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23 October 2014

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Dear Parents


As we head into Labour Day I hope the settled weather of the past few days continues, especially for our Year 6 class who will be on camp next week at Stewart Island.


John Parsons completed his 2nd session with our children last week and he commended your children on their participation in his workshops. We will soon receive resource packs we can use at school and hopefully at home.


As some of you may have seen we have had a scooter go missing last Thursday between the play and lunch intervals. It is a real puzzle as we are not a thoroughfare and notice most strangers coming into school. If by chance you come across a red MGP scooter with red grips please let me know.


With our sports teams all up and running, please ensure you contact your child’s coach or Mrs T.K. to let them know if they cannot be there. This will give us time to find replacements if necessary.


School Disco – Tonight Yr 1-3 are from 6:30 – 7:30pm and Yr 4 – 6 will be from 7:30 – 8:30pm. Chips, drinks and a minimal amount of glow toys will be for sale. Gold coin entry fee please.



Kia Ora koutou


Hi everyone – welcome back to school for the final term in 2014.


I’m pleased to say that we’ve received the confirmed report from our ERO review, and it is a stellar endorsement of Sacred Heart’s unique and excellent culture, and exemplary learning environment.  We will get the full report onto the website as soon as we can and publish a link.  We’ll also be taking the recommendations from the review process, as well as the feedback and parent input from our recent survey, and using this information to amend our strategic planning for next year’s Charter and Annual Plan.


I’d also like to take the opportunity to welcome two new Board members:

Brook Armishaw is planning to join us as a Parent Representative.

Cecelia Russell is joining us as a Proprietor’s Representative.

As per legislation there is a 28 day appeal period.


Once Brook and Cecilia have settled in, I’ll have them both write a short introductory piece which we’ll publish in future newsletters.


Next week we’ll have an introduction from Kath Lieshout – the first one from the school Management Team on the Board.  Kath is the Staff Representative on the Board of Trustees.


Hei kōnā mai

Paul Brooks (Board Chair)


Newsletter Sponsorship

As we prepare to reprint our newsletter cover, if there are any interested parties wanting to advertise on the back cover, please contact Christine to organise an advertisement.


Book Amnesty

We would love to have all books, class resources or anything belonging to the school returned. No questions asked. Thank you.



The Southland Basketball Association has requested that only coaches and players sit on the 5 seats next to the score bench. They would appreciate your co-operation with this matter.


Due to Labour weekend there will be no Cricket or Flipperball this week.


Spare Booster Seats

If you have a booster seat which you know longer use, we would love these for our junior school, as we are quite often short when going on class outings. Many thanks ~ Mrs Stupples.


More quotes from the Apostolic Exhortation of Pope Francis –

Evangelii Gaudium, the Joy of the Gospel

Pope Francis invites us all to share the joy of God’s gift of the Gospel to others. The quotes below are from the beginning pages of Apostolic Exhortation. Use as you wish – include extracts in your school newsletters, as a discussion starter at staff meetings, or for personal reflection. A reminder that the entire document can be found at –


1. The joy of the Gospel fills the hearts and lives of all who encounter Jesus. Those who accept his offer of salvation are set free from sin, sorrow, inner emptiness and loneliness. With Christ joy is constantly born anew. (EG1)



Southland Catholic Sesquicentennial combined Celebration Mass at Ascot Park Hotel ~ Sunday 26th October at 10am. Everyone is welcome as this is the only Mass on this Sunday.

For further information and registration for other activities available e.g. evening meal at the Ascot Hotel on Saturday night $50, go to


Altar Servers

Saturday 25 October 7.00 pm                                   Piper Adams & Tanesha Tagomoa-Kaa

Sunday 26 October 10.30 am                                   Combined Mass at Ascot Park



Congratulations to Brooke Cross who was placed 1st in the Vault, Floor & Team events and also 1st overall in the Balclutha Gym Competitions last Sunday.


Sports Results:    

Flipperball:              Seals won 11 – 3.

