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11 April

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The Feast of the Annunciation

This feast celebrates Mary’s agreement to become the mother of Jesus. Although just a teenage girl in the

isolated village of Nazareth in Galilee, Mary said “Yes”

when asked by the Angel Gabriel to be the mother of

God’s Son, Jesus. Mary understood the implications of

being an unmarried mother in her society but she

trusted in God and gave birth to the Saviour of the world.

This year the feast is transferred to April 4 because

March 25, when it is normally celebrated, occurs in Holy Week.

Board of Trustees Election

Nominations are invited for the election of five parent representatives to the Board of Trustees.  A nomination form and a notice calling for nominations will be posted to all eligible voters during the week beginning 15 April.  Additional nomination forms can be obtained from the school office.

Nominations close at noon on Thursday, 16 May 2013, and may be accompanied by a signed candidate’s statement.

The voting roll is open for inspection at the school and can be viewed during normal school hours.

Voting closes at noon on Thursday, 30 May 2013.

The Board of Trustees invite you to a ‘Candidate Information Evening’ to be held at school on Tuesday 16th April 6.30 – 7.00 pm.

Jill Robertson

Returning Officer

Dear Parents

A big thank you to all the parents who were able to attend the 3 – way interviews on Monday & Tuesday.  A lot of work goes into preparation for these from the teacher and children and the discussion of goals and next steps is an important part of our school curriculum delivery plan. As in previous years I welcome any feedback via email.

Our thanks go to Logan Young for the donation of the new House Badges.

Your generosity is appreciated.

There are a couple of events next week to remember:

PTA Monday 7.30 pm

BOT Meeting – Special Invite for prospective members – Tuesday 16th6.30 pm

LCN – Writing – Meeting for parents Tuesday – 6.30 pm

Sacramental Meeting Thursday 3.00 pm

Due to these and other after school meetings, next week the junior & senior syndicates will be meeting during the school day to go over assessment moderation and next steps for Term 2.

Good luck to Amy Ingham, Sionelle Cahill & Janelle Tinker who will be taking part in the Swimming Champs on Sunday.

The office will be closed tomorrow.

Open Day

Many thanks to the staff and PTA members who contributed to the success of our open morning last Saturday. Special thanks to Amanda Smith, Maria O’Donnell, Doeske Van Uden-Smith & Nikki Brookland who did a fantastic job in helping organise the morning.

Entertainment Book Fundraiser

Entertainment Books are available from the office – a sample copy is also able to be viewed at the office if you would like to see what’s in it first. These are $55 each, with $11 per book going to the schools fundraising to be used for scooter stands.

It’s great to see the rugby posts up and operational – for those of you who may not have realised, some of the funds raised in last year’s fair have been used to help purchase the posts. It’s great that these are now in place in the back field with many of the children testing their kicking skills.  

Altar Servers for Easter

Saturday 13th April                    7.00 pm                     Sam & Nathan Russell

Sunday 14th April                      10.30 am                                     Ben Henderson & Max Forde

Children’s Liturgy                                                         Aletta Reid

Action Dyslexia Parents Evening ~ Ascot Park Hotel ~ Sunday 12th May ~ 7 – 9 pm

Anyone interested in attending this evening can obtain more info from the noticeboard in the junior corridor.

Wyndham Races ~ 22nd April 12pm ~ Fun Day for Kids

Need some fun at the start of the holidays then go no further than the Wyndham Races.  Entry is free and the kids will have a ball with Scavenger Hunt, colouring competition, lollie scrambles, sack races, bouncy castles and more! Teachers can also relax and unwind with great races, the opportunity to own a horse for a race and marquee packages available which only cost $20 per person and include; a race book, ezy bet, complimentary drink and nibbles.  An absolute bargain with great racing to boot!  Any questions please do not hesitate to contact Natalie at

Fruit from Central

Fruit available this order is: 4kg bags of apples $10 (cox’s orange, royal gala, braeburn), 4kg bag of comice pears $10, 3 x large grey pumpkins $10.  Delivery is this Tuesday and orders are being faxed away tomorrow morning, so you need to have your orders in first thing please.

