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30 November 2017

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30 November 2017

Dear Parents

Faith Facts Week 7: 27 – 1 December
Have you created your Advent wreath yet? The Advent Wreath is made of evergreens. There are four candles. Three of them are violet or purple, the traditional colour of Advent. One is rose, the traditional colour of the Third Sunday of Advent, Gaudete Sunday.  Find out more at this link.

30th St Andrew, apostle – Andrew was a fisherman before he and his brother Simon Peter became two of the 12 disciples of Jesus. He was baptised by John the Baptist and was the first disciple of Jesus. St Andrew was crucified on 30 November 60AD, by order of the Roman governor Aegeas. He was tied to an X-shaped cross in Greece, and this is represented by the white cross on the Scottish flag.

Education Review Office Visit
Next week we will have ERO reviewers at school. If you have the opportunity to meet them please welcome them to our school. They will be in and out of the classrooms so may also have discussions with your children.

Kapa Haka
If your child has not been in Kapa Haka this year but would like to join up for 2018, please register your interest with Mrs Ultee: before the end of the year. This is available for all children, junior and seniors.

School Accounts
All monies owed to the school should have been settled by now.

Invercargill Catholic Parishes Sunday Mass Times / Parish Name Survey
At  the latest parish restructure meeting it was decided to put out a survey asking just one question to gauge people’s preferred name for the Invercargill Parish. Survey closes on the 4th.

The St Mary’s Basilica (65 Tyne St)                                          6pm (Saturday Vigil), 7.30am, 10.30am
St Theresa’s (40 Perth St)                                                           9am, 7pm
Sacred Heart (449 North Road)                                                10.30am
St Patrick’s (33 Rimu St)                                                             9am
St Mary, Star of the Sea (190 Barrow St, Bluff)                      6.30pm (Saturday Vigil)
St Patrick’s (Rakauhauka)                                                           8.30am 1st and 3rd Sundays of month
St Joan of Arc (Rimu)                                                                  11am 2nd and 4th Sundays of month
Tomairangi Marae (behind Basilica)                                        10.30am 3rd Sunday of month

Boat Safety Visit


Mission Fair
Thanks to everybody for making our school mission fair so successful. The children raised $500 which will go towards Sweetie, a girl in India we sponsor through World Vision.

Invercargill City Library – The Great Escape Summer Reading
Go to to find out more information about ‘The Great Escape’ or check out the notice board in the junior corridor.

Room 2 Class Happenings
We have been super lucky this term to have some visitors to Room 2. We would like to thank Mrs Stupples, Mr Hillman and the boat safety people for coming to share their knowledge with us.

I liked finding out about Google and Book creator:

I liked how we can make our names bigger and change the colour and the font. Sophie

I like how we change the colour of our names. Taya

I liked making an electrical circuit because:

Mr Hillman showed us how to be an electrician. Pippa

Than transformer made the electricity go faster as it got hotter. Jamie

The transformer made the fire go up and down the wires. Jacob

We liked that we got to see the electricity go up the stems and the paper go on fire. Kees

Mr Hillman came and I made a circuit and I had to use a screwdriver and I did it with my table group. It was good and I was happy. Mason

He turned on the switch and there was fire on the paper. Cruz.

It can go fast and slow. I like the laser bit when it went up and down. James


During the boat safety workshop, I found out that:

There are two seats on the boat for two people to sit on. Lucy

There are different kinds of life jackets. The ones from the North Island are big and hard and they have soft stuff in them. Lucas

The black circle tells you whether you are going North or South. Morgan

On the boat there was a little cabinet to store your stuff in it. I went inside it and I liked it. Sean

I learnt how to be safe on the boat. I know now to wear a life jacket when you are on a boat. Kyan

A better way to keep safe is to always wear a life jacket on a boat. Brooke

You have to wear life jackets to be safe because you might fall out of the water and then you would float. Nadia

The man said, “This top makes you safe”. Megan


On Monday we made our things to sell at Market Day. We worked really well together and made a reindeer, a flower and a windmill. We are very excited about spending our money today.

