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27th July 2017

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Dear Parents

Welcome back to Term 3.  A special welcome to Corbin Watson and Abbie Ramsay who joined the children in Room 1 on Monday morning. We hope they enjoy their time at Sacred Heart.

Thank you to the children who brought along a gold coin on the last day of term 2.  We collected $135 and will be forwarding this onto Carritas.

Our prayers are with the Duggan family at this sad time.

Some of the events the children will be involved in this term include:

1/8            First Holy Communion Parent Meeting
3/8           Netball Tournament
8-11/8      Life Education Van
15/8          School Mass
16/8          John Parsons – Cyber Security
16/8          Speech Competitions
25/8          Polyfest
27/8          First Communion
8/9            Ski Trip
12/9          Science Fair
22/9          Teacher’s Only Day

First Holy Communion Parent MeetingTuesday 1st August in Room 1 @ 3.30pm.

Team Sports

Flipperball will start again this term on Friday 8th September. Due to our scheduled ski trip, we have requested a bye on that day. Draws will be emailed via Mailchimp. Fee’s were paid in Term 1 so the original team continues.

Southland Football Futsal Competition Y5/6 –  Is your child interested in this? Played on Mondays between 4 – 6pm at ILT Stadium for 8 weeks. Games 30 minutes long. At present we only have 4 players for this team, so desperately need a couple more. We are in the draw commencing 7th August and would prefer not to be in a combined team. Please let me know tomorrow.

Basketball also starts later this term @ $45 per child. A separate notice will be sent home today. The grades are:  Y3&4 boys teams and girls /  Y5&6 boys teams and girls. Please return your notice to school asap.

Ski Trip – Friday 8th September 2017 
The 2017 Ski trip has been tentatively booked for Friday 8th September. This is open to Year 5/6 children and also accompanied Yr 4 children. A notice is going home today.

Scholastic Bookclub – Issue 5 closes Friday 4th August.



  • Please have long hair tied back away from your child’s face.
  • If your child is wearing non-regulation uniform, please send a note.
  • Sports uniforms are to be worn on your child’s designated class PE day. Teachers will have sent out information about this.

Complaints / Concerns

  • If you have any complaints or concerns, please approach your child’s teacher first. If it is a more serious matter, please contact me on 0274918694 or Parents questioning children on site during school time is not appropriate and in a number of instances has proved to provide incorrect information.

John Parsons  Cyber Safety – John will be at school on Wednesday 16th August. In previous visits he has worked with the children, staff and ran a parent meeting at night. I will advise of exact details as soon as they come to hand.

Below are the results of the Oyster Raffle drawn last term. Many thanks to all the families who supported this annual fundraiser. Congratulations to all the winners and to the Hickey family who sold the most tickets. Mercy was the winning house team.

1st     Collean Duncan from the Harding card
2nd   Condon from the Holland card
3rd    Richardson
4th    Mel Roberts from the Winter card
5th    Jamie May from the May card
6th    Russell Ballantyne from the Holland card
7th    Mike from the Hickey card
8th    Wendy King from the Veint card
9th    Leigh Turnhout
10th  Alan from the Dempster card

Room 1 Class Happenings
In Room 1 we have been writing about our holidays. We have been adding to our story each day. Here are our finished stories…

In the holidays I went to the movies.  I saw the Lightening McQueen movie. I went to the climbing wall.
I had 3 sleepovers at Davi’s house and I did painting, I painted love hearts.  By Pippa

In the holidays I went swimming with Mum and Zoe.  I went in the wave pool and on the hydroslide, it was fun.  I can go down the hydroslide all by myself. I went to kidzone, I had fun and I went on the trampoline and I did a flip. I went to Te-Anau, I played with the snow and I had a snow fight with Zoe and Mum and Poppa and Nanny.  By Lucy

In the holidays I turned 5. I went swimming like a snake.  I went to the park and played on the pirate ship.  By Abbie

In the holidays I went to kidzone. I went to the movies, I saw Despicable Me 3. I went to the swimming pool. By Kelsy

In the holidays I played with Mega blocks.  By Corbin

In the holidays I went to Wanaka. I stayed at my Grandma’s holiday home.  I went on the Orca boat with Cameron.  By Christian

In the holidays I went camping.  I could see the moon, it was outside. I slept in a tent. I was sitting in a tyre, it was moving.  By Mitchell J

In the holidays I went to kidzone. I saw a smowman at kidzone. I played rugby and I got a trophy.  By Elise

In the holidays I went to kidzone.  I got my face painted as a cat.  I went to my Dad’s house and I went rock climbing, it was fun.  I went to chipmunks for my birthday, I burned myself, it is better now.  I had no socks on!  Then I climbed the slide.  By Macey

