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29th November 2018

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Dear Parents

School Fair
Congratulations to everybody for making the school fair such a success on Sunday. We will have a final figure once all the accounts are paid. A big thanks to the organising committee for all your hard work and to all the parent and student volunteers working on the day.
A special thanks to Emma Jarman from the Verdon College music department and to all our ex-pupils who willingly gave up their time to help us. It is much appreciated. Below are a list of our business sponsors, can you please support them:
Stabicraft    Bob Christie Ltd     Snap-on Tools      Advance Agriculture      Bavarian Motels      K9 Essentials     Accelerate Physio      PGG Wrightsons
Alliance Group       Anytime Fitness    AWL Invercargill      East Road Pets    ECO Store       Facemakers    Bronze Connection    Collingwood Food Centre     Blue Sky Meats
Countdown Waikiwi      Glowing Sky  McNeil Drilling     Guthrie Bowron    H&J Smiths    Waikiwi Tavern    Isla Bank Butchery  Les Shiek    Lumsden Four Square
Murphy’s Dairy   Number Works & Words     McKnight & Brown    Purrfect Massage    Prime Range Meats     Turners Cars   Petsmart    Rock Gas   Bidfoods
Jump ‘n’ Fun Trampoline Park     Simply Special    Southern Seafood     Splash Palace     Fly and Spider Control   Mainfreight     Talleys   Vivo Hair Salon    Lone Star
Waikiwi Vets      Kennedy School of Music         ANZ Bank          Te Anau Lakeview Holiday Park           Gem’s Event Planning and Hires   Westpac

Also to: NZ Police     NZ Fire Service     Steel Players     O’Donnell Family     Langford Family     Taula Family      Blight-Cranston Family   Hamilton Family  Hillman Family  Aaron Horrell     Dot Muir        Pam Potter     Jeremy Winter   Lindsay Family    Oosterbroek Family  Ange Gillespie     Leanne Liggett     Annemarie Wezenbeek    Daniel Pinn
If we have missed anybody off this list, I apologize and please let me know so we can add you to our list.

Movie Day
Next Wednesday 5/12, all the children will be going to Readings Cinema to watch ‘The Grinch’ thanks to the PTA. Afterward we will go to Anderson’s Park for lunch then walk back to school. Children will need to wear their sports uniform, have their sun hats, a packed lunch, a drink bottle and a hi-vis vest if they have one.
If you wish to join us at the park (approx 12.30 – 12.45pm) please let your child’s teacher know.
If you have concerns about your child going to the movies, due to noise etc please contact me.

PTA Xmas Party
A reminder this is tomorrow night at the Garrison Army Bar – Fox Street @ 7pm. Please let Lina Langford know if you are coming @ 0274454621

We have been asked if our choir would like to participate in a carols evening at St Stephens, Waikiwi on Sunday 9/12 @ 7pm. So far we have 5 interested children. If your child is in Rooms 3, 8 or 9 and is available, please contact me.

School Accounts
We expect all overdue accounts to be settled tomorrow please.

Faith Facts
Week 7: November 26 – 30 Advent
30th St Andrew – This Sunday 2nd December will be the first Sunday of Advent. We will see the colours in the Church from mainly Green to Violet or Purple. Violet or Purple is the colour of Advent and Lent.

We can think of the colour of Advent to be a more of a rose-purple, like the sky just before sunrise. This is the time of year when the Church waits in joyful hope to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the light of the world.


Week 8: Advent  3 – 7 December –  First week of Advent: Hope – The Advent Wreath
Advent Wreaths are often found not only in people’s homes but also in the church. This circular evergreen wreath usually contains 4 candles (and sometimes 5 candles) and each of these candles represents one of the Sundays of Advent. Families who have this wreath in the home will light the candles on each Sunday and say prayers together. It is believed that this tradition goes back to Lutherans in Germany during the 16th century. Sometimes this wreath is known as an Advent Crown.

Congratulations to Dean Lindsay and Bella Rose Horrell who received the Charism Awards for week’s 6 & 7, and to all the children who received certificates.

End of Year Mass & Last Day
Our end of year Mass will be on Wednesday 12/12 staring at 5.45pm with carols and Mass at 6pm. School closes for the year on Thursday 13/12 @ 12.30 and re-opens on Tuesday 29/1/19.

Class Happenings Room 9 – On Tuesday, Room 9 spent the afternoon with Room 1 sharing our coding knowledge, knowing that when we give a set of instructions the animation character will follow exactly what we say.  We had so much fun sharing our coding skills with the juniors that we are planning on having some shared activities together. If you would like to have a go, visit


From Keira – It’s a massive opportunity getting to perform for a professional ballet company like The Russian Ballet and luckily for me I’ve had that opportunity twice now. All the practices were really boring but in the end it was worth it.  I got to perform in the first act called “Auroras Wedding”, as a little child.

From Fiah – Hello everyone. Last weekend I went to the C.M.D.A’s— Country Music Dunedin Awards. I auditioned for three sections; vocal solo, country rock and gospel.
I was very successful in vocal solo and country rock. I had so much fun making new friendships and performing at the finals in front of everyone especially my Dad. He is so awesome and always comes to my competitions even with a moon boot. I ended up winning junior vocal solo, country rock then JUNIOR OVERALL WINNER.
It was such a cool moment and I would like to thank all my family for the support. I couldn’t have done it without you!  

