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25 May 2017

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Dear Parents

We welcome Mitchell Wezenbeek Gauldie who joined the children in Room 1 on Monday. We hope Mitchell and his family enjoy their time at Sacred Heart School.

Cross Country – On Tuesday, 30 May at 1.30, we will run our school cross country.  We need your help.  We require a number of adults to be marshals at spots around the cross country course, including Donovan Park and Bainfield Road.  The junior children will run within the school boundary.  If you are able to help, can you please email your child’s class teacher?  Thank you for your support with this.

Bishop Colin announces the following changes:

Fr Vince Smith will retire from Parish Priest of North Invercargill on 4 June 2017.
Fr Anthony Harrison appointed Parish Priest of North Invercargill effective as of 5 June 2017 and continue as Parish Priest of Waikiwi Parish until Invercargill becomes one Parish in Advent.

Altar Servers:
Saturday 27 May @ 7.00pm     Declan Hogan & Mason Coulthard
Sunday 28 May @ 10.30am      Robbie Humm & Charlie Baynes
Children’s Liturgy                       Aletta Reid

Invercargill Parish Restructure Mass Times – The revised Mass times from June 10 onwards:
Bluff 6.30 pm each Saturday
Basilica 6.00 pm each Saturday
Georgetown 9 am each Sunday
Waikiwi 10.30 am each Sunday
Basilica 7.30 am, 10.30 am, 7.00 pm each Sunday
North Invercargill 9 am each Sunday
Rakauhouka 8.30 am 1st & 3rd Sundays
Rimu 11 am 2nd & 4th Sundays
Marae 10.30 am 3rd Sunday

Spirit Army Needs You – and bring a friend
Mother Teresa and Sister Aubert had a simple approach to being a Christian – they looked around them and saw who was suffering the most and then went and helped them – the dying in Calcutta and families in the depression in NZ. We don’t need to look past our own parish and school to see families struggling below the breadline with vulnerable children. We have developed a simple way of reaching and supporting such families. You won’t be asked to do anything that you don’t like, we just want your skills and your heart. There are roles to suit all – family visitors, bakers and cooks, gardeners, builders, homehandymen, youth workers, babysitters, sewers, donors to the bank. All work is voluntary, you do what you can when it suits. This catholic action is known as the Spirit Army – come along and see if it has something for you – we’re meeting 7:30pm, Thursday 1 June, St Theresa’s meeting room off the church on Perth Street. Check out “Spirit Army” on faceboook for more or ring Gerry Forde: 217 7617.

Class Happenings – Room 8 has had a very busy week this week!

On Monday, with Room 9, we took a trip down to the Museum. There we learnt about and looked at different Maori artifacts and also each made a korowai, which is now on the wall in our classroom.

On Tuesday we had a visit from Mr Esler. He talked to us all about space, stars, Matariki and rockets! He answered lots of our questions but we think that after he left, we had even more questions that we hadn’t thought of before. We will be looking at answering some of these in our inquiry time later in the term.

For the last few weeks we have also had Matariki rotations on Thursday afternoons, this morning Room 8 and 9 prepared the flax for the Mercy and Kavanagh Houses for this afternoon.

We have also been running through Donovan Park in the afternoons whenever we can to train for cross country next week. Thank you to the parents who have come to school each afternoon to run with us!

Kids and Adult Zumba Classes:  Zumba is a fun and effective way to keep fit and active this winter for all ages.  Michal is now taking special kids class on Tuesday afternoons at 4:15 pm at La Muse.  These classes are for all fitness abilities and are suitable for ages 8 upwards.  The music and moves are easy to follow and no dance experience is required.  Contact Michal on 027 231 5217 or on Facebook search for “Zumba with Michal” for information on both her Tuesday kids classes and her Monday and Friday morning and Wednesday evening adults classes.

