14th February 2019

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Dear Parents
Thank you to the parents who were able to attend the Meet the Teacher night last week. Your input was much appreciated. One area I wish to emphasise is if parents have concerns about anything happening at school please contact their child’s teacher in the first instance or me directly. Conversely if you wish to share something positive please do this as well. We look forward to our school dance programme starting next week on Monday.

Faith Facts: Why do we pray?
Prayer is a time of building a strong relationship with God.  This takes communication, as with any other relationship.  That means that there is a time for talking to God and also a time for listening to God.  Sometimes we pray in the company of others but at other times we pray on our own.  Jesus showed his disciples how to pray, and taught them the most universal Christian prayer “The Lord’s Prayer”.  As Catholics, we firmly believe in the power of prayer.  We know that God will respond to our prayers in God’s own time and way; prayer is not a ‘quick fix’ exercise, it is our developing bond with our Father. “Ask and you will be given, seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.  For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks the door will be opened” (Matthew 7:7-8)

Board of Trustee Elections
In June this year Board of Trustee elections will be held. An email was sent yesterday with some information from the School Trustees Association. If you are interested please contact me.

Room 2 – Class Happenings
Wow what a wonderful start to the year we have all had.
Yesterday was a super exciting day, starting with a visit from the Zirka Circus.
I saw three frogs, they were funny – By Indie
The circus came to school they did some tricks, they were cool – By Emme
I liked that the circus came to school.  My favourite part was when they went into the cans. – By Samson

After the circus left we got ready for ‘House Colour Day’
We all looked amazing dressed in our house colours.

I was in the blue house and I liked playing the floor is lava.  I liked playing tug of war and the wheel barrow races. – By Rose
The other day it was house colour day. We had tug of war, we won!  I wore a Jojo bow.  It was fun – By Jordis
I like tug of war.  I wore red clothes.  I liked when Donovan pulled so hard on the rope. – By Cookie

All the house points were added up and we would like to congratulate Harrington house for being the winning house yesterday.
Mercy = 2770
Donovan = 3300
Kavanagh = 3850
Harrington =  3900

Below is a link for the St Pats reunion. Should be a great weekend.  As our diocese is a small place are you able to post this on your school Facebook page/newsletter as time for registrations is running out. Registrations close 22 Feb.


Bob Christie Ltd
Bob Christie Auto painters needs your help. They want all your cleaned and de-lidded cans (spaghetti/baked bean size and up). Please bring these to school and leave them in the office. Many thanks.

Subway is available every Thursday for the children to order. Envelopes are available at the office, and all orders must be in to the office by 9am, for pick up.

SOS INERCARGILL TENNIS – Invercargill Tennis this term all starts next week. Please see all information below from Tennis Southland & Waihopai Tennis Club. All players/caregivers are welcome to make contact with any contact listed below, for any information regarding tennis. It’s never too late to join in.

SATURDAY TENNIS INTER-CLUB COMPETITION – This is a 6 week competition at the Waihopai Tennis Courts starting Saturday 16 Feb – 23March 9.30am – 12.00pm (players can still join). This competition is for beginners to experience players from 16 years and under. Teams consist of four/five players (boys and girls mixed – placed in playing order according to ability and experience). Each player will play a single and double match and results will be entered for Configure Rankings. A Manager is required for each team. If you are interested in entering this competition then please contact Julie 021 449 758 or email waihopaischoolsports@gmail.com

WEDNESDAY DOUBLE TROUBLE TENNIS – This is a fun and friendly 6 week Junior Tennis Competition. Teams of 2 will play 2 times, 30 minute singles and 1 double game each week. Learn how to score and perfect your serves in a relaxed, fun environment. This competition is suitable for beginning – intermediate players. Racquets can be provided if required. WHEN: Wednesday 20th Feb – Wednesday 27th March 2019. WHERE: Waihopai Tennis Club, Duke Street. TIME: 4.00pm – 5.30pm
COST: $30 per player (Free to Waihopai Tennis Club Members) Must enter with a team mate. IMPORTANT INFO�Teams with Year 5-6 players will need to have an adult manager with them each week. Teams in Year 7 and above must appoint a team captain. Managers and Captains will be responsible for ensuring teams are aware of playing times, venue and weather calls each week. Visit www.waihopaitennis.com or email waihopaitennis@gmail.com to register or request membership details.

TRIPPLE TERROR TENNIS – A triples match, providing a fun, social tennis competition for teens. Teams consist of three players – six players on court.
How does it work? Same traditional rules as in normal two-person-a-side doubles. Each match involve 6 games in total, with a tiebreaker if the score reached three-games all. Suits ALL boy/girl teen players of different abilities. Play to music. Spot Prizes. WHEN: 19 February –19 March 2019. WHERE: Waihopai Tennis Club. TIME: Tuesdays 6pm – 7:30pm. COST: $20 pp. CONTACT: Jo Grimwood 021 400 557 operations@tennissouthland.co.nz
Register by Monday night 18 February 2019. Draw text Monday nights. (detail full name, email and phone. To register as a team, include team name & players details)

HOT SHOTS – COMMUNITY PLAY TENNIS – This programme is for introductory to beginner’s using smaller tennis courts, racquets and softer balls. Covers the fundamentals of ball and racquet skills with an emphasis on fun. Parents are welcome to get on the court and get involved in the fun too! Where:Waihopai Tennis Club, Duke Street, Invercargill. When: Thursday 14th Feb – Thursday 19th March 2019 (players can still join). Time: 5-8 year olds – 3.45pm – 4.30pm  9-12 year olds – 4.30pm – 5.15pm
Cost: $20 (Racquets provided if necessary) Register online at: www.waihopaitennis.com
Email waihopaitennis@gmail.co.nz
Facebook Waihopai Tennis Club

JUNIOR COACHING – Junior squad coaching follows on from Community Play and a minimum skill requirement is needed to attend these sessions and will be assessed by coaches. Where: Waihopai Tennis Courts, Duke St. When: Tuesday 12th Feb – Tuesday 19th March 2019 (players can still join) Time: 5-8 year olds – 3.45pm – 4.30pm
9-12 year olds – 4.30pm – 5.15pm. Cost: No cost to attend junior squad coaching however players must be a member of the tennis club. All equipment provided if needed.
Register online at: www.waihopaitennis.com
Email waihopaitennis@gmail.co.nz 
Facebook Waihopai Tennis Club

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