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28th June 2018

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28th June 2018

Dear Parents
Donaldson Construction have the tender to start the building upgrade. We met this week to start planning how this will happen in regards access and safety for all.

Reports & Interviews
My apologies that some people were unable to access the interviews sheet. Please let me know if this is still  the case and I will book times for you. Reports for Year 4-6 and Year 1-3 children due anniversary reports will go home tomorrow. Interviews will be after school on Tuesday and Wednesday  next week.

Prayers – Our prayers are with the Hogan family this week.

Faith Facts – Week 8, 18th – 22nd June  

19th June –  Suzanne Aubert Birthday. New Zealand’s first Saint?  Suzanne Aubert (19 June 1835 – 1 October 1926), better known to many as Sister Mary Joseph or Mother Aubert. She started a home for orphans and the under-privileged in Jerusalem, New Zealand on the Whanganui River in 1885. Suzanne first came to New Zealand in 1860 to educate Māori children. Among many other great works of faith and compassion she founded a religious order, the Daughters of Our Lady of Compassion in 1892. Suzanne also started two hospitals in Wellington; the first, St Joseph’s Home for the Incurables in 1900, and Our Lady’s Home of Compassion in 1907. This is not to mention many other works of charity, including in medicine.

Week 9 – 25th – 29th June
24th Nativity of John the Baptist – John the Baptist is about 6 months older than Jesus, and he is the one who baptizes Jesus. John’s father is Zacharias and his mother is Elizabeth. They were both faithful to God. Ask your children to tell you the story about Zacharias and John. It is a good one.

29th St Peter and Paul – The two great Apostles, Peter and Paul, are at the very foundations of the Church. These are two saints who appear in the Acts of the Apostle and are the key figures who began to build the community of the church from the teachings of Jesus. It remains in many respects as we know it today. They are the solid rock on which the Church is built. They are at the origin of the churches faith and will forever remain its protectors and its guides.


Congratulations to Morgan Blight-Cranston & Nadia Hutton, our Week 8 & 9 Charism Winners, and all the other children who received certificates.


Welcome to Jamon Chapman who joined the children in Room 3 on Friday, and to Javier Nicoll who joined the children in Room 1 on Monday.
We hope they both enjoy their time at Sacred Heart.

We need a guitarist to accompany the children in our Kapahaka group. If you have some ability or know of someone please contact me.

Netball Fees $30 
The 2nd accounts have been sent home today for Netball, please settle these asap.

Activity Fees
These will be sent home next week. $70 – 1 pupil, $100 – 2 pupils, $125 – 3 pupils.
The compulsory book fee/online services is $25 for Rooms 1 & 2, $30 – for Rooms 3, 8 & 9.
Payments can be deposited into our bank account: Sacred Heart School – 031746 0042033 000

Lost Jerseys
We are looking for 2 jerseys with the name Alby Cameron on the label. Please check your child has the correct items at home.

Oyster Raffle
These need to be back at school by Wednesday 4th July. Please visit your relations, friends and neighbours this weekend and get your card filled. We appreciate the support and your children will reap the rewards.

Teachers Stop Work Meeting
Teachers all over New Zealand have been attending stop work meetings to discuss the latest offer from the Government. I don’t usually make public comments on employment issues  but in this instance will make an exception. There are 2 contentious issues that will need to be resolved as part of this process.

  • Attracting and Retaining Quality Teachers.
    • At present schools are facing a teacher shortage with a 40% drop in students training to be teachers, a growing number of school aged children and an ageing work force. Added to this is the unattractiveness of teaching to our best students meaning a lot of new trainees may have the personalities to be teachers, but do not have the academic ability especially in Literacy and Numeracy. A worrying trend is that top students who have previously chosen teaching now have far better paid options and work conditions available to them.
    • This is not just an Auckland problem but nationwide. The reliever situation at present in Invercargill is as bad as Term 4 usually is, this can mean doubling up classes which is not conducive to quality teaching.
    • When I started teaching I was close to the average age of a teacher, unfortunately some 30 years later I still am. A worry for a lot of principals and school leaders is who will replace us with the average time a new teacher is staying in the profession about 5 years.
  • Support for Children with Additional Needs.
    • Unfortunately there has been a nationwide increase in new entrants presenting with behavioural, emotional and learning difficulties. Schools are struggling to deal with this and are asking for more funding and resourcing to increase teachers aide hours and increased access to specialist teachers.
    • All schools have a staff member responsible for planning programmes and applying for funding for at risk children. In smaller schools such as ours we have to fund any release time ourselves. More support for these children will mean more quality time for the rest of the children in a class.


Altar Servers for July
1st July:     S. Aby & P. Hickey – Children’s Liturgy = C. Russell
8th July:    Volunteers – School Holidays

15th July:   Volunteers – School Holidays
22nd July:  Volunteers School Holidays
29th July:   R. Duffy & J. Harding – Children’s Liturgy = A. Reid

Thanks to Bella-Rose Horrell and her family who donated a basketball and hoop for the junior children to use. Many thanks.