Sports Results

Cowboys won 6-3. Player of the Day was Jamie Russell
Storm won 7-2. Player of the Day was Ben Bryan
Eels lost 10-0. Player of the Day was Jack Harding
Broncos lost 7-5. Player of the Day was Quin Brown
Sharks drew. Player of the Day was Ana McWilliam
Panthers won 6-4. Player of the Day was Daisy Duffy

Nuggets won 20-19 and were 3rd in their grade. WELL DONE
Spurs won 36 – 20 and won their grade. CONGRATULATIONS
Warriors lost 6-4. Player of the Day was Molly Duffy

Strikers won 4 – 0 against Salford.

Flipperball – were pipped in the final but played very well – WELL DONE

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23 November 2017

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23 November 2017

Dear Parents

School Accounts
All monies owed to the school must be settled by Friday 1 December please.

Media Mash
Well done to all the children who entered the Media Mash competition. A special congratulations to Kate Lindsay & Kate Oosterbroek who were 3rd in the Year 4-6 e-Book Fiction section, Jack Dennis 2nd and Logan Jordan 1st in the Year 4-6 e-Book Non-Fiction section.

Mission Fair
On Thursday, 30 November 2017, we are having an in-school Mission Fair. This is a child-focussed market. The purpose of the fair is to give the children the opportunity to follow the process of manufacturing something and then finding out how to sell and purchase items. Classes are in the process of preparing small crafts to sell during the afternoon. Items will sell for up to $1.
The money raised will go to our Missions – including the World Vision girl we have sponsored for over 10 years now.
In the morning the children will take part in four Caritas challenges. This will take place in house groups and will give the opportunity for children to experience what it is like to not have access to goods and services that we take for granted.
The children are to wear their sports uniform and bring a small amount of change to purchase items.
There will be a sausage sizzle available at lunch time. If your child would like to buy a sausage, please put $1 (for each sausage) in a named envelope with your child’s room number on it to be collected in the classroom.
Thank you for your support with this.

School Upgrade
I received word yesterday that work will begin early next year on Stage 1 of our upgrade. This will involve the office area moving to Room 7 and a new entrance

Sports Results

Cowboys won 6 – 2. Player of the Day was Sean Hartstonge.
Storm won 12 – 1. Player of the Day was Kyron Devery.
Eels lost 10 – 6 to St. Patrick’s. Player of the Day was Abby Johnstone.
Broncos lost 7 – 1 to Donovan
Sharks drew 2 – 2 against St. Patrick’s.
Panthers won 6 – 2. Player of the Day was Daisy Duffy.

Nuggets drew 15 all against Makarewa.
Spurs won 36 – 18.
Superstars lost 6 – 2. Player of the Day was Abby Johnstone.
Lakers lost 14 – 10. Player of the Day was Kate Lindsay.
Warriors won by default

Strikers lost to Myross Bush.

Flipperball – well done they won their semi-final and play in the finals this Friday @ 4.30pm.

Parish Mass Attendance Survey
I have been asked to encourage as many parents as possible to complete the survey below. There are only 8 questions and is totally anonymous.

Maori / Pasifika Parents Questionnaire 
Here is a link to a questionnaire regards your views on  how the school identifies with your child's maori or pasifika identity.  
Could you please complete this by next Wednesday.

Out of School Art Classes (Year 1-8) Enrolments are now being taken for Term 1-4 2018. For more information and enrolments, please contact: Helen 2177482.

Southland Under 14 Boys Waterpolo Fundraiser – ‘Big Garage Sale’ something for everyone. Household items, clothes, shoes, toys, books, bake sale, sausage sizzle and more … at St Theresa’s School Hall, Leith Street, this Saturday 25th November 8am – 12pm

Waikiwi Community Christmas Fair – Saturday 2 December 9am – 1pm.
Food & craft stalls, sausage sizzle, pony rides, bouncy castle, kids beauty & hair parlour, free santa photos, music, morning tea & chill zone, big dig,$2 sundaes, $2 coffee & $5 kids lunch pack and much more.

