26 May 2016

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Dear Parents


Congratulations to the following parents:


Declaration of Parent Election Results

At the close of nominations on Friday, 20 May 2016, as the number of valid nominations was fewer than the number of vacancies required to be filled, I hereby declare the following duly elected:

Brook Armishaw

Angela Gillespie

Mark Lee

Jeremy Winter


Jillian Roberton

Returning Officer


Principals Conference

Next week I will be at the NZ Principals conference from Tuesday to Friday.


Sunday Mass

Thank you to those parents and children who attended our school Mass on Sunday. Unfortunately the turn our was very disappointing. We realize there are reasons why families cannot attend but in this case, there was little or no communication to let us know children would not be attending.


Young Leaders Day

On Monday some of our Year 6 children will be fortunate to attend the Young Leaders Day in Dunedin. Could those children please be at school at 6.00am.


Otago University Students

Thank you to the students who have been with us for the last two weeks. We wish them luck with their studies.


2016 Enrolments

If you have children coming or know of other possible enrolments for 2016 please let us know.



Many thanks to the PTA for 20 new Chromebooks that we have introduced into the junior classes. The children are looking forward to using these.


ANZ Olympic Schools programme

Many thanks to the family who nominated Sacred Heart School when they applied to the ANZ for a loan. This is the second family who has named our school to receive credits towards new sports gear and IT equipment. We have been awarded another 800 credits.


FAITH  FACT ~ The Kingdom of God

 Crossing the threshold of faith challenges us to discover that although it seems today that death reigns in its various forms and that history is ruled by the law of the most powerful or the most cunning, and although hatred and ambition operate as driving forces of so many human struggles, nevertheless we are absolutely and decisively convinced that this sad reality can change and must change, because “if God is for us, who can be against us?”

(Rom 8:31, 37).
Altar Servers

Saturday 28 May 7.00 pm:               Ruby Duffy & Maiya T.K.

Sunday 29 May 10.30am:     Anika Winders & Declan Hogan

Children’s Liturgy:                 Aletta Reid


Netball Results

Apples vs Bluff Red, winning 12 – 3. POD for amazing rebounds, great defending and shooting was Anika Winders.


Melons vs Waverley 4 – 4. POD was Maiya Tagomoa-Kaa for great tips and intercepts on defence.


Activity Fee

A reminder to get your Activity Fees settled please.

Direct Debits are welcome: 031746 004203300.



Can I please ask everyone to take care when exiting the carpark and to look left for pedestrians? Thank you.


2 Lost Jerseys with the names Jones & Briarlee on the tags. Please check your child has the correct one.


PTA Entertainment Book

We have a few parents who still need to make payment for their entertainment book. Please do this asap, so calculations can be finalised.


Change of Clothing

Please put a change of clothing, including shoes and socks, into your child’s bag next week. A number of children have borrowed clothing this week because they were wet or muddy. Please return all borrowed clothing (washed) as soon as possible. Thank you.


Library Petition

Attached is the link for the online petition to preserve our wonderful children’s library. https://www.change.org/p/invercargill-library-invercargill-children-s-library?recruiter=79273212&utm_source=petitions_show_components_action_panel_wrapper&utm_medium=copylink


Class Happenings Room 1

In Room 1 we have started the firewise programme.


We will be learning what fire is, how to use smoke alarms,  how a firefighter does there job and how to get out in the case of a fire.


Yesterday some firefighters came to school in their fire engine and talked with Rooms 1, 2 and 3.


Here are some thoughts from Room 1


One of the firemen showed us all the gear they have to wear when going to a fire.     James 

The fireman got all dressed up in his gear to be safe.   Vinny

Today we got to go in the fire truck.  Zavier


We got to sit in the fire truck and Izabella got to turn the siren on.   Sophie



I liked going on the fire truck because it was so fun and cool.   Charlotte


Today the fire men came and visited and we got to spray the fire hose.  Sam


Today I knocked down cones with the fire hose and knocked a ball off the cone.    Brooke


I got the ball off the cone and knocked all 4 cones down with the fire hose.    Zoe

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