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18th May 2017

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18th May 2017

Dear Parents
A big thanks to all families for the $160 collected for the helicopter appeal last Friday. Also thanks you to the PTA for organising the Mothers Day gifts last week. I hope all mothers were spoilt on Sunday.

School Mass Sunday 28th May 2017 – The children are to meet in the school foyer @ 10.15 am in school uniform. This is a compulsory mass and all children are expected to attend.

First Holy Communion / Confirmation – There will be a meeting in Room 1 this Tuesday 23rd May @ 3.30 pm. Please check if your child has paid for their book, as there are a few unpaid.

Cross Country
Thanks to the parents – Lyla & Scott Belesky, Raewyn Winter and Jono Duffy  who have been volunteering their time to run with our senior children in preparation for the school and zone cross country. It had been much appreciated. The school cross country will be on Tuesday 30th May and the Zone cross country on the 6th June.

Entertainment Books – All unwanted books were due back on Monday 15th May. If you are not purchasing this book, please return to the office asap. It you are wanting to D/D you can do so into our PTA account: 389016-0297102-000

Hoodies online ordering link:  Parents wanting to order hoodies, can follow this link:

Sport Fees – We still have children owing for flipperball $18, cricket $20, netball $30 and hockey $35. Please check if this is you.

Lost Jersey – with the name Ramsay on the tag. Please check your child is wearing the correct one.

Room 1 Class Happenings
Room 1 had a lovely day on Sunday celebrating Mother’s Day, here is a recount of what happened.

On Mother’s Day we got Mum a new beautiful ring.  We then dropped Dad off at the airport.  Daisy

On Mother’s Day I got Mum some hand cream.  Jamie

Here is Mum, she got 2 chocolates.  Christian

Here is my Mum, she is eating chocolate.  Mitchell

I gave my Mum some chocolates on Mother’s Day.   Cruz

On Mother’s Day we got up at 6.00am.  We had fun.  Mum felt mad because we didn’t make breakfast.  Lucy

Here is Mum.  She is sharing her hearts with me.  Elise

I went ice-skating on Mother’s Day.  I loved ice-skating.  I skated to Ella all by myself.  Macey

On Mother’s Day I got my Mum a mug.  Rhea

Here is my Mum, she hugged Dad and Dad was happy.  Pippa

On Mother’s Day I gave Mum a nice smelling  candle.  Mason

On Mother’s Day I went to Queenstown with Mum.  I got her some body cream.  Sean

Sports Results 
Year 5/6 Netball team played Waihopai South and won 7-2.  P.O.D was Ellie McWilliam and Maia Pickett.  Overall they played very well as a team.

Year 5/6 Hockey team played Riverton and lost 5 – 1. Player of the Day went to Briarlee Devery.

Digital Ninja Day
Yesterday Sacred Heart School hosted children from around the province in IT workshops. Some of our children and teachers took part and I look forward to seeing their new learning flow into their classrooms.

Subway / Pita Pit
What a great day yesterday. Room 1 won the Subway morning tea shout from ‘The Hits’ and Room 9 won the Pita Pit ‘More FM’ lunch. Thank you to the parents who nominated our school.

This natural product for treating headlice prevents re-infestation, is organic, is non-toxic, safe and effective. It is made from natural ingredients including pine extracts and 100% pure citronella oil. Use Nit-Enz Organic shampoo as a normal shampoo twice a week, your normal conditioner afterwards and you won’t have to worry about head lice again! Stewart’s Pharmacy, 150 Dee Street is the local stockist. For more information, check out their website: or email:



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11th May 2017

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11th May 2017

Dear Parents

A special welcome today to John and Precious Enriquez. We hope they enjoy their time at Sacred Heart School.

Father Tony has been awarded the Efficiency Decoration. This decoration acknowledges his 12 consecutive years of efficiency as a Chaplain in the New Zealand Army.

