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15th February 2018

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15 February 2018

Dear Parents

Thank you for your support at the Meet the Teacher night last week and during the past 2 weeks of swimming.

Below are the new children who have started at Sacred Heart, our house leaders and the children who received certificates this week.

House Colour Day
Tomorrow, 16 February is House Colour Day. This year we are celebrating the day at Queen’s Park. We will leave school at 9.30am. The children will be in their house group and are invited to wear house colours. Please, because of swimming, no dyed hair or face paint.
After lunch, the buses will pick us up at 12.30pm and take us to Splash Palace for our final day of swimming. On this day the children will swim in their house groups:
1.00 – 1.30pm – Donovan and Harrington                                                           1.30 – 2.00pm – Kavanagh and Mercy

Please put your child’s gear in one bag: (LEAVE EVERYTHING ELSE AT HOME).
Packed lunch – no warm ups today.
Water bottle
Swimming gear
Good walking shoes
Wet weather gear

We will definitely need your help with this activity, please. If you are able to come with us to Queen’s Park, please let your child’s teacher know. Please check in with your class teacher if you have any questions. PS. If the weather is inclement we will make a decision at school in the morning and put a message on Facebook or a group email.

We have started with 98 children and probably need 15 – 20 new enrolments this year to retain our staffing levels. We ask for your help in recommending our school to prospective new enrolments.

School Communication:
We will continue to use  Mailchimp for all school notices. This includes  sports notices, surveys, and links for the newsletter. If your email changes, please let us know.
Facebook is also used, but we are aware not everyone uses it. Class teachers also have their class email tree’s for class notices.

ERO Report
Here is a link to our draft ERO report Sacred Heart Waikiwi (4013) Draft External Evaluation Report. As I mentioned at the parent night we can all be very proud of our school staff, Board and children as receiving a 4-5 year review is an outstanding achievement.

Altar Servers
18th February:     S. Aby & R. Duffy. Children’s Liturgy: C. Russell
25th February:    H. Wolf & P. Hickey. Children’s Liturgy: A. Reid

Cans – Bob Christie Auto painters requires all your tin cans. They want all your cleaned and de-lidded cans (spaghetti/baked bean size and up). Please bring these to school and leave them in the office. Many thanks.

Fruit Delivery – This order will be delivered next Thursday 22nd February. Please place orders with Christine by Monday @ 9am.

Scholastic Bookclub – Issue 1 will close on Wednesday 21st February.

Touch Results:
Warriors won 4-1. Player of the Day was Samson McNaught.
Broncos won 9-7. Player of the Day was Rose Umu Sinel.
Knights won 4-3. Player of the Day was Lucy Cook.
Dragons lost 8-4. Player of the Day was Lucas Allison.

Childminder – We have a family looking for someone to collect their daughter from school at 2.45pm and care for her till approx 5.30pm Monday to Friday, school term only. Anyone interested in this, can contact Mike on 027-2245070. Thank you.

Out of School Music – We are still taking enrolments for 2018. This is a great opportunity for your child to learn music at an affordable price. We also run a choir and a class for pre-schoolers. For more information, please contact Deborah 216-5137.


Room 2 Class Happenings

I am six. I like bows. I do not like bumble bees. It was my Nana’s birthday yesterday. We went to my auntie and uncle and cousins’. We had a roast for my Nana. There was banana cake and chocolate cake. It was fun.  Daisy Duffy

I am six. I like Mummy. I do not like snakes and ladybirds. I play with my truck and I put my truck in the water. I put the sand in the water too.  Megan Sommerfeldt

I am five. I like monkeys. I do not like fish. I went exploring with my auntie and my cousins. My brother, Mum and Dad let me play at the park.  Kelsy Unuka

I am six. I like me and fish. I do not like potatoes. I went for a walk over the hill for a big walk.  Elise Groot

I am six. I like flowers and Mrs Buxton and my Mum. I do not like rain and storms and bullies. I also don’t like windy days. I like swimming.  Rhea Mohenoa

I am six. I like Mitchell W. I do not like fires. I like to play on my playstation with my Dad.  Mitchell Johnston

I am six. I like cats. I do not like spewing. My cat went in my Mum’s drawers today. It was funny at home. This morning she went in the garden and she pooped on the floor. My Dad cleaned the floor. It was funny. My sister lifted Nala. Nala had poo on her tail and paw.  Lucy Williams

I am five. I like fish and corn. I do not like wasps. We are in the bushes hunting for bunnies. We are going to shoot them with the bow and arrows and swords.  Mitchell Wezenbeek-Gauldie

I am five. I like deer. I do not like chips. I shot a deer when I was bush walking.  Christian Roderique

I am six. I like “Leap Dunedin”, travelling and chocolate. I do not like broccoli and turtles. I like camping at Alexandra.  Jamie Russell

I am six. I like watching TV. I do not like fish and rainy, windy days. I am going on a bush walk. I am going to play hide and seek. It was so much fun.  Pippa Hamilton

I am six. I like planes and I like to play. I don’t like fish. I don’t like meat and I don’t like to jump.  Pippa Hickey

I am five. I like people. I don’t like fish and wind and rain.  Corbin Watson

I am six. I like swimming and pies and travelling. I don’t like fish and bumble bees. I like camping because you can throw rock in the river and play hide and seek and go for a bush walk and pay outside and roast marshmallows.  Brooke Casey

I am five. I like cars and I like trucks. I don’t like fish. I like the dinosuars because they roar like a T-Rex. Dinosaurs’ names are trickly. The names are for different dinosaurs.  Eli Taula

I am six. I like wrestling and I don’t like poos. I love killing possums, ugly possums.  Mason Allison


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1st February 2018

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1 February 2018

Dear Parents

Welcome back to Sacred Heart School for the 2018 year. A special welcome to Bella-Rose Horrell, Cookie Le, Chloe Murdoch, Jordis Murray, Rose Umu Sinel, Catlin Brady, Eli Taula & Luca Ferrari who have all started this term. We hope you and your families enjoy your time at Sacred Heart School. We are also pleased to welcome Miss Manukitau and Miss Smith to our teaching staff.

