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20 June

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Dear Parents

Board of Trustees

Congratulations to Megan Roulston who was re-elected as Board chairperson at Tuesdays meeting.

LCN ( Learning & Change Network)

I am writing this newsletter from a sodden Christchurch as we wait and see if our flight home will go ahead or be cancelled again. Mrs Buxton and I attended the Regional LCN meeting, which was very worthwhile, but unfortunately high winds in Invercargill meant all flights into Invercargill yesterday were cancelled.

At the meeting the ministry facilitators outlined the next steps for us to undertake with our staff , children and parent communities. This involves analysing all the data we currently have as well as asking more questions about our beliefs and perceptions of writing.

At the last Board meeting I put forward some hunches I had about our writing programmes. Some I will list below ( please be aware they are only my opinion and not yet based on fact)

1.     We as a school have not done a great job in fully explaining the writing process we use to our parents. There are 9 separate criteria we use across the 3 curriculum levels – Audience Purpose, Planning, Structure Organisation, Language, Punctuation, Spelling, Editing, Proofreading & Layout. Our task is to show you examples of each stage so we can be looking at the same things at the same times.

2.     Form vs. Content. Often our discussions with parents revolve around spelling and tidiness especially when looking at writing drafts. As an example in case I find it easier to write things down on paper rather than directly onto a word document. This is usually untidy and with spelling or grammatical errors, but an excellent way to get all my ideas down and very easy to edit and re-write. (I am also eternally grateful that the only other person who can read it is Mrs Forbes) We often have a conflict situation when parents see draft work that isn’t tidy or spelt correctly. Teachers may be looking for quality of the writing at that stage, parents are looking at presentation. While we have high expectations for any published work, that is only the end of the entire process and some children enjoy writing for writing sake far more than they do editing and proofreading. Also for some of our children the hardest part is the act of getting what’s in their heads onto paper (or ipad, computer etc.)

I will be running some parent information sessions about this and other finding over the next couple of weeks.

Production requests ~ Can you help?

Room 6 is looking for a small platform for their production item.  It needs to be sturdy enough for one student to stand on and preferably have 3 or 4 steps.  If you can help with this, please email Mrs Buxton, or ring and leave a message at the office.

Zone Cross Country ~ Congratulations to the children who braved the weather on Tuesday and competed in this event. We had some excellent results.  The following pupils will be going through to the Southland Cross Country next week: Tyler Fiebig – 1st, Kate Johnstone – 3rd, Brooklyn McLeod – 5th, Shaun Clapperton – 3rd, Devan Fiebig – 4th, Justin McLean – 1st, Cory Foleni – 2nd. An awesome effort guys!!!

Aerobics Festival ~ Very well done to all the girls who took part in the Aerobics festival on Sunday. You all did an amazing job and we were very pleased to see your performances at assembly on Monday. Once again a big thanks to staff and parents who contributed to making this such a success.  A special thanks to Miss Holland for your work with our teams.  And another huge thanks to Pita Pit.

Week 7 ~ In the words of Pope Francis…

Crossing the threshold of faith demands striving for freedom and peaceful coexistence even though everyone around us is faltering, in the certainty that the Lord is asking us to do justice, to love kindness, and to walk humbly with our God (Micah 6:8).

Aimee Brookland ~ Well done to Aimee Brookland and her tap trio who have made it through to the 2nd round of New Zealand’s Got Talent. This will take place in the school holidays in Dunedin. Good luck girls

Room 9 Camp Fundraiser – Mini Market- Tomorrow

Children from Room 9 will be having a mini market, where they will be selling goodies. This is after school tomorrow and is a fundraiser for their school camp. There will be lots of goodies, including spiders, toffee apples, baking, toys, hair accessories, Mr Whippy and more. So please bring your spare change and help support the Year 6 camp fundraiser.

Entertainment Books – Only 6 left so get in quick!!!

