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24 November 2016

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24 November 2016

Dear Parents

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Dalziel and Hamilton families this week.

End Of Term Dates
School Picnic @ Anderson’s Park     6/12
Tough Kids                                                 7/12
Year 6 Day                                                 12/12
Reports home                                          12/12
Final Assembly                                       13/12 @ 2pm
End of Year Mass                                   13/12 @ 5.15pm
End of Term                                             15/12 @ 12.30pm
Start of Term 1 2017                              31/1

Faith Facts  Week 7: 21-25 November 
November 20  Christ the King Sunday – This is the final Sunday of the Liturgical year and is a feast day that focuses on the authority of Christ. While the problems our world faces today differ from the particular events that inspired Pope Pius XI to establish this feast in the 1920s, his message and call to honour Christ the King in a society that denies the authority of Our Lord is no less pertinent now than it was then. The Solemnity of Christ the King is a newer feast in the Catholic Church; it was established by Pope Pius XI in 1925. The pontiff was witness to a turbulent time in the world’s history.
November 21 The Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary – The Feast of the Presentation of Mary is celebrated in both the Eastern and Western Churches. It recalls the day in the life of the Jewish girl named Mary (Maryam) when her parents, Joachim and Anne, presented her to the Lord in the temple and dedicated her life to Him.
On this Feast of the Presentation of Mary in the Temple by Joachim and Anne, we are invited to make the choice to be open to God in our lives. Parents are reminded of their responsibility to present their children for Baptism.

School Fair
A huge thank you to the PTA fair committee and all the helpers who made our fair such a success on Sunday. Though the weather wasn’t great, the atmosphere was and the children all had a  very enjoyable day. The list of people to thank is too many to include, but I do wish to acknowledge Pam Potter from ANZ who gave up her day to assist Jeremy Winter with the banking and Ben Winders for his tireless efforts on the chocolate wheel. It is a true credit to our PTA and parent community  that a small school such as ours can host such an amazing event and I thank you all again for your support.
I do not have an exact figure yet but it will be close to $12000, which will be used to continue updating out iPads and chromebooks and class resources. There may also be the opportunity when the works begins on our school upgrade to use some of the funds for optional extras and beautification of the school entranceway.

Please let me know of any prospective enrolments. To retain our teaching numbers we have to enrol more children than we lose in Year 6 every year. An optimum number for us is about 25 children per year. While we get enquiries from the website, we also rely on our parent community to spread the word. If you have pre-school children, can you please contact me to get copies of our prospectus to put in their centres?

Altar Servers
Saturday 26th November 7.00 pm:      Greta Jones & A Volunteer please
Sunday 27th November 10.30 am:       Holly & Caleb Wolf
Children’s Liturgy:                                   Cecelia Russell

Class Happenings Room 8

Fair Recount
The Cakewalk

“Please Dad Please Can I have $5 !”
“Ok” He Said
“Mum Mum I got it”
“Ok what do you want to do first?”
“ The CAKEWALK!” I exclaimed.
“Ok” Mum replied.
“For 2 People Please” I said
“Mum Come On Sit Down!”
“I wonder what song we are walking to?” I thought out loud.
As usual it was just a tuner started to walk around then all of a sudden, Stop I sat down on a chair they pulled out a stick.
“Number 15!”
I looked at the number on my seat it was number 15.
I got it I got it. “Yay!” I yelled .
I had won 2 cakes, 1 chocolate and 1 carrot cake.
It was nearly finished
Mum said “It’s time to go.”
So we walked to the car and away we went.
By Ellie

Laser Tag
Cha ching! $2 gone. Noises! I see blue I see red, I hear nothing else except lasers shooting. It’s a totally mad, but awesome. Ready, aim , fire hundreds of lasers travelling at the speed of light. Man down one of or teammates gets hit but he will reactivate at any moment. Red light warning, my health was critically low. One more hit and I would be out. I had to take cover. I found a climbing wall to hide. Boom! I was looking through my scope at Charlie, he was running away like a chicken. Once our time was up I had to have another go, it was so fun and my favourite stall at the fair.  By Robbie Humm


Well done to all the teams who took part in the finals on Tuesday night. Congratulations to the Year 3/4 Jazz team who were deserved winners of their competition.
Also well done to the Year 3/4 boys and the Year 5/6 boys A & B grade teams who were finalists.