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16th November 2017

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Dear Parents

Week 5: November 13 – 17

15th St Albert the Great – 17th St Elizabeth of Hungary

Albert was born in 1206 in a castle on the Danube River in Swabia (southwest Germany) and was the son of a military nobleman. He studied at the University of Padua in Italy and there he decided to become a Dominican Priest. St. Albert loved to study. The natural sciences, especially physics, geography and biology, interested him. He also loved to study his Catholic Christianity and the Bible. He used to observe the ways of animals and write down what he saw, just as scientists do today. He wrote a great number of books on these subjects. He was a popular teacher in different schools. As St. Albert grew older, he became more holy. He died in 1280.

Pope Francis asks us to pray during the month of November for Christians in Asia. His prayer is  that Christians in Asia, bearing witness to the Gospel in word and deed, may promote dialogue, peace, and mutual understanding, especially with those of other religions.”   

Parish Survey
I have been asked to encourage as many parents as possible to complete the survey below. There are only 8 questions and is totally anonymous.

Congratulations to Ana McWilliam, the winner of charism award this week. And to all the children who received certificates. 

Term Events
Some of the upcoming events include:
Mission Fair – 30/11
Boat Safety visit – 28/11
ERO – 4-6/12
Tough Kids – 6/12
House Colour Day / Jump Rope – 8/12
School picnic – 11/12
Year 6 leavers day – 12/12
End of Year mass – 14/12
End of Term – 15/12

Convent Cup
Well done to all our teams at Verdon college yesterday and a big thanks to all the managers, coaches and supporters. A special congratulations to our boys rugby team who won their competition, very well done.

Altar Servers
Sunday 19th November @ 10.30am  –  Ruby Duffy & Robbie Humm. Liturgy = Maria O’Donnell.
We invite the children who completed the Sacramental Programme this year, to volunteer as Altar Servers, to assist our parish priest, Fr. Tony during Mass on Sunday mornings. Full training will be provided and you will be rostered on with an experienced children. This is a great way to give back to our parish community. If your child is interested, please contact either Mrs Russell or Mrs Wolf at school.

Mission Day Market
On Thursday the 30th of November we will be having a small mission day fair. Each class will be making a small item to sell. The children will be in charge of selling their items to the other children at school. Children will need to bring a couple of dollars$$$ in small change. The school PTA will  be having a sausage sizzle, the children will be able to pre buy sausages in the morning for $2. As a school we help to support a little girl through World Vision, the money raised at a mission fair will be sent to help her.  Thank you

Girls Uniform for Sale – Pinafore size 77, Jersey size 72. Both in excellent condition as only 1 year old. $120.00 for both. Will throw in 2 white shirts and sports uniform this all fits my year 2. Anyone interested can text Jo: 021 340 348.

Room 9 Class Happenings
Production was AMAZING and Room 9 would like to thank Melissa Chilton from Cycling Southland for lending us the cycling tops to use for production.
We all have produced some amazing work about the Ugly Duckling that we would like to share with you all.

Production Recount – By Matthew Winter
The booming day has come; my brother and I are so excited for the production. I fly out of bed from the joy of happiness and get ready as quick as possible. “Off to school now boys,” shouts Mum, “Ok” we reply. We are now at school in the car park, Mum comes to a stop. Out we go into our classroom for prayers. It’s going to be an important day today!

Our prayers finished, everyone scrambles to get their bags like a herd of elephants trudging through the African Plains. The bus has arrived.   “Everyone on the bus?” Mr Forde questions, “yes” Mrs Ultee says. The urge of excitement has awoken in everyone, ten minutes later the school is now inside the magnificent huge hall at Verdon College. Little kids are screaming for fun and joy. Lunchtime – time to eat. I mindfully say to myself “munch, chop, chew.”   Lots of people are scarfully nervous, as it is now costume time! Boys go to the boys changing room and girls go to the girls changing room simple as that, once that is all covered up we go to sit down in front of the stage, when…’ring ring ring ring’ the fire alarm sets off. Great, could the time be any worse?? It was raining outside where we had to go, and we were all sad, mad and even happy because some of the kids liked rain. Back inside we went…. Time for dress rehearsal.

Lights, camera, action

Yesterday Room’s 1, 5 and 9 went to Clare House to share some of our production songs. They absolutely love “Show a Little Kindness”.