Altar Servers

Saturday 22nd June                    7.00 pm                        Isabella & Mackenzie Wild

Sunday 23rd June                      10.30 am           Piper Adams & Bridie Kinney

Children’s Liturgy                                               Maria Baynes    

Calling all past and present parishioners of St Joseph’s Parish and pupils of St Joseph’s School, Queenstown

We invite you to help Celebrate…

150 years of St Joseph’s Church

140 years of Catholic Education

130 years of St Joseph’s School

On Friday 20thto Sunday 22 September.To register your interest contact stjosephsqt.celebration@gmail.comor phone 03 442 8224.

Class Happenings  ~  What has been going on in Room 7?

At the beginning of the term Zane’s Dad bought in 42 eggs to incubate.

The next day we walked into the room and there was a stench!! Mrs T-K looked at the eggs in the incubator and GROSS did it stink!!

One of the eggs was rotten, it had cracked!   By Xanthe and Emma    


You should never trust the thermometer that comes with the incubator, always check it. You never know your incubator could go off by five degrees. We had to make sure the incubator was always warm. It could have meant life or DEATH!!! 

At night we put a thick towel over the top to keep it warm overnight while the heaters weren’t going.   

Ventilation (oxygen)

Ventilation was very important during the process.

While the embryo was in development, oxygen entered the egg through the shell.


The average chicken has thousands of pores running through the shell allowing the embryo to exchange oxygen, carbon dioxide and water. Soon after the egg is laid, a small air bubble or “air cell” forms in the big end of the egg. The chick can drown if the air cell is too small.

Every night we have to check the trays at the bottom of the egg to make sure they have warm water in them to keep the humidity right for the eggs. By Jasmine

Unfortuntaley due to the thunder and lightning storm most of our chickens died.

This week we have borrowed some one day old chickens to look after, they are very cute!!  You are more than welcome to come in to room 7 for a visit.

You can read more about our experience on our blog by visiting

Sacred Heart Ski Trip 2013 (Children Year 5&6)

Please register your child’s interest below for a planned ski trip this year on a Friday in early September. $115 child / adult. We require 10 skiing parent helpers approx for the trip to go ahead. Please return slip to school office by next Wednesday 26th.

Sacred Heart Ski Trip 2013 (Children Year 5&6)

My child is interested in participating in the ski trip next term.  Name:_____________________ Room____

I am able to ski and am available to help.


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13 June

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Dear Parents

We wish our 3 teams: Tanesha Tagomoa-Kaa, Charlotte Sherriff, Janelle Tinker, Monique Nolan, Aimee Brookland, Xanthe Belesky, Tylee Fiebig, Sionelle Cahill, Annie Armstrong, Maiya Tagomoa-Kaa, Brooke Johnstone and Neve Waddel all the best on Sunday at the Aerobics Festival at the Velodrome. A special thanks to Miss Holland and Mrs T-K and all the parental help.

We also thank Pita Pit for their sponsorship of the new leotards.

Please support Pita Pit whenever possible.

Also good luck to the children who were named in last week’s newsletter, who are representing Sacred Heart in the Zone Cross Country this Tuesday at Elizabeth Park in John Street.

If you were interested in supporting our pupils, racing begins at 1.30 pm.

Our prayers are with the Harding family.

Rite of Reconciliation

Congratulations to the following children who will receive the Rite of Reconciliation next Thursday at 6 pm: Lucy Baynes, Ella van Eeden, Oliver Hogan, Nick Walsh, Tanesha Tagomoa-Kaa, Kate Russell, Anika Winders, Aubrey Page, Megan Sullivan, Joshua Henderson, Maiya Tagomoa-Kaa, Aidan Dudfield, Joshua Newell, Sarah Phillipson, Summer Smith and Mya O’Connor.

Thank you to Mrs Winders, Fr. Vince and Fr. Jacob for your preparation of the children.

BOT Meeting: The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 18thJune @ 7 pm.