Some of the term events are:

Swimming – Friday 2/2 – 16/2 @ 1-2pm. Please name all clothing, children to wear sports uniforms.

Waitangi Day – 6/2

Meet the Teacher – Thursday 8/2 – 6-7pm

Ash Wednesday Mass – 14/2

Zone 1500m & 7 yrs 60 &100m – Friday 2/3 @ 12.30

Zone Athletics – Friday 9/3

Easter – Friday 30/3 – Tuesday 3/4

Year 6 Stewart Island Camp – Wednesday 4 – Friday 6/4

We have started the year with 98 children which is down on previous years. While we advertise in local pre-schools and kindergartens,  parent recommendations count a lot when new parents are looking around schools. We need at least 15-20 new enrolments this year to sustain our teaching numbers. If you know of any prospective enrolments please contact  Mrs Russell or myself.

ERO Report
We have had some excellent news regards our ERO visit in December 2017. We have moved to a 4-5 year review cycle which is as good as it gets. The reviewers were very complimentary about our school culture, academic achievement and our programmes of work. They spoke highly of your children and our school staff and Board. I will send home a copy of this report early next week.

Our Year 6 children accepting leadership certificates.
House leaders with their house candles.

Found last year – a brand new Sacred Heart School jersey, size 87cm with no name on it. If you think this is your child’s, please see Mrs Buxton.

No Pita Pit – Unfortunately due to low numbers, Pita Pit has decided to discontinue delivering lunches on a Monday for 2018.

Subway – Subway will continue on Thursdays. Envelopes are available from the office and children must have their order in to the office by 9.00am.

Fruit delivered from Roxburgh – Parents are welcome to order fruit from our Roxburgh supplier. Orders must be placed to Christine in the office by 9.00am on Monday morning (with payment). Pick up is Thursday 8th February, from the office.

Term 1 School Sport
I have included a link to a Google Form for you to fill in for each child wanting to play one of the sports below. You can enter multiple sports on one form. Please have these filled in before next Wednesday as entries close next Friday 9th Feb.

Games will be played  at Turnbull Thomson Park, between 4pm and 5pm on Wednesday
Grades: Boys, Girls and Mixed in Year 1/2, Year 3/4, Year 5/6
Fees : $20 per player
First Games: Wednesday 14th February 2018
Last Games: Wednesday 28th March 2018
Catch up day Wednesday 4th April 2018, if required

Marist Cricket Club Junior Grade Years 5 / 6 – Are inviting new players to join the club for the 2018 season. Well coached practice by members at Marist on Thursday evenings at 5.30pm for  1 hour. Everyone welcome to attend practice even if you don’t intend to play. Great support from members and parents. Safe environment and good level of cricket for all children.
The format has changed to 20 overs per side with 8 a side per team on Saturday mornings to make the game more fun,with more runs and less standing around in the field.
Batting in pairs for 5 overs,and no “outs” makes enjoying the game easy. Queries to Hamish Murie,  Ph 027 490 4748


  • Week one commences on Monday 19th February 2018 / Week 6 concludes on 26th March 2018.
  • Y1-8.
  • Games start at 4pm.
  • 6 player per side batting in pairs.
  • Soft ball used.
  • $0 entry fee as funded by New Zealand Cricket.


Superstar Beginners Grades

  • Week one commencing  Tuesday 20th February 2018 / Week 6 concludes on 27th March 2018.
  • Age grading Y1-2 & Y3-4.
  • Games start at 3.45pm.
  • 6 players per side batting in pairs.
  • $20 entry fee per player for the 6 week programme.

Superstar Advanced Grade

  • Week one commencing  Tuesday 20th February 2018 / Week 6 concludes on 27th March 2018.
  • Age grading Y5-6.
  • Games start at 5.00pm.
  • 8 players per side batting in pairs.
  • Marked out pitches and boundaries to enhance the match day experience.
  • Increases game sense and skill development.
  • Hit a 6 like your favourite White Fern or Blackcap!
  • $20 entry fee per player for the 6 week programme.

Flipper ball
Cost – $200 per team for both Terms 1 & Term 4. Location: Splash Palace
Game Times: All games are played on a Friday. Grades and times are below.
Junior Water Polo 3.30 pm – 6 pm

Room 1 Class Happenings
Come and meet the gorgeous children in Room 1.
My name is Jordis.
I am 5 years old.
I like to play on the bouncy castle.
My favourite colour is pink.
My name is Noah.
I am 5 years old.
I like to play on my tablet.
My favourite colour is orange.
My name is Bella-Rose.
I am 5 years old.
I like to play at the beach.
My favourite colour is blue.
My name is Rose.
I am 5 years old.
I like to jump on my trampoline.
My favourite colour is a rainbow.
My name is Levi.
I am 5 years old.
I like to eat candy floss.
My favourite colour is yellow.
My name is Abbie.
I am 5 years old.
I like to slide down the slide.
My favourite colour is pink.
My name is Chloe.
I am 5 years old.
I like to ride on my bike.
My favourite colour is pink.
My name is Silvia.
I am 5 years old.
I like to go swimming.
My favourite colour is orange.
My name is Cookie.
I am 5 years old.
I like to  play with my friends.
My favourite colour is blue.
My name is Ryan.
I am 5 years old.
I like to play with the marble run.
My favourite colour is green.

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