They even have a wing ready for Mrs Williams!

50 Year Reunion 
Calling all former students from the following schools: St Joseph’s, St Theresa’s, St Patrick’s, Sacred Heart, St Teresa’s Bluff, St Catherine’s, Marist.
If you or someone you know attended these schools and were in Form 2 in 1980 or attending the first year of St Catherine’s or Marist in 1981 then you are who we need.
We are having a 50 Year Reunion Friday 26th Jan and Sat 27th Jan 2018 to celebrate our coming of age!

A small committee of former students have the Proposed Plans listed below for people to enjoy. (These will be confirmed once we have numbers).
Friday 26 Jan – Evening Meet and Greet at the Ascot Lounge Bar.
Sat 27th Jan –    A stroll down memory lane with a look through Verdon College.

  • We are hoping to organise a ‘ticky tour’ with classic cars for a couple of hours in the afternoon.
  • Ending with photographs and a genuine fun time hopefully at the 2nd NZEF Club (if numbers allow) with drinks, music and supper.

We, of course need numbers as soon as possible and would like it if you could spread the word. We have a number of former students in Australia making plans to come and join us. Any queries or questions for those on Facebook just go to “Fifty Years” or you can email:



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9th November 2017

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9 November 2017

Dear Parents
It has been a very busy week with our production on Monday and Tuesday and our Year 6 children at their new High Schools yesterday. We also have 3 teams in a golf tournament today in Riverton. Next Thursday our senior students will take part in the Convent Cup sports at Verdon College.

Congratulations to Jestin Binu and his family who took part in a citizenship ceremony on Tuesday. Congratulations to you all.

Faith Fact Week 4: November 6 – 10
The events that occurred at Parihaka in the 1870s and 1880s is an important part of our history. Tohu and Te Whiti echo the beatitudes teaching of peacemaking. On 5th November let us remember this part of our own history, a great example of the virtue of trust in the providence of God.
10th St Leo the Great

Term Events
Some of the upcoming events include:
Convent Cup – 16/11
Mission Fair – 23/11
Boat Safety visit – 28/11
ERO – 4-6/12
Tough Kids – 6/12
House Colour Day / Jump Rope – 8/12
School picnic – 11/12
Year 6 leavers day – 12/12
End of Year mass – 14/12
End of Term – 15/12

Altar Servers
Sunday 12 November @ 10.30am  –  Jack & Summer Smith. Liturgy – Amanda Smith.

A big thanks for all your support for our production of ‘The Ugly Duckling’ this week. Thanks to our sponsors Snap-on Tools and Stabicraft, to all the parents who helped with the props and costumes, the school staff for your perseverance and Mrs Williams and Mrs Ultee for your lead in directing the performance. Also thanks to Verdon College for allowing us the use of their school hall.

Visit from More FM
On Tuesday we had a special visit from Gretchen, Simon and Steve from More FM.  Lucy had written a letter to them inviting them to come to our school production but sadly they were busy.  Instead they came to visit us at school.  They danced the chicken dance with us and gave us lots of liquorice and cookie time cookies to share.

Room 8 Class Happenings
Room 8 has been very busy over the last few weeks with the production! We hope that you were able to come and watch and enjoyed our performance!

Some of our favourite parts were…

Being a hunter and watching Room 1 as ducklings because they were so cute! – Lily

Getting to do the duck calls on stage – Jack D and Ryan

The fire alarm going off on Monday at the dress rehearsal – Logan

Getting the chance to play a role and saying my line – Shaun

I liked having one of the main parts and getting to do the swan dance – Briarlee

Being inside the egg! – Fiah

Making our guns in class – McKenzie

Hearing Corbin say his line – Peyton

I liked being in the mymy – Kate L

Lots of us also enjoyed getting to creep onto the stage as hunters and using the duck calls.

Scholastic Bookclub Issue 8 – Closes Wednesday 22 November.