Altar Servers:
Saturday 13 May @ 7.00pm     Ruby Duffy & Kate Russell
Sunday 14 May @ 10.30am      Jack & Summer Smith
Children’s Liturgy                       Amanda Smith

Mufti Day – Friday 12th May
There will be a mufti day tomorrow to support the Lakes Rescue Air helicopter. A gold coin please. 4 of our parents are taking part in the ride to raise funds for this.

Hockey Fees – The children had their 1st game yesterday and they all played very well. Player of the Day went to Molly Stockman. The fee’s for this team have been set at $35 per person. Please pay these at the office, at your earliest convenience.

Year 5/6 Netball – This team also had their 1st game on Tuesday. The team went very well but unfortunately lost 10 – 2 to Rimu. Players of the day were Jordis Belesky and Briarlee Devery.

Entertainment Book $60
Please have a good read of this book, as there are lots of savings to be had. If you are not wanting to purchase this book @ $60, please return it to the office asap. Otherwise envelopes are to be returned promptly, with payment enclosed.

PTA Mothers Day Gift Exchange
If your child has not yet brought along a gift, valued at no more than $5, please do so first thing in the morning. At this stage we are 38 gifts short. To make this successful, each child must bring a gift. All children will pick a gift tomorrow afternoon to bring home for their mum.

Room 2 Class Happenings
The people in Room 2 had a great holiday. Here are some of the great things they did.

I went to Mataura. I hooked a fish and it ripped the bait it was so strong. It got away. We got more bites.  Lucas      

In the holidays I went to Waikaia. I went to the river and I brought the horses Waikaia, I like going to Waikaia. I went to the dairy and got a 10 cents lollies. They were yummy. I slept on a bunk. I came with Pippa and Mum and Dad. I went on my bike.  Jacob H    

I like being alone. I like being sad. I like being happy.  Morgan 

In the holidays my Nana came. The dog, called Poppy, had a puppy. I got to hold the puppy. Sam got to hold the puppy. I took a picture on my phone. It was black and white.  Lucy  

At athletics I liked doing long jump. It was fun. I did not like throwing the beanbag.  Charlotte

In the holidays I went to Jayla’s. We went to Queen’s Park and found nuts. Then I went to the beach. We found shells. We didn’t keep the shells and nuts. We made a sandcastle and a nut pile. It was fun.   Izabella           

My family went to Leap. Me and Dad played dodgeball and then got out of the dodge ball area. I was still in there.  James              

I went to Christchurch and I went to Mega Air with my cousin and Isla. I went in the foam pit. I went to my Nana Rose’s and she has a bouncy trampoline.  Sophie      

In the holidays, my family and I went to the beach. There’s the waves and the sea. At the house Penelope and I played and I hurt my foot.  Leanne   

We were driving to Dunedin. The drive was two hours long. I went to sleep. The whole family went. We went to the beach. We saw some people fall off their surf board. We jumped rock to rock.   Albert

In the weekend I went to Trampoline World. I went on the side trampolines but Elijah couldn’t do it. Then we started jumping off things. It was fun.  Zavier   

On Anzac Day I saw my Dad. I waved to him and my Mum was with me. Then the light came and I had to go home. But before I went home I got some food and then I got to wear my Dad’s hat. My Dad was standing as still as a statue. I heard the trumpet and I had pie with mince and cheese. It was nice.  Keira

In Dunedin I went to a pub. I had a burger and chips with sauce. For dessert I had an ice cream sundae then we went shopping. It was fun.  Zoe

In the holidays, Josh travelled down to Invercargill for a holiday. First we bounced on the trampoline and we played with toy cars. We made a farm with the toy cars but mostly we bounced on the trampoline and did cool stuff and we did a front flip on the trampoline. We played with a new car that we got from Toy World. We could get two for $20. I had my own card for Toy World but I had to give my card to the lady because we could only use it one time. We made parks out of the boxes that they came in. One of the sets came with construction vehicles and the other came with Derby cars with trucks that carry them. They area cool.  Jacob R