LCN Meeting

Thank you to the parents and children who were able to attend the latest LCN meeting at Waverley Park School.  Mrs Buxton and I will be attending a regional meeting next week to receive some training to facilitate the next steps of this contract.

Sacred Heart Day

Well done to all the children for your great singing and reading at Mass last Friday. Thanks to Mrs Winders for your organisation of the day.

Also a big thank you to the PTA and Murray Heath from Westpac for providing the children with a sausage sizzle for their lunch.

St. Patricks Catholic Women’s Leaguehave arranged a meeting at the Parish Centre, View Street, to hear Bridget Armour from Southern Health give a talk on gynaecological cancer 2pm Saturday 22 June. This is a great opportunity for all women to be informed as it affects so many of us.

Get a group together and take advantage of this invitation.

Room 9 Camp Fundraiser – Mini Market- Fri 21st June

Children from Room 9 will be having a mini market, where they will be selling goodies. This is after school on Friday 21 June and is a fundraiser for their school camp. There will be lots of goodies, including spiders, toffee apples, baking, toys, hair accessories and more. So please bring your spare change and help support the Year 6 camp fundraiser.

Week 6 – In the words of Pope Francis…

Crossing the threshold of faith is work performed with dignity and a vocation of service, with the self-denial of someone who in either case goes back to daily life to begin again without slackening, as though all that had already been done were just one step in the journey toward the kingdom, the fullness of life. It is the silent hope after the daily sowing, contemplating the fruit gathered and thanking the Lord because He is good and asking him not to abandon the work of his hands (Ps 138).

Scholastic Bookclub ~ Issue 4 closes Wednesday 19th June

Hockey Results

S. H. Ballers won against St Johns 6-0.  POD Matthew Winter

S. H. Super Stars won against Waverly 6-0.  POD Zane Flawn

Altar Servers

Saturday 15th June                   7.00 pm            Cameron Roulston

Sunday 16th June                      10.30 am          Emma & Mathew Brooks

Children’s Liturgy                                            Maria O’Donnell          

Tap Dancing Competitions this weekend @ Centre Stage

Saturday 8.30-9pm ~ Sunday 9am-6pm,

Championship Dancing Saturday 6.30-9pm

Invercargill Child & Family Centre – Inspiring, Enriching, Strengthening

Therapy available for: Families, Trauma, Paediatric Occupational, Adult Counselling, Couple Counselling etc.  Enquiries to 13 Esk Street or 218-2929.

School Librarians’ Workshop

On Tuesday we went to the Invercargill library.  It was really fun.  We went to visit two school libraries.  The libraries we went to were James Hargest Junior Campus and the Tisbury School library.  I really liked the Tisbury School library.  The things I liked about it was how we were allowed to take photos.  I liked how we went to a different library and I liked how we were allowed an hour to eat our lunch.   By Annie Armstrong

There were 2 puppies in the library.  We went to different school libraries.  There were 60 school librarians attending.   Matthew Hackett

Class Happenings – Room 6

In Room 6 we have been having milk on Tuesday and Thursday for our brain break.  We watched a video about the “Milk in Schools” programme and learnt that milk is good for our bodies because it gives us calcium and protein.  This is what some of the students in

Room 6 think:

The first time I had it I didn’t really like it but the second time I liked it a little bit and the third time it was yummy!  Isaiah-Runi

It was strong for my bones and yum!  Joshua

It gives you strength in your bones so you can walk properly and run.  The milk tastes yummy!  Anika

I think the milk tastes yum.  The milk helps me with my work and it helps my muscles get strong.  Jesse

Its delicious and it tastes like cheese.  Tyler

The milk tastes nice.  On the last one I drank, it said there are 206 bones in your body.  I like the taste of it.  It tastes like milky cheese.  Aubrey

It helps your bones get strong.  I like how you fold the box and recycle it.  It’s like strong metal.  Dylan

It’s good because it makes your teeth strong.  Ben

I don’t really because it tastes a bit like rotten cheese.  Megan

It’s yucky because it tastes like cheese and I don’t like the taste of the milk because I am used to the other kind.  I will drink it sometimes because it helps my bones be strong.   Keara