Sharks lost 7 – 10.

Basketball:             Flyers won 14 – 0. POD was Josh Henderson.

Sharks lost 3 – 12. POD was Ben Dawson.

Shooters won 11 – 9. POD was Brooklyn Folesi                                                        Slamdunkers won 21 – 2. POD was Seamus O’Connor.                        Breakers lost 2 – 6. POD was Ben Johnstone.

Touch:                      Stars drew 6 – 6. POD was Kate Oosterbroek.

Ballers won 8 – 0. POD was Mya O’Connor.

Speedsters won 7 – 2. POD was Tyler Pool.

Sharks won 9 – 0. POD was Shaun Clapperton.


House Kitchen Tour

Breyah is selling tickets for a house/kitchen tour on Saturday 8th November from 1-4pm. $20 a ticket. This is to fundraise for her La Muse Dance Trip to L A Disneyland, in April 2015. Please contact Carrie 0212315891 if you would like a ticket.


For Sale 1 x size 16 Pinafore in excellent condition. $30 ono. Enquiries to the office.


Congratulations to five of our ex pupils who received ‘Youthmark Awards’ this week.

Shaun Swain, James Humm, Gabriel Winders, Gracey Farquharson and Hannah Brown.

A wonderful achievement!

Also congratulations to James Humm and Shaun Swain who have been awarded a $10,000 Maori and Pacific Island Entrance Scholarship by Otago University.















Room 9 Class Happenings


Room 9 are very busy getting ready for our camp to Stewart Island next week. As part of our preparation we have learnt about the reason for Stewart Island’s name. The original Maori name “Tepuna o Te Waka a Maui means the anchor of Maui’s waka. This comes from the Maori legend of Maui’s Fish. Jared wrote this story about it.

Maui and the Giant Fish

Long ago there lived a boy named Maui.

He had four brothers. They wouldn’t let him go fishing with them. Every time they came back he would ask his brothers but they just made an excuse not to take him.


One night Maui started to make a fish hook out of a jawbone his Grandma gave him and a fishing line out of flax. When he finished making his hook and line it was early in the morning. His brother went fishing at dawn Maui ran out to his brothers’ canoe and hid in the hull of the canoe.


His brothers came out and hopped into the canoe and started to row out to sea. Maui waited for the anchor to drop. Then Maui knew that they were too far from land to go back.


When Maui heard the anchor drop he revealed himself to his brothers. His brothers complained about him coming too. Maui said, “I’ll be the best fisherman ever to live.”

Maui’s brothers cast their lines into the water. They all started to catch fish. Maui’s brothers said “You can’t catch one fish Maui.”


Maui’s line started to move. Maui gripped his line. He pulled and pulled the giant fish.   Maui pulled the giant fish to the surface. The giant fish was bigger than his brothers’ canoe. Maui said, “I’ll go explore the giant fish.” Maui walked off. But Maui’s brothers were so greedy they started to chop off the giant fishes gills. When Maui came back his brothers had chopped off all the gills.


Maui was furious they all started to row home. But their canoe cracked on a rock and got stranded. Maui brothers’ canoe became the South Island and the giant fish became the North Island of New Zealand.     By Jared      


We have also been working on becoming an expert on an animal we might see at Stewart Island. This is Kate’s report on the falcon.


The Amazing Karearea

Falcons are amazing birds and also one of the fastest on the planet. Brown feathers cover the bird’s body with glimpses of white. After catching sight of this bird you immediately know that it is a bird of prey. Falcons live in the New Zealand bush just above the canopy layer. Their clever eyes are able to catch sight of prey from this high layer.

Although they hunt in the canopy layer falcons are known to nest in the undergrowth whether it’s under logs or in a bush. When hungry falcons have a range of food to choose from. Normally they hunt small prey such as mice, lizards and smaller birds than themselves. When it comes to bigger game falcons dive after rabbits or even animals larger than themselves!

