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29th March 2018

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29th March 2018

Dear Parents
I take this opportunity to wish you all an enjoyable Easter break. School restarts on Wednesday 4th April. I have included the Easter Mass timetable below.
Many thanks for the gold coin donation today, $118 was raised for Caritas.

Invercargill Central
Holy Thursday: 7:30pm
Good Friday: 3:00pm
Holy Saturday: 8:00pm Easter Vigil
Easter Sunday: 10:00am

Invercargill North
Holy Thursday: 7:30pm
Good Friday: 3:00pm
Holy Saturday: 8:00pm Easter Vigil
Easter Sunday: 9:30am, 7:00pm

Waikiwi – Sacred Heart
Easter Sunday: 10:30am

Easter Sunday: 8:30am

FAITH FACT FOR WEEK 26th – 29th March

Palm Sunday Holy Week

Palms for Palm Sunday. We know the story of palms being laid on the ground as Jesus entered Jerusalem. The beginning of the Holy Week journey to Easter. But what were these palms. They most likely were date palm fronds or leaves. Putting these leaves on the ground was and ancient way of honouring a person.  In Europe there was a similar custom with any kind of leaf or branch. Here down south we do not grow palms so we use a conifer branch. In England in olden times a gentleman may lay his coat on the ground before an important woman so shoes would not get dirty. A way of showing much respect. The Palm leaves resemble this sentiment.

If Jesus had been in New Zealand we would have used flax or any other leafy tree branch to lay before him to honour is him.

FAITH FACT FOR WEEK 4th – 6th April

Easter Tide. What does Easter tide mean?


Eastertide (“Easter time”), also referred to as the Easter Season and Paschal Time, is the period of fifty days from Easter Sunday to Pentecost Sunday.

The Paschal Mystery – Jesus’ Life, Death and Resurrection of Christ

The Paschal candle represents Christ, the Light of the World.

The pure beeswax of which the candle is made represents the sinless Christ who was formed in the womb of His Mother. The wick signifies His humanity, the flame, His Divine Nature, both soul and body.

Five grains of incense inserted into the candle in the form of a cross recall the aromatic spices with which His Sacred Body was prepared for the tomb, and of the five wounds in His hands, feet, and side.

Congratulations to Lily Turnhout, the winner of Charism award this week. And to all the children who received certificates.

Altar Servers
1st April:     Ruby Duffy & Peyton Hickey
8th April:    Jack & Summer Smith – Children’s Liturgy = Amanda Smith

School Holidays = Volunteers

Keeping Ourselves Safe Programme
Please click on the link for information about the Keeping Ourselves Safe Programme starting next week.

Future Strategies for Sacred Heart School
Thanks to the parent who replied to the survey. We plan to hold a meeting early next term to report back. More info later.

Toys at School
Just a reminder to please not bring toys to school.

Southland Athletics / Swimming Champs
Congratulations to the following students who will represent the school at the Southland Athletics next Saturday 7/4.
Briarlee Devery – 9yr – shotput & discus
Quin Brown – 9yr – shotput
Leo Aitken & William Baynes – 8yr – long jump
Charlie Baynes – 10yr long jump, 100m, 200m & relay
Alex Hawkes – 10yr – 800m & relay
Rohan Murray & Harris Page – 10yr – relay

Also good luck to Rohan Murray who will take part in the Swimming Champs on Sunday 8/4.

Term 2 Sports Notices
Forms have been emailed about Term 2 sports options, please get them back in asap.

Winter Uniform

  • Long sleeved grey shirt
  • Blue V neck jersey
  • College grey shorts – winter weight
  • Plain grey knee length socks
  • Tan, brown, navy or black school shoes


  • Red and blue pinafore
  • White long sleeved blouse
  • Blue V neck jersey
  • Navy blue tights
  • White skivvy
  • Tan, brown, navy or black school shoes

Sports Uniform
Maroon polo shirt with the Sacred Heart crest on the left front
Navy blue shorts
Navy track pants (school name in red on the leg).
Please support our school community by ensuring your child is in the correct uniform.  In particular, school shoes and not sports shoes are to be worn.  Sports shoes are worn with sports uniform ONLY.
Hair needs to be tied up with the school coloured (blue, navy, white, or red) hairties.  This will help us keep head lice at bay.  Earrings should be school colours, small studs.  Loops and dangling earrings are a safety risk.
The children need to have their jersey and a warm jacket at school everyday in Term 2 and 3.
Thank you for your support in showing pride in our school.

Used Cans
Bob Christie Auto Painters would appreciate all your cleaned and de-lidded cans (spaghetti/baked bean size and up). Please pop these into the school office for collection. Many thanks.

Southland Life Education Community Trust AGM
To be held Tuesday, 10th April 2018, 7.00pm at Windsor North School, Chelmsford Street, Invercargill. If you are interested in becoming a Trustee please make an effort to 
attend and support the Trust - it’s for the children’s  benefit!Any queries to Val (03)235-8910. All welcome.

