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28th September 2017

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28 September 2017

Dear Parents

Faith Facts – Week 10.  What are we on about?  “The Catholic school loses its purpose without constant reference to the Gospel and a frequent encounter with Christ. It derives all the energy necessary for its educational work from Him.” – The Catholic School, 55 (1977)

Welcome to Levi Langford, we hope he enjoys his time at Sacred Heart School. If you know of any prospective enrolments please let me know.

A big thanks to all our families for your support this term, we are looking forward to Term 4 and our school production on the 6th & 7th November. During the 2nd week of the break most of the staff are attending the ULearn conference in Hamilton. After this conference in the last 2 years, staff members have returned motivated to change and Google Classroom and the Discovery programme have been implemented. I am looking forward to see what happens this year.

Finally some positive news around the school upgrade. The architects have carried out site inspections and they expect tenders to be out next term. The hold up is due to the area around the bike shed in regards the wall instability, the raised water pipes and electrical cables. Also they have to allow for the current position of the garage and reading recovery cottage. I will let you know of any further updates.

Thanks to Richard Cook for repairing the loose drain cover at the entrance to the school. This is much appreciated.

School Photos – These were sent home yesterday. Please come in and view the class photos on the notice board in the junior corridor. Each child has an order form to fill out and return to the office by Wednesday 18th October. Payment can be made by cash, cheque or credit card.

Class Photos = $18
Individual – a choice of pack 1 = 1 x 6 x 8″ / 20 x 15cm colour print for $12 OR pack 2 = 2 x 6 x 4″ / 10 x 15cm colour prints for $12.

Parent Survey
Thank you to those parents who have completed this survey for the Board of Trustees. We have had a good spread of answers. Here is the link for anyone who wishes to complete it .

Code Club
Would you like to learn how to create animations, websites, video games, and other exciting things?  Code Club is a nationwide network of free volunteer-led after school coding clubs for kiwi kids.  Vanessa Stupples will be hosting a code club at Sacred Heart School, after school in Term 4, Tuesdays 3pm-4.15pm for 6 weeks, for children in Year 2-6.  If you are interested please email

DISCO –  Tonight, Thursday 28th September – Gold coin donation entry
There will be chips, drinks and treats available to purchase as well as glow sticks and other cool glow items.

NE – Yr 3 will be from 6pm – 7pm                                                 Yr 4 – 6 will be from 7pm – 8pm

Summer Uniform – Next term the children will go into their summer uniform. A reminder, sunhats are compulsory for Term 4.
White open necked short sleeved blouse
White socks
Blue V neck jersey
Tan, brown, navy or black leather shoes/sandals

Light weight grey shorts
Grey open necked short sleeved shirt
Grey socks
Blue v neck jersey
Tan, brown, navy or black leather shoes/sandals

Class Happenings – Room 9
Wow it is hard to believe that it is the end of term 3.
Most of the year 6 students have had conformation of acceptance to their high school for next year, if you have not heard please contact the high school direct.

We have been learning about “Haiku” poems, which are a traditional form of Japanese poetry. Haiku poems consist of 3 lines. The first and last lines of a Haiku have 5 syllables and the middle line has 7 syllables. The lines rarely rhyme.

Congratulations to Ruby, Ellie, Holly and Laura who gained “highly recommended” at this years Science and Technology fair. Everyone did an extremely amazing job presenting their boards. You should be very proud of your efforts.

Also to Tim Richardson and Ben Bryan who represented Southland in the Under 12 Waterpolo team in Auckland last weekend. They both played extremely well, with Southland being placed 8th out of 20 teams. A great effort!

If you have any spare little gardens Room 9 would love to add to their garden.

We have enjoyed having Mrs Page teaching us for the past few Wednesday’s. The art work that the children have produced are magnificent.



Learn to Swim Lessons – Enrolments are open for Term 4 at the Makarewa school. Enquiries can be directed to:

The Great Little Train Show – Saturday 21 & Sunday 22nd October – Surrey Park – 10am to 4pm – Adults $5, Children $2, Family $10
The Great Little Train Show is our annual chance to share the love for our individual interests and modelling in general with our friends, our families and our community. Its where we encourage other like minded people to consider joining us and its where we help sow the seed with the younger generation that scale modelling can be really rewarding. It is also our major fundraiser for the year where we make enough funds to cover our major accounts and hopefully have enough left over to spend on growing our club, supporting the different club sections and turning club projects into a reality that benefits all members.

Athletic’s Southland Children’s – Have a Go Day!
Come and try your skills on Sunday 15th October @ 1 pm. For more information, contact Phil Hartley 0272415146.

Southland Festival of Running – Sunday 15th October 
Flat courses, 4 distance options, 5km, 10km marathon & half marathon, finish inside the SIT Zero Fees Velodrome. Sign up today at:

Have a safe and happy holiday – School re-opens Monday 16th October 2017


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21st September 2017

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Dear Parents


Faith Facts Week 9  –  On September 21st, the Church celebrate the Feast of St Matthew, Apostle and Evangelist. In 1953, on this feast day, the young Jorge Bergoglio, now Pope Francis, experienced God in his life in a “very special and intimate way. He felt his heart touched by the mercy of God.  In memory of this event Francis chose as his episcopal, and later papal motto, the words , “Miserando atque eligendo” from Saint Bede’s homily on the calling of St Matthew.


