28th February 2019

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28 February 2019

Dear Parents 

Welcome to Nathan Frampton who joined the children in Room 1 on Monday. We hope he and his family enjoy their time at Sacred Heart.

The children have been busy practising for our dance celebration tomorrow morning at 10.20. You are all welcome to come and watch it in the hall.

Next Wednesday all children will attend Ash Wednesday Mass at 11.00am in the Church. Parents / caregivers are most welcome to join us.

Board of Trustee Elections
On Thursday 30th May this year, the Board of Trustee elections will be held. An email has been sent out with some information from the School Trustees Association.             If you are interested please contact me.

We have started the year with 94 children which is down on previous years. While we advertise in local pre-schools and kindergartens,  parent recommendations count a lot when new parents are looking around schools. We need at least 15-20 new enrolments this year to sustain our teaching numbers. If you know of any prospective enrolments please contact  Mrs Russell or myself.

Faith Facts WeeK 5,  25th – 1st March

That Christian communities, especially those who are persecuted, feel that they are close to Christ and have their rights respected.
1st March officially the first day of Autumn.
March is also dedicated to St. Joseph. The first five days fall during the liturgical season known as Ordinary Time which is represented by the liturgical colour green. Green, the symbol of hope.
Abba, Father, the trees are ablaze with your glory. The seasons change, but you never do. You are always beautiful, in the green and freshness of spring and in the golds and reds and chills of autumn. Make me like you. Let my life reflect your beauty, season after season, as the calendar of my life turns and turns and turns.

WEEK 6,  4th – 8th March

5th Shrove Tuesday
6th Ash Wednesday

The burning of palms of last year’s Palm Sunday calls us to remember the glory of Jesus’ entrance into Jerusalem in triumph that then quickly turns to rejection. Lent (40 days) is the time to look at our lives and ask about faithfulness in living our baptism. Lent should be a time of fasting, prayer and almsgiving.

Your school and parish will be involved with the CARITAS programme – The theme for Lent 2019 is inspired by a quote from Pope Francis: ‘Living our lives with love.‘ We are called to live our lives with genuine love – for others and for God. This year Lent begins on Ash Wednesday 6th March and lasts until Holy Thursday 18th of April. Caritas runs a Lent Appeal on behalf of New Zealand’s Catholic Bishops to support our work of charity and justice for the world’s poorest – in New Zealand and overseas.

Sacramental Programme
This year we will be celebrating the Sacramental Programme.
If you wish your child (Year 3 up) to be prepared for the Sacraments, please come and see Anna Russell in Room 1 or email: arussell@shsinv.school.nz
A date will then be set for a parent meeting with Father Tony to go through what is expected and sacramental dates will be set.  

A big welcome to our new children at Sacred Heart School


Certificate and Charism Award Winners

Week 2  

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Room 3 Class Happenings
The children have completed their first Writing Survey for the year.  I am very impressed with how well the children have recounted their House Colour Day experience.  Below is a little taster of the children’s writing.

House Colour Day
Yesterday it was House Colour day.  First, we did wheelbarrow races.  Next, we did Toilet Tag then the Obstacle Course.  The last one was the Parachute.  Wheel barrow races were fun but I didn’t like when my shorts ripped.  Toilet tag was the best one of all. Wait not! The obstacle course then toilet tag.  Last is parachute.  After all the fun it was Tug ‘o war time.  Mercy was last, Harrington third, Kavanagh second and Donovan first.  The chants were amazing.  Cruz Wanakore

Yesterday the whole school came out dressed up in our house colours. There were stations.  Mr T had an obstacle course, and wheel barrow race, toilet tag, the parachute and Tug ‘o war.  It was fun.  We won the chant.  It was great.  Daisy Duffy

Guess what we did on Raapa?  It was House Colour Day.  My Mum dropped me off to school.  I was bored waiting to get to school.  The first activity was Toilet Tag.  It was fun.  The next activity was the obstacle course.  It looked scary so I didn’t do it.  After that we did parachute. It was very, very fun.  Then we went to the wheel barrow races.  It was fun.  Then we did Tug ‘o war.  Harrington won.  James Hillman

We pulled the rope.  It was fun.  We had to pull the rope.  Kavanagh and Harrington were pulling and pulling.  It was fun.  We played Toilet Tag.  It was fun.  Well, I had a problem.  Two boys were calling me “Shrimp”.  I moved away and ignored them and told the teacher.  She said, ignore them. So, I ignored.  I kept going with the game.  Soon I got tagged.  Someone flushed me.  I was free too.  I liked it.  It was fun. I was a tagger.  I tagged people.  It was fun.  Precious and I were playing a game.  I had to go on my hands.  We played with the parachute.  It was fun.  I liked it.  Megan Sommerfeldt

Yesterday it was House Colour day.  We played with the parachute. I’m in Harrington.  It was so exciting when Harrington won the house points.  We were a bit sad when we didn’t win the chants but we were still happy for the house that did win.  I really liked the Obstacle Course.  Harrington also won the Tug ‘o war.  I really want to be here for the next House Colour day, but I won’t be here.  Charlotte Rippingale

Finally Tug ‘o war is over.  Let me tell you about it.  So first I went to the Obstacle Course.  It was really fun.  It was like trying not to touch the lava except it was different though.  Then I went to the parachute.  It was really fun.  Then I went to wheel barrow races and then finally Toilet Tag.  Then the hardest, toughest one of them all – Tug ‘o war.  Harrington won but I didn’t mind because Donovan won the song and I’m in Donovan.  I really enjoyed it and then I went to class and I nearly drank my whole drink bottle because it was really hot.  I felt like a melted ice block.  It was crazy because it was hot.  I mean really crazy because it was hot.  Really man! That’s the weirdst thing ever.  Nadia Hutton

Harrington won the points.  We did activities.  Obstacle Course was my favourite because we weren’t allowed to touch the ground that was lave.  My second favourite was the parachute.  The tug o war was fun too.  It was my third favourite.  Christian Roderique

We have been learning three dances, Hip Hop, Bus Stop and Paso Doble.  We are really looking forward to “showing off” on Friday at 10.20. We would love you to join us if you are able.  Below are some photographs of our practice.



We have had a mix of weather events this term.  On a wet playtime, the children have been using some of the loose materials to build constructions.  Below is a photo of one of such buildings showing great co-operation from all involved.

For Sale:  Boys Winter Shorts – Size 4, 6, 8 $20 each. Just arrived in stock at the office. Lovely winter weight pull up boys shorts. No zip or buckle.

The 2019/2020 Entertainment Book will be available next term. Get in early and pre-order your book @ https://www.entertainmentbook.co.nz/orderbooks/2600961  


Congratulations to Pippa Humm, who competed at the South Island Surf Competition, Round 3. Pippa was placed 4th.

Wanted to Buy: A boys bike, in good condition, to suit a 7yr old. Please contact the school office.

Out of School Music
We have spaces in our beginner ukulele class. Suitable ages 8 up. Classes run at 10.30 Saturday mornings from Girl’s High. $65 for a year. Contact Deborah 216-5137.

AMP South Kids TRYathlon – Sunday 24th March at Splash Palace and Rugby Park
Attached is the information/entry form for this popular Tryathlon. For more information, please visit their website at www.southlandtriclub.co.nz


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