27th June 2018

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Dear Parents 

Faith Facts
WEEK 9    24th – 28th June
24th The Nativity of Saint John the Baptist
28th The Sacred Heart of Jesus
29th Saints Peter and Paul, apostles

John is about 6 months older than Jesus, and he is the one who baptizes Jesus. John’s father is Zacharias and his mother is Elizabeth. They were both faithful to God. Your children will tell you the story about how John came to be. If they have forgotten it is in the Bible Luke 1:5-2539-80 or find it here https://www.biblefunforkids.com/2012/06/birth-of-john-baptizer.html

WEEK 10   1st – 5th July
3rd St Thomas, apostle
A Holiday Prayer
Loving Lord, as the time for our holiday gets closer we pray that You would be with us, as we make all the plans and preparations for this much needed time of rest and refreshment.
Help us not to miss any important things as we get ready. We pray that there will not be any last-minute problems to hinder of prevent our restful holiday time. Keep us and all our friends safe and warm during this break.
Thank You for this wonderful opportunity to recharge our mental, spiritual and physical ‘batteries’, so that we may be able to spend time away from our hard work at school and of the every-day life and return rejuvenated and ready to continue our daily tasks.

Sacred Heart Feast Day
Tomorrow we will celebrate Sacred Heart Feast Day.
We are asking the children to bring an item of food for the Southland food bank. In particular: weetbix, tuna, spaghetti & baked beans, rice, coffee and tea.
All children need to wear their sports uniform. Thank you.

Our biannual school production is fast approaching. This year’s production ‘Conundrum’ will be performed on the evenings of Thursday 15th and Friday 16th of August at Verdon College. This is a whole school production, and compulsory event for ALL students. Every student has a role in the performance, and are required to take part in both shows. If there are any problems with this, please speak with your class teacher ASAP. We are now at the stage of organising our props, sets and costuming. We are needing:

  • Handy people willing to build some simple sets
  • Artistic people able to paint sets
  • Anyone able and willing to sew
  • Donations of scrap fabric (pieces bigger than 30cm x 30cm) or old sheets

Over the coming weeks, you will receive notice from your class teachers about items they are sourcing for props, costume requirements, and also ways you can help with their class preparations. Please keep an eye out for this, and help out where you able.

Activity Fee
We have several families who haven’t yet settled their activity fee. Please check with Christine if this is you.

Verdon Open Day – Sunday 4 August 1 – 3pm. Mark your calendar now. 

PTA News – School Disco – 4th July
Hi everyone, we hope you have had a great term 2. We are looking forward to holding an American themed (red, white and blue) disco for all the students next Thursday 4th July and would love to see you all there.
Entry will be a gold coin donation. We will be selling a selection of snacks and glow sticks/fire optic accessories on the night.
Year 1 – 3 students will be from 6 – 7.00 pm
Year 4 – 6 students will be from 7 – 8.00 pm
We would greatly appreciate some parent help on the night please. If you are able to help, please contact Bailey 02102671370.

Congratulations to Luca Ferrari and Corbin Watson who received the Charism Award for Week 8 and 9. And to all the children who received certificates.


Class Happenings – Room 1 have written some ‘What am I?’ with Mrs McCarthy

See if you can guess the answer before looking at the answer! What am I?
I am red.
I am in a lunchbox
What am I?
…An apple

I am red.
I am scary
I roar
What am I?
… A velociraptor
By Coby

I am electric
I have 2 legs
What am I?
…A robot
By Eric

I am colourful
I have 4 wheels
I play music
What am I?
…An ice-cream truck
By Erik

I have 4 legs
I am different colours
I bark
What am I?
…a dog
By Felix

I am black
I have 8 legs
I scare people
What am I?
…a spider
By Lotte

I have 8 wheels
I am big.
What am I?
…a truck
By Nathan

I am light brown.
I am also black.
I scratch
I am snuggly
What am I?
…A cat
By Madison

I have 4 wheels
I have a motor.
I go on the road.
What am I?
…A car
By Sam

I am scary
I have 8 legs.
What am I?
…A spider
By Luke

I am green
I have 2 wheels
I can go really fast
What am I?
…A motorbike
By Lleyton

I am huge
I have spikes
I am not alive now
What am I?
…A dinosaur
By Jack

I am brown and green
I can grow really high
I have leaves
What am I?
…A tree
By Lara


Out of School Music
Music Awareness: We are now taking enrolments for Music Awareness for term 3. This class is for students 5-6 years and is a great introduction to music. Class runs
from July 27th-Sept 21st, Southland Girls High School, Saturday mornings 9.30 – 10.25, $25, Contact: Deborah 216-5137 answerphone). email admin@osmc.co.nz or
facebook out of school music.



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