Convent Cup
Well done to all the teams, parent managers and coaches who were able to help at the Convent Cup last Friday at Verdon College.
Congratulations to the football team who won their competition and the netball and T-ball teams who were second in their competition.


Online Holiday Program | Four weeks of fun!
Become your own music producer with Activate Music Academy’s Online Holiday Program! We’ll workshop your songs, make new friends in the community forum, and get creative to win awesome prizes. Complete beginner? Been making beats for a while? We’re going to have a great time making music together! Register and find out more at: 


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17 November 2016

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17 November 2016

Dear Parents

Welcome to Pippa Hamilton. We hope she and her family enjoy their time at Sacred Heart School.

Our prayers are with Mrs Stupples and her family at this time.  Also it was sad to hear of the death of Bob Heffernan who was a past Board Chair.

We are looking forward to the school fair on Sunday and are praying  for a fine day. All children are to meet at 10.15am to attend Mass at 10.30am. A lot of work has gone into the organisation of the day from a small group of parents and I wish to acknowledge the commitment they have made to enhance your children’s experiences at school. It is much appreciated.

We are on the final countdown for the school fair. We are still in need of helpers especially for the face painting and hairdressing stalls.  If you are able to help for half an hour at any of these stalls please let Mrs TK or Mrs Russell know ASAP.
Home baking and white elephant goods can be dropped off to the hall on Saturday 19th November between 12-2pm or in the morning of the fair before the children attend Mass.
Please get your children to gather up their coins to bring to the fair.
Many thanks – Fair committee

End Of Term Dates
Convent Cup                      18/11
School Fair                        20/11
Sherwood Forest              23/11
Tough Kids                          7/12
Year 6 Day                         12/12
Reports home                   12/12
Final Assembly                 13/12 @ 2pm
End of Year Mass             13/12 @ 5.15pm
End of Term                      15/12 @ 12.30pm
Start of Term 1 2017        31/1

Faith Facts Week 6: November 14-18, October 17 St Elizabeth of Hungary
Saint Elizabeth of Hungary, T.O.S.F. also known as Saint Elizabeth of Thuringia, was a princess of the Kingdom of Hungary, Landgravine of Thuringia, Germany, and a greatly honoured Catholic saint who was an early member of the Third Order of St. Francis, by which she is honored as its patroness. Elizabeth was married at the age of 14, and widowed at 20. After her husband’s death she sent her children away and regained her dowry, using the money to build a hospital. She built the Franciscan hospital at Marburg and devoted herself to the care of the sick until her death at the age of 24 in 1231. St. Elizabeth is the patron saint of bakers, countesses, death of children, falsely accused, the homeless, nursing services, tertiaries, widows, and young brides. Her symbols are alms, flowers, bread, the poor, and a pitcher. She became a symbol of Christian charity.

Altar Servers
Saturday 19th November 7.00 pm:     Kate Russell & Jack Harding
Sunday 20th November 10.30 am:     Ruby Duffy & Anika Winders
Children’s Liturgy:                                  Aletta Reid

Newsletter Subscription Sign up
Can I ask all parents to go to the school website? – At the bottom of the page is a sign-up box. Please enter your details and push subscribe. Also send the link to other family members who are interesting in getting the newsletter. It works best to subscribe on a desktop or laptop computer.
So far we have 43 subscribers and I would like to have everybody signed up for the start of the 2017 school year.

Calendars – Your child’s calendar will be on display at the fair for parents to order. These will also be in the office on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday next week.

Lost Jersey (named) – belonging to Sophie Baron.

Shelley Coutts Dance Academy present ‘Merry Grinchmas’ – Sunday 27 November @ Centre Stage Theatre
Performances 2.00pm and  6.00pm. Tickets on sale now from Ticket Direct Outlets: Adults $22 / Child $17.

