15th November 2018

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Dear Parents

The countdown is on to our school fair next Sunday 25th November. I attended my first fair meeting for a while and a big thanks must go to the organising committee for all their hard work. The list of parents who are running events, assisting, sponsoring or providing goods and services is truly humbling and I thank you all on behalf of the children at Scared Heart School for this. I have decided to send out another newsletter solely focussed on the fair later today.

Faith Facts

Week 5: November 12-16    16th St Margaret of Scotland (1045 – 1093)
Margaret was prayerful. She gathered women together to study the Scriptures and to embroider vestments and altar cloths. She was always surrounded by beggars, and she gave them money and clothes. She set up homes and hospitals for those in need. She and her husband would go to church during Lent and Advent. On the way home, they would wash the feet of poor people in need and give them money. At home, Margaret fed nine orphans who were brought to her daily. She brought a love of the arts and education to the people, and they loved her in return. Her children are believed to be primarily responsible for two centuries of progress and peace in Scotland.

Week 6: November 19 – 23 November 26-30   21st The Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary
On this Feast of the Presentation of Mary in the Temple by Joachim and Anne. They of course are the grandparents of Jesus. Jesus was also presented in the Temple.

25th  Christ the King Sunday
This is the last Sunday of the Liturgical year and is a feast day that focuses on the authority of Christ. Jesus Christ King of the Universe.

Congratulations to James Hillman and Dean Lindsay who received the Charism Awards for the last fornight, and to all the children who received certificates.

Term 4 Dates
16 November:        Year 6 visit to secondary schools & Year 3, 4 and 5 Girls’ Self Defence.
21 November:        TIMMS – more information to follow.
25 November:        School Mass – 10.30 & School Fair – 11.30 – 2.30
27 November:        School Mass
30 November:        Year 3, 4 and 5 Girls’ Self Defence.
5 December:          Big Day Out.
10 December:        Reports come home.
11 December:         Year 6 Day.
12 December:        End of Year Mass and carols – time to be confirmed.
13 December:        Last day of the school year.
28 January:           Teacher Only Day 2019.
29 January:           First day for all children.

 After School Pickup
What a busy place the carpark is after school.  Please use the “drop off and pick up zone” or come and collect your child from the supervised area, when collecting your children after school.  It is unsafe for them to walk across the carpark by themselves to a waiting car.  Thank you for your support with this.

Outstanding Accounts
Thank you to those who have settled their accounts. All money owing must be in by Friday 30th November for audit purposes. Final accounts were sent out on Wednesday. Our bank details are: 031746 0042033 000

School Photos
This Friday is the final day to order school photos. After this date, parents will have to contact Geoff Horrell Photography direct.

PTA Uniforms – Many thanks to the people who have dropped off 2nd hand uniforms. We appreciate these, as they can be handed down to other families.

World Toilet Day
This Monday the 19th November is World Toilet Day. We, Liam & Harry Rippingale, rather enjoy a great deal of toilet humour. We’re 10 and 8 year old boys, so there’s always plenty of talk of butts and poo etc in our house. We’re lucky that we can laugh about these things. Did you know that 2.3 billion people don’t have access to toilets, latrines, or acceptable sanitation? This leads to disease and hundreds of thousands of deaths each year around the world. We have decided to raise funds and awareness for this cause by selling emoji poo cupcakes for $1 each this coming Monday at break times. All money raised will go to our page we have set up at: https://www.usefulgifts.org/community/pages/950178136-seth

By Liam (Rm 9) and Harry (Rm 3) Rippingale

Room for One More
There are children and young people in our community who need the support of Foster families. Family Works are seeking people (couples or singles) to welcome children and young people into their homes. Care may be needed for regular respite, temporary short-term or long-term. Family Works will support you with training, ongoing guidance, and foster reimbursement. If this interests you, please contact: Nicky Bode: nbode@familyworkssld.nz or phone 211-8226.

Class Happenings

Room 3 – Week 3
Room 3 have had a busy start to the term. We have been working on creating advertising posters for the School Fair.
We have been looking at language and images that stand out and make people interested.

Last Friday we were lucky enough to have a visit from James from the Tour of Southland. He spoke to us about bike safety.
We also got to watch part of the race as they passed our school on Monday.