Below is a pic of some of the cans donated to the Food bank recently. Your generosity is much appreciated.

Room 1 Class Happenings
Last week Room 1 read some Matariki stories.  We read one called Little Kiwi’s Matariki.  Here are our Little Kiwi pictures and stories.

Here is Little Kiwi. She is looking up at the night sky. By Harper

Here is Little Kiwi. She is looking at her friends. By Rose

Here is Little Kiwi. She is looking up at the stars. By Abbie

Here is Little Kiwi. She is looking at the Matariki stars. By Indie

Here is Little Kiwi. He is looking at the Matariki stars. By Dean

Here is Little Kiwi. He is doing nothing. By Ryan

Here is Little Kiwi. Little Kiwi is playing with me, Noah and Levi. By Samson

Here is Little Kiwi. He is looking at the stars. By Noah

Here is Little Kiwi. He is looking at the stars. By Levi

Here is Little Kiwi. She is looking for food. The food is worms. By Jordis

Here is Little Kiwi. She is looking up at the Matariki stars. By Bella-Rose

Here is Little Kiwi. She is looking at the Matariki. By Indie

Here is Little Kiwi. She is sitting in the tree looking at the stars. By Cookie

Here is Little Kiwi. She is looking up at the stars. By Silvia

Here is Little Kiwi. He is looking at the 7 Matariki stars. By Javier

Verdon College Open Day – Sunday 29 July 2018, 1 – 3pm. Principal’s Address at 1.15pm

Super Volcanoes – This is going to be a superb talk by Professor Colin Wilson who will be talking about Super Volcanoes and I am sure students, teachers and the general public will be very interested in attending.  People must book but the event is free.  See booking details on the poster below.

Cycling South
We are now taking registrations for the Term 3 Learn to Ride Track block for 2018.
This offers beginner children, aged 10 and up, an introduction to track cycling at the SIT Zero Fees Velodrome. Minimum height restriction 130cm.
Starts Wednesday 25 and Friday 27 July, from 4-5pm, and runs until the end of school term. Select either a Wednesday or Friday but not both.
$85 fee includes, track hire, bike hire, coach, water bottle and certificate.
Phone 03 219 9325 or email to register now or visit to register online.

Basketball Southland Shooters & Holiday Programme
Please go to the following link for information on these programmes.

Splash Palace are taking enrolments for swimming lessons. Please email: for more information/registrations.
Holidays – Week 1    9 July – 13 July or Week 2    16 July – 20 July Or Term 3 – Monday – Friday & Saturday morning, commencing 23/7.

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14th June 2018

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14th June 2018

Dear Parents

While I do not want to jinx the process we have had a lot of tradesmen in pricing for the school upgrade. This has to be a good sign and I will let you know when I hear any new information.

Congratulations to Taya Ross who won the Charism award this week.
And all the children who received certificates.

Cross Country
Congratulations to all the children who took part in the Zone Cross Country last week. Well done to Harris Page, Natasha Lee, Alex Hawkes and Ryan Kiyas who qualified for the Southland Cross Country next Friday 22nd June at Waimumu.

School Starting Times
The bell goes at 8.55am and we are finding an increasing number of children arriving late to school. If possible children should be here 10 mins before class starts so they can get organised for the day, put all their books etc away and interact with their peers. Having unnecessary interruptions during prayers or class announcements is often embarrassing for your child as they realise they are late. Everybody is late at some stage to school but when it becomes constant, it can effect some children’s self esteem and ability to learn. If there is an issue with getting your child to school on time please let me know so we can assist at this end.

If you know of any prospective enrolments please let me know or get them to contact me.

School Activity Donation/Compulsory Books
As I mentioned in the last newsletter, the proposed subsidy from the Government to replace parent donations hasn’t happened. We will keep the donation the same as in previous years. Activity Fee (receipts will be written as a donation to enable parents to claim in their tax) = $70 – 1 pupil, $100 – 2 pupils, $125 – 3 pupils. The compulsory book fee/online services is $25 for Rooms 1 & 2, $30 -for Rooms 3, 8 & 9.

Teachers Paid Union Meeting – 26th June
Can we ask parents to collect their children at 12pm on Tuesday 26th June to allow all teachers to attend a union meeting. Unlike last time there is only one Invercargill meeting and we do not have available staff  to supervise the children.

Mid Year Reports and Interviews
Mid Year reports for Year 4-6 children will go home on 28th June with 3-way interviews on Tuesday 3rd & Wednesday 4th July. Anniversary interviews for Year 1-3 children will also take place on these days.

Pie Warmer
Please make sure all items are clearly named. This week has been a nightmare with pen labelling rubbing off/or items not being named at all. This causes huge confusion at lunch time.