Stoats, weasels, possums, rats and other introduced species are known to eat falcon chicks and eggs. They are therefore predators to falcons.

Their scientific name is falconovaeseelandiae (pronouned falco-no-vay-see-land-eay) a name from Spanish. Their Maori name is Karerea.

Falcons are brave defenders when it comes to their chicks. With beaks made for combat they will attack predators close to their nests.

If a falcon ever starts attacking you it means you are too close to their nest. If it does attack, you need to be at least fifty metres away from their nest for them to stop. Do not shoot them they are a protected species. One day if you’re ever in the bush if you’re quiet enough you might just hear the cry of the falcon. By Kate Johnstone













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16 October 2014

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Dear Parents

Welcome back to Term 4. It is hard to believe that it is almost November.
While there are a number of events involving our children this term, the 2 main ones are the Year 6 Camp to Stewart Island, and the Mass and Fair on Sunday 9th November.
A huge thanks to the PTA and fair committee who have been working very hard in preparation for the fair. We are all looking forward to it.
A reminder about sun hats. Please ensure your child has one named, in their bag every day.
Welcome to Ella Nicoll and Molly Duffy who joined the children in Room 2 on Monday. We hope they enjoy their time at Sacred Heart School.

Term Events:
16/10 John Parsons – Cyber Safety
21/10 School Photos
29 – 31/10 Year 6 Camp
9/11 School Mass + Fair
14/11 Catholic Schools Tournament
21/11 Yr 4/5 Night Out
7/12 Year 6 Day at Secondary Schools
9/12 Year 6 Day
10/12 Year 6 Night
10/12 @ 1.30pm End of Year Mass
11/12 @ 12.30pm End of Term 4

John Parsons – Cyber Safety
We hosted John Parsons today for the second installment of our Cyber Safety programme.

Parent Hui
We will be holding the 2nd parent hui in the next couple of weeks. Invites will be sent out as soon as a date is finalised.

School Disco – Thursday 23 October
The PTA have organised a Disco for the children next Thursday.
Years 1-3 are from 6:30 – 7:30 pm, and Years 4 – 6 will be from 7:30 – 8:30 pm
Chips, drinks and a minimal amount of glow toys will be for sale.
Gold coin entry fee please.

The PTA are missing a ‘Sunbeam Hot Water Urn’ that was last seen on Pet Day.
If anyone knows the whereabouts of this, please contact the office. Thank you.

School Photos ~ Tuesday 21 October
Please contact Christine if you require a family photo. These will be taken 8.30 – 9.00 am.
Pre-schoolers are welcome.

Outstanding Monies
Can we have all outstanding monies paid to the office asap.
We have several children who have not paid their touch, basketball and gym festival fees, along with 25 families that have not paid their activity fee. Being a small school, we are unable to carry this debt, so we would appreciate your prompt attention to this matter. Thank you.

Sports Teams
We have a number of different sports teams in local compeitions. Please keep an eye on the noticeboard for times. When possible, they will also be posted on Facebook.

Ride with the Stars ~ Sunday 2nd November 2.30 pm
Bring your bike and ride Queens Park with cycling’s superstars. Several of the tour riders will be present plus some of our own cycling stars … maybe even an Olympian or two. They will accompany you on the short ride around Queens Park. Participants are asked to provide their own bike and helmet, and arrive at 2 pm. Spot prizes will be awarded on the day.

Faith Insights/Facts in the Weekly Newsletter
Faith Insights/Facts for your school newsletter continue. As we draw near to the closing of the Year of Faith called by Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, I thought it fitting to draw on ideas conveyed in the first encyclical prepared by Pope Francis, Lumen Fidei (Light of Faith) to provide spiritual nourishment and ‘food for thought’ for those in your school community. Some weeks include insights, others relate to the liturgical year.

