30 May 2008

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Dear Parents

Another busy week is over and it is June already. Winter sports have started and we thank all the staff and parents who are coaching school teams. We also have children practising for the upcoming Aerobics and Dance Festival & Zone and hopefully Southland Cross Country.
At a breakfast meeting I attended this week the quest speaker was a young man from Bosnia – Herzegovina. He spoke of his experiences during the conflict in 1992 – 1995; when huge numbers of people especially civilians were displaced or killed. His own story involved escaping (the only one out of 101 men in his village) being found by soldiers and spending the next 3 years in the army. The fact that he was only 15 at the time makes us very lucky to live where we do. He and his NZ wife have started a Charitable Trust call Project Sunflower which aims to help to rebuild lives in Bosnia – Herzegovina and Croatia.

Unfortunately we farewell Riley & Bree Chilton and their family next Thursday. We thank Jodi for her time on the PTA committee and also the preferential treatment regarding the STAGS visits.
We wish them luck for their new venture in Timaru.

PARISH COUNCIL ~ You are warmly invited to attend a POT LUCK LUNCH to be held in the Sacred Heart Hall on Sunday 1st June 12.30 p.m. to welcome Fr. Vince to our parish. Please bring a plate.

The Zone Cross Country will be at Elizabeth Park next Wednesday 4th June. We were originally sent a notice with the wrong date. At least this means the children can have another week’s practice. Could parents of the children involved, please contact the office if they are able to provide transport for 4th June.

ED ALIVE SOFTWARE ~ Orders must be back at school by Friday 6th June.

Children are not to wear long sleeved thermals under their sports top, they are to wear the correct school uniform which is their jersey.

*** Please remember the last day for meat orders is Tuesday 3 June. Please ask all friends and family as this is a great
way to buy your meat.
*** We also have the opportunity to buy some fruit & vegetables from Perce Orchards in Roxburgh. The order form will be
on the notice board in the junior corridor. If you are interested, please write your order up and give Christine the money.
N.B. Orders must be in by Tuesday 3 June. The money must accompany the order. Please take note of the delivery date.

SH Stars drew 1 all against Woodlands SH Steel won 11 – 0 against Donovan
(If you have a netball skirt at home from last year, please return to Miss Kirkwood).

Next weeks draw: SH Stars (Mrs Millynn’s team) vs Woodlands Steelers Court 9 @ 4.30 pm
SH Steel (Mrs Russell’s team) vs Donovan White Court 3 @ 4 pm
SH Sting (Mrs Brown’s team) vs Ascot Angels Court 2 @ 5.30 pm

. Is your child frustrated by under-achievement at school?
. Are there problems with reading & writing?
. Is homework an ordeal each night?
. Is concentrating, following instructions or organizing tasks difficult?
. Do they suffer a lack of self-confidence or low self-esteem?
. Co-ordination problems – swimming, running, catching a ball?
The Dore Program provides a non-invasive exercise-based solution for the learning difficulties associated with Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, ADD/ADHD. The treatment is also effective in relieving Aspergers symptoms including improving social skills, eye contact and the ability to adapt to change. We are holding a free information evening at the Southland Museum & Art Gallery on Wednesday 11th June 7.30 pm to help develop awareness and educate parents, teachers and members of the community about our program and the benefits it offers. To reserve your seat please phone 0508367369.


Thank you for your attendance at the 3-way interviews this week. The children’s goal setting was a positive aspect mentioned by ERO and it has been beneficial for the children to be able to discuss them with their teacher and parents.
As a follow up could you please complete the survey below.

1. What was useful information?

2. What additional information would you have liked to receive?

3. Was the time allocation suitable?

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