Tyler Veint received an award from St John’s Ambulance and ASB Bank for his actions in calling 111 and assisting when his little brother was choking. This is only the 2nd award to be given out in New Zealand and we are very proud of Tyler.

From Tyler – About 3 weeks ago I was playing on my Xbox then my Poppa yelled “Tyler!”
I yelled back at him, “what?”. He said “your mum is here”.  I stayed in my room on my Xbox. My Mum came in to my room to check on me I said “hi mum” she said “hi” back, then she heard weird noises in the hallway. She looked out and there was Charlie at the end of the hallway coughing.  She walked over to him saying “are you ok Charlie?”. He didn’t say anything.  Mum took him to the toilet thinking that he was going to vomit, she said that she could feel it coming up but it did not come out.  I stayed in my room thinking that he was going to vomit. I hate the look of vomit so I stayed in my room playing on my Xbox.  My Mum said “call an ambulance”.  I was like “what?”. I got the phone and said “who do I call” and then mum said “call 111”, so I did.  I was very scared to call 111 for the first time.  I called them and they said “what do you need”.  I said “I need an ambulance” and other details that I am not going to put in this. I gave the phone to mum and went outside, so when the ambulance got here I could show which house. I got outside I was freezing but Charlie needed help so I stayed outside. The ambulance came, I waved my arms up in the air they got up the driveway. The ambulance officers came out with  some box thing that can check your blood pressure. They got in the house and with the thing that checks your blood pressure.  They tried to put it on Charlie’s finger but he pulled his finger away so they gave him a toy lion to stay still (it worked) then they got it on his finger then they did it on Charlie’s ear. He didn’t want them to so they did it on the toy lion, then they did it on Charlie. He was ok with it then they said the thing he was choking on will dissolve, then they left.

On Monday 26 of November 2018 at Sacred Heart School, near end of the day we had to go to the hall for Assembly.  I thought that it was going to be a normal assembly, (but I was wrong). Everything was going normal then I saw the ambulance driver that drove to my house and the lady that comes and tell the school stuff about St John’s. It was time for them to go up and talk. The lady that comes to our school and talks to us said “I have a story for you” and she said to the ambulance driver “do you want to tell them”. He said “ok”.  The ambulance driver said “about 3 weeks ago there was a little kid who was choking, and a very brave older brother that stayed calm and rung 111 for help. Tyler please come up here.”
I was so shocked, I never expected to be given a certificate and a bravery cape.  I got to have my photo taken and then go out and have a look at the inside of the ambulance.    I was really happy that my Mum was there to see me, and even happier that Charlie is ok.

Basketball Finals
Girls Year 5 & 6 – Runner up in their competition. They lost to Waihopai 14-11.  With only five players they did so well.  Pippa Humm made a lifesaving shot with seconds on the clock which took them into overtime.  They all played their hearts out.
Girls Year 3 & 4 – Third equal.  They all improved so much through the season and played hard to draw against Waihopai in yesterday’s playoff for third.
Boys Year 5 & 6 –  On Tuesday night Rohan, Charlie and I played for 5th and 6th place at Basketball. Our team won against Waihopai.  The score was 24-18 and it was a good game. After that we had this photo taken. It was a good basketball season. Thanks to our coaches  – By Alex Hawkes.


Scholastic Bookclub – Issue 8 will close tomorrow, Friday 30th November. A reminder, books can be ordered and paid for online at

Out of School Art Class – Enrolments are now being taken for Term 1 – 2019. Classes are available for Year 1-8 pupils. For more information and enrolments, please contact: Helen 217-7482.

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PTA Xmas Party

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PTA Xmas Party

Here is an invite to the PTA Xmas Party this Friday.

Please RSVP to Lina Langford at   or  0274 454 621



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School fair

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Sacred Heart School Fair
Dear Parents
Thank you all very much for all the support given to make our school fair so successful today. So far we have banked about $12000 with additional  income and expenses still to be sorted. This is outstanding and a huge thanks must go to the organising committee. An excellent community event made possible with your help.

Peter Forde

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Sacred Heart School Alert

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Hi all

Apologies to anyone who has tried to contact the school  since yesterday afternoon. The phone lines have been cut and will be repaired this morning.


Peter Forde

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Sacred Heart School Fair Update

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Final Fair Notice

Dear parents

Thank you to everyone for the support you have given. The weather forecast is looking favourable (we haven’t been disappointed in the last 20 years) and everything is now coming together nicely.

School Mass
The children will line up in the foyer at 10.15 on Sunday morning for mass. They do not need to wear their uniforms this time. I expect all Sacred Heart children to be at Mass this Sunday.

The Cake Walk and Baking
Please drop off all your baking and cakes for The Cake walk to the hall on Saturday (between 10 and 2) or on Sunday morning before Mass.

Help Needed
If you are available on Saturday between 10 and 2, we would love your help in setting up for the fair. We have White Elephant produce to sort and price, lots of lifting and sorting and 4 tents to be put up.

If you have heavy duty extension cords please label them

Kapa Haka and Choir
The Kapa Haka group is to meet Miss Smith near the truck at 12.10pm.

The Choir is to meet Mrs Rippingale near the truck after the Kapa Haka performance.

Please remind these children they need to wait until after their performances to go on the rides.

A reminder for the children to bring lots of coins with them on Sunday.

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