Faith Facts for Week 1
Some of the faith facts/insights you will find in the newsletter this term will be excerpts from the Encyclical Lumen Fidei. An encyclical is a letter; a teaching document which approaches a subject from as many different angles as the Pope deems necessary and relevant to the Church’s contemporary needs. Lumen Fidei was written by ‘four hands’. It was started by Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, and as Pope Francis tells us he “as [Benedict’s] brother in Christ [has] taken up his fine work and added a few contributions of my own” (LF§7). The title comes from the opening words of the Encyclical in Latin. Lumen Fidei translates to Light of Faith. So each week look to the excerpts from this beautiful document and ponder the challenges that are posed!

Altar Servers
Saturday 18 October 7.00 pm Caleb Wolf
Sunday 19 October 10.30 am Megan Sullivan & Charlotte Sherriff
Children’s Liturgy Trish Sherriff

Congratulations to Breyah Takitimu who has been accepted into the Australian Ballet School Training Program for 2015. A marvelous achievement.

Congratulations to Brooklyn McLeod who has been chosen to dance her Jazz in the ILT Scholarship. She also won the Jazz championship, 1st in Ballet, 2x 2nds and a VHC at the competitions held in the school holidays.

Congratulations to Tyler Pool who was placed 1st and Aubrey Page who was placed 2nd in the ‘Gym Shoe Burn Out Duathlon’ with Melissa Aitken at Teretonga last weekend.

Basketball Results:
Flyers won 14 – 0. POD was Kyron Devery. Shooters won 16 – 11. POD was Sionelle Cahill. Sharks drew 10 – 10. POD was Ben Dawson. Slamdunkers won 19 – 7. POD was Caleb Hickey.
Breakers lost 2 – 12. POD was Cole Robertson.

For Sale 1 x size 16 Pinafore in excellent condition. $30 ono. Enquiries to the office.

The Baby Factory Exclusive Offer ~ Bring your school newsletter into the Invercargill Baby Factory Store and SAVE 50% off an Edinburgh Half Booster Now Only $19.99

Have you got a calf or pony and want to have a go at an A&P show without all the cost and stress of a large show??? Southland A&P Assn are running a ‘Spring into Action Have a go Show’ on Sunday 9th of November.
Go to , or email to get a copy of the schedule and entry form.

Supporting Families For Mental Wellness
A free information session for family and friends regarding Youth Mental Health is schedule to be held on Monday 20th October @ 1.00 pm at Hospice Southland. Topics to be covered are:
• SPARX – is a free online computer program that helps young people with mild to moderate depression. It can also help if they are feeling anxious or stressed. It can be accessed from any computer that is connected to the internet. Find out more about this therapy tool and how to support young people to access it.
• Youth 2000 – hear about the research that has been done in New Zealand about young people’s mental health and what it tells us.
RSVP by Friday 18th October to Jo 0800724496 or email

Room 8 Class Happenings

As the tiger slept under the shady tree, the leaves fluttered in the breezy air. The grass swayed from side to side. The zookeeper came in with the tiger’s tasty breakfast. He hung the meat on the branch so that the tiger could eat it later. Walking slowly to the door, the zookeeper closed it without making a noise. The tiger woke up stretched its legs, getting ready to eat. Caleb
I’m Hungry
Hunting all night and day.
No sleep at all.
I was about to go to sleep BUT
There it was – a nice juicy cattle beast. I can’t give up now!!!
1…….2…….3 POUNCE!
Yum in my tum! NEVER GIVE UP!! Jarran
A focus in writing has been learning to write poetry. We have found this extremely tricky. Below are some of the beginnings of what we are learning.

Blossums blooming
Pale pink petals covering the trees
A breeze blows by the petals
Touching the ground as quiet as a mouse
Bright, green grass
Bowing side to side
Sun shining. Azriel
Signs of Spring
Blossums blooming
High on trees
Dancing upon the breeze
Pink, white
Falling onto the waiting ground. Jasmine
Drifting away on the lightness of day,
Pale, pink petals
No match for the blue sky
Fluttering through thin air
Touching grass
As silent as a ghost. Ella

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