In the holidays my Nana came to my house and she got us some presents. I went to the movies with my Mum, I watched the Cars 3 movie. I went to Queens park and I went to the wheel and then I went on the big slide and I had lots of fun.  By Rhea

In the holidays I went to the movies.  It was fun.  I went to the diary of a wimpy kid. On the first day I went to the ice-cream shop.  Me, Ruby, Molly and Dad got an ice-cream. I went to kidzone and I got my face painted as a dog and I made a lolly necklace and got my hair done.  By Daisy


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6th July 2017

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Dear Parents

I wish to take this opportunity to thank all the parents for your support this term, across a wide range of sporty and cultural events. It was a very busy term and we expect this to continue into Term 3, when we return 24th July.

Please not that I will not be able to receive or send emails or phone calls until the start of next term. I am traveling to China to meet one of my daughters who has been teaching English there for the past 5 months.

I wish everyone a safe holiday break. I hope you all stay warm and the winter flu cycle can be broken.

Our prayers are with Mrs Tagomoa-Kaa as she recovers from an ankle operation in Dunedin. We certainly wish her a speedy recovery.

Our prayers are also with Mrs Clifford and her family.

Mufti Mania – Tomorrow Friday 7th July
Tomorrow we are having a school wide dress up day. We are asking all children to dress up in RED. We are doing this for 2 reasons:
First of all to honour Sir Peter Blake and to celebrate the America’s Cup win.
Secondly we are asking all children for a gold coin donation to help Students and staff at Nawi Primary School in Fiji. It is Friday Mufti Mania, where New Zealand Catholic primary schools plan to come together with mufti days around the country to raise money to support Nawi Primary School access power and gain more books for their library.

Sir Peter Blake Trust and Westpac
We were thrilled to receive a letter from Sir Peter Blake Trust and Westpac, thanking us for Roland’s entry for the ‘Dreambank Award’. They also wanted to inform us our school has won a $100 Warehouse Stationery voucher.

PTA Oyster Raffle – This is being drawn after school today. Good luck to everybody who brought tickets and supported this fundraiser.

Sports Results 
Netball – Sacred Heart played St Joseph’s and won 8 – 2. Players of the day went to Ruby Duffy and Briarlee Devery.
Hockey – Sacred Heart played Salford Green and lost 7 – 0.  Player of the day was Alby Cameron.

The Gore Brick Event – James Cumming Wing, Ardwick Street, Gore – Saturday 29th July 10am – 5pm & Sunday 30th July – 10am – 4pm
Displays, play and build areas, Toyworld specials etc. Entry $2 per person. Proceeds help local kids in need.

Room 9 Class Happenings – Highlights of Term 2

Mrs Williams, Holly Wolf, Abby Johnstone, Jordis Belesky, Anya Phillips and tailing behind the girl’s car, Mr Forde,  Robbie Humm, Matthew Winter, Jacob Boniface, Tim Richardson, Malachi Lang and Ben Bryan. All heading up to Dunedin NYLD (National Young Leaders Day) to listen inspirational speeches and to know everyone is a seed of greatness. My favorite speaker was Matt Brown … because he was a world wide hairdresser who could literally do anything in someone’s hair, he could do Jesus, Flowers, the warrior, And when we were watching him he gave a kid a free hair cut he put a fern in his hair he came back and it was so cool.. He was talking about how when kids came for a haircut but had no money he would give it to them for free he was a kind hearted person who would try not to let anyone down. He told us how his daughter wanted a singer in her hair but it turned out to look like Jesus or God! By Anya Phillips

NYLD – Middle row Abby Johnstone,Anya Phillips,Tim Richardson, Malachi Lang, Holly Wolf, Jordis Belesky,back row  Ben Bryan, Jacob Boniface,front row  Robbie Humm, Matthew Winter. I went to NYLD I loved it there all the people I meet and listened to their stories it was a great opportunity and something I will never forget  and when I go to high school I hope I go to NYLD again. By Abby Johnstone

Southland Running – My most thrilling part of term 2 was the enjoyment and the practice and the nerve racking experiencing of getting past zones and getting ten spots better then last year. Showing the improvements of having lots of practice and determination to running making a lot of progress in this years running. When all that training came to use, it helped alot by making me come 1st in the schools cross country, second in zones, and 14th in Southland.  Making a lot of progress in the past year due to training and improvement showing how much determination it takes to improve. By Robbie Humm

My Highlight of term 2 – I liked the artwork with Mrs.Williams of the eye and and the Matariki art and the I am… art and they were all cool designs. All my art came out great and I really enjoyed it.  Cole Harrington.