Room 8 – Week 5
Room 8 had a Ki ō rahi lesson with a local expert last week.  Ki ō rahi is a traditional Māori game which is based on “The Legend of Rahi”. If you would like to find out more about the game the legend and instructions are on YouTube.


Earlier in the term we read a great book “The Legend of Rock, Paper, Scissors”. We then wrote our own legends; they explained a battle between objects we would find in our home or at school.

The Legend of  Scissor, String, and Rubber
Once upon a time in a wonder land there lived 3 things called scissor string and rubber. One day scissors was in her junk draw minding  her own business when she saw something at the corner of her eye. It was a pencil it was ready to battle. Boom! Boo!! Wow!!! Chow!!! Scissors is victorious.When string was in the study she saw a roll of sellotape she looked at it with a weird face then the sellotape awoke with a shock and said. “What you looking at little skinny thing?”  then the string said “what did you just call me?” “LETS BATTLE!!!” Ok lets do it. Boom!! Bow!! Boo!! Wow!! String is victorious. When rubber was in the boys desk he saw something in there that was bright. He looked at it up and down wondering what it was? Then it was up and looking at the rubber and said with a big voice “LETS BATTLE” “Ok” said the rubber.

Boom!! Boo!! BOW!! Wow!! Rubber is victorious.
Then at the end of  grandpa’s garage they all meet up, scissors string and rubber. Scissors cuts string; string covers rubber; then rubber sits on scissors boom!! Bow!! Wow!! Then they fight and fight and fight and fight till the are all so tired. “Man I am tired” said scissors “me two” said rubber “me three” said string.
They were all so sleepy so they went back to where they came from. Scissors went back to his junk draw, rubber went back to the boys desk and string went back to the study. THEN THEY ALL LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER.   By Holly Robertson

The Legend of Hot Coal, Bottle of Water and Tree
Many years ago there lived a strong hot coal in the realm    of the fireplace. He was searching for a worthy challenger. He searched far and wide in the cracks of the fireplace; finally he found a somewhat worthy challenger. “Come down from that crack you deformed piece of dust”
Coal said “oh ho ho I’m gonna get in your eyes and blind you and I’m not a piece of dust.” ASH VS HOT COAL hot coal wins. “Wow how pathetic I thought you were at least gonna be good. I’m leaving this place.” And with saying that hot coal left for a more worthy challenger.
He went to the little shrub by the door a little leaf fell off and coal said “Challenge me you veiny thing oh I’ll  come over there and will hurt you with my sharp leaf head!”
LEAF VS HOT COAL hot coal wins. “Can anyone beat me?”
Up on the high mountains of the table is a warrior so destined to be beaten his name is….. Water bottle. He searched on the table and found a bug he challenged the bug. “You disgusting animal fight me” “oh I’ll flap my wings and heat you up to get you!” WATER BOTTLE VS BUG water bottle wins! “Wow no challenging challengers wow I need someone hard.” So he jumped down and saw a piece of dirt. “Challenge me you thing what are you?” “I’m dirt oh anyway challenge me okay” WATER BOTTLE VS DIRT water bottle wins. “Even dirt cant beat me why can nobody beat me?”
Meanwhile in the realm of deserted garden a little tree was unbeaten right now he was challenging a stick TREE VS STICK how did stick w w w w  lose? “Well I’m very alike to that thing and I need someone to beat me!”
Tree found a stone “challenge me you hard gum thing” “oh I’ll beat you and hurt you.” TREE VS STONE tree is victorious.
Tree ran to the realm of under the couch. He found water bottle and hot coal fighting water bottle poured water on hot coal and put him out “yay finally someone can beat me” coal said “well I still can’t lose” “ahem” tree said “try fight me” so they battled tree absorbed water from water bottle “well no one can beat me”  “I’m still here” coal said.
So they battled and hot coal won and they battled so many time because they could all feel the taste of defeat one last time after that they returned home and lived happily ever after. THE END.   By Shaun Winter

St Patrick’s School Fair – Saturday the 24th of November – 10am-1pm
Come and join the fun. The students have been learning about Catholic Social Justice. So a percentage of the profit each class makes will be donated to a Charity they have been learning about. Come and help us give a little to those in need.


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