The milk is yum and we you taste it heaps of times you get used to it.  Maiya

I was excited when the milk came and I think it’s delicious.  Jules

I think it is really yum because the first time I thought it was yuck because I didn’t shake it.  Now I think its yum because I shook it.  Summer

I like it because it has a cream and butter taste and I like cream and butter.  Scarlett

It tastes like real milk and I think it tastes good.  Mya

Catholic Schools’ Day

On Wednesday it was Catholic Schools’ Day.  At the Working Mens’ Club we had Mass.  Father Hook played a song it was good.  Father Hook brought his guitar.  When the Mass was finished we went back to school.  St Thomas’ School came.  It was fun.  We played five Verdon College people at touch.

Dylan Hawkes

On Wednesday last week all of the Catholic schools came to the Working Mens’ Club.  Father Hook was our priest.  He was singing to us and he told us to join in with the actions and singing.  Father Hook was playing the guitar.  Father Hook was our main priest but other priests were there.  We were in a really big room that had a lot of chairs in it.  Room 6 was sitting on the floor.  Some little kids ere sitting on the chairs.  Other schools were there.

Neve Waddel

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6 June

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Dear Parents

Our Prayers are with the Kinney family this week.

Sacred Heart Day  ~  Tomorrow is Sacred Heart Feast Day. We will celebrate with a Mass in the morning, a sausage sizzle run by the PTA, followed by fun activities in the afternoon. Children are to wear their normal school uniforms.

Fonterra Milk  ~  We have now had our 2nd day of ‘Milk in Schools’. A big thanks to Amanda Smith and Maria O’Donnell for your assistance in the distribution and collection of the containers.

LCN Meeting  ~  Thanks to the parents who were able to attend the meeting on Tuesday. Staff, parents and children will be meeting with the Waverley Park School community next Tuesday 11th June @ 6pm.

Two of the outcomes from our involvement so far have been:

  • The discussions with the parents have provided us with a huge amount of information about parents’ perceptions around writing and how children learn.

  •  A change of focus in the assessment of our writing. Less reliance on e-asTTle and PAT Tests and more on the criteria from our writing rubric. E-asTTle and PAT tests are still very useful, but a number of changes around the pupil grades have caused some inconsistencies. We are looking to analyse each writing step to find areas to work on.

Outstanding Sports Fees  ~  We would appreciate Term 2 sports fees being cleared up please. Accounts are rolling in so we need to get these paid. Please phone Christine if you are unsure if you have paid your child’s Netball, Hockey or Table Tennis.

Zone Cross Country  ~  The Zone Cross Country will be held at Elizabeth Park (St Patricks) on 18th June. Congratulations to the following children who will be representing Sacred Heart School: William Reitsma-Smith, Justin Mclean, Cory Foleni, Shaun Wilks, Tom Nally, Jake Meikle, Caleb Brown, Aimee Brookland, Kayla Boniface, Bridie Kinney, Charlotte Sherriff, Piper Adams, Janelle Tinker, Shawn Clapperton, Devan Fiebig, Jakobe Paraki, Josh Cooper, Max Forde, Ben Oosterbroek, Tylee Fiebig, Brooklyn McLeod, Sionelle Cahill, Kate Johnstone, Amy Ingham and Katelyn Maloney.

PTA  ~  The next PTA meeting will be held this Monday 10th June 7.30 pm in the staffroom. Parents are most welcome to attend.

Fruit Order from Roxburgh  ~  This is the last order for the season, so if you want pears, apples or pumpkins, come into the office tomorrow morning to place an order.

Delivery date is Tuesday 11th June.

Cross Country Photos  ~  The photos from the school Cross Country will hang in the corridor for all to view.  If you wish to get a copy of any of these photos, you can email Mrs Buxton: before Friday 14 June 2013, and she will email you a copy of the photo you require. 