Southland Cross Country – My highlight of the term was Southland Cross Country, It was really hard and it used up all of my energy. I came 7th but not by far. I had to sprint to stay ahead of the speedy kid right behind me.  When I finished I had the best feeling ever. By Kyron Devery

My Highlight: In term 2 my highlight was NYLD National Young Leaders Day
It was very fun and uplifting and they had a little gift shop where I got one of the badges.
They had lots of guests and fun thing to do and a few prizes along the way.  By Malachi Lang

Highlight – My highlight off the term was doing art for Matariki and then doing the eye art. Moving the pencil across the paper and drawing is what I love. Mrs Williams finds the best  art to do. Painting or drawing I love the art we do in Room 9. By Karly Holland

My highlight of term 2 – Southland Cross Country
My heart is going the speed of usain bolt in the Olympic final and the countdown starts for the 11 year old boys race. On your marks get set GO! The race goes of to a flying start and I’m behind the 1st pack, my heart is racing as I’m going round the loop in around 30th place as I’m just about to head into the forest, and I run straight into a big deep mud and I get through it with mud all through my shoe and I keep going and then soon enough there is a creek ahead of me we were told to run right through rather than losing my footing and falling so I keep going through all of the mud and water soon enough the pack reaches the edge of the forest and everyone starts picking the speed up slowly and then when it comes to the final 200 meters my heart is racing my legs are aching and I start sprinting when I reach the final 100 meters I am in 26th place and I pass one more and sprint and go right to the end and then I cross the finish line in 25th place and a rush of relief goes through my body, and the catch my breath. The end – Tim Richardson

My Highlight Of 2017 Term 2 – I Can’t Get Over The Fact That I Love Enrich So Much. It Helps Me Learn Different THings That I Haven’t Done Or Even Heard About. Every Wednesday I Come To Enrich And Find Something New To Do! One Thing I Love About Enrich Is That We Can Do Science! A Few Wednesdays Ago We Did A Experiment WIth Eggs And Vinegar. And We Did Something Were We Had To Dress Up As A Gifted Person. I Dressed Up As Eliza Mccarthy. And That’s My HighLight For Term 2 2017! Keira Roderique

My highlight – What I really liked this term was our wow story because you could pick what story you wanted to do or make up your own story. You could use your imagination for the story you made which makes it really fun to write. Here’s a picture. By Jimmy Barris

Basketball – My Term 2 highlight was playing basketball with the Southland Sharks at the ILT Stadium. We did 6 rotations at my favourite rotation we played Golden Child. Golden Child is a basketball game in which one team lines up and tries to shoot into the hoop. While the other team proceeded to run around the basketball court one at a time. If the shooting team got a ball in the hoop the person currently running around the court had to stop and the next person started running. The game continued until the running team only had one person left, the Golden Child. As the Golden Child ran around the court like normal but each stopped person they ran past started running again. Once the game was over you counted the people who made it around the court and then the teams swapped over. By Roland Cameron

My Highlight – Is the artwork we did with Mrs.Williams because we put cool designs on the matariki art and we also did a reflection where we drew an eye and put what we love doing in the eye like scooters,holidays etc and it was really cool. This is the reflection. By Cole Robertson

This term I enjoyed Wow Writing I did facts and a small back story of The First World War. Which was very fun for me as I am a World War One and Two Frantic! I included history about planes tanks. The Christmas truce in 1914 and a Zeppelin a German ginormous balloon basically. By Markus Seibt

In Room 9 my highlight for term two is everything from art to math. I loved my Matariki side with Fabian.  Art is not my favourite subject but I give it a go. I have to say is my favourite out of math, writing and reading is writing is because I can get my ideas out at once. Term two was the best in every way.  By Jack Smith


Term 2 highlight – My highlight subject would be art because it was fun and although it was challenging it was fun. The hardest would of been the matariki art it was challenging making the colours mix and getting them to collide but was worth it. The funniest would’ve been all of them no matter how hard they where it was all worth it it was hard at first getting the right shapes and colours. I can’t  describe a word of how much fun the artwork was. The eye was hard and challenging even though i’m not finished.  Sam Walsh

NYLD – Abby J,Anya,Tim,Malachi,Holly W,Robbie,Matthew, Jacob,Ben B and I went to National Young Leaders Day = NYLD. This was my highlight because we got to see other people perform for us. Kids all over Southland came and the people who spoke to inspire us was Daniel Flynn, Adam Gardner, Duane Major ,Aaron Jackson,Te Waka Mcleod, Matt Brown, Zane Scarborough and Jodi Brown our hosts was Liz and Christian.  My favourite speaker was Daniel Flynn because he kept trying to start a company of ‘Thank You Water’ but everyone turned him down until one person finally said YES. It was a fun a event to go to. Jordis Belesky

