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27 October 2016

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Dear Parents

Stewart Island Yr 6 Camp
These guys are out fishing while we are busy at school. It doesn’t really seem fair. Yummy blue cod for tea???


Faith Facts Week 3:  October 23 Mission Sunday


Here are a few lines from Pope Francis’ Message for 2016 World Mission Sunday

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
The Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy, which the Church is celebrating, casts a distinct light on World Mission Sunday 2016: it invites us to consider the missio ad gentes as a great, immense work of mercy, both spiritual and material. On this World Mission Sunday, all of us are invited to ‘go out’ as missionary disciples, each generously offering their talents, creativity, wisdom and experience in order to bring the message of God’s tenderness and compassion to the entire human family. By virtue of the missionary mandate, the Church cares for those who do not know the Gospel, because she wants everyone to be saved and to experience the Lord’s love. She ‘is commissioned to announce the mercy of God, the beating heart of the Gospel’ (Misericordiae Vultus, 12) and to proclaim mercy in every corner of the world, reaching every person, young or old.

From the Vatican, 15 May 2016, Solemnity of Pentecost.

Altar Servers
Saturday 29 October 7.00 pm:     Volunteers
Sunday 30 October 11.00 am:       Volunteers
Children’s Liturgy:                           Volunteers

Outstanding Accounts
We would appreciate all accounts being settled by Friday 11 November. We have quite a few families who have not settled their activity fee for the year. If this is you, please do so asap. If your child is involved in a sports team e.g. touch / basketball / tough kids / golf,  these fee’s should have already been sent to school.

Class Happenings Room 1
This term Room 1 have been learning how to write and follow a set of instructions.

 As a class we wrote instructions for making jelly and how to make popcorn.

 How to make Jelly.

What you need:

·      Jelly

·      Hot water

·      Bowl

·      Spoon

1.   Empty jelly crystals into a bowl.

2.   Pour the hot water in.

3.   Stir the mixture.

4.   Put in fridge.

5.   Take out of fridge and eat!

How to make popcorn

What you need:

·      Popcorn kernels

·      Popcorn maker

1.     Put the popcorn kernels into the popcorn maker.

2.   Plug the popcorn maker in.

3.   Turn the popcorn maker on.

4.   Catch the popcorn in a bowl.

5.   Eat the popcorn.



In the coming weeks you will receive a call or an email from a fair committee member from your child’s class, asking you to help join your child’s class roster to man the stall on the day of the fair.
Do you have a marquee or a gazebo that we could use on the day of the fair? Please let Mrs Russell or Mrs TK know if you do.
Are you able to make a decorated cake for the cake walk?  So far we have 2 people that have volunteered for this. Without your help this will not be able to go ahead. Please let Mrs Russell or Mrs TK know if you are able to do this.
We are still accepting Mystery Bottles. These can be any type of bottle (no alcohol please). This week we also asked for a Grocery Item – again we asked for one item per child.  We allocated each room with what to bring to give a variety. 
Could Room 1 bring cans, Room 2 kitchen/laundry item (tea towels, dish brush, etc), Room 3 confectionery, Room 5 packet item (pasta, biscuits etc) Room 8 jars and (chutney, jam) Room 9 Christmas item or bottle (sweet chilli sauce, drink etc)? Please ensure all items are not passed their expiry date.
Many thanks – Fair Committee

Makarewa School is running the ASB Colour Rush again this year to raise funds to re-roof their swimming pool. The ASB Colour Rush is a 5km fun run / walk where participants pass through 6 colour stations while completing the course. The ASB Colour Rush will be again held at Teretonga Park on Sunday 13 November.
Please check out the Sports Southland website for more information and registrations.



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20 October 2016

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Dear Parents

Faith Facts Week 2:  October 18 St Luke
Luke, the writer of the Gospel and the Acts of the Apostles, has been identified with St. Paul’s “Luke, the beloved physician” (Colossians 4:14). We know few other facts about Luke’s life from Scripture and from early Church historians.
In our day, it would be easy to assume that someone who was a doctor was rich, but scholars have argued that Luke might have been born a slave. It was not uncommon for families to educate slaves in medicine so that they would have a resident family physician.
Forgiveness and God’s mercy to sinners is also of first importance to Luke. Only in Luke do we hear the story of the Prodigal Son welcomed back by the overjoyed father. Only in Luke do we hear of the forgiven woman disrupting the feast by washing Jesus’ feet with her tears. Throughout Luke’s gospel, Jesus takes the side of the sinner who wants to return to God’s mercy.

Altar Servers
Saturday 20 October 7.00 pm:     Josh Henderson & Mason Coulthard
Sunday 21 October 11.00 am:       Kate Russell & Charlie Baynes
Children’s Liturgy:                          Maria Baynes

Newsletter Subscription Sign up
Can I ask all parents to go to the school website? – At the bottom of the page is a sign-up box, please enter your details and push subscribe. The programme we are using will also be able to be used to set up sports team groups enabling quick message notification. Also send the link to other family members who are interesting in getting the newsletter.

