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12th December 2018

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Dear Parents
I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. School closes at 12.30pm tomorrow and opens on Tuesday 29/1. Reports have been sent home today with all children. Our end of year mass starts at 5.45pm with carols then mass. Can all children meet in the foyer at 5.30 in their correct school uniform.

This will be the last newsletter of the year and I wish to thank all our parent community for their help and support throughout the year. A special thanks to the Board of Trustees for your governance role and a huge thank you to the PTA for your on-going support this year and for organising an excellent fair last month
Congratulations to our Year 6 children who leave us for the next steps in their educational journey. We thank you all for your leadership this year and wish you all the best next year.
We would like to also acknowledge several families who will be leaving us next week after a long association with the school: Turnhouts, Pages, Hollands, Adams, Murrays, Hogans, Hawkes, O’Donnells, Smiths and Deverys. We thank you for your support throughout your child’s education.
We farewell Mrs Buchanan and thank her for her commitment to the children in Room 1 this year.

Weather dependent this will happen tomorrow morning at about 10.30am (when the fire brigade gets here) Can children come with their swimming togs already under their sports uniform and bring towels and a bag for their clothes. If you are available to help with supervision / changing please come down as the more helpers the better.

Year 6 Graduation
Thank you to Mrs Williams and the Year 6 children for the graduation ceremony last night. We wish our Year 6 children all the best as they move into the next stage of their education and look forward to hearing of their successes as they progress through their respective High Schools.
Trophy recipients were:
Cairns Sports Cup – boys – Charlie Baynes
Cairns Sports Cup – girls – Briarlee Devery
Joyce Sheehan Art Cup – Fiah Adams
Jo Rabbitt General Excellence Cup – Ruby Duffy
Sacred Heart School Academic Cup – Liam Rippingale / Charlie Baynes
Bishop Campbell Special Character Cup – Fabian O’Donnell / Jack Smith

Final assembly Certificates
Room 1 – Charism – Jordis Murray, Effort – Cookie Le  , Fair Play – Dean Lindsay
Room 2 – Charism – Pippa Hamilton, Effort – Levi Langford, Fair Play – Daisy Duffy
Room 3 – Charism – Maddison May, Effort – Nadia Hutton, Fair Play – Leo Aitken
Room 8 – Charism – Precious Enriques, Effort – Leo Duggan, Fair Play – Molly Duffy
Room 9 – Effort – Kate Lindsay, Fair Play – Pippa Humm
Choir – Ruby Duffy & Jack Smith
Kapahaka – Fiah Adams & Rohan Murray

Free Haircuts for Those in Need – Mark Your Calendar Now!!!
Event #7 Sunday February 10th 2019, 1 – 4pm at Aurora College. Enquiries to 0275333600.

Pictures and Park
A big thanks to the PTA for sponsoring our viewing of the Grinch last week and ice-blocks at Anderson’s Park afterwards. Due to mixed messages from the cinema the pop corn did not happen in this instance, but Maria and Shane O’Donnell donated to St Vincent de Paul on our behalf which is a very worthy gesture at this time of the year and much needed by families. Also thanks for the ice-blocks today at our final assembly.

Journal for Kids
This Is Me Journal For Kids  designed by Mums with Activities, Recipes,  Jokes and loads more in it.  To view or order please go to or on face book – This Is Me Journal For Kids.  $20.00 each and all proceeds go to help Myross Bush School.

Faith Facts

Week 9: 10-14 December Second week of Advent: Peace

The Jessie Tree
A popular tradition during the Advent Season is the Jesse Tree. This tree, named for the father of David, is one that is decorated throughout the Advent Season with symbols of biblical people that are historically associated with or came before, the birth of Jesus Christ. This can include people such as Abraham, Noah, and Moses, as well as Mary and Joseph. By decorating this tree, children can be reminded of historical biblical figures and can also be taught about the preparatory nature of the Advent Season.

Week 10: December 17- 20 Third week of Advent: Joy
The Third Sunday of Advent, also known as Gaudete Sunday, calls for the lighting of the first two candles, as well as the third candle of the Advent Wreath. The candle is known as Joy. On this day, rose-coloured vestments are usually worn and the Bible passages read all relate to St. John the Baptist.

Happy Holidays and Blessed and joy filled Christmas season.

Congratulations to Ella Dempster who received the Charism Award last week and all the children who received certificates.

Room 1 Class Happenings 

Wow, what a busy week Room 1 have had. On Monday our Room 9 buddies came and played some really fun games with us and Room 2.

We played with the parachute and some team games.
Then on Tuesday Room 1 had a great day  dressing up and having a shared lunch with some of our Mums, Dads, Uncles, Friends.
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