I went to a party. It was Matthew’s. We saw puppies. He got a bike.  Pippa  

I like Writing at school. I like Maths.  Bryden

On Friday I don’t go to Cornerstone. I get to bring my scooter when I don’t go to Cornerstone. I play on my scooter at school.  Sam

I went to Amalie’s party. I liked that. It was at the park.  Brooke 

Come to my house. My Dad’s parents are coming down to see us in their car.  Kees

In the holidays I went to Lumsden. I went to the shop. I went to the park. I went to the beach with Luca, Dad and Maz. I went to the butcher shop. I went there when Dad was at the butcher shop to cut meat and bring meat home for Luca and me. Luca didn’t eat the meat. I ate it with Dad.  Taya  

I went dancing. I danced on stage. I won Jazz and Demi character. I won two times with my friends.  Nadia

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4th May 2017

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4th May 2017

Dear Parents

Our thoughts and prayers are with Mary O’Neill and her family this week.

Welcome back to Term 2, we are looking forward to another busy term. It is good to see the children in their winter uniforms as the weather has a definite winter feel to it. Some of this terms events include the school and zone cross country, young leaders day, touch tournament and girls touch development, basketball training at the stadium. Our focus is Matariki (Maori New Year) and we will be undertaking a number of events with the children culminating in a Matariki breakfast on Sunday 25th June.

Sacrament of Reconciliation
Congratulations to Roland Cameron, Jack Dennis, Kate Lindsay, Pippa Humm, Peyton Hickey and Sophie Hall who have received the Sacrament of Reconciliation this afternoon. Also to Jack Dillinger, Kate Oosterbroek, Zoe Williams and Maia Pickett who will receive the Sacrament later this year. A big thanks to Mrs Russell and Fr Tony.

Southland Observatory
Each Wednesday night from April – September at 7-9pm the Southland Observatory will be open, weather dependent. It would be a great opportunity for you to take your children. Keep an eye on the Southland Astronomical Society & Observatory Facebook page for updates.

Entertainment Book $60
All families received an Entertainment Book today. Please have a good read of this book, as there are lots of savings to be had. If you are not wanting to purchase this book @ $60, please return it to the office asap. Otherwise envelopes are to be returned promptly, with payment enclosed.

PTA Mothers Day Gift Exchange
Due to the huge success of last years Mothers Day Gift exchange the PTA have decided that we will run it again this year.
Mothers Day this year is next Sunday 14th May, so we ask that every child bring along a gift each, valued at no more than $5. There will be a container outside the office from for your child to place their gift in.

Southland Swimming Champs
Well done to Rohan Murray who was first in the 9yr old boys backstroke, breast stroke and freestyle, Ben Bryan third in the 10yr old boys butterfly and Tim Richardson third in the 10yr old boys backstroke. These boys also made the finals for their respective events.

Southland Athletics
Well done to Charlie Baynes who was second in the 10yr old boys 200m and long jump and third in the 100m.

Rock n Roll Champs
Congratulations to Briarlee Devery who was first in the NZ Junior Rock n Roll Championships. She was also 3rd place in the Best Dressed Section. Very well done Briarlee.

Scholastic Bookclub – Issue 3 will close on Friday 12th May.

Ski Week Camps 2017:
The Southland Ski Club run Ski Week Camps in the July school holidays staying at our Lodge at Coronet Peak, Queenstown.
Camp package includes a 5 day lift pass, lessons twice a day (Mon-Fri), accommodation & meals, suitable for ages 10 – 18 yrs.
Choose to ski or snow board – awesome opportunity to learn or upskill.
Week 1: Sun 9th – Sat 15th              Week 2: Sun 16th – Fri 21st
Applications are taken on a first in first served basis so apply now to avoid disappointment – applications close 31st May. Please go to our website to submit your application –  if you have any further queries contact Vicki Murphy 027 275 0665.




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