments for Term 1 2013.
All ages most welcome – the benefits of music last a lifetime.
Enquiries to (03) 973 0430.
Out of School Music Classes.
Is your child interested in music? Would they like to learn to read
music & play an instrument? We have classes on a Saturday morning
and are still taking enrolments for 2013. We have something to suit
every age group and our prices are very cheap.
Music and Movement ages 6 months – 5 years, $2 per week
Music Awareness ages 5 – 6 years $30 / 6 weeks
Musicianship (recorder), 7 years up $65 full year, then choose an
instrument from a wide range we have to offer.
We also have a choir for students aged 6 upwards.
Contact Deborah  216-5137 (answerphone)     enrol online at 
Children’s Achievements
Breyah Takitimu sat the American Jazz Dance Affiliation Exam Intro 4 achieving a mark of 97.5.  Danye Takitimu sat the AJDA Intro 2 Jazz Exam and achieved a mark of 97.  Both girls have just found out in their level they both scored the highest mark in New Zealand.  For Breyah this is the second year in a row. 
Mya O’Connor won the trophy for the top female pre competition gymnast and was selected for the Southern Region Development Squad.
Sports Notices
 A reminder about returning the sports notices for cricket, Waterpolo (flipperball) & touch as soon as possible. There are spare copies at the school office.
The AMI Kids in the City event starts at Queens Park at approximately 12.30pm on Sunday 10th February 2013.
All participants (aged Under 14 years) must register by 12pm at the AMI tent at the BNZ Surf to City finish area.
The organisers appreciate your support by getting to Queens Park early to assist with the running of this event.
The event is free for all children under the age of 14 and there will be spot prizes after the event.
Scholastic Bookclub
Issue 1 for 2013 closes on Friday 15th February.
Please make cheques out to Scholastic NZ.
Room 1 ~ Class Happenings
What an exciting week we have had with our first lot of science rotations. 
Here are some thoughts and wonderings:
I learnt about what is in leaves. – Anya
I wonder how you make the dye for the flowers, our flower might change colour. – Mason
I learnt that bugs eat each other. – Jordis
I found some good spots to find bugs. – Rohan
I learnt how we see, and how colour is made. – Ellie
Our colour wheel shows us how other colours are made. – Alex
Thank you to all the parents that came to our ‘Meet the teacher night.’  If you were unable to make it and I do not have your email address please email me at
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