3rd May 2018

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Dear Parents
Welcome back to Term 2. A special welcome to Indie Murray & Liam, Charlotte & Harry Rippingale and their families. We hope they enjoy their time at Sacred Heart School. Our prayers have been with the Holland family at this time as well.

Congratulation to our new Bishop Michael Dooley who was ordained in Dunedin last week. We look forward to him visiting us in the near future.

Faith Facts – Week 1
5th Sunday of Easter – 30th April – 4th May
Thursday 3rd Sts Philip and James, apostles
Month of May begins

For centuries, the Catholic Church has set aside the entire month of Mary to honour Mary, Mother of God. Not just a day in May, but the entire month. In May the special prayers or ceremonies may be organised on each day throughout the month. Children may learn to pray the rosary in this month.

Congratulations to Ella Dempster, the winner of Charism award this week. And the children who received certificates. Also well done to Charlie Baynes for winning the New Zealand Junior Motocross Championships, Southland Championships and Southern Series and Rohan Murray placing first in all his events at the recent School Swimming competitions.

Altar Servers
6th May:     Charlie Baynes & Jack Harding – Children’s Liturgy = Maria Baynes
13th May:   Fabian O’Donnell & S. Aby – Children’s Liturgy = Maria O’Donnell

Entertainment Book – The 2018/2019 Entertainment books have been sent out to each family today. Parents/caregivers have the option of purchasing them for $60 each/or returning them to school. Extra books are available to purchase. Alternatively follow this link to purchase a digital copy online www.entbook.co.nz/26009b1.            All unwanted books must be returned to the school office by Thursday 17th May. The PTA thank you for your ongoing support.

Discovery Time
Thank you to those people who have donated loose materials for the playground.
The children are enjoying using this during playtime and discovery time.
Now that the weather is cooler and damp, the children need to have their jersey, jacket and a warm hat at school every day.
The children may also bring their gumboots. A spare pair of socks and slippers would also be useful.
Please check the list below and if you have any of these things, we would love to have them.
Please contact Mrs Buxton or Mrs Russell for any questions.

Plumbing pipes, spouting
Wooden planks and small pieces of wood.
Work bench and vice
Tools: screw drivers, saws, nails and screws
Mini tramp
Material (fabric) – large pieces
Cable rolls
Large cardboard boxes
Large cardboard tubes – from furnishing fabric
Old key boards and telephones
Plastic trays, crates, bins, buckets

Room 2 Class Happenings
Room 2 were very fortunate to have a visit from Felicia from St John’s Ambulance.  She talked to us about emergency services and taught us how to phone 111.                        We all got to practise this and then she showed us how to bandage someone who is bleeding.  Here is a photo of one of the children’s first attempt.

The children have shared some of their experiences from the holidays.

 In the holidays I went to Dunedin.  I went to church for two hours.  The next day I went to church for one hour. I was so good that I got McDonald’s for tea and I got a present and it was so fun. Jamie Russell

In the holidays my auntie was boxing and my Mum and Dad were there.  Paddy was there too.  Uncle Peter was there too.  Kendall won trophies.  Mason Allison

I went to Kiwi Yo.  I got a chocolate ice cream.  My brother, Zion’s was rainbow ice cream and my mum got a Mango ice cream. Kelsy Unuka

Yesterday at the park there was a fire.  There were fire fighters.  It was funny.  Afterwards we went to Postie Plus.  We could smell the smoke.  It smelled funny.  I didn’t like it.  It smelt yucky to me. Brooke Casey.

I went to Gore swimming pool.  It was fun.  I did rugby practice. Elise Groot

I saw Elise at the swimming pool.  We played around and around then Elise had to go home.  Then I had a time, 15 minutes.  I love the pool.  I am going home because we had to have a late lunch.  It was a good time. Megan Sommerfeldt

In the weekend I went to the circus.  It was DANGEROUS. Mitchell Johnston

I got three new games on my iPad.  I like Duplo trains. Corbin Watson.

I went to Dunedin.  I got a car.  A racing car.  I went to a hotel.  I slept there for two nights.  Lucky!!! Christian Roderique

In the holidays I went to Dunedin.  I went to Carroll Motel and I got to see Mike and Kylie.  We went to Speights.  It was fun.  So much fun. Lucy Williams

I went to Nia’s for a sleepover.  I did painting with Ney and Pop.  I love painting.  We also played UNO.  It was fun.  I won all the time and I had a sleepover at Darvis’.          We fed the chickens.  I got so many eggs.  I also slept with her.  I had so much fun.  We also checked the sheep.  I got to hold a little lamb. Pippa Hamilton

Family Works – Room for one more – There are children and young people in our community who need the support of foster families. Family Works are seeking people (couples or singles) to welcome children and young people into their homes. Care may be needed for regular respite, temporary short-term or long-term. Family Works will support you with training, ongoing guidance, and foster care reimbursement. If this is something that interests you, please contact: Deborah Blomfield on 2118214, email dblomfield@familyworkssld.nz

Used Cans – Bob Christie Auto painters would love your used, cleaned and de-lidded cans (spaghetti/baked bean size and up). They would appreciate you bringing these into the school office, for collection. Many thanks.


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