Room 9 Class Happenings
This term we have been taking part in ‘Chapter Chat’ with other year 5-6 children throughout New Zealand.  We have been reading the book called The Explorer by Katherine Rundell, and each week we have tasks related to each chapter we read.  All our tasks are uploaded to Twitter to share with the other children who are taking part in this.  You can check out work and follow us on twitter: Here are some photos of the children making spears.


For Art this term we have been concentrating on mixed media projects.  We used a variety of materials including: pastel, indian ink, pencils, vanish, paint, glue and dye. Please come in and have a look at the rest of our art.

Some photos from Sacred Heart day – children participating in ‘Just Dance’


If you would like to take STABICRAFT up on their offer for a ‘free general admission child ticket, with a paying adult’ for the Highlanders vs French Barbarians game at Rugby Park on Friday 22nd June (limit 2 per single paying adult, 13 years and under), please email Christine at: by tomorrow Friday 15th June, so vouchers can be ordered.

Inclusive Cricket Programme

Mid Winter Swim

To register for the Mid-Winter-Swim head to either one of these links: or

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31st May 2018

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31st May 2018

Dear Parents

Our prayers with the Monaghan family this week.

Welcome to Troyden & Tayla Nel. We hope you enjoy your time at Sacred Heart School. I know you have “enjoyed” discovering what frost is on our cold mornings.

Good luck to Fiah Adams who will be competing at the Gore Gold Guitars this weekend.

Well done to the Rippa rugby team in their tournament today. A big thanks to Jono Duffy and Rob Humm. Also congratulations to the children who will be competing at the Zone Cross Country at St Patricks next Wednesday.

Special Character Review
We have received the draft report back and the review team were very complimentary to our children and staff in regards the our Special Character and how we integrate it through our daily programmes.

Faith Facts Week 4 … 24 May  – Our Lady Help of Christians
Mary Help of Christians is one of the numerous names by which we have come to know and love Mary. It refers specifically to the aid that Mary gives as intercession, meaning one who prays with and for us to God.

Our Lady Of Light – Help Of The Addicted – Mmlol Art Print

 by Br Mickey McGrath OSFS

 Week 5 … 27th May – Trinity Sunday       
What is Trinity Sunday?
Trinity Sunday is the first Sunday after Pentecost in the Christian liturgical calendar. Trinity Sunday celebrates the Christian doctrine of the Trinity, the three Persons of God: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Altar Servers
10th June:     S. Aby & P. Hickey – Children’s Liturgy = C. Russell
17th June:      Summer & Jack Smith –  Children’s Liturgy = A. Smith

24th June:     R. Duffy & F. O’Donnell – Children’s Liturgy = M. O’Donnell

School Donation
Unfortunately the education budget didn’t fulfil the pre-election promise of subsidising school donations. Due to this we will be sending out invoices for our school donation soon. These are tax deductible.

Teachers Paid Union Meeting – 26th June
School will close at 12pm on Tuesday 26th June to allow all teachers to attend a union meeting. Unlike last time there is only one Invercargill meeting.

Mid Year Reports and Interviews
Mid Year reports for Year 4-6 children will go home on 28th June with 3-way interviews on Tuesday 3rd & Wednesday 4th July. Anniversary interviews for Year 1-3 children will also take place on these days.

Congratulations to Brooke Casey who won the Charism award two weeks in a row.
And all the children who received certificates in the last two weeks.

Room 8 Class Happenings:
In the first few weeks of the term we have been finding out about Gallipoli and Anzac Day. We read ‘One Minute’s Silence’ by David Metzenthen and Michael Camilleri and wrote our own interpretation of it. We thought about how we would feel and what we would see and experience if we were landing at Gallipoli in 1915.
In one minute’s silence, can you imagine…
Feeling scared to death. Feeling the butterflies in your tummy fluttering. Watching your friends die in horror.
In one minutes silence, can you imagine …
You’re eating the gross food and dark land with cliffs never ending.
In one minutes silence, can you imagine …
Your ears hearing gunshots from the Turkish. By Zoe

In one minute’s silence can you Imagine … The butterflies in my stomach as I arrived on the beach and the Turkish guns fire as I turn round I see my friend in a puddle of blood I want to leave this horrible place. In one minute’s silence can you a image… eating the horrible food as you feel like a dog the flies are flying all around you and all the blood on the ground I feel I will not survive. By Kate O

In one minute’s silence you can imagine…

How nerve racking it would be walking up the hills shaking. It would be scary like a nightmare.
In one minutes silence you can imagine… When more and more days pass it will smell so terrible it will make you want to run out to no man’s land
In one minutes silence you can imagine…
The smoke cancelling out your view and only hearing the scream of your allies and friends and you will not know what to do. By Shaun

We also experimented with blending colours and created a sunset. We then glued a silhouette on top. Our pictures represent our thoughts and feelings about Anzac Day.

In PE we have been practicing for the school Cross Country. Here are some action shots of the day:

NYLD was so much fun and everybody loved it, we learnt a new song called “wowwee”. A shout out to parents who helped: Liza Adams, Maria Baynes and Mrs Willams.


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