Production Update:

We have started practising with a vengeance. The main characters have started learning their lines. Classes have started to talk about their scene including dances. Children have been learning some fabulous songs. You may have heard them humming these at home!

Thank you to the kind parents who have offered to help with costume preparation. Your child’s class teacher will have more information for you. Watch this space and classroom notices for more information.

Five Weeks to go!     


Congratulations to Case Jordan, the winner of charism award this week. And to all the children who received certificates.

Congratulations to Holly Wolf, Laura McCabe, Ruby Duffy and Ellie McWilliam who were presented with a prize of “Highly Commended” at the recent Science and Technology Fair on Friday night. This year there were a massive 230 projects entered.  Well done to all Room 9 who participated in this event.

DISCO –   Next Thursday 28nd September – Gold coin donation entry
There will be chips, drinks and treats available to purchase as well as glow sticks and other cool glow items.

NE – Yr 3 will be from 6pm – 7pm                                                 Yr 4 – 6 will be from 7pm – 8pm

Lost Hoodie – with the name Sean on the back. Please check your child has brought the correct one home.

Summer Football
Please email Christine if your child is interested in playing summer football in Term 4.  This is played on a Monday between 4 – 6 pm, commencing October 30 ending December 11. The cost is $300 per team, which will be divided by the number of players.  All information can be found on their website:

Class Happenings – Room 8 has been very busy lately!

We have been working on satistics, writing poems and different STEM challenges with Mrs McKenzie.

We have also been learning the production songs and working hard on our Media Mash projects! Recently we have been looking at how to edit our writing as well as writing similies about Ormie the Pig. Which one of these is your favourite?

Ormie was as fat as a hot air balloon.  Maia

Ormie is as fat as a woolly mammoth.  Ryan

Ormie jumped like a bunny.  Precious

Ormie is as fat as an elephant.  Jestin

The cookies fell from the fridge like rain.  Lily

The cookies smelt like heaven.  Shaun

Toolbox Parenting Groups 
12 years+ Tweens and Teens – Build a great family team and have fun along the way. 6 sessions from 19th October – 23rd November, 7.30 – 9.30 pm at James Hargest Junior College Campus Library. Free to foster carers, whanau caregivers, adopters and grandparents raising grandchildren. Topics covered: atmosphere, boundaries, communication, discipline, self-esteem and future. Check out the noticeboard in the junior corridor or enquiries can be directed to Katrina Ritani, Southland Parenting Place Coordinator 0278417763 or

Out of School Art Classes (Yr 1 – 8 pupils)
Enrolments are now being taken for Term 4. For more information, please contact Helen 2177482.

Athletics Southland Children’s – Have a Go Day (5 – 14 yrs) – Sunday 15th October from 1.00 pm @ Surrey Park Track
For more information, please contact Phil 0272415146.

Weetbix Kids Tyathlon – Dunedin Sunday 11th March 2018
Children interested in this event can find more information at: and on the noticeboard in the junior corridor.

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14th September 2017

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14th September 2017

Dear Parents

Our love and prayers are with Mr Forde and his family this week.

Faith Facts Week 8 – On Friday 15th September it is the memorial of Our Lady of Sorrows. This feast dates back to the 12th century. The title “Our Lady of Sorrows” focuses on the sorrows of Mary’s life from “Bethlehem to Calvary”, most especially “her intense suffering during the passion and death of Christ.” (Saint John Paul II). Because of this Mary knows our sorrows and our pains too. We honour our Blessed Mother Mary, as a faithful disciple and exemplar of faith.

Production 2017

Dear Parents and supporters of our community.

Our production for this year is “The Ugly Duckling”. Planning has begun for this event to be held in the Verdon College Hall on Monday 6 November 2017 and Tuesday 7 November 2017. More information regarding this will be forwarded as further decisions are made.
Can you help?
Do you have any of the following costumes available: farm animals and Ballet tutu
Are you able to help with wardrobe design and creation?
Please let your child’s classroom teacher know where you can be of assistance.

Please keep an eye out on this newsletter, class emails and information to be up to date with what’s happening.

Many thanks – The Team

Teacher Only Day – Friday 22nd September. The school will be closed for instruction on this day, as the staff are attending  a special character professional development course in Alexandra.

School Disco – Thursday 28th September – More information next week.

End of Term – is Friday 29th September at 2.45 pm.

Room 5 Class Happening
In Room 5 we have started a poetry unit. This week we wrote some couplets. A couplet is a two lined poem. The last two words of each line rhyme.