OSCAR After School Care
MES OSCAR Childcare is available to provide after school and holiday care. Please contact 218-9520 for more information.
Out of School Art Classes
Enrolments are now being taken for Term 2. Classes are available for Year 1 - 8 pupils. Please contact Helen 217-7482 for more information.

Room 9 Class Happenings
Wow, what a busy term we have had.  We have been lucky to be involved in the ‘Get New Zealand Writing’ kit from School Kit, where we have buddied up with a class from Auckland.  We had set tasks that we had to complete, including metaphor poems and a found poem.

The year 6 children have been busy preparing for camp learning about native birds and bush special on Stewart Island and have produced some amazing art work.  We are all hoping that we spot a kiwi.

Have a Safe and Happy Easter!!!

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15th March 2018

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15th March 2018

Dear Parents

A special welcome to Odara Gunarathna and her family to Invercargill and Scared Heart School, we hope you enjoy your time with us.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Hogan, Russell and Tagomoa and Fortune families this week. Jane Fortune taught here for a number of years and was a valued colleague and an excellent teacher.

Thank you for your support of the Relay for Life mufti-day, we raised $172.60.

Thank you to the parents who made suggestions as to the future direction of our school. I will be taking these to the Board next week. A lot of them are similar to ideas we have discussed as a staff and I would expect we will have a meeting to report back to parents on.

FAITH FACT FOR WEEK 12th – 16th March – 4th Week of Lent

13th March Anniversary of Pope Francis election 2013

Can you believe that this Tuesday marks the 5th anniversary of Francis’ election as Supreme Pontiff! Pope Francis said at one of his first general audiences that , “Christianity is not simply a matter of following commandments; it is about living a new life, being in Christ, thinking and acting like Christ and being transformed by the love of Christ.” We are called to be to be nourished daily by hearing God’s word, prayer, sharing in the sacraments, especially Penance and the Eucharist, and by living charitable lives.
17th St Patricks Day

FAITH FACT FOR WEEK 19th – 23rd March – 5th Week of Lent

19th St Joseph – We celebrate two feast days for Joseph: March 19 for Joseph the Husband of Mary and May 1 for Joseph the Worker. March 19 has been the most commonly celebrated feast day for Joseph, and it wasn’t until 1955 that Pope Pius XII established the Feast of “StJoseph the Worker” to be celebrated on May 1.

Altar Servers
18th March:     Caleb Wolf & Charlie Baynes –  Children’s Liturgy = M. Baynes
25th March:     Holly Wolf & S. Abey – Children’s Liturgy = C. Russell

Congratulations to Zoe Williams, the winner of Charism award this week. And to all the children who received certificates. 

School Donation
After further discussion with the Ministry we will be sending out invoices for the compulsory materials and books children received at the start of the year. We will hold off on asking for any donations until we heard official confirmation if the Government will subsidise schools for not requesting these. This would be a win-win for parents and the school. Hopefully it will go ahead this year.
Teacher Union Meetings
Next Wednesday and Thursday teachers will be attending union meetings to discuss issues pertaining to the upcoming Collective Award negotiations. We will not be closing the school for these, but will stagger the meetings and share the children around the classes. There is a national teacher shortage that is showing no sign of abating, with fewer students choosing teaching as a career and most only lasting 5 years after graduating.  If there is not a national plan to remedy this we may find our secondary schools having to cancel science & maths classes in the future as they are unable to find suitably qualified staff.
Scholastic NZ Issue 2 closes Wednesday 21st March.
Lost Jersey – with the name Levi Langford. Please check at home, your child is wearing the correct clothing.
Zone Athletics – Congratulations to all the children who took part in the sports last Friday.
Also well done to the following students:
Leo Ganaha – 2nd, 8yr discus
Briarlee Devery – 1st, 9yr discus & shotput
Quin Brown – 3rd, 9yr shotput
Leo Aitken – 1st, 8yr longjump
William Baynes – 2nd, 8yr longjump
Charlie Baynes – 1st, 10yr longjump, 100m, 200m
Alex Hawkes – 3rd, 10yr longjump, 800m, 1500m
10yr boys relay – 1st
8yr boys relay – 2nd
8yr girls relay – 3rd
We will let you know who has qualified for the Southland Athletics as soon as the entries go through.
Swimming Sports
Go to 2018 Southland School Swimming Champs for information about the Southland Swimming Champs on Sunday 8th April. If you would like your child to take part please let Miss Smith know. Note this is a very competitive meet and is for very capable swimmers.
Touch Results
Warriors drew with Myross Bush Legends. Player of the Day was Lucas Jeeves.
Broncos lost 4-2 to Myross Bush Blues. Player of the Day was Pippa Hamilton.
Knights lost 3-0 to Tisbury Titans. Player of the Day was Ella Nicoll.
Dragons won 11-0 to Newfield Park Green. Player of the Day was Ellie McWilliam.
Fruit: Please have orders to Christine first thing on Monday morning. Delivery is Thursday 22nd March.
Class Happenings – In Room 8 we have really enjoyed taking part in Chapter Chat this term. We have read ‘The Terrible Two’ and tweeted about the book with lots of schools from around New Zealand. Here is some of our work from the past few weeks:
In Writing we have been working hard on including interesting words in our stories.  We described Mr and Mrs Twit from ‘The Twits’ by Roald Dahl.
Mrs Twit is disgusting and evil. The Twits are mean fools and disgraceful. They have no fun. They are both hairy.  By Zoe Williams
Mr and Mrs Twit are very horrid people. They eat bird pie on Wednesday night. Mr Twit has never, and will never, wash his beard and it’s also very long.  Sometimes when he is hungry he just puts his tongue in that beard of his and finds something. They also have five monkeys that are from the African jungle. They get treated very cruelly because they make them stand on their heads most of the time.  By Ana McWilliam
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1st March 2018

