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3 December 2015

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Dear Parents


This will be the last newsletter of the year. I wish to thank our school community for all your support this year.

I wish to make special mention of Mrs Rance who will be retiring after 18 years at Sacred Heart. On behalf of all our school community, I wish to thank Heather for her excellent service to the children at our school, and we wish her all the best in the future.


A big thanks to the Board of Trustees for your continued excellent governance of the school and the PTA for once again being at the forefront of all our school events. We are very fortunate to have such an excellent group supporting us at Sacred Heart School.


Thank you to Fr Tony and Fr Brian for your continued support again this year.


To all my staff – a big thank you. There have been a number of hurdles to contend with this year and you have all shown professionalism and a commitment to the children and each other that has been gratifying to see.


Last but not least well done to all the children for their efforts this year. In particular I wish to thank our Year 6 group as they move on to the next steps of their education. Thank you for your support this year in a wide range of activities. You are a credit to your families and our school. Well done.


We farewell the Flawn, McLean, McLeod, Newell, O’Connor, Phillipson, Van Eeden and Young families and thank you for your support over the years.


I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and ask that you keep the Phillips family in your prayers.


Parent Help Morning Tea, Monday 7th December 10am

We hope you can join us for our helpers morning tea on Monday 7th December at 10 am. If not please be aware that we really appreciate all the help and support we receive from our parents – without it the majority of school events would not be able to take place. Please email your RSVP to


Mrs Ultee

Thank you to Mrs Ultee for your work with the Room 9 pupils. We have really enjoyed your time with us in Terms 3 & 4.


2016 Enrolments

If you have children coming or know of other possible enrolments for 2016 please let us know. As we put together the 2016 classes, we aim to have as little movement as possible in our junior classes throughout the year. Thank you for this.



We have a large number of new reading books that require processing.  If you were able to spare a couple of hours, Mon, Tues, or Wed next week, can you please let Mrs Buxton know.  If there was a little team of people it would not be a big job.  Many thanks.


Book Amnesty ~ School Resources

We still have a number of books not being returned to school. Can I ask all parents to check at home for reading books, library books, basic facts kits, etc belonging to us and return them asap? No questions asked.  Many thanks.


Kade’s Journey to Recovery Market ~ Sunday 13th December 10.30 am – 2.30 pm

25 Stalls in the Sacred Heart Hall. Yummy baking, BBQ, handmade crafts, jewellery, soaps, toys, Mr Whippy and many more incredible items.

If you would like to donate baking towards this fundraiser, please contact Amanda Smith 2157663 or Selina Tagomoa-Kaa 2154650. Thank you.



The PTA would like to thank Sacred Heart Staff, parents and caregivers for your help and support with fundraising and other events during the year. We wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year.

Faith Facts ~ First week of Advent



Altar Servers

Saturday 5 December 7.00 pm:                               Fabian & Giovanna O’Donnell

Sunday 6 December 10.30am:                                Aidan Dudfield & Max Forde

Children’s Liturgy:                                                        Maria Baynes


End of Year Events

Parents Morning Tea                                –                 Monday 7/12 @ 10am

Year 6 day & leavers night                       –                 Tuesday 8/12

Final Assembly                                            –                 Wednesday 9/12 @ 1.30pm

End of Year Mass / Picnic Tea                 –                 Wednesday 9/12 @ 5pm

Last day of school                                      –                 Thursday 10/12 @ 12.30pm


Foodbank Drive ~ Wednesday 9 December

Harcourt’s in association with St John, Fire Service, Police, Westpac & More FM will be out an about collecting your non-perishable goods for the foodbank. Please have your goods available at your letterbox for collection on Wednesday 9 December 6.00 – 8.00pm, alternatively you can drop off your goods to Harcourts 182 Dee Street Invercargill.


Christmas Photos

Would you like a photo with a difference. Nativity Photos are returning to the Manna Bookshop, 90 Spey Street. Come and have your Christmas photo taken in a Nativity scene. Balloons and colouring competitions for the children. Sat 5th, 12th, & 19th December, 10 am – 4 pm

Mon-Fri 14th-18th December, 10 am -12 noon, 2 – 4 pm, Mon 21st December 10 am -12 noon, 2 – 4 pm. $5 and $10 packs, Cash only

Lost ~ 1 purple/blue soft shell Kathmandu jacket size 12. Does anyone remember Caleb Winter wearing to any school sporting events or has picked it up by mistake? If so please contact Raewyn Winter 0274 163 661


Hogart the Hedgehog turns Nink

Public reading of this book written by ex Southlander Blair Reeve, on Wednesday 23 December 10.30 am at the Invercargill Library. The story is about an elderly hedgehog called Hogart who is turning nine. Alas, he doesn’t know his age because hedgehogs count on their back feet and their back feet only have eight toes. Hogart is challenged by his granddaughter Truffle to go on one more adventure to find out what comes after eight.


 Room 7 Class Happenings  ~  Tough Kids!


The bright orange colour of the horizon beamed through the window. Its tough kids I said to myself then I realised the time it was 7:40. I only have 20 minutes to get ready to go. I zoom down the hall way make my breakfast, packed my bag, brushed my teeth and got dressed all in 10 minutes. I eat the chocolate from my Advent calendar and go to school. I got to school and sat on the mat thinking about the great day ahead of me. It was going to be an awesome day. We got on the bus and drove off. When we got to Rugby Park we lined up and walked inside. We were the first there so we took the best spot. The Year 3 race began. My brother was in front of everyone. I was so proud of him. The Year 4 race began. I saw Ben slide down the water slide. Then I noticed Kyron in the saw dust. He was practically swimming. It was funny. The year 5 race was about to begin. I went to line up. The race began and I zipped over the wood, raced under the net and sped past the tyres. I went nice and easy on the beams, slipped down the slide and glided down the other. I went up and down the hill, over the wall and in and out the web and swimming in the saw dust, under the hurdles, through the bush and snow dodging the tunnels in the maze. I glided  through the hurdles. That’s my favourite things about Tough kids.  By Dylan


The Year 3 race was first and the winner was… Alex Hawkes from Sacred Heart. Yay!!! Second was… a boy from St Theresas. Third place was… Jacob Boniface from Sacred Heart. Woo Hoo! Next was Year 4. My year was next.  We got a red band on our wrist. Rachel from “The Hits” said, If you have a star on your wrist band you are going to go in a mystery race everyone looked down including me. Oh snap I don’t have a star. After that race was finished it was the Year 5’s turn. We got ready to get dirty and wet and went down to the starting line and I was in the first row “get ready set go!” said the man at the starting line and we were off. Over the wood, under the web. “Oh no! I’m last”. I come out and I over take some boys and girls. We are coming up to the tyres and someone falls over. The pile was tall but wide. Then there were beams and the man helped me up “Thanks” I said as I continued on the beam. Next was the slide. The water slide. I went down and then slid on the other slide then raced onto the grass and over the wall, onto the thick mat. I went through the spider web and into the saw dust. It was thick and squishy and we ran. The hay was next. Over we went. Next was the bushes and an ice pool brrrrr! Next was the maze thing. After that was a hurdle, then a trailer then you had to jump off. Next was another mat then another maze then wood carrying. After you did all that was a BNZ white and blue mini obstacle course then a Westpac slide weeeeeee!!!!! I run to the finish line. Yay that was fun we waited for about an hour then did it again. Then we came back to school and that’s my Tough Kids.  By Kate Russell


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