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10 November 2016

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Faith Facts Week 5: November 7-11 / November 9 The Dedication of the Lateran Basilica


Story of the Dedication of St. John Lateran
Most Catholics think of St. Peter’s as the pope’s main church, but they are wrong. St. John Lateran is the pope’s church, the cathedral of the Diocese of Rome where the Bishop of Rome presides. The first basilica on the site was built in the fourth century when Constantine donated land he had received from the wealthy Lateran family. That structure and its successors suffered fire, earthquake, and the ravages of war, but the Lateran remained the church where popes were consecrated until the popes returned from Avignon in the 14th century to find the church and the adjoining palace in ruins.
Pope Innocent X commissioned the present structure in 1646. One of Rome’s most imposing churches, the Lateran’s towering facade is crowned with 15 colossal statues of Christ, John the Baptist, John the Evangelist, and 12 doctors of the Church. Beneath its high altar rest the remains of the small wooden table on which tradition holds Saint Peter himself celebrated Mass.

Unlike the commemorations of other Roman churches, this anniversary is a feast. The dedication of a church is a feast for all its parishioners. In a sense, St. John Lateran is the parish church of all Catholics, because it is the pope’s cathedral. This church is the spiritual home of the people who are the Church.
Dear friends, today’s feast celebrates a mystery that is always relevant: God’s desire to build a spiritual temple in the world, a community that worships him in spirit and truth (cf. John 4:23-24). But this observance also reminds us of the importance of the material buildings in which the community gathers to celebrate the praises of God. Every community therefore has the duty to take special care of its own sacred buildings, which are a precious religious and historical patrimony. For this we call upon the intercession of Mary Most Holy, that she help us to become, like her, the “house of God,” living temple of his love.

— Benedict XVI, Angelus Address, November 9, 2008

End Of Term Dates
Convent Cup                      18/11
School Fair                        20/11
Sherwood Forest              23/11
Tough Kids                          7/12
Year 6 Day                         12/12
Reports home                   12/12
Final Assembly                 13/12 @ 2pm
End of Year Mass             13/12 @ 5.15pm
End of Term                      15/12 @ 12.30pm
Start of Term 1 2017        31/1

Altar Servers
Saturday 12th November 7.00 pm:     Josh Henderson & Declan Hogan
Sunday 13th November 10.30 am:      Maia T.K. & Giovanna O’Donnell
Children’s Liturgy:                                  Maria O’Donnell

Newsletter Subscription Sign up
Can I ask all parents to go to the school website? – At the bottom of the page is a sign-up box. Please enter your details and push subscribe. Also send the link to other family members who are interesting in getting the newsletter. It works best to subscribe on a desktop or laptop computer.
So far we have 39 subscribers and I would like to have everybody signed up for the start of the 2017 school year.

Room 3 & 5 Mass
Rooms 3 and 5 will be celebrating a combined class mass next Wednesday 16 November at 9.30am with a shared morning tea in the hall afterwards.
All families are warmly invited to join us. Each child is asked to bring a small plate and drop off to the hall before school please.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank parents and the community for the support you have shown me over my time teaching here at Sacred Heart School. I have accepted the position as Deputy Principal of St Joseph’s, Oamaru and will begin at the start of next year in this role.
I wish you all every blessing and will miss you all.
Nicola Winders

Mrs Winders
Congratulations to Mrs Winders who has won the position as Deputy Principal at St Joseph’s in Oamaru. This is a very exciting opportunity  and we wish her all the best in the future. Nicola has been at Sacred Heart for 8 years and is an integral part of our teaching team. Our loss is St Joseph’s gain.

PTA Fair Notice
Today your child will bring home two baking trays in a plastic bag. We ask that each family returns these with baking the day before or the day of the fair.
On Saturday 12th November the fair committee will be at school (in Room 7) if you wish to drop off any white elephant stall items. We will be there  from 1-3pm.
We are still looking for two people to help cook the BBQ during the day of the fair as well as four others to help organise the bread and take in the money. Please let Mrs Russell or Mrs TK know if you are able to help with this.
We are still accepting mystery bottles and grocery items, these can be any type of bottle (not alcohol please) and grocery items as follows : Room 1 cans, Room 2 kitchen/laundry item (tea towels, dish brush, etc), Room 3 confectionery, Room 5 packet item (pasta, biscuits etc) Room 8 jars and (chutney, jam) room 9 Christmas item or bottle (sweet chilli sauce, drink etc). Please ensure all items are not past their expiry date.
Please get your children to gather up their coins to bring to the fair.
Many thanks – Fair Committee

Convent Cup
This will be held at Verdon College next Friday, 18 November. A note has been sent home to all children involved.