Marist Cricket Club Junior Grade Years 5/6
Are inviting new players to join the club for the 2018 season. Well coached practice by members at Marist on Thursday evenings at 5.30pm for  1 hour. Everyone welcome to attend practice even if you don’t intend to play.
The format has changed to 20 overs per side with 8 a side per team on Saturday mornings to make the game more fun,with more runs and less standing around in the field. Batting in pairs for 5 overs,and no “outs” makes enjoying the game easy.
Queries to Hamish Murie (President MCC, Groundsman, Coach)  Ph 027 490 4748
Carol Tait (Manager) Ph 021 477 446



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2nd November 2017

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2 November 2017

Dear Parents

Faith Facts Week 3: October 30 – 3 November
1st November All Saints
2nd November All Souls

All Saints

This feast day grew out of the love and devotion of God’s people. The Church chose this feast to honour God in the saints. The communion of saints is made up of all true children of God. We thank God as the creator of all holiness and for the graces God has showered upon them.

All Souls’ Day
This feast day is one of the most loving celebrations in the Church’s year.
It is the day that we especially remember all those who have passed from this life into the next.
We stop to remember all who have died especially our relatives and friends.
We pray for those who taught us good things and made sacrifices for us.
We pray for those who prayed for us while they were on this earth.
We pray for the most forgotten souls.
We pray for those who had great responsibilities while they were on earth.
At Mass and pray for all souls that have hastened their journey to God.

Altar Servers
Sunday 5 November @ 10.30am  –  Kate Russell & Megan Sullivan. Liturgy – A. Reid.

Congratulations to Kees Groot, the winner of charism award this week. And to all the children who received certificates. 

School Production – 6 & 7 November @ Verdon College
“The Ugly Duckling” is looking good!

Information for Monday morning:
The children are to wear sports uniform.  We will leave school at 9.15 on Monday morning dressed in our costumes (unless your child has been told otherwise).
Your child will bring their costume home after school on Monday.
We will return to school by 2.45.
No ‘heatups’ on this day.
Pita Pit will be delivered to Verdon on Monday.

 On the night:
It would be appreciated if the children have had an early tea so it is well digested before production starts.  Please send them to the toilet before you leave home.
The children are to meet their class teacher in the foyer of the Verdon Hall, at 5.30 on Monday night dressed in their costume.  After the performance they will wear their costume home and wear it back to Verdon on Tuesday night. 
Please put it in a safe place so it is ready for the second night. 

Parking and drop off / Canteen
After parking, walk up the driveway between the two main buildings and you will come to a quad area.  The foyer to the hall is on the left hand side. There will be a canteen running on both nights prior to the Production starting.

Christmas Hamper
Thank you to those of you who have sent in an item for the raffle.  These need to be here tomorrow please.  Raffles will be sold on the two production nights.   

Tickets to the show can be purchased from the school office:
Adults $12 and children $8.

If you have any questions about production, do not hesitate to contact your child’s class teacher.  Many thanks for your continued support.

Australian Tests
Congratulations to the children who took part in the Australian Tests. Especially Ben Bryan – who gained 1 x distinction, 1 x merit and 4 x credits, Tim Richardson – 1 x merit and 2 x credits and Charlie Baynes 1 x merit and 1 x credit.

Tour of Southland

Share the Road
Last Friday we were visited by  Nick Kergozou, Brook Armishaw & Reece McDonald as part of the Share the Road promotion leading into the Tour of Southland. Luckily it was a very nice day on Monday as they came past our school.

On November 18th I am running the Queenstown half marathon to help raise awareness about type 1 diabetes.  I am running with 21 others to raise money to fund research  towards finding a cure against this horrid disease.  I have been surrounded by people with diabetes all my life, with my own Mum being dependent on insulin injections for the past 39 years.  If you would like to support me in my run please head to my givealittle page, there you will find more information about this cause.

Thank you  –  Anna Russell

Sports Results
Cowboys won 7 – 6. POD was Mason Allison
Storm won 7 – 1. POD was Jacob Boniface
Eels lost. POD was Briarlee Devery
Broncos lost 1st game 6 – 2. POD was Leo Ganaha. Lost 2nd game 3 – 2. POD was Leo Aitken
Sharks lost 3 – 2. POD was Molly Duffy
Panthers – won 4-3. PoD was Pippa Hamilton

Nuggets lost 25 – 23. Player of the Day was Alex Hawkes
Spurs won 14 – 13. Player of the Day was Ben Johnstone
Superstars lost 27 – 3. Player of the Day was Briarlee Devery
Lakers lost 13 – 10. Player of the Day was Pippa Humm
Warriors lost 14 – 6. Player of the Day was Molly Duffy

A Reminder NO basketball next week due to the production.