Australian Tests
Well done to all the children who took part in these tests, in particular the  following children:
English: Jacob Boniface & Ben Bryan – Distinction
Spelling: Jacob Boniface & Laura Boniface – Distinction, Ben Bryan – Credit
Mathematics: Ben Bryan- Credit
Writing: Jacob Boniface – Credit
Science: Ben Bryan & Summer Smith – Credit
ICT: Ben Bryan – Credit

School Fair – Sunday 20th Nov
Please support our PTA Fair Committee as we get closer to our Fair Day. As well as being our major fundraiser it is also an excellent way to promote our school in the community and is a very enjoyable day.
In the coming weeks, families will receive a call from a fair committee member asking you to help and join your child’s class roster for their designated stall.  Please help where you can, as many hands make light work.
A reminder: we are still looking for people to bake cakes for the Cake Walk. Please let Mrs TK or Mrs Russell know if you are able to supply a cake for this.
2nd Hand Goods – Any items you wish to donate can be dropped off to Room 1 or 5 at any time. These can also be dropped off the day before the fair.
We are still accepting Mystery Bottles that were due in this week – this can be any sealed bottle e.g sauce, cleaner, juice etc. (no alcohol please)
Next week (24th – 28th October) we are asking for a Grocery Item – Again we ask for one item per child during this week, we have allocated each room with what to bring to give a variety. Could Room 1 bring cans,  Room 2 kitchen/laundry item (tea towels, dish brush, etc),   Room 3 confectionery,  Room 5 packet item (pasta, biscuits etc) Room 8 jars and (chutney, jam) Room 9 Christmas item or bottle (sweet chilli sauce, drink etc). Please ensure all items are not passed their expiry date.

School Upgrade Update
With the library gone, we are just waiting for the Ministry contractors to re-rout the schools fibre connection. Once that is done, the concrete will be removed and dunite compacted in that area until work begins next year on the upgrade.

Year 6 Camp
Next week I will be away to Stewart Island with the Year 6 children. We look forward to a great week and I hope we catch lots of blue cod.

Touch Fees @ $19 – Can we have these fees settled please?

Summer Football – The start date for this is now Monday 31st October. We still have a couple of spots left in our Year 3-4 team and our Year 5-6 team. Get in quick! Email for more information.

Congratulations to Jacob Boniface who won the Southland Festival of Running 5km race overall on Sunday. Laura Boniface was 3rd girl in 10-15 year age group with Jordis Belesky in 5th place.

Room 9 – Class Happenings
The creative juices have been flowing in the Year 6 children as they take part in the “Fair Go” competition.

The children had to come up with an object they could make out of plastic bottles that could be used in our school.
The groups have come up with:

  • Glass house
  • Igloo
  • Recycling bin
  • Chairs
  • Hanging gardens.
  • Pencil pots

The children had to come up with a plan and then make a presentation with why their product would benefit Sacred Heart. This project has seen a great deal of cooperation and collaboration between group members.
We can’t wait for you to see our finished products.

screen-shot-2016-10-20-at-9-53-15-am screen-shot-2016-10-20-at-9-53-07-amscreen-shot-2016-10-20-at-9-53-22-amscreen-shot-2016-10-20-at-9-53-30-amscreen-shot-2016-10-20-at-9-53-39-amscreen-shot-2016-10-20-at-9-53-47-am screen-shot-2016-10-20-at-9-53-54-am

Christmas Shopping at Full of Grace, Lower Octagon.

Advent Candles and Calendars, Nativity sets, Christmas Cards, Books, 2017 Calendars and more. Call in or go online at

Learning Difficulties 
Chris Cole will be running an informative evening about Learning Difficulties @St John’s Girls’ School Hall, Wednesday 26 October from 7 – 8pm.

  •  what are learning difficulties
  •  how do they influence your child
  •  what can parents do to help

There will be an opportunity to meet local consultants and talk 1 on 1 about your child’s needs. Each consultant has knowledge and experience about LD’s and interventions that can help.

Waihopai Tennis Club – Hot Shots Community Play (3 – 12 yrs). Saturdays 9.30 – 10.30am, 5 Nov – 10 Dec. $30 includes free T-shirt. Registrations can be emailed to

Huge Caged Trailer load of wood – $5 per ticket. Wood needs split. This is a fundraiser for Briarlee Devery and her dance partner Hunter Harris to attend the Junior Rock n Roll Nationals being held in Wanganui next Easter. If you would like to purchase a ticket, please contact Celia on 027 425 7206 and you can pay via direct debit to 03-1742-0769139-00.  Thank you for your support.

Have a lovely Labour Weekend and we will see you back at school on Tuesday 25 October.


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13 October 2016

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Dear Parents

Welcome back everyone. We are looking forward to another busy term, it’s hard to believe that there is only about 10 weeks till Christmas.

You will have noticed that the library has finally gone, we are just waiting for the fibre cable to be re-routed before they can clear the area.