Summer Soccer
The fee for Summer Soccer has been calculated @ $45 per child. This covers Term 4 2016 and Term 1 2017. Please pay this at the office at your earliest convenience.

Scholastic Bookclub – Issue 8 will close Thursday 17 November.

Some helpful hints to get rid of headlice:
– Wash all bedding,hats,hair ties etc
– De-hair hairbrush and any other tools used in the hair wash and soak in disinfectant)
– Re treat 2 days later (even if it says don’t, it is best to do this)
– For preventing; tie hair back completely.
– Spray with a preventive head lice spray( EVERYDAY can get a salons or chemists) or you can make own at home with spray bottle of water and few drops of tea tree oil.(This doesn’t smell nice but helps keep the little critters away.)

Class Happenings
Room 3 have been enjoying Miss Burdon and Miss Balloch in our classroom. Below are a few examples students have written independently or with a buddy in response to a poem that we learnt with a student teacher last week.

Looking up, Looking Down
When I look down I see …
Little beetles crawling free.
Tiny footprints I can see.
Worms wiggling around for food.
The worm is in a bad mood.
By Kate and Kate

Looking up
Looking up at the sky.
I saw little leaves saying hi.
I saw little birds eating little herbs.
I saw little bugs doing little hugs.
Looking down
I saw tiny ants wearing tiny pants.
I saw bugs making a tower with all their power.
By Ethan and Shaun

I saw the blue sky behind the clouds like candy floss in pounds.
I saw grey clouds inside the white clouds.
Looking down
I saw massive trees made out of grass.
The beatles are all over them
bigger than noodles wiggling past.
I saw a lot of grass and worms.
By Holly and Ana

Looking Up and Down.
When I looked up
I see a blue sky and birds fly by.
Clouds and trees making dark shapes too!
Bugs flying around the moon.
When I looked down beetles, ants and spiders were digging a hole in the ground.
Worms were wriggling and jiggling around trying to dig deep
By Leo Ganaha

We  lay on  our  backs and saw  the clouds passing by.
Birds flying in the sky.
By Eifion

Blue sky up above the clouds.
Sun shines behind the clouds.
Flying bugs up into the clouds.
Little flying butterflies
so high in the sky
So that we cannot see them.
Green grass on the ground.
A little beetle with a big beetle.
An ant in the dark dirt.
Fresh green grass with water.
By Isla and Luca

When I was looking down I saw a tarantula.
It had eight legs.
They were big, long, hairy legs.
The sky was blue the clouds were moving slowly.
The sun wasn’t shining.
The sun was hiding behind the big, dark clouds.
The clouds were black.
I saw ants marching and wearing tiny pants.
By Lucas

Leo and Jesse saw birds in the sky.
They saw the sun moving really slowly by.
Then we rolled over onto our tummies and saw ants and beetles with their mummies.
By Leo A and Jesse

Looking up.
I laid down and looked up at the floating sky
swirling and twirling.
When I was laying on my back
a group of silly billy birds flying high.
When I was on the ground I spied a bunch of munching ladybugs.
Looking down.
When I was looking down I saw teeny weeny  footprints. When I was looking down
I screwed up my eyes and saw a big twig tree.
By Molly D and Zoe

I see a blue sky,
and birds fly by.
I see the sun while I was playing for fun.
An apple tree just for me.
Buzzy bee’s in the blossom tree.
Two birds in a pair
and I feel the air.
I see green grass
and some beetles, ants, spiders and more.
I see a pink worm in the green grass.
By Maddie and Molly S

2017 Rock n Roll Nationals – Truffles Fundraiser for Lilyana Ultee
$6 doz or $15 for 3 doz. Orders and money in by November 16th please to:
Delivered November 27th. Thank you for your support.


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3 November 2016

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3 November 2016

Dear Parents

Week 4: October 31 – November 4,  All Saints November 1
In the year 835 AD the Roman Catholic Church made 1st November a church holiday to honour all the saints. This feast day is called All Saints’ Day. “All Saints’ Day” annually reminds us of our connectedness as Christians. Perhaps, you were taught to think of saints as statues in a church building. But the Bible teaches something completely different. Who is a saint? You are. That is, if you’re a follower of Jesus. There are saints who died for their faith – the martyrs. All of them are honoured by the church.