One Spring day I saw a bee.
It was collecting pollen from a tree. By Ella Nicoll

I tried to bake a cake for my Dad.
But I made a mistake and he was glad. By Ana McWilliam

The floaty kite.
Flew up at a very high height. By Molly Duffy

The tulips that are red.
I love my pretty flower bed. By Isla Baron

The kite was a really pink kite.
And that pink kite goes a really big height. By Maddison May

I saw a giant blossom tree.
I saw a big fat bee. By Leo Aitken

I saw a flower book.
And I said “look look look”. By William Baynes

I played with a green ball.
The next day it had grown small. By Mitchell Armishaw

I saw a hive in a tree.
And I saw the queen bee. By Ethan Ramsay

My friend has a bat that is red.
But when he plays, he thinks he is in bed. By Eifion Dudfield

In my blossom tree.
There is a fat honey bee. By Zoe Williams

I saw a bee.
In my big blossom tree. By Holly Robertson

Baby birds went to fly.
But it was hard for them to try. By Luca Ross

There was a bee.
Up in the tree. By Ollie Duggan

In Spring the sun was so hot.
That the corn popped. By Jacob Ramsay

In my garden is a carrott.
I will give it to my parrott. By Ella Dempster

The flowers were as red.
And as big as my bed. By Albert Cameron

I saw a ball.
But it was small. By Zoe Stockman

A big big bee hit a tree.
A pig went up to the bee. By Case Jordan

Baby birds tried to fly.
But it was so hard to try. By Jesse Van Beek

I saw a ball.
It was too small. By Leo Duggan

I tried to make a cake for my dad.
He was happy and really glad. By Keira Langford

A stag could roar.
But it could not any more. By Lucas Allison

A parrot flew to a stop.
And blew a bubble to pop. By Jackson Hutton

I tried to jump.
But I fell off and went thump. By Noah Walsh Vergeer

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7th September 2017

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7 September 2017

Dear Parents

Pope Francis’ prayer intention for the month of September is for parishes. His prayer is “ That our parishes, animated by a missionary spirit, may be places where faith is communicated and charity is seen. Our school is part of a parish(es) community. Let’s make this our prayer focus for the month too

Welcome to Noah Duggan in Room 1, we hope he enjoys his time at Sacred Heart School. Congratulations to Maddison May with the Charism award and all the children who received certificates this week.

Picking up Children from School
From time to time we have kind-hearted parents offering children rides to and from school. While this is commendable please ensure the child’s parents are aware of this or that you have informed a teacher so they can contact the parents. Please do step-in or contact us if you see a child in a dangerous situation coming or going from school.

Ski Trip
We wish everyone going to ‘The Remarkables’ ski field tomorrow, a fantastic day. The bus will leave school at 5.30 am so please make sure you are at school no later than 5.20 am. The bus will not wait for late arrivers. We will return to school approx 6.30 pm.

Overdue Accounts
I would appreciate parents attending to their accounts please. We are not in a position to carry large amounts of debt.

Sports Fees 
Basketball fees @ $45 and Futsal fees @ $25 are now due at the office.

Code Club
Would you like to learn how to create animations, websites, video games, and other exciting things?  Code Club is a nationwide network of free volunteer-led after school coding clubs for kiwi kids.  Vanessa Stupples will be hosting a code club at Sacred Heart School, after school in Term 4, Tuesdays 3pm-4.15pm for 6 weeks, for children in Year 2-6.  If you are interested please email

Summer Football
Please find the link below for information about the Summer Football competition. Note that it is $300 per team and that this will need to be paid prior to registration. Please send entries to me or  Christine:   with your child’s name and what team they will be in.
Summer Football Competition 2017

Room 2 – Class Happenings
We have been writing about our pets. Here are two examples of the super writing the children in Room 2 are producing.

My cats are called Charlie and Rosie. They are cute. We don’t see them. If we see them they’re usually asleep. Rosie is a sweet kind of cat. Her eyes glow in the dark. She is a soft kind of cat. She jumps. Do you want to know why she tries to get away from the dog? She hates the dog. The dog hates cats. She scratches at the dog sometimes. The cat gets scratched by the dog. She sleeps on top of my pillow at night and day. Sometimes its nice. I love it. I love her. She loves me so much too. I think blue’s her favourite colour. I don’t really know now.     Lucas Dawson

My rooster jumped over the fence. We were in the car and we got to the farm and we saw him out of the hen house. When I came back he wasn’t out of the fence. My dog is a devil and runs after sheep. He is a work dog. I like my dog, my chickens and my cat. They are my pets. I have roosters and hens. These are good pets.   I like having my pets. I like to play with my cat and dog. I don’t play with my chickens.   Kees Groot

In Room 2 we have been learning about coding using the Lightbot and Scratch Junior apps. It is wonderful to see the children totally engaged in this work. Below are a few photos showing this.

Garage Sale/Sausage Sizzle – Saturday 9th September – Kakapo Street @ 7.30am
Come along and support Ava (an ex pupil) who is fundraising for her dance trip to Hong Kong next year. There is everything from kids toys, books, fill a bag of clothes/shoes for $5, heaps of household items and much more. Thank you to all the people who have donated goods.

Invercargill South and North Zone Tennis Championships. 
This will be held at the Waihopai Tennis Club on Wednesday 18th October (Postponement date – Thursday 19th October). If you are in Year 5&6, play club tennis and wish to enter this please contact me. 

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