This term the two major events are the Year 6 camp at Stewart Island and our school fair on Sunday 20th November. We also have the Convent Cup on Friday 18th November at Verdon College.

School will finish at 12.30pm on Thursday 15th December reopening either the 30th or 31st January 2017.

Faith Facts – Week 1: 11 October St John The XXIII

Pope John XXIII, changed the culture in the Vatican. On Christmas, 1958, he resumed the papal practice of making visits to the community within the official Diocese of Rome. He visited the sick, the poor, and prisoners. He apologized for episodes of anti-Semitism within the Church carried on by some of his predecessors.

It was originally expected that Pope John XXIII would only serve a short time before passing away and that he would make no significant changes to Church practice. However, Pope John XXIII was a man of great mercy and kindness and much like Pope Francis of today, he did many things that created sensation in the streets and pews.

Pope Francis approved John XXIII for canonization (being named a Saint) on June 3, 2013, the 50th anniversary of his death.

A reminder that it is compulsory for all students to wear a school sunhat during outside activities this term.
Sunhats can be purchased from the school office and cost $12. Remember to clearly name them.

Scholastic Bookclub – Issue 7 closes Wednesday 19 October.

Lost Items –  Jacob Boniface has lost his jersey and Harris Page has lost his navy polar fleece. Both are named and have been missing since last term.
Please check at home, your child has the correct items.

Room 8 Class Happenings 

In our school we had a man called Deano Yipadee, he is a children’s author. He wrote ‘Jingle Bells Rudolph Smells’, ‘Nee Naw’ and some others. Mr Yipadee told us about  what he does and where he lived. He lived in England  and recently he went to Gore here in New Zealand and he will be starring on 7 sharp at tonight! Don’t forget to watch, it is a funny show. What did I think was the best part? Deano was so cheerful, most readers are not like that but the party was crazy and everyone loved it. The reindeer was so cool, how did they get Rudolph to come but not Santa? Where was he all that time?   By Abby Johnstone


That Final Moment


Here we see the moment, where the  library gets picked up over the veranda by the big crane then gets put on the truck. I could see a huge shadow appearing over us like a hot air balloon flying through the sky.


This is the part where the one half piece of the library gets put on the ground, like it’s too heavy to lift, they put it on the ground to line it up with the truck.  


Here you can see the library on the truck getting put by the other piece of the library, the library got cut in half so it would be it easier for the trucks to take it away.


This is when the library got put by the hall to store it overnight there, so then in the morning they can take it to Gore to it’s new home.  By Matthew Winter

Summer Football is back for Term 4!                                    

Important information:                                                                         Year 1-2 children (First Kicks U6)

  • Year 3-4 children (Fun Football U8)
  • Year 5-6 children (Mini Football U11)
  • Dates:  October 17th, 31st November 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th December 5th, 12th then starts again Term 1 next year.
  • Completed forms to be back to Mr Morgan via email or hard copy by Wednesday 12th October

Permission Slip:

________________________________(Name) ________________(Year/Grade)______________(Room) is able to play Summer Football for school this season.

I can also coach or manage a team on Monday afternoons _________________________________ (Coach/Managers Name)

MITRE 10 TOUGH KIDS 2016  Yr 3 – 6
Event Date – Wednesday 7 December
Registrations Open – Wednesday 26 october
The 2016 Mitre 10 Mega Invercargill Tough Kid @ Rugby Park promises to be bigger and better than ever before!

With awesome obstacles and an emphasis on fun, this is an event not to be missed.
Registrations are based on a first in, first served basis.
Cost: $3 per child
Registrations will be limited to the first 1400 students across Invercargill and, as mentioned, will be on a first in, first served basis.
It is open to Year 3-6 students.
Please return this form ASAP to Mr Morgan or the Office, no forms will be accepted after Tuesday 25th October.
…………………………………………(Student’s Name)……………(Year) is able to attend Mitre 10 Tough Kids on December 7th.
I can also offer my assistance during the day to sit with the children in the stands for ‘crowd control’. (Your Name)………………………………………………….
More information on the day will be available closer to the date.
Further enquiries please email Mr Morgan

Marist  Cricket  Club  Junior  Grade  Years  5 / 6
Are inviting new players to join the club for the 2016 season. Well coached practice by members at Marist on Thursday evenings at 6pm. Everyone welcome to attend practice even if you don’t intend to play. Queries to Hamish Murie (President MCC, Groundsman, Coach) Ph 027 490 4748

Metro Tigers Club are looking for Yr 5/6 players wanting to step up from Kiwi-8’s and play in a hardball competition at club level. Practices are at SBHS on Thursdays 5 – 6.30pm and games commence Saturday 28 October @ 9am. Enquiries can be directed to Tim Page 0210314809 or email

The Head Injury Society of Southland Presents ‘The Mega Brain’ an amazing walk through Exhibit, at the Workingman’s club, Saturday 29 October, 10.30am – 4pm. Gold coin donation. Examine the inside of your brain and learn about various structures and normal brain function. Discover how your brain works from the inside out.



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