Dora’s The Explorer Live  ~  Civic Theatre ~ Saturday 27 April @ 2 pm

Book at ICC Booking Office or

Art Classes – 6 – 15 yrs @ W.E.A. Building, Esk St, Monday afternoons $85 for 8 lessons

Small classes and expert tuition. Tutored by Anna Claire Thompson, B.F.A, practicing artist.

Enquiries to Anna on or 03 216 1790.


Winter Girls                 


White long sleeved button to neck blouse

White skivvy    

Red Tie (optional)                       

Blue V neck jersey

Navy blue or white socks/Navy blue tights                                               

Tan, brown, navy or black shoes

Winter Boys                

Winter weight grey shorts

Long sleeved button to neck grey shirt                                                      

Red Tie (optional)

Blue V neck jersey                                                        

Grey knee high socks

Tan, brown, navy or black shoes

Thank you for the support you give the children in wearing the correct uniform.  

In this way we develop a pride in our appearance and in so doing a pride in our school.

Class Happenings – Room 6

In Room 6 we are learning about the Writing Process.   We know that when we write we do these things.  We Plan, Draft, Edit, Proofread, Give Feedback (2 stars and a wish) and Publish.  We would like to share some of the writing we have done about our visit to Queen’s Park.

The tuatara doesn’t have to eat for a month.  The tuatara is smooth and the spikes felt like feathers on its spikes.  Henry was hiding in one of the bushes.  Henry was a big tuatara.  He was hiding in the long grass.  He is over one hundred years old.   Brooke Cross

The Walk in Queen’s Park

Room 6 and Room 5 went on a walk.  First we went to swimming.  We walked through the aviary with lots of awesome birds.  I tried to whistle to the birds but they didn’t hear me.  After we had been in the aviary we walked through the rose garden. The roses were lovely, beautiful and gorgeous all at the same time. Greta Jones We went to look at the tuataras.  It looked hard but it was softer than I thought.  I felt his chin.  It was smoother than his body.  We went with Room 5.  Holly Wolf was my partner.  My Mum came when we were at the tuatara.  My brother got to look and touch the tuatara.  Jakobe told me that it was soft.  After that we had lunch on the grass outside where people get ice cream.  I liked touching his chin because it was soft. Keara Paraki

Today was the best day ever because we went to Queen’s Park after swimming to go the tuatarium to see the tuataras.  Henry is the biggest tuatara in the museum.   We were waiting for the man to get the tuatara out so we could pat the tuatara spikes.  The spikes felt like feathers.  Holly Wolf

At Queen’s Park we went to the museum to see the tuataras.  I got to feel one of the tuataras and it felt like a soft feather off a type of bird.  The spikes looked a bit pointy but it was soft like a feather.  Tuataras have a burrow so they can creep and lay their babies there.  Sometimes they lay them inside a bird’s nest.  Sometimes if the babies get put in it, the mother or father might think the babies are fast bugs and bite them.  When I felt the tuatara it felt furry and felt funny.  Tuataras are very fast runners.  Their babies are faster than Henry and Henry is over one hundred years old.  

Danye Takitimu

On the 12 of March we went to Queen’s Park.  On the way back from swimming we got dropped off.  After Queen’s Park we went to the museum and saw the tuatara.  Their spikes felt like feathers.  The tuatara relatives are dinosaurs.  When they see predators they freeze.  When it’s cold it will be a boy and when it’s warm it’ll be a girl.  Tuatara eat cicada.  They might think your fingers are bugs and eat them. Kate McGregor

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4 April

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The Kingdom of God

The Kingdom of God is an eternal and

universal Kingdom where truth, justice, peace and

love reign. It is spoken about in the Old and New

Testaments. Jesus came to build the Kingdom when

he came to live on earth. Now it is the work of all

Christians to continue to build the Kingdom or Reign

of God here on earth. The Kingdom will be completed

when Jesus comes again in glory at the end of time.

Dear Parents

A big thank you to Mrs Winders, the teachers and children for an excellent Easter Liturgy last Thursday. It was a great way to portray the ‘Stations of the Cross’ and a good lead into the Easter celebrations. Thank you to the parents who were able to support us.

Please use the letterbox in the junior corridor for all items for the office. Thank you.