Strikers won their 1st game for the season 3 – 1.
A reminder NO soccer next Monday 6th November due to the production.

Convent Cup
This will take place on Thursday 16th November at Verdon College. All the Year 5&6 children are taking part in 4 sports: rugby, football, basketball and netball. If you are able to help coach or manage one of the teams on the day please let myself or Mrs Williams know.

I have entered 3 teams into the Western Zone golf champs at riverton next Thursday. One team has been confirmed and I am waiting  for the others.

I have asked that all our children be in the same team in the Year 3-8 grade. The organiser apologied for the game this week against a junior team.

Term Events
Some of the upcoming events include:
School Production – 6&7/11
Year 6 High School visits – 8/11
Golf Tournament  – 9/11
Convent Cup – 16/11
Mission Fair – 23/11
Boat Safety visit – 28/11
ERO – 4-6/12
Tough Kids – 6/12
House Colour Day / Jump Rope – 8/12
School picnic – 11/12
Year 6 leavers day – 12/12
End of Year mass – 14/12
End of Term – 15/12

Class Happenings Room 5

Sometimes we use picture prompts for writing. In Room 5 this week we looked at a photo from Mrs Ultee’s holiday and we wrote short statements about what we saw and how it made us feel.

Transport in Rarotonga
In Rarotonga they go slow on the road 40 km and they have motorbikes. Visitors have to  wear helmets on motorbikes. People who are from Rarotonga don’t have to wear a helmet. Mrs Ultee showed us a picture of a man with a baby on the back of him. It made me nervous. By Jaden

The Picture
I saw a picture of a man on a motor bike with a baby I thought that the baby was going to fall off. The visitors have to wear a helmet and the people that live there don’t have to wear a helmet. I was scared. By Leo Aitken

Transport in Rarotonga
At school the teacher showed us a picture. The picture has a baby on the back of a motorbike. I was scared the baby was going to be in danger. Tourists have to wear helmets. By Leo Duggan

Mrs Ultee’s holiday picture
Mrs Ultee showed us a picture of a Rarotonga Road. When I saw the picture I felt nervous because it looked like a baby was just about to fall off the back of his dad’s motorbike. All the people that visit Rarotonga have to wear helmets. The car’s have yellow plates not like our ones. We have white ones. By Ethan

In Rarotonga they ride motorcycles without helmets (unless you’re a tourist) . We saw a picture of a man holding a baby that was asleep. I thought the baby was going  to fall off. I felt nervous and shocked at the same time. By Mitchell

Dad and baby
Mrs Ultee showed us a picture of a man and a baby. The dad was holding the baby, he was sleeping. The baby could have fallen off. There are lots of cars around also.
By Luca

Transport in Rarotonga.
Mrs Ultee took a picture of a man with a baby on a motorbike. I felt nervous because one hand was on the handlebar and one hand was on the baby. There were other cars and bikes around him. It looked dangerous and not fun. By Ollie

Man on a motorbike.
In Rarotonga Mrs Ultee took a picture of a man on a motorbike. I felt nervous because he had one hand on the handlebars and one hand on his baby. I thought the baby could fall off. People don’t do that in New Zealand, you need a baby seat on the back. By Zoe W

Baby on a motorbike
In Raratonga a man was on a motorbike with a baby around the man’s waist. The baby was asleep and the baby looked like it was about to fall off. It made me feel nervous. By Eifion

Transport in Rarotonga
Mrs Ultee showed us a picture of a man on a motorbike. He had a baby strapped to his back. The baby was asleep. The cars had yellow plates not white one’s like ours. The weather looked marvelous. When we saw the picture I felt a bit nervous because it looked like the baby was about to fall off. By Lucas

Rarotonga  Road
Mrs Ultee showed us a photo. I thought the baby was going to fall off. The man had no helmet on. There are a lots of cars on Rarotonga Roads. By Case