All Souls’ Day – 2 November
On All Souls’ Day the Roman Catholic Church remembers all those who have died – not just the great and the good, but ordinary and especially those loved ones.

Altar Servers
Saturday 5th November 7.00 pm:     Aidan Dudfield & Robbie Humm
Sunday 6th November 10.30 am:      Summer & Jack Smith
Children’s Liturgy:                                Amanda Smith

Newsletter Subscription Sign up
Can I ask all parents to go to the school website? – At the bottom of the page is a sign-up box. Please enter your details and push subscribe. The programme we are using will also be able to be used to set up sports team groups enabling quick message notification. Also send the link to other family members who are interesting in getting the newsletter.
This week I will be trialling the new newsletter subscription system. I apologise in advance if some of you get two notifications.

Verdon College Senior Prizegiving
Congratulations to Olivia Thornbury  who was named as Dux at Verdon College last night. Olivia headed a number of ex-Sacred Heart pupils who received a number of academic, cultural and sporting awards. Well done to all these students and I wish them all the best in their future endeavours.

Future Enrolments
Please let us know of any prospective enrolments?

Stewart Island Camp
A big thank you to the parents, children and staff for making the camp last week such a success. The highlights were the fishing and seeing a Kiwi on Ulva Island. The blue cod and paua for tea that night was worth the trip alone. I was especially pleased with all the children who interacted well and put on excellent skits. They have set the bar high for next year’s class.

Room 2 Class Happenings
On Monday, the whole school went out onto North Road to watch the Tour of Southland. Room 2 sat on the edge of the garden to watch. Most of the children wore their sunhats. Charlotte got a water bottle and she kindly gave it to Lucy. A man on the back of a motor bike gave us thumbs up. The man in the traffic management truck waved to us without looking because he was concentrating on driving. He had his phone number on the side of his truck. We could not believe how fast the cyclist went passed.



Perceptual Motor skills Programme
On Wednesday mornings this term, Room 1 and 2 are doing the Perceptual Motor Skills Programme. (PMP). The children are really enjoying this excellent programme. They are divided into 6 groups and move around 6 stations. At these stations, the children learn to balance on a beam and other equipment, control a soccer ball with their foot, skip with ropes and hoops, climb in and out of shapes without touching the sides and roll like a log. Below is some more information

PMP is a programme which aims to develop the child’s perceptions and understandings of himself or herself in relation to her/his world, through movement/motor experiences. It aims to develop perceptions of height and space, the pattern and order of the child’s natural world, the laws and limitations that govern the human body. Above all it aims to give the child confidence to manipulate him/herself in their world to suit her or his own best interests. PMP is seen as part of the programme of total experiences. It is not a physical education programme alone, or music, or fitness, or dance, or gymnastics. It is a programme that uses facets of all of the above in order to develop children’s perceptions. The perceptions and judgments that are formed over time help determine how children react to their environment, to others, and to new ideas.

Nativity Photos
Would you like a Christmas Photos with a difference, then bring your family along to Manna Bookshop, 90 Spey Street Invercargill and step back in time. We have a childrens’ play area, colouring in, and you can dress up and have your photo taken in a Nativity Scene. Sat 3rd, 10th & 17th Dec, 10-4, Mon 12-Fri 16th Dec 10-12, 2-4, Mon 19th & Tues 20th Dec 10-12, 2-4. $5 & $10 photo packs. Available, cash only.

Invercargill Repertory Society presents Badjelly the Witch, by Spike Milligan, Directed by Paul Bremer
Tuesday 8 – Friday 11 November, 7pm Saturday 12 November, 2pm Rep House Invercargill
Badjelly, the wickedest witch in the entire world, along with her giant assistant Dulboot has cow-napped Lucy the cow.  Come and join Tim and Rose along with their new woodland friends on their adventures to see if they can save Lucy. Will Binklebonk save Tim from the trouser robbers? Can Mudwiggle help them cross the wild river and save them from the shark?  Will Dinglemouse and Jim the Mighty Eagle come to the rescue in time or will Tim and Rose be made into boy/girl soup by the wicked Badjelly? Join the fun at Repertory House from November 8-12 to find out what happens to Tim, Rose, and Lucy the cow. Children $10, Adults $20, Family Pass $50. Book at ICC or online at TicketDirect:

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