My highlight. I love everything I do and learn at school. But out of term 2 my favourite activity was cross country.There is something about cross country that tells me to keep running and never give up.I liked when it was really cold in the morning and the runners went for a run and the grass was really icy.It is so much fun running in the cold. By Ruby Duffy

My highlight of term 2 – One day with Mrs Page we did Georgia O’Keeffe flower art. First we found a flower that we liked for inspiration,  second we sketched out a similar flower, third we covered the desks in newspaper and started to painted with water colours, last we left them to dry . It was my highlight because I love art and crafts and being creative. By Laura McCabe

NYLD (National young leaders day) – My highlight for this awesome term two would be Nyld because all of the talks were very inspiring. We could buy sparkling gold badges with the letters nyld engraved on it, a book called chapter one that was made by one of the speakers, a No Mad poster because the band came. We had quite a few speakers like there was liz and Christian as our hosts,  Adam Gardner and Duane Major that bought the beach, Matt Brown who is a hairdresser and he did a boys hair on the stage while talking about what he did, Jodi Brown who is a retired silver ferns netball player who was a shooter, Daniel Flynn who was the one who wrote the book, James Beck and Te Waka Mcleod who told us what E KORE AU E NGARO HE KAKANO I RUIA MAI I RANGIATEA meant, Aaron Jackson who was the bad Guy in Shortland street and Zane Scarborough who writes really good poems. We also did a few games and for the last of all No Mad sang a couple of songs like oh my my and, I will find you. I write it a 10/10 and I hope go to it again. Here is a link of all of us singing Oh my my By Holly Wolf

My Highlight is….Art because I like being crafty, and art and writing are my favourite subjects. I like these because there’s different people out there, tall or short I’m different from everyone else. My favourite art was the eye drawings. My favourite writing is the story starter because I like the kind-of-humour in the story. By Fabian O’Donnell

NYLD – “And now we are going to sing’’ ‘’oh my my” ‘’Did you like that’’? Mrs williams asked. ‘’Yes’’ we all shout back. ‘’ that was fun’’. ‘’Ok then but we have to go back now’’. On the way back we stopped off at the four square in a place (I forgot the name). I got eskamos and squirms and a sparkling berry oh. Jacob, Tim, Malachi and I had a feast on the way back as we all shared if it was sharable. We finally got back at around about 6:30. What a great highlight.  By Ben Bryan

Zones Running – My zones running was the highlight for me.   I got to go to zones because I came 6th for cross country so we go off to zones we go around the track for a look. We waited and waited so we could go because everyone went before the boys. We finally get called up, we all go up to the man, he says “on your marks get set go.” We are off with a flash everyone is running up the humongous hill. I came last but I didn’t care because it was my first time at zones. By Ben Johnstone

My highlight of term two is the school cross country all the mucky soft mud, slippery clear water, and the cheering and screaming.  When I bolted across that track I could see Robbie about 10 seconds in front of me, slowly went across the slippery wooden bridge making sure I don’t slip.  I crashed into the icky mud at the end of this tiny bridge. Then what I did in this thrilling race is that I dodged through the trees. Now I have approached the hills I gain some speed, go on my tiptoes and stride up the hill. There is lots of glistening water puddles and icky deep mud at the bottom. I leap across it all and carry on now i am up by the long concrete street on Banfield, ‘i see all the brown fluffy deer’ i think to myself. After a few minutes I come up to the fence, I spring right over it. I see Robbie nearly at the end of this field now I come and appear through the school grounds. I pick up my pace and come through the front field all the kids are screaming and cheering. Robbie has finished the race. For the finish I do sanic my time was 13:26, I came 2nd. By Matthew Winter

Southland Cross Country “3…2…1…go”. We’re off. 90% of the others sprinted as soon as we started but they quickly dropped back. As we went up the slight hill and round the circle I weaved around all the boys that sprinted at the start and started controlling the race. As we entered the forest I tried to remember the lines we had taken when we walked the track.Most I couldn’t remember but some I took. As we jumped the creek and exited the forest we hit the wind and I tucked up behind him. We turned left and went down the second last straight I tried to pass him but he managed to withst and my guts was starting to feel like they had been chopped up then put back together again. As we passed the shed the other boy started sprinting, I tried to go with him but my guts were burning as we entered the shed all I saw was the yellowish haze of the lights in the shed and the vague outline of the finish. I run over the line and claim my number. Second that is good for my first Southland’s.  By Jacob Boniface


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