There was a man holding a baby on the motorbike. The baby is sleeping  on the motorbike. I am nervous because it looks like the baby is going to fall off the motorbike. It happens in Rarotonga on the roads. There is some cars also. By Jacob

Transport in Rarotonga
When Mrs Ultee went to Rarotonga. In Rarotonga the roads are very busy. On a motorbike a man and a baby are riding together. The baby has fallen asleep. I feel like the baby will fall off which makes me uncomfortable. There are lots of trees. By Jackson

Rarotonga Road Rules
I think Rarotonga is not safe because people who live there don’t have to wear helmets and someone had no helmet while they had a baby on the back of a motorbike. The baby was asleep and the dad had to hold onto him with one hand and drive the motorbike. The baby was only strapped to him with a scarf. There is some cars in Rarotonga, there are mostly motorbikes. By Albert

When Mrs Ultee went to Rarotonga she took a photo of a man with a baby on a motorbike. I felt scared because I thought it would fall off. I thought it was dangerous.
By William

Motor bike
Mrs Ultee showed us a picture, this is how I explain it.  There is a man with a sarong around his hip and around the baby’s hip.  I felt nervous and very scared for the baby. People that travel to Rarotonga have to wear helmets but the people that live there don’t have to.  There are heaps of trees and most people are on motorbike. Unlike in New Zealand, not many people drive cars which I think is weird. By Ana

The baby is in danger
The baby is in danger because it’s dad is wearing no helmet and holding the baby with one hand then after a while the baby was asleep and that made me nervous that the baby will fall off the bike and it would be injured and it would die. By Keira 

Mrs Ultee showed us a picture of Rarotonga. I felt a bit scared when I saw the baby hanging from a moving motorbike, but a man was holding the baby. By Noah

Transport in Rarotonga.
This road is very busy. A baby is asleep. The babys dad is holding the baby so the baby does not fall off the motorbike. Meanwhile, that is happening some people are hopping on other motorbikes. Motorbikes are getting surrounded by cars. The dad has no helmet on. This picture makes me feel nervous! By Isla

The photo in Rarotonga looks like a toddler has fallen asleep and the driver ( which is a man) is holding onto the toddler and might fall off. In the background I  can see some trees, cars and some motorbikes. It looks like it was a sunny day there. In Rarotonga motorbikes are mostly on the road. The cars are parked on either side of the road and a motorbike is driving through like an entrance. By Maddie   

Transport in Rarotonga.
In Rarotonga people riding motorbikes don’t need to wear helmets, but travellers have to. I feel scared because in the picture Mrs Ultee showed room five, the baby is asleep behind his/her dad and could fall off. I am amazed that the baby hasn’t fallen off yet. By Ella Nicoll

Rarotongan Motorbikes
I am feeling frightened in this picture because it looks like the baby is going to fall off. He is sleeping behind his dad. And there is some traffic. And cars. By Zoe S

Motorbikes in Rarotonga
In Rarotonga the local people use motorbikes. This man looks like he has put  a scarf around his tummy and put it around the baby’s tummy. It makes me nervous because the scarf might rip and the baby might fall and be injured. They are on Rarotonga roads. The man has put his foot on the ground probably to check on the baby who has fallen asleep. By Molly

Transport in Rarotonga
Mrs Ultee showed us a picture of the road with motorbikes and cars . It was a picture from Rarotonga. There was a baby asleep, behind his dad. I feel nervous because I think the baby will fall off. By Ella D

Mrs Ultee showed us a picture of a man on a motorbike and the man had no helmet on and the baby was asleep. The man was holding the baby on the motorbike. There were lots of cars around them. By Holly

Christmas Cookies Buckets $16
Parents interested in ordering buckets of Cookie-time biscuits @ $16 each, can contact Christine to place an order. This need to be done by Monday 13th November. Flavours include: Chocolate chip, peanut butter chocolate chip, salted caramel milk chocolate, cranberry white chocolate and apricot chocolate.

Subway – World Sandwich Day tomorrow – 3rd November 7am – 10 pm  –  BUY ONE GET ONE FREE!!!

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