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11th April 2019

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11 April 2019

Dear Parents
A big thank you for all your support this term. It has been very exciting to finally have Stage 1 of our rebuild underway but also it has been hard for the teachers and children with the work so close to Rooms 8&9.

It was excellent to have the Dance programme running and even better to have lots of parents able to join us for our celebration. From there we have started music appreciation sessions which will lead to instrument lessons next term. More information on this early next term.

We finish this term with our Easter Liturgy and I wish everyone a relaxing and joyful Easter break next week.

BOARD OF TRUSTEE ELECTIONS – Parent Election Roll – Now Open for Inspection In the School Office.

PTA News 
Oyster Raffle – Unfortunately the raffle will not be drawn today, as we have 33 cards which haven’t been returned to school. The raffle will now be extended to Monday 29th April. Can we have ALL raffle cards, full or empty, back on this day please, so we can at least draw it that week.
We would like to thank Southern Seafood Products Ltd for their generous donation of Salmon to be added to the list of prizes. Please support this business.
School Assembly is now being held Wednesdays at 9.30am. Parents/caregivers are also welcome at this.
Winter Uniform – the children change to winter uniform next term.

Faith Facts
WEEK 11 8th – 12th April
5th Week of Lent

School Holidays – This year both Easter and ANZAC Day fall in the School Holidays.

The 7th of April is the feast day of  St John Baptist De la Salle.    He was born in Rheims, France in 1651 and was ordained as a priest in his 20’s.  He devoted his life to educating children, especially the poor.  He died in Rouen, France in 1719.  The religious order he founded, the “De La Salle Brothers” came to New Zealand and founded De La Salle College in Auckland, Francis Douglas Memorial College in New Plymouth and John Paul College in Rotorua.  John Baptist De La Salle was declared patron saint “of all who teach young people in the Catholic Church” by Pope Pius XII in 1950.

Congratulations to the children who received the sacrament of Reconciliation last night. Thanks to Mrs Russell and Fr Tony for their preparation. Well done to Sean Hartstonge, Jacob Humm, Charlotte Pickett, Albert Cameron, Brooke Casey, Jamie Russell, Lucy Williams, Daisy Duffy, Rhea Mohenoa & Molly Duffy. Jesse Van Beek will receive the Sacrament next term.

Congratulations to Week 10 and 11 Charism Winners, Mitchell Johnston and Liam Sommerfeldt and all the children who received certificates.

Room 1 Class Happenings
Two weeks ago we had our athletics sports. Room 1 have written about their favourite part.
“I liked the high jump and I jumped.  I won with my big jump.”  Said Eric
“I can jump onto the mat.  I liked the long jump the best.”  Said DJ
“At athletics I jumped on to the big jumping mat.  I liked the running races.”  Said Nathan
“I went to the running race and I liked it.”  Said Erik
“I went to athletics.  I liked the running races.  I enjoyed it.”  Said Kellen
“I am at athletics, I did jumping.  I liked the running races, I got third.”  Said Coby
“I went to the running race and I ran and ran, I won.  I went to the big mat and I liked the high jump.”  Said Javier
“I can see the high jump and I had to jump high.”  Said Lleyton
“I am at athletics day.  I was running.  I liked the long jump the best.” Said Jack
“I can see the high jump.  It was really fun.”  Said Felix
“We did the running races.  I did a big jump at long jump.”  Said Madison
“I can see the running races.  I like the high jump the most.  I had to land on 2 feet.”  Said Lotte

Come in and check out the new 2019/2020 Entertainment book!!! These will be in stock next term.

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