Week 5  ~  In the words of Pope Francis…

Crossing the threshold of faith implies keeping our sense of wonder and a heart that has not lazily settled into a routine, but is capable of recognizing that every time a woman brings a child into this world she is logically betting on life and on the future, that when we protect the innocence of children we guarantee the truth of a tomorrow, and when we act as caregivers for an elderly person we perform an act of justice and cherish our roots.

School Production

Production is in the last week of term. Our classes are starting to amp up the production focus and some need help in various areas. Please let your classroom teacher know if you are able to lend a hand.

Room 1 children need animal costumes for their part of the production.

If anyone has any animal costumes that will fit 5/6 year olds, please let Mrs Williams know.

Rooms 7, 8 & 9 will be using ribbons, buttons and material (especially gold, silver and black) for their costumes.  If you have any of these items and you would like to donate them towards our list of requirements, it would be much appreciated. A box will be placed outside Room 9.

Thank you.

Library Visit

7 students will be attending a librarian training day at the Invercargill Library next Tuesday.

Facebook Notification  ~  With some parents unable to access Facebook at work, for sports messages etc, there is another option available.   If you txt 8987 with “Follow shsch435” you will receive free updates to your phone.

Church Cleaners  ~  There is a great need for volunteers to help clean Sacred Heart Church. This takes two people approx. 1 hour. There are two vacuum cleaners available and there is no set time you have to do the cleaning. The more we get, you may only be required to clean once or twice a year. Thank you in anticipation, please contact Cecilia Russell 215-4666 or Pat Tippen 215-9971.

Achievements  ~  Lucy Baynes competed in her first Ballet Competition last weekend and received a 1st in the 8yr Novice and a 3rd in the 8yr Open.

Brooklyn McLeod received the ‘Etiquette Trophy’ for the most behaved in the Under 12yr olds.

Hockey Results

Sacred Heart Ballers played Otatara and won 6 – 1. POD was Josh Livingstone.

Sacred Heart Stars played St Pats and won 8 – 1. POD was Aubrey Page.

Altar Servers

Saturday 8th June                     7.00 pm            Caleb Wolf & Caleb Brown

Sunday 9th June                        10.30 am          Abby Humm & Max Forde

Children’s Liturgy                    Amanda Smith 

Class Happenings – Room 5

Mr Esler visited Room 5 to share with us about forces, gravity and magnets. He shared with us many interesting things and brought along lots of equipment for us to explore. Here are some interesting facts Mr Esler talked about.

·       Without gravity the world would explode.

·       That plants and spiders in space don’t know where to grow or in what direction to spin their webs.

·       That everything that drops falls directly to the centre of gravity which is in the centre of the earth.

·       That the furthest people have ever dug down into the earth is 3000m because it gets to hot and there is no air.

·       Mr Esler showed us the shape of cars today can turn corners because of their shape, more easily than the vintage car.

·       We also explored pivots and where the work happens in a variety of gadgets and utensils.

Lastly we explored a variety of activities to try with magnets.

Challenge to try at home ~ We tested our centre of gravity by kneeling on the ground, putting our elbows together and placing a cotton reel at the end of our fingers on the ground; and then placing our hands behind our back.  We then tried to lean over and rest our forehead on the cotton reel without falling over.

After play Mr Esler came to Room 5. I got to play with lots of stuff. It was fun too. I got to try magnets and there was lots of equipment.  Sam W

 After play Mr Esler came into Room 5. The best part that I loved was the gravity part because he told us how much gravity we need. The magnet one was cool too. I liked trying to pick up the fish. I liked doing the iron -sand magnet activity because I made a sand house out of it.  Cole R

Mr Esler visited Room 5 to share about forces, especially gravity and magnets. He told us that without gravity we couldn’t breathe.  Fabian

Today Mr Esler came to Room 5. He taught us about science.  My favourite part was when he taught us about magnets because we got to use them and find out what things they can do.  Malachi

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