30th May 2019

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Dear Parents

Faith Facts

WEEK 5    27th – 31st May
Week of Prayer for Christian Unity
31st The Visitation of Mary
1st St Justin
2nd Feast of the Ascension

The story Ascension of Jesus is described in the book of the Acts of the Apostles, chapter one. Jesus ascends from the Earth to Heaven. This happens 40 days after the Jesus resurrection and the disciples were there to see it.  As he raises, a cloud obscures him from their view, and two men in white arrive to tell them that he will return “in the same way you have seen him go into heaven.”

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity
Every year Christians across the world gather in prayer for growth in unity. We do this in a world where corruption, greed and injustice bring about inequality and division. Ours is a united prayer in a fractured world: this is powerful. However, as individual Christians and communities, we are often complicit with injustice, and yet we are called together to form a united witness for justice and to be a means of Christ’s healing grace for the brokenness of the world.

WEEK 6   3rd – 7th June
Week of Prayer for Christian Unity
3rd Charles Lwanga and companions
9th Pentecost Sunday
5th St Boniface

Pentecost Sunday the Churches Birthday. One week after the Ascension, on the 50th day after Easter, the feast of Pentecost is celebrated. Pentecost celebrates the coming of the Holy Spirit on the apostles, which empowered them to go out and begin spreading the Gospel the beginning of the church as we know it.

School Mass – Pentecost Sunday – June 9th 10.30 am
The children need to meet in the school foyer at 10.15 am, dressed in school uniform please.

Board of Trustees 

Production – This year our school production is ‘Conundrum’. This will be held at Verdon College on the 15th and 16th of August, please Save the date.
We are needing your help to build and create some of the larger production props. We are also needing big fridge/freezer boxes etc.
If you are interested in helping out, please come and see Mrs Williams asap.

Entertainment Books – Thank you to the people who purchased their entertainment book.  All unwanted books must be back tomorrow for pick up.

Scholastic Bookclub – Issue 4 closes on Friday 14th June.

Recorders – Many thanks to Maria Baynes, who donated 5 recorders to the school. This was much appreciated.

Congratulations to our Week 4 Charism winner Daisy Duffy, and all the children who received certificates.

Well done to all the children who took part in the Cross Country on Thursday and Friday. The following children qualified for the Zone Cross Country next week at Elizabeth Park (near St Patricks School):  Molly Duffy, Isla Baron, Luca Ross, Natasha Lee, Pippa Humm, Lucas Allison, Leo Aitken, Hamish McIntyre, Troyden Nel and Quin Brown.  We wish them all the best.


Room 8 Class Happenings     
In Writing in Room 8 we have been learning about descriptive language – especially including strong verbs and adjectives in our Writing. We have used this picture to write a ‘moment in time’ piece of writing. Aren’t they great!

I felt anxious but brave I was standing up for my country my heart was racing.I hear gun shots and boom’s dropping the noise was from all angles bullets flying by my face.I smell smoke I felt the mud slipping under my feet thinking of the people back home tasting the smoke running to my lungs saying to my team get to the next trench fast.        By Albert

Boom! Bang! Went the bombs exploding. I was absolutely terrified! My friends and I were sprinting across the battlefield to our trench.
I could hear people yelling at us “quicker! Come on! Hurry!” It was a pain jumping and dodging barbed wire. I was pretty sure I was going to die! I was hearing gunshots shooting at us, but we were ducking them. I was at the back, mud squelching under my feet.                                                                                                                                                  By Maddie

In this moment in time I am feeling terrified my heart was beating as fast as a race car.I smell smoke from the firing guns boom!!! I see dead grass everywhere and smoke  I was thinking I wanted to lie on the ground.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          By Luca

I was in the war. I was terrified to death.Boom! Bang! I had butterflies in my tummy i got my gun out I put my ammo in my gun.There was smoke around me and my friend’s we walked in the field to the middle of the field i stand on a poppy. I  picked it up I put it in my vest. I got in the middle of the field I was scared I was running I said start running! I got back to the base. I stepped on barbed wire and that was that.                                                                                                                                                                                By Lucy

I wake up
I wake up and have toast with butter.I ran outside and charged to the enemy team. I can hear gunshots.
Blood is dripping from my friends leg.
I see the nurse is coming.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           By Mac

When I start running all I can hear is gunshots and soldiers yelling for help. I am feeling anxious as I am sprinting to the other soldiers and so terrified running to the other team. All I can smell is smoke . Most of the soldiers got hit by bullets and when I start running I can see blood.                                                                                                                By Ella

I am feeling  frightened.
I can hear guns banging in the sky.
I can see spiky barbed wire .
I can smell smoke spreading through the sky.
I can feel hot air spreading around war.
I can taste smoke go in my lungs .
I am thinking someone might sneak up and shoot me. By Reuben

I was anxious because I felt like I was going to die. I ran through the mud, over the barbed wire. As I charged towards the enemy trench I could smell the dead corpses.         By Lucas Dawson

Ngai Tahu Tuition Grant
Are you aware of Ngai Tahu’s Learner Support Fund which will fund at least one term of tuition per year to school age children who are registered with the iwi?                NumberWorks’nWords Invercargill is an accredited provider of Maths and English tuition for school aged children whether it be for extension, catch up, a boost or confidence. Contact the Ngai Tahu Out of School Administrator Hara Adams, 08005248284 or hara.adams@ngaitahu.iwi.nz or apply to https://webapps.ngaitahu.iwi.nz/learner-support-fund
Applications for Term 3 tuition close 8July 2019. Phone Raewyn on 2186804 to arrange an evaluation to get the ball rolling.

Turners Group NZ Ltd is part of the Turners Automotive Group and are very proud to have been helping Kiwi’s buy and sell used vehicles for over 50 years. They are currently seeking a hardworking and motivated individual with impeccable attention to detail to join their grooming team on a fixed term/part time basis. In this role you will be responsible for arranging and providing a ‘car valet’ standard of grooming for Turners vehicles, including upholstery cleaning & shampoo, machine cut & polish, paint & fabric protection, odour treatments, and leather restoration – thereby meeting and exceeding both buyer and seller expectations.
As well as the above, you will also be involved in additional duties of the yard, ensuring that the sales floor and yard are kept clean and tidy at all times.
To be successful in this role, you will demonstrate the following:
.  Current, clean drivers licence
.  A positive and mature outlook
.  An enthusiastic and professional attitude in all interactions
.  Good communication skills – verbal & written

Previous experience is not essential but what they are looking for is a team player who is self-driven and takes pride in their work.
This is a 20 – 25 hour per week role for approx 6 months.
Enquiries are welcome to: lindsay.munro@turners.co.nz or 2154277


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