Open Day

We are having an ‘Open Morning’ from 10 – 12 noon this Saturday 6th April.

If you know of any prospective enrolments, please encourage them to come along.


Our 3 – way interviews are on Monday and Tuesday next week. For new parents this involves the teacher, parents and your child discussing their programs and next learning steps. Bookings are made online @ enter H7VGB as the code. Please contact Christine if you do not have internet access.

LCN (Learning & Changing Network)

Thank you to the parents who have replied in regards the meeting on Tuesday 16th April at 6.30 pm.  Please let me know asap if you will be attending. If you have trouble getting a babysitter, please bring your children along.

BOT Elections

The BOT parent electoral roll is now available in the office for parents to view.

The Board of Trustees invite you to a ‘Candidate Information Evening’ to be held at school on Tuesday 16th April 6.30 – 7.00 pm.

Altar Servers for Easter

Saturday 6th April                      7.00 pm                     Aimee & Patrice Brookland    

Sunday 7th April                         10.30 am                                     Mathew Brooks & Piper Adams

Children’s Liturgy                                                         Liza Adams

Sports Results

Cricket – Kiwi U8’s played Waihopai and won 88 – 45. A great season boys! Player of the Season went to Charlie Baynes and POD Aubrey Page. A big thanks to all our supporters, see you all on the field in Term 4.

Dora’s The Explorer Live  ~  Civic Theatre ~ Saturday 27 April @ 2 pm

Book at ICC Booking Office or

Jennian Homes Mother’s Day Walk/Run ~ 12th May, Thomsons Bush 10am.

Check out the noticeboard for more info.

Southland Life Education Community Trust AGM

To be held, Tuesday, 16th April, 2013, 7.00 pm at Ascot Community School, Tay Street, Invercargill.

The mobile classroom will be open to view and Educator, Teresa available to answer any questions. 
Drinks and nibbles will be available.

The Trust would like to see some new Trustees on the Board e.g. parents, teachers, school principals, past teachers or any interested person so please make an effort to attend.

Any queries to Val (03)235-8910. All welcome.


Next meeting Monday 15th April, 7.30pm in the school staff room – everyone welcome.

Oyster Raffle Tickets

Thank you to all the parents who have already sold their tickets. A reminder these are due back to the school office tomorrowl. Extra ticketsare still available at the office. The family who sells the most cards will receive two dozen Oysters!!!!!!!!!, and the class who sells the most (pro rata) will receive a special treat. Please note that all tickets must be legally returned (full or empty).

Entertainment Book Fundraiser

This week we have included an order form for the Entertainment Book. If you would like to have a look, a copy of the actual book will be in the office next week, or you can go on line to view. The Entertainment Book covers Dunedin, Invercargill, Queenstown and surrounds. It is a book of vouchers and discounts relating to Food, Entertainment, Accommodation, Travel & Leisure, Car Hire and Theme Parks in Australia (many of these offer discounts both in NZ and Australia). They are sold for $55 and the school receives $11 for every book sold. This year the funds raised are going towards purchasing scooter racks for the many children who are bringing their scooters to school. For those who have purchased the books in the past, I’m sure you’ll be like many of our school families who have found they have made considerable savings and very quickly saved far more than the cost of the book itself.

The order form can be returned to school, should you wish to purchase a book(s) with the money attached. We will have books available from the office from next Monday 8th April.  Purchasing a book is not compulsory, we are just giving families the opportunity for great discounts with the school benefiting from each book sold. The Entertainment Books can only be sold as fundraisers by non-profits, clubs & societies etc, so you will start to see them appearing everywhere once they are launched at the end of this week. Due to the delay in us receiving the order forms the 1st of April date for the bonus offer, has been extended to Friday 5th April. 

Class Happenings – Room 5

Last week we walked with Jesus around Stations of the Cross in his journey ending with dying on the Cross and being laid in a tomb. This week we celebrate Jesus beginning a new life after rising from the dead. Easter Sunday is the most important day of the year for followers’ of Christ. This week we have been retelling the Easter stories and celebrating the joy that Jesus is alive with us.

Alleluia! We praise the Lord to show how happy we are that Jesus has risen from the dead. 

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