2nd May 2019

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Dear Parents

We welcome our new entrants this week: Lara Hamilton, Luke Burgess and Samuel May. We hope they enjoy their time with us at Sacred Heart.

Faith Facts

WEEK 1   29th April – 3rd May
29th Saint Catherine of Siena
2nd St Athanasius
3rd Saints Philip & James, Apostles

Welcome back to Term Two

Lord God,
At the beginning of this new term teach us to be your hands and feet.
At the beginning of this new term teach us to love as you love us.
At the beginning of this new term teach us to pray for those in need.
So that we may show our faith in action and deed.

WEEK 2   6th – 10th May
Pope Francis Prayer for May
For the Church in Africa, through the commitment of its members, may be the seed of unity among her peoples and a sign of hope for this continent.

The 2019/2020 Entertainment Books have arrived and will be distributed to each family next week. A digital option is also available. With hundreds of dollars in discounts throughout Invercargill, Queenstown and Dunedin, these books are great for presents/gifts e.g. Mothers Day and are only $60 each. If you don’t want a book sent home, please email Christine at: office@shsinv.school.nz

PTA Mothers Day Gift Exchange
Hi everyone, we hope you all had a great holiday with your families over the past two weeks.
Due to the huge success of our ‘Mothers Day Gift Exchange’ in previous years, the PTA have decided to continue with this tradition.
Mothers Day this year is Sunday 12th May.  We ask that every child bring along a gift each, valued at no more than $5, which the children will exchange for something, that takes their eye, to give to their mother on Mothers Day.
There will be a container outside the office as of this Friday, 3rd May for your child to place their gift in.  Please do so by Wednesday 8th May.
Many thanks – your PTA Committee          

Year 6 Camp at Stewart Island – We trust everyone is having a great time and we look forward to hearing all the stories next week.


Pita Pit 
A big shout out to Luca and Taya’s mum who won the ‘Pita Pit’ lunch shout yesterday for Room 9. With the year 6 children off to camp, the year 5 had a great feast!!!

Lost Jersey –  Please check at home your child is wearing the correct jersey. We are specifically looking for one belonging to Liam Sommerfeldt. This is the 2nd jersey of Liam’s to go missing, so we would appreciate you acting on this request.

Scholastic Bookclub Issue 3 – will close on Friday 10th May.

Room 2 Class Happenings 
Here are some of the holiday highlights from Room 2

In the holidays I went to my cousin’s house and I had so much fun.  I saw a sea lion on the TV.  The sea lion was on snow.  It had two hands and one tail.  It was beautiful. – By Jeanet

In the holidays I had my birthday.  I got lots of presents.  When I got home I opened some more presents and I ate cake.  I got into my sleep tent and I slept. – By Eli

In the holidays it was my Pops birthday and we went to a restaurant.  When I was waiting a lady came to give me a piece of paper and crayons.  In the holidays I went to Joy’s home with my Mum.  I was playing with Joy’s kids on the trampoline.  We went to another restaurant and there was a playground. – By Rose

In the holidays it was my cousin’s birthday and I smelt cake.  I took a photo with my cousin.  I got to keep the picture.  I ate the cake, I had ice cream.  The party was great.  I also played at the party. I went to Te Anau and I saw Mrs Williams at the café.  I ate a waffle, it was so yummy that I had some of Dad’s waffle  – By Emme

In the holidays my Dad came to my house and so did my brother.  We did lots of cool adventures together.  We went to Monkey Island and it was fun going there, we climbed on the rocks.  Oh wait, another thing we did was we went to Clip and climb.  My Dad, Mum, Mitcham and I went climbing too.  Then just Mum and I went to the Harlem Globe trotters, then…. they scored! – By Mitchell

In the holidays my top tooth came out of gum and I liked my tooth coming out.  My sister Anna kicked my tooth out. My friend Rose came to my house to play.  She really likes me. – By Nina

In the holidays my friend had a sleepover at my house.  We had fun.  We played with the shark it was fun.  My little brother laughed because Levi and I tripped over on the shark – By Noah

In the holidays I woke up after Friday and I saw Mum, Dad and Reuben.  I watch Fernando and I saw Charlie and Auntie Tia.  I love the holidays because you don’t have to go to school. Another thing I did was I tasted a big Easter bunny, they were delicious.  I love Easter because you get to spend time with family and I love my family – By Jordis

In the holidays I watched TV most of the time.  It was boring.  I went to a Chinese restaurant, then I went home.  I watched TV again, I asked if I could play on the Nintendo Switch. I went to my Grandma house because my Dad, he had to cut down two hedges – By Dean

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