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1 March 2018

Dear Parents

Yesterday we  farewelled Mrs van Eeden. She will be missed by all of us here at Sacred Heart and we thank her for all her work with our children.

One of the new Government’s election promises was to subsidise schools that didn’t ask for a school donation. Unfortunately this doesn’t look as if it will be happening in 2018. School accounts will be sent out soon, please remember that they can be claimed back in your tax returns along with child care and any parish donations.

Mufti Day – A reminder about mufti day tomorrow. The children are welcome to wear mufti clothes or dress up as a super hero. Please send your child with a gold coin to support ‘Relay for Life’. Thank you.

Good luck to Lucy Cook, Keira Langford, Ollie Duggan and Jacob Humm who will be running in the 60m & 100m zone trials for 7yr olds at school tomorrow. Also to our senior children taking part in the 15oom.

Zone Athletics 8-10yr olds will be held at the Stadium next Friday 9th March. Information will be sent home next week.

School Stream
At present we use MailChimp (emails) and Facebook for most of our school communication. Looking at the statistics show me that a lot of parents don’t use Facebook nor have quick access to their emails.  A solution to this is an App called School Stream that can be downloaded onto Apple and Android phones. It means we can quickly send out messages that are relevant to you and your child without everybody having to receive them. An alert pops up on your phone similar to a text message. A number of other schools are using this and it has proved to be very effective in reaching far more parents than current methods.

Please click on the link below and follow the instructions to install the App

Congratulations to Rose Umu Sinel, the winner of Charism award this week. And to all the children who received certificates. 

Touch Results
Warriors won 6-4 against St Patrick’s Leopards. Player of the Day was Lian Potgieter.
Broncos won 8-5 against Donovan Dazzlers. Player of the Day was Pippa Hickey.
Knights lost against Windsor Yellow 4-1. Player of the Day was Leo Aitken.
Dragons won 6-5 against Kura. Player of the Day was Quin Brown.

Altar Servers
4th March:     F. O’Donnell & J. Harding  –  Children’s Liturgy = M. O’Donnell
11th March:    S & J Smith – Children’s Liturgy = A. Smith

Room 3 Class Happenings
Check out Room 3’s self portraits! Room 3 have been working on their art skills and have produced drawings of themselves.


We have also been learning about recount writing. Here are some of our stories about what we have been up to.

A memory of a time something funny happened

I snuck up on Molly and scared her. Then I tip toed behind her then I went “BOO” then molly went “Rooooof” then Molly hid but I followed Molly. Molly ran faster than me. It was funny.  By Cruz

A really funny time was at a café with my dad and his friend. I followed the wrong person back from getting food. Then I ran outside to the table where we were at.  I was so embarrassed.  By Ollie, Mia and nana went to the four square and my cousin said “ we should have a race” I said “ alright”. We had a race to the car and I was holding a light thing. I dropped my ice cream and it got stones on it. Mia swapped and had to eat all of the ice cream. She ate all of the stones too! It was a bubble bill ice cream.  By Ella

My mum tickled me at home. It was hillarious. I love my mum lots.  By Anthea

One time something really funny happened. Me and Anika had the minature tramp and I bounced off the trampoline and missed the bar and belly flopped on the floor.                                      I  was embarrassed.  By Leo

My cat did a skid on the road. She got a big fright from the garage door. It was funny because she skid on the road. My cat is weird.  By Catlin

Come into Room 3 or check out our writers window to read more!!!

Scholastic Southland Surfing Champs
Congratulations to Pippa Humm who was place 2nd in the Under 10 and 3rd in the Under 12 Champs. And to Jacob Humm who was placed 3rd in the Under 10 Champs.

The Next Fruit Delivery is Thursday 8th March. Please have orders to Christine by Monday 9am.


MES OSCAR Childcare is available to provide afterschool and holiday care. Please contact 218-9520 for more information.

Waikiwi Rugby Club – Registrations will be held at the Waikiwi Clubrooms, Bainfield Road on Thursday 8 March from 4 – 6pm and Sunday 11 March 2 – 4